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Re: Filipino iStandby


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Since the Singaporeans have their "Everything about SG" and the Aussies got their "The Aussie Corner", wouldn't it be nice if we get into the fight, errr i mean contention with the country threads?


With this, I now christen thee, Filipino iStandby!


Yup, you heard it right, Filipino iStandby. No, its not multiple spelling errors, all the i's are there intentionally! Hehe... Its a test of being a real Filipino, one glance and you should get what I mean, hehe...


*cue in the Parokya ni Edgar song...

"Tama na yan, inuman na!

  Hoy pare ko tumagay ka...

  Nanlalamig na lalamunan

  Naghihintay, nagaabang..."




Now lets get this show on the road guys!

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Heck, he's the National Knuckle! (Is that the correct translation of Pambansang Kamao?)


Perhaps the best spot to put him, I mean his monument, is at Baywalk, at Roxas Boulevard so it could serve as:


1) a tourist attraction

2) it would be near their bar there

3) it would be the most available place for a monument of his would be created


Another one could be at his hometown, hehe...


Happy Bday Konig, btw!

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Hmm, a side-effect of Rad coming would be higher prices of arcade loads in Timezone! Double tax rates, it would be 24% Vat! Waaa!


Hey, thanks for the treats yesterday! Although I wasn't in full devouring condition, perhaps the hefty amount I stocked myself up would suffice. You wouldn't be that lucky the next time. I'll show you my 9-plate combo at eat-all-you-can buffets!



EDIT 11.30.06 - Hey Filipinos! Post up! We have a lot of catching-up to do to the Singaporeans and Aussies!

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* Edited 01/11/2007*

i think that there is no chance we can catch up with the Aussies and the Singaporeans in their threads. they're just to many of them and i think there are only 6 Filipinos in this site.


1. Rad- MIA

2. konigstiger-active

3. evo_sieg- hyper-active

4. ME(neogmkuma)- active

5. forester- hasn't post yet.

6. fuku with nodachi- active


thats all of em, i think. if you're a Filipino, please post! I'm begging you! even if you remotely feel like a Filipino, you may post.


Flips let us unite and post for our honor! Let us be proud of what we are and what our country has! Post for the sake of Manny "the Pacman" Pacquiao, Efren "Bata" Reyes, and Apl de Ap(of the Black Eyed Peas), those dude that climbed mount everest, and millions of millions of true blue balut eating Filipinos!


*patriotically looks to a Philippine flag while saluting and singing the Filipino national anthem.*

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Yup, we had a little EB last November 25. It was Konig, NeoG and me. We met up at Glorietta 4 at the Ayala Center, played a bit of arcade games at Timezone, then we pigged-out with Konig's friends at Gerry's Grill. It was sad that Rad wasn't able to come with us.


Oh BTW, it was Konig's birthday, and we had plans to concoct a haute cuisine, MOCF!

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Actually forester was also there, but apparently was missing.


Hey don't forget, Jan 20, at Megamall Dunkin Donuts, another EB. This time we'll be staying at one my friends house. PS2, Xbox and MOCFs are some of the attractions to be there.


@ Fuku

Uwi ka na So we can't miss the good times.

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MOCF!?! HAHAHA!!! I remember that!


MOCF! *doing the hand gesture attributed to MOCF*


Sieg? I know you personally and there is no way in hell you can't make it to that party! In fact if you can't go... I'm going to your house and I'm gonna be the one to ask your mom for permission to let you out! Hehehe! Joke!


By the way...  I tried out the Krispy Kreme donuts. They're good but not that good... Plus the donut's are very expensive. I personally prefer go nuts donuts.

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