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Rakudo Tendou

Rakudo Tendou

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Full name: Rakudo Jenji Tendou

Nickname: "Rocky"

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: City of Kusanagi

Citizenship: Orb Union

Personality: Rakudo has a great sense of responsiblity and justice, and although he keeps quiet most of the time, he does have a lot to say. Calm, calculating, defensive, paranoid, and courageous are just some of the words one would use to describe Rakudo. Rakudo tends to act standoffish toward people he does not know, and his sharp, sarcastic tongue has gotten into trouble on more than one occasion. However, seeing as Rakudo only wants to protect everyone even at the cost of his own life, Rakudo usually will throw himself in the way of danger, even if he doesn't greatly like the person he is defending.


Height: 5 feet, 4 inches

Weight: 155 pounds

Hair Colour and Style: Black with red dye streaks running through it, medium length, spikey

Eye Colour: Redish-brown

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Light Olive

Build: Lithe, but muscular

Clothing: Rakudo wears two necklaces, both holding Christian crosses in the center, a sleeveless red shirt, a black leather jacket, black pants with a vertical red stripe running down the sides of the pants, and black boots. Also, Rakudo with often be found wearing sunglasses and black, fingerless gloves. Of course, these are just the clothes Rakudo wears when he's not flying.

Handiness: Right-handed


Mother: Samantha Tendou

Father: Gaia Tendou

Siblings:Antonio Tendou, Emily Tendou

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Rakudo was born in the Orb Union, and lived there peacefully with his family. By the time Rakudo was six years old he had learned that the world was not a kind place to live in. Disillusioned, to a certain degree, Rakudo began to study the art of fighting. This included learning war tactics, as well as martial arts and how to wield multiple firearms. He emmersed himself in these studies, and closed himself off from the rest of humanity, except for his family and closest friends. As Rakudo grew older, he saw the world around him detriorate, and started to hate the direction the world was heading in. By the time he was ten, Rakudo had already decided to join the military in order to stop the cycle of destruction. After convincing his parents that he would be fine, he went off to become a soldier. Eight years later, Rakudo has still not been accepted, but he will keep trying until he does. For it is the only way that peace will ever be restored to his home nation... Or at least, that's what he believes.

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