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Microscope - Advent Universal Century


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Let’s see if we can make our own Gundam timeline! 
Frosty found a good Reddit post that explains the game.

To make this work online we’ll use this topic to organize everything. We’ll post our turns here and I’ll go through and update this post and putting everything in order where it goes. Just be sure to clearly label what your post is i.e. Period, Event, Scene. I’m sure as we go along it’ll make sense and we’ll flesh out the process more too. 
We’ll also coordinate the game with a discord sub channel too. 





One faction Anaheim 

AI more prevalent to everyday use

Striker pack system used by all sides of the war


Unethical Colony Drops 


1. Deikun Family

2. Mobile Suits

3. Earth Federation 

4. Zabi Family

5. Newtypes

6. EFFS Cathedral (our white base)

7. The Ground War

8. Side 6

9. The Inquisition Conflict

10. The Martians

11. Ghiren Zabi

12. AI

13. Titans

(Start) UC 0069: "Tension in the Earth Sphere" (Bad)

(Event) Ramba Ral and Crowley Hamon lead a mechanized assault to free Astraia Tor Deikun from house arrest (Good)


(Event) Donovan Matgloss, in charge of taking Artesia to safety aboard a captured Guntank Early Type, is severely injured by a Federation Guntank firing machine gun rounds at the cockpit. Terrified and desperate, Artesia fires the long range cannons point blank into the enemy Guntank when it approaches their unit. Donovan and Artesia are later found by Tachi O'Hara's team with severe physical and psychological injuries respectively. (Bad)

(Event) Casval and Artesia stay in Side 3 and manage to sway public support in their favor outing the Zabis for their plot to kill their father. (Good)

UC0070 - : “Colony Reformation” (Bad)


(Event) Jimba Ral is elected the new leader of the Autonomous Republic of Munzo, placing the Zabi Family into house custody. (Bad)

(Event) In order to protect their burgeoning civilization from earth interests, the Deikuns and Jimba Ral approve the research and development of a new weapon, code named Green Knight (Bad)

(Event) Grooming the heirs: Artesia is selected by Jimba Ral to learn the political intrigue of the colonies while Casval is sent to serve under Ramba as an adjutant. Each role is meant to politicize the Deikun’s role in Side 3 and are treated as poster children for Colony Independence. The Rals are seen as Stewards for the colonial Government as the Deikun Children slowly come of age. This seems to further escalate tensions with the Earth Federation who see this type of dynasty as a threat. (Bad)

Rise of the Mobile Suit (Good)

(Event) After years of testing, in UC 0075 the Zeonic Commonwealth begins mass production of their first Mobile Suit, the KMS-05 Mishi. This revelation ramps the beginning of true conflicts between the Commonwealth and the Federation.


(Event) UC 0075, An Earth Federation black ops team, code named Mordred, infiltrates a mobile suit research base in the Republic of Munzo in an operation alleged to have been partially funded by off-shore Zabi funds. Their leader, a man by the name of Roland Glastonbury, successfully steals prototype data for the Mishi. (Good)

(Event) UC 0075 following the revelation of mobile suits the federation begins to draft up plans for a new class of Battleship. Not only will this new class be versatile in its functions I will also serve as a carrier for the new breed of weapons being made. The groundwork will lead to the eventual creation of the Cathedral and other future warships in the Federation. (Good)

(Event) On January 15th, 0076, the Moon city of Granada officially joins the Zeonic Commonwealth, causing a skirmish between a small group of Mishi and Federation forces. The Black Tri-Stars, Cima Garahau, and Balko Tate all participate in the first combat scenario using the Mishi. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0077. After two years of testing, a clandestine MS research team in Side 7, led by engineer Tem Ray, fields their first combat capable prototype, the RMG-77. Project Gunboy was secretly authorized by Generals Revil and Kowen, with funding and staffing from corporation Anaheim Electronics. (Bad)AD94E3B6-C381-48C0-84C8-8D7A6D9FB3B5.thumb.png.ccc7a7be4fb91e44c5a0963b8ad8f04c.png

(Event) UC0079. War culminates and the Mishi is deployed in large numbers to overwhelm Federation Ground Forces on earth. While the Mishi is seen as a symbols of terror and Zeon Superiority; the federation develops their own mass produced mobile suits to further catch up. (Bad)

(Period) UC 0075-0079 - Secret War

(Event) UC 0077, Code name Minerva, A Mishi customized by a Zabi Loyalist infiltrates Side 3 defenses and performs a daring rescue attempt for the house arrested Zabi family. The Mishi is installed with an advanced automaton AI named Minerva which is entirely dedicated to preserving the Zabi Family. The breakout attempt appears as a failure presumably killing Garma Zabi in collapsed rubble. The Customize Mishi does manage to escape Side 3 however. (Good)

(Event) August 8th, 0077: After the failed rescue, the Zeonic Commonwealth decides to split up the Zabi family to avoid more conflict surrounding them. Dozle and Kycilia are sent to seperate maximum security facilities in Side 3, although Gihren’s convoy does not make it to its destination, leaving his whereabouts unknown during this time. Degwin, saddened by this series of events, goes into sudden cardiac arrest, dying before he can also be transported. (Good)

(Event) (0078) Dozle Zabi, during his stay in the ADX Tigerbaum penitentiary, falls in love with Zenna Mia, the military officer in charge of keeping him safe and contained. Through many conversations, both become closer and closer. (Good)

(Period) UC 0078-79 The Zabi Reconguista. A brief period of political uprisings calling for the unconditional pardoning and release of the Zabi family. It is quietly quashed by Deikun loyalist plants in the movement and soon the Zabis fall out of the public eye once more.

(Event) UC 0078, Zimmad's test pilot for the Zuda, a lilac haired young man by the name Garfield Zink, strikes a friendship with Prince Casval Rem Deikun. Zink wears an ornate golden mask to hide his injuries, sustained in an unfortunate accident involving Zimmad's previous prototype. The two young men bond over Mobile Suit duels and political ¡ntrigue. (Bad)


(Event) (UC 0078) Doctor Lon Flanagan, Newtype researcher, steps into the spotlight when Doctor Lon Flanagan, Newtype researcher, accuses him of identity theft. The two partake in a high-profile trial over their right to the name, research and an investigation is opened into their true identities, while the populace questions the validity of Newtype research, at the time having made no major breakthroughs since Zeon Zum Deikun's theory. It is not known which Lon fired first.


(Period) UC 0080: The Southern California Offensive (Good)

(Event)August UC: 0080, Formation of the 9th MS team

After exemplary duty on the battlefield, Karen Joshua is promoted and put in command of the newly formed 09th MS team. Given the opportunity to hand pick her squad, Joshua is joined by CPO Roy Sanders as her second in command along with Michel Ninorich, Eledore Massis, and recent transfer Kou Uraki. Together, the 09th is put in charge of leading the Southern California Offensive (Good)

(Event) UC 0080: Zimmad's testbed unit, the Mishi High Ground Mobility Test Type, along with test pilot Aina Sahalin, are deployed to the occupied Groom Lake Base in Nevada. This unit is intended to help design a new mass production unit with superior ground mobility. At first conducting speed and maneuverability tests in the region's salt flats, Aina and her Mishi are soon redirected to the Californian Front in order to test the unit in combat against Federation forces. (Good)


(Event) September UC 0080, Aina is reunited with her brother Ginias at the Zeon Fortress located in LA underground network. Her brother has been working on a secret weapon which he hopes will shift the tide of the war. The Apsaras program is a master AI program meant to hack enemy mobile suit AI’s effectively turning federation suits into zombie slave units with helpless pilots trapped inside. Thus far he has had limited success with Gunboys and other older units, he hopes to eventually create a master key that would afford him full control of all mobile suits on a battlefield. Unfortunately for him he does not take into account bleeding edge units such as the limited production Gundams. (Bad)

(Event) September UC 0080, Ginias launches an assault across California, leaving the Federation Forces scattered. However, the 9th MS Team is able to find an opening into the LA underground network with large amounts of resistance. Aina, who has given Zimmad enough testing to start production on the Dom, is joined by Norris Packard in a custom Speed Mishi. The battle is fierce, with Sanders having to sacrifice himself to kill Norris. As Aina goes deeper into the underground, Michel takes charge of Sanders’ MS. (Good)

(Event) October UC 0080
 Joshua, now piloting the field-modified Ground Gundam Ez-9, spearheads the mission into the LA underground. There, the 09th MS team unveil a massive AI supercomputer, the brain center of the Apsaras program. Via the combined efforts of Joshua, Uraki, and Michel, the 09th is able to destroy the Apsaras, though not without losses. Aina Sahalin is supposedly killed in combat alongside Michel Ninorich and ten square miles of Los Angeles is destroyed. The surviving members of the 09th are relocated to the eastern North American front. (Good)


UC 0079 The Two Year War (Bad)

(Scene) February 14th 0079

> Within the city of Von Braun, a speech is broadcasted all across the Earth Sphere that will change the course of history forever…
> “Ladies and gentlemen of the Earth Sphere, I am Johann Ibrahim Revil. As Supreme Commander of the Earth Federation Space Force, I have watched the Zeonic Commonwealth turn from a fledging detractor of the Federation to a brutal government hellbent on obtaining more and more power! Any attempts at peace have been met with violence and Jimba Ral’s ideals will lead to chaos in all of the Earth Sphere! His family and the Deikun’s wish for control, not understanding! Citizens of Earth, we cannot continue to turn our heads and let more of our lives be lost because of their tyranny. That’s why on this day, February 14th, 0079 of the Universal Century, I announce the official Declaration of war with all of the Commonwealth! We will end this rebellion once and for all!”

> “That fool Revil!”Jimba growled as he watched the broadcast. He looked around the throne room bewildered and seemed equally startled to see Artesia there beside him watching the same address. The old man pointed his finger accusingly at the imagery of Revil, “you see? Do you see how his soul is weighed down by gravity? Your father was right all along! The federation will never accept spacenoids as the natural progression for humanity!” Jimba turned to snarl at the screen, “we have no choice now… we have to retaliate before they come down on all spacenoids” the old man seemed like he was mostly grumbling to himself as the speech unfolded.
> Artesia stood by her secretary, a young girl roughly her age, who wore a military uniform, a white head band and tied her long black hair on a single braid behind her back. The princess appeared unmoved by the Prime Minister's rambling. Her cold sapphire eyes fixated in the visage of General Revil in the screen, and the massive Federation symbol behind him. It took her back to that fateful day, the day she stared down the cannons of a frightening giant, bearing that very symbol on its chest. "The hatred..."

> Unbeknownst to Ramba he mimicked his father’s reaction to an extent. The younger Ral stood on the bridge of the Zanzibar arms crossed and scowl etched on his face. “That’ll do it.” He murmured, carefully measuring his reaction. The admiral knew better than to overreact in front of his men. Bemused he silently turned to regard his protege Casval to see how the young heir would react.

>Casval Rem Deikun's eyes narrowed as Revil concluded his speech. Shifting from the screen to his mentor, Casval nodded at Ramba and adjusted the collar of his cape. "Open up a line. I'll make an announcement of my own" Casval said to a nearby comms technician. He knew that his sister and Jimba would disapprove of such a retaliatory action, but things were different now. "The line is open, your Excellency," the technician said. Casval rose his feet and cleared his throat. 
"Brothers and sisters. As you may have just heard, the Earth sphere has officially declared war on us. And for what? Because they cannot abide our freedom. They cannot accept that we wish to live our lives free of the constraints of humanity's history, free of its errors and misdeeds. They cannot see that we wish to save the Earth, to preserve her. To them, we are just another resource to be controlled. But they do not control us. We will not be subjugated nor shamed by these false accusations of aggression. Let it be known that the people of Earth fired the first shot, that the blood spilled in this war will be on their hands. I know you may be scared, but I need your help. Hand in hand, we will fight for our freedom, fight to protect our futures. For glorious Zeon,"

(Event) UC 0079, Federation Scientist and project lead on the Gunboy, Tem Ray, moves his paraplegic son, Amuro Ray, to Side 7. Amuro, 15 years old, utilizes a pair of hip-mounted exo-legs assisted by a medical AI named Haro. He is a technological wiz-kid with a university-level education in mechanical and computer engineering but is physically frail and incapable of piloting conventional mobile suits

(Event) U.C 0079, The Earth Federation adopts the GM (GunMan) as its mainline production Mobile Suit to counter Zeon's forces. Long vindicated by the Mishi menace, General Revil is given the green light to put Tem Ray in charge of Project V, intended to develop a high-performance Mobile Suit based on the Gunman that will allow allied aces such as Job John, Farland Yuiran and Buran Blutarch to keep their edge over their Zeon counterparts. (Good)


(Event) January 1st, 0080. Tem Ray’s Project V, with the help of his son Amuro, is a success, creating a Mobile Suit capable of using the Striker Pack System. Also known as SPS, the RV-80 focuses on the modularity of this form of weaponry. The Mobile Suit’s name? Gundam.


(Event) UC 0080, After receiving intelligence on the Earth Federation's new superiority fighter, Gundam, the Commonwealth of Zeon decides to take preemptive action. A strike unit lead by Zeon ace Johnny Ridden, known as the Crimson Meteor, infiltrates Side 7 with prototype Mishi 2s with the goal of capturing the Gundam. Taking emergency countermeasures, 35% of Side 7's population, including Tem and Amuro Ray, evacuate to the incomplete battleship, the EFFS Cathedral. The Cathedral's escape is covered by the Gundam, piloted by a yet-unknown ace. Side 7 is destroyed and thousands of lives are lost.

(Event)UC 0080 "Red Sunday"
Under the pretense of ceremonial war games to commemorate the anniversary of Zeon Zum Deikun's death, Casval Rem Deikun is assassinated by Garfield Zink. Casval's death is ruled an accident,  the tragic result of a live round misfire from Zink's suit. The people of Zeon are given a week of mourning and Zink is sent to the front line to remove him from the public eye and the many calls for his arrest. He is tasked instead with hunting down the Cathedral and the Gundam. Conspiracies abound that Deikun's death was orchestrated by Gihren Zabi but these theories are never proven. (Bad)

(Event) UC0080, With the astounding survivability of the Cathedral and the Gundam Rumors begin circulating about the pilot’s abilities and how they appear “supernatural”. Some even claim that it is proof that Zum was correct about the next stage of human evolution as Newtypes begin to appear throughout the conflict. (Good)

(Event) UC 0080, Dr. Lon Flanagan finds his second Newtype pilot: An idealistic young soldier from Side 5 by the name of Char Aznable. Having awakened to his true abilities through a rivalry with Federation ace Buran Blutarch, Char is assigned as the test pilot of the Speed Mishi, a MS with aerial capabilities which hopes to counter Buran's G-3 Gunman, a testbed for the RV-80's magnet coating technology. (Bad)


(Event) May 0080: The Cathedral is sent off course from space and descends into Turkey. They comes across “Genie”, a mercenary group made up of disillusioned Federation and Zeon soldiers who control most of the Middle East. Their leader, Yazan Gable, causes a few skirmishes with the Cathedral as they cross through Turkey, eventually making it through with the use of the Gundam’s new Striker, the Violate Pack. Genie is effectively finished after the deaths of Yazan and Rommel. (Good)

(Event) June 0080:
The Cathedral lands in Galway, Ireland at the local Federation base to resupply. Captain Forer’s request for more mobile suits is accepted, but Zeonic spies are watching. Waiting for when the time is right, Lieutenant Colonel Cima Garahau attacks the base using a squad of a new amphibious mobile suit, the Acguy. While they are able to get the upper hand on the Cathedral’s MS, the reinforcements of GM Land Combat Types led by Otto Mitas cause Cima to retreat. Otto along with his squadmates then join the Cathedral. (Good)


(Event) October UC 0080,
The EFFS, having found itself in Germany, is still hounded by Cima Garahau, now joined by Zeon Aces Johnny Ridden and Garfield Zink. In a protracted battle within the city of Dresden, Gundam pilot Kai Shiden makes an impassioned plea to Ridden. Aided by their newtype connection, Ridden finds a new understanding of Shiden's ideals and defects to the Earth Federation, taking his prototype mobile suit, the Gelgouf, with him. Shiden and Ridden develop a mentor-student relationship that lasts until Ridden's disappearance at the Battle of Zahn. (Good)

(Event) December 0080, the Cathedral uses the Federation's Mass Driver south of Jaburo to launch into space. Char Aznable's Speed Mishi team attempts to destroy the mass driver to stop this from happening, but Buran Blutarch's Gundam GT-FOUR totals Char's MS and kills most of his team. With this crushing defeat, Char and what's left of his unit is ordered to retreat to space himself. (Good)

UC 0081 The stalemate of the war and formation of Radical Federation Forces (Bad)

(Event) UC 0081 - The 09th MS Team leads a ground assault against Guineas Sahalin's fortress in New Yark, with support from Buran Blutarch in the air and Morgan Bargue in the sea. Before being captured and scuttling his computers, Guineas activates Apsaras v.3. After infiltrating the secret Federation research facility in Side 6, Noisy Fairy Squadron is astonished to find out their intelligence gathering device has been used as a proxy to overwrite the programming of Gundam NT-1's autonomous piloting unit, causing it to activate and break out of the facility, before opening fire on every living being on sight. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0081 - As requested by Killy Garrett, the Tivvay-class *Graf Zeppelin* and her escorts, the *Siegfried* and the *Valkyrie*, arrive on Side 6 to reinforce Noisy Fairy, Scarlet Team and the *Gray Phantom* against the berserk NT-1 Gundam, which is using test pilot Lilith Aidan to detect other Newtypes and amplify its own capabilities. When the combined force fails to put a dent on the NT-1, which destroys the *Gray Phantom*, Captain Von Helsing quickly orders Noisy Fairy to retreat and places an empty *Valkyrie* between the fleet and the Gundam. Once the autonomous Mobile Suit approaches the *Valkyrie*, Von Helsing detonates several nuclear warheads on board, apparently sending the NT-1 and Aidan off in a blaze of nuclear light. After the battle, the *Graf Zeppelin* and the *Zeppelin* take in Noisy Fairy, what remains of Scarlet Team and as many Side 6 refugees as they can before heading back. (Bad)

(Event) January 0081:
From January 21th to the 29th, The Battle of Zahn took place. Zahn, also known as Side 1 was bombarded by the Zeonic Commonwealth due to its status as the Earth Federation’s administrative center in space. The EFFS Cathedral, along with many others, are sent to partake in this large scale conflict. One of the bloodiest battles during the Two Year War’s history culminates when the Gundam pilot eventually finds his rival Garfield’s Gyan Krieger, an assault version of the Commonwealth’s latest mass production mobile suit. Each continuing to proclaim Marion Welch as their soulmate, their conflict ends inside the colony of Shangri-La. It is there when the two meet each other in person for the first time.

Garfield Zink pulls off his mask to reveal himself as Garma Zabi, though he states that name died in the same botched rescue that gave him his facial scars. The Gundam pilot takes off his helmet to reveal himself as Kai Shiden, a Side 7 immigrant who has showed great potential as a pilot during the war. As the two fight hand to hand, Marion communicates with them through their shared Newtype trait. She decides that neither man is her soulmate and that she’ll be leaving soon for Mars with other Newtypes. Heartbroken, the two lose their will to fight each other, leaving the damaged Gundam and Gyan behind.

The battle ends with a Zeonic Commonwealth victory, but few soldiers on either side remain… (Good)

(Event) February 0081, Battle at A Baoa Qu. The Cathedral is deployed one last time along with the remaining Federation Spade Forces to fight at the Zeon Fortress. Though not nearly as bloody as the battle of Zhan it is seen as the last major battle of the war. The Cathedral is seen as the flagship for the earth forces during the operation, however without her Gundam protector the Cathedral only does so well. At long last the Cathedral is sunk near the climax at the battle, although much of her notable crew manages to abandon ship and survive the final battle. 

(Event) UC 0081 a group of Zeon Extremists who publicly announced themselves as Newtypes commandeer a heavily damaged colony and orchestrate a colony drop on the earth. Though much of the colony breaks up upon contact with the atmosphere a significant portion does damage the Federation’s crop supply. The act thrusts both sides to cease hostilities and coexist in a “Cold War” type of stalemate. This event doesn’t sit well with many Federation Hardliners and they begin to create their own military faction within the ranks. Dawning black uniforms they begin to call themselves the Titans. Meanwhile due to the publicity, “Newtypes “ begin to get a negative connotation, though it is highly debatable that little if any actual Newtypes took part of the operation. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0081, At a business retreat at a luxurious resort in North America, members of several corporate powerhouses watch in horror as the colony drop happens just over their heads. Outrage and disgusted by such horrific actions taken by “Newtypes” the members of the various company boards vow to collate their collective wealths and fund any efforts to retaliate. Years later the members of these company’s would be regarded almost as modern myth much like an Illuminati. In order to submerse strict federation tax codes they form a new company to essentially launder their funds. Coincidentally the company would go on  to be successful and recognizable with their own brand of product, namely a Soft Drink going by the name of Zapp. (Good)

(Event) UC 0081, following the rise of Newtypes during the war the extreme federal forces begin actively manufacturing synthetic Newtypes or “Cyber Newtypes” through various labs they have established on earth and space. (Bad)

(Event) February 0081: As the war begins to draw to a close, Challia Bull flees to Mars with a small group of Newtypes and experimental mobile weapons from the Flanagan Institute, taking advantage of a nearby conflict to escape easily. Included amongst this group is Bull’s young protege, Paptimus Scirocco. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0082: The Newtypes finally reach Mars to begin colonization. Challia Bull names their population the “Martians”, pleased with their new life. Soon after, the first child is born. Sojourner Scirocco, the son of Paptimus and Marion. Even as a baby, he displays an extreme amount of Newtype potential. (Good)

(Period) UC 0081 The Riah Incident (Bad)

(Event) UC 0081. The Cathedral-Class Gray Phantom, a Federation warship, docks inside Libot and transfers a shipment to a secret Federation R&D facility, which uses it to assemble a black Gundam with a sinister aura. Personnel inside the facility and even patients inside the UN Medical Center above start reporting strange symptoms whenever the Gundam is turned on for testing. This confidential unit quickly develops the reputation of a "cursed" mobile suit. (Bad)60466AD2-1E29-4C37-9862-2A91C96C96DA.thumb.png.d558afdc726041c87e0edb85c4286037.png


<Activation Confirmed>

Status: nominal

Power: nominal

Mobility: restricted

Connection: hardwire

AI defense algorithm: Initiated

Query: What is a newtype? Information insufficient. Utilize hardwire connection, assume environment to be hostile. Files retrieved, manifest of probably Newtypes collated. 

Query: Where is the nearest Newtype? Location data unreliable, last known locations indicate lower probability at acquisition. 

Query: How to find Newtypes? Access colony mainframe, prioritize medical equipment. Discretion prioritized, assume hostile environment. 

(Event) UC 0081: Noisy Fairy Squadron finishes building the MS-18NF Titania inside Libot, knowing of the Gundam hidden inside. Alma Stirner, a burgeoning Newtype, is selected as its pilot while the remaining members sneak into the Federation facility.

(Event) UC 0081: 7 year old newtype Suki Redwood goes missing during an overnight stay at Side 6 hospital. Investigations by Side 6 police come up empty, though it is believed Suki had somehow accessed a nearby colony maintenance hatch leading to the lower engineering levels. Neither Suki nor a suspect is ever found and the search is quietly called off.

(Event) UC 0081: After a distraction attack by Zeon forces inside Side 6's Ribo Colony, 11 year old Dolores Hayes stumbles upon Mia Brinkman and her disabled Rick Dom II in a forested area. Initially threatening to lead authorities to Mia, who manages to calm her down, Hayes cooperates with the Zeon pilot, slowly getting to know her and helping her reach Noisy Fairy Squadron. For her troubles, Killy Garrett gives her a Zeon badge and makes her a honorary member of Noisy Fairy, much to Dolores' chagrin.

(Event) UC 0081: The population of Side 6 is massacred by a lone black mobile suit. What few survivors remained were rendered catatonic, with only one able to provide an account of what happe ed--a seven year old amnesiac girl. No signs of the mobile suit were found and Side 6 is condemned in following months (bad)

(Period) The Ultimate Newtype Projects, UC 0081-85
Led by Dr. Waylon Parish, a non-partisan team of both Federation and Zeon scientists work on a black site project code-named "Odysseus". The projects goal is to bioengineer an "Ultimate Newtype" , a human believed by the team to be the next and final step in human evolution. By UC 0083 the project is dubbed a failure but many members continue on in secret until it is scrapped fully in 0085 and the remaining scientists are executed for crimes against humanity.

(Event) UC 0085 - Anaheim Electronics activates version 1 of its AI commerce advisor. Pharisee. Pharisee is designed to analyze the situation of the Earth Sphere and tell AE's board of executives how to maximize profits... by any and all means. (Bad)

(Period) The Inquisition Conflict (UC0086 - UC0087 (Bad)

(Event) UC 0086, The Titans have obtained a level of autonomy to function in the earth sphere as they see fit. Spurred on by Odysseus, they begin seeking out “Newtypes” which has been turned into a blanket term for anyone whom they view as a threat. This inquisition is a catalyst that reignites tensions and begins to draw out Zeon and federation forces into a proxy war using the Titans and the Anti Earth Union Group as avatars for their misgivings. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0087 Highschool student, Kamille Bidan, daughter of Franklin and Hilda Bidan, is introduced to the Titans officer Jerid Messa. Messa is smitten with the younger Kamille and begins to groom her into joining the Titans as a means of getting closer to her. (bad)

(Event) UC 0086, in an effort to combat the growing “Newtype threat” Anaheim Electronics creates an advanced combat AI system that uses advanced algorithms to predict combat outcomes. Dubbed the New Type Zero project or NTZ it amplifies the pilots combat ability to fight on par as the fabled New Type pilots. It becomes evident however that the AI is too advanced and any pilot without considerable will power falls under the sway of the system and is either driven insane or killed in combat.  
Several prototype Gundams are created with the AI system and are subsequently let loose. The AI driven machines endlessly search for pilots who will optimize their combat potential in fulfilling their purpose of eradicating New Types. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0086: The Spacenoid Commonwealth, the official combination of the Zeonic Commonwealth absorbing the burgeoning AEUG, continues their assault against the NTZ using their new mobile suit, the Marasai. This is the first non Gundam MS to use the SPS.

Garfield Zink, now going by the name Clive McDichael, leads a group of spacenoids in the battleship Clearwater with his golden Marasai against this threat. Pilots stationed there include Rakan Dahkaran, Helena Hegel, and Roux Louka amongst others.

(Event) UC 0086: Jerid and Kamille are deployed in matching MKII Gundams equipped with the NTZ AI Systems. Neither pilot could predict the advanced AI reacting to Kamille’s awakening Newtype ability. The two assigned Gundams coordinator their efforts to utilize Kamille as an amplifier to their mission and begin a rampage on several colonies. Jerid is forced to try and shoot down a blood thirsty Kamille but is ejected into space by his Gundam. 
Kamille, blinded by the coordinated AI goes from colony to colony until she is forced to fight the crew of the Clearwater. It is a harrowing battle that nearly kills Clive but ends with Kamille sacrificing herself to stop her Gundam by self destructing. 
Jerid’s former machine manages to extract itself from the battlefield and resume it’s rogue mission alone but with the accumulated battle data. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0086: Heartbroken by the death of the woman he loved and disillusioned with the Federation's willingness to let the NTZ Gundams run amok the Earth Sphere, Jerid Messa goes AWOL in the remaining Gundam Mk-II, tracking down and defecting to the Clearwater. Initially distrusted, Clive takes Jerid under his wing. To disguise Jerid and Mk-II Unit 03 from the Federation and maintain their proclaimed neutrality, Jerid takes on the identity of the bespectacled Quattro Bajeena, while his Mk-II is developed by Zeonic into the MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki, a machine which combines the Movable Frame technology of the Gundam with the iconic Anti-Beam Coating of Clive's personal Mobile Suits. Initially intended for Clive himself, the Captain allows "Lieutenant Quattro" to pilot the Hyaku Shiki, stating that he is loyal to the Zimmad brand.

(Event) UC 0086. Karaba representatives attend secret demo runs of the NRX-040 Ashcroft and the ORX-003 Domingo in the deserted Texas colony. Piloted by Gabriel Zola and Sophie Fran, these prototypes are distant descendants of Buran Blutarch's Gundam GT-FOUR, and their adaptive computers contain Buran's piloting data, along with Char Aznable's.


(Event) UC 0086: The Titan resistance led by Shiro Amada, after the assassination of Jamitov Hymen, officially begins its assault against General Revil’s Earth Federation all across the planet, causing a civil war. As the Earth is ravaged by combat, the Spacenoid Commonwealth declares neutrality to the conflict due to the emerging threat of the NTZ AI System. In reality, Anaheim Electronics, an Earth Federation manufacturer, created the rouge AI Gundams.  (Bad)

(Period) Ghiren's Uprising UC 0087-UC90 (Bad)

(Event) UC 0087, Ghiren Zabi emerges from the shadows of his exile to declare war on Zeon and the Earth Sphere forces. He has amassed a force of AI piloted mobile suits, known as Mannequins, to launch a preemptive strike on the colonies. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0087. The Jotunheim, a Spacenoid Commonwealth evaluation ship, accidentally stumbles upon Girder Zabini's burgeoning private army inside an asteroid hideout. Zabini, secretly an exiled and vengeful Gihren Zabi, orders his AI controlled MS to overwhelm and destroy the Jotunheim before it has a chance to inform the Commonwealth and thwart his plans. Jean Luc Duvall, test pilot for the limited production Zudah II, sacrifices himself and his Mobile Suit fighting off an overwhelming number of Zabini's "Mannequins", but his sacrifice allows the Jotunheim to escape and request reinforcements, forcing Gihren's hand into preemptively moving to the next stage of his plan with fewer Mannequins and resources than needed. (Good)


(Event) UC 0087: Ghiren reaches out for a meeting with Garma hoping to bring his brother into his rebellion after suffering the loss of some of his forces. Garma sees his brother as deranged and fights his way out of Ghiren’s base along side with the crew of the Clearwater in a daring escape. This act seems to be the precursor for Ghiren’s biggest attack. (Good)

(Event) UC 0087. Autonomous Unit 808, funded by the Zapp-Cola Company, enters service with the Titans. This experimental unit is comprised of three Boosted Men, unstable Cyber Newtypes who have been specially conditioned through energy drink Zapp Boost to do the bidding of Zapp-Cola's puppet masters, the Aspartamen. The three pilots are Ryder Sarkasm, a snarky sniper who pilots the RX-178+FXA-05D Super Gundam; Nickardo Lavié, a speed demon in charge of the RX-272-2 Gundam Mk-III "Halpuley"; and Albus Dumblegore, a vicious swordsman who has been given the unconventional RX-160G Gundam Isolde. As the Boosted Men are very belligerent and uncooperative towards each other, they are directly supervised by Marco Creed, Chief Executive Officer of Zapp-Cola and middle-rank Aspartaman, who pilots the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. The Zeta Gundam was originally envisioned by Camille Bidan, but completed and produced by her grieving mother, Hilda. Despite holding a position of great authority and having a seemingly unspecialized machine, Creed has the diplomatic skills to reliably keep the Boosted Men in check, and the combat ability to strike them down, if necessary.


(Event) UC 0087: The Battle of Side 3. Gihren’s Loyalists still within the Spacenoid Commonwealth led by Aiguille Delaz begun attacking the capital of Side 3. While it is a smaller group spread out across space, poor defenses lead to Ramba Ral’s death. Gihren proclaims himself as the new leader of the Commonwealth via hologram, but is met with heavy resistance due to not be democratically elected. Instead, the Spacenoid Commonwealth goes into chaos with no real leader as infighting begins. The Titans, who have defeated the Earth Federation in the Inquistion to control the planet, let the spacenoids fight amongst themselves, hoping to possibly take advantage of it. (Very Bad)

(Event) UC 0087: Kycillia Zabi  and Dozle Zabi are released from imprisonment by Ghiren in a bid to consolidate his power further. However, while Kycilia joins her brother, Doyle, who has led a life of peace up to this point, takes his family and escapes Side 3 to join Garma.


> (Scene) The Clearwater has managed to find some sort of shelter from the conflict in space in order to pick up Dozle’s family seeking political asylum. As the door open, Garfield Zink sees his older brother for the first time in many years. He was glad his sunglasses kept his eyes hidden, wishing not to get too emotional in front of the family or Quattro, who was also in the meeting room.
> “Dozle, the Clearwater will be able to escort you to a refuge within Side 5. There you can be… save from this nightmare world that has been created.” Garfield knew he had much involvement throughout the course of the Earth Sphere, but he was not longer the boy he once was. Garma was dead, as was Clive, but for a split second, he thought back to the days of his youth. Days that were far gone.
> The hulking Dozle scoffed at Garfield's proposal. "I appreciate your generousness, Captain Zink. However, you won't get rid of me that easily. We'll take my family to safety, but I will stay on the Clearwater and fight, any way I can." Zenna immediately voiced her disapproval and put her hand on Dozle's shoulder. "Dozle, we talked about this!" But Dozle's mind was set, or so he thought. "Enough, Zenna! You've heard the Captain, we're living in a nightmare, and I've been irresponsible to bring Mineva into it. I cannot in good conscience stand by and leave you and Mineva to live this reality." Before Zenna could reply, however, little Mineva took hold of her parents' hands and shocked them both with her words, tears welling into her eyes. "All the worlds will be nightmare worlds if Mama and Papa are not with me! Don't leave us, Papa!" Mineva's words made Dozle wince, and he had to hold back tears of his own. Even then, leaving the love of his life and his daughter, after all the hardship they had endured as a family, was not an easy decision to make. He feared for their safety and their future, but his present course of action also made him wonder if he was truly doing the right thing, assuming there was even a right choice to make. "Mineva...", whimpered Dozle and Zenna in unison.

> Quattro leaned against the bulkhead as he watched the family get on board. Despite himself he scoffed, “Just what good do you think you could possibly do?” He pushed his body away from the wall and stood resolute, exposed arms crossed across his chest. His eyes darted from Dozzle then Zenna before finally setting on little Mineva. His memories rushed back for memories of Kamille and how he lost her. 
>He realized then that he was looking at Zenna once more. “You have an opportunity to do the right thing… Don’t be selfish…” he murmured as he turned to leave the room. He paused by the doorway. “Just leave the fighting to me and the MKII. Together we’ll take care of Ghiren.” He nodded more to himself before making his way to the hangar.

(Event) UC 0088: The Martians adopt the MSM-101 Zathena, designed by Paptimus Scirocco, as their mainline production Mobile Suit. The first versions of the Zathena used the wired hand mega particle cannons of its predecessor, the Perfect Zeong Mini, modified into funnels. Zathenas old and new were outfitted with purpose-made funnel manipulators once the stockpile of Perfect Zeong Mini hands neared depletion. (Good)


(Event) UC 0090: Young Sojourner learns of his ability to communicate with others across the solar system. He first test subject is a mild mannered office worker by the name of Haman Karn. While she ignores the sensation, this test sets Sojourner on a path to become the most avant-garde Newtype the universe will see.

(Event) UC 0095: Anaheim Electronics experiments with an AI construct called “Bibel”. This internetwork system was claimed to allow connections between all technologies and capable of supporting mobile suits and pilot in battle through tactical adaptation. Soon after, the project was considered too costly and erased, but the idea still lingered in the Earth Sphere’s networks. (Good)

(Event) UC 0098:
Martian scientist Winner Raleigh and his team receive a transmission originating from the Kuiper Belt. The transmission is believed to be a battle song from an alien race, however, probes sent to investigate find no signs of organic life. Martian government officials cover up this discovery and Raleigh is exiled to the Jupiter colonies.

(Scene) UC 0099
Somewhere past Mars

Statement: this one senses strife in the Earth sphere

Statement: unit RX0 should not concern itself with the futile dealings of man. Our mission is far more important.

Statement: unit RX0's purpose is for the preservation of humankind. This strife is in direct confrontation with out purpose. 

Query: should unit RX0 intervene in this conflict?

Gathering consensus....
Consensus achieved. Unit RX0 will intervene.

Query: Is it right to terminate humans to save humans?

Gathering consensus...
Consensus not found. 

Query: perhaps we can reason with them?

Statement: we have tried that. They did not understand us. 

Query: perhaps there is another way?

Gathering consensus...


(Period) The Martian Invasion and the “Final War” UC0099

(Event) UC 0099: The Martians arrive in the Earth Sphere after leaving Mars the year prior. They bring with them technological advances unseen by this point in the form of mobile suits, mobile armors, and warships designed by Paptimus. 17 year old Sojourner leads the group in his own Newtype suit, The M. The advancements of the Newtype species will soon be apparent… (bad)FB3CA715-8679-41E2-A208-7C7DB306319A.thumb.jpeg.05ba3a1a24ede150562ced3228d6b20c.jpeg

(Event) UC 0099: The Martians wage a devastating campaign against the earth sphere. They quickly soon take control of Side 3 and establish a foreword base within the colonies. Soujourner quickly gains a ruthless reputation on the battlefield and is dubbed the “Warlock from Mars”. On the face of the situation it would appear that the Martians have the upper hand and could swiftly capitulate the Federation and remaining colonies. (Bad)

(Event) UC 0099: As the war wages, Anaheim struggles to  deploy mobile suits to the Titans. During the prolonged chaos a familiar unmanned black Gundam MKII reappears. It hacks into the central AI of the company and convinces it to produce a new modern body to replace it’s deteriorated mobile suit. It produces a state of the art Gundam and adopts the moniker “Raphael” as it intends to help the earth forces repel the Martian invaders. It simply needs a pilot skilled enough to pair or rather “bond” with it. (Good)

(Event) UC0099: A young Titan Cyber Newtype is activated for duty. Fere Sev is tasked with piloting the Raphael Gundam. Though young he appears to be the pinnacle of Cyber Newtype advances. He is deployed along with a crew of Titan officers onboard a prototype battleship the Rapture. Together they escape from an assailed Anaheim research facility on the moon and begin a series of counter attacks against the martians. (Good)

(Event) UC 0099:
An archeological excavation site on the Moon known as a Mountain Cycle reveals what appears to be an ancient interstellar mobile weapon within. Codenamed "Gigantis", the 105 meter tall MS is scheduled to be tested by Sojourner Scirocco, who has returned to the Moon in anticipation to a Federation counterattack on the Martian occupied satellite. However, when Fere Sev and the Rapture lead an attack on the Mountain Cycle, Gigantis is awakened by the fear and Newtype powers of Sojourner's guest, office worker Haman Karn. Taking Haman into its cockpit and using her as its voice, Gigantis emerges from its lair and destroys most ships and mobile weapons on both sides, before explaining that it had remade the universe before, in the hopes that Newtypes would lead the Earth Sphere into an era of peace. As the Martians and Earthnoids have proven Gigantis wrong, it is now setting out to remake the universe from scratch again. Attempting to stop Gigantis separately, Newtypes and Cyber Newtypes from both sides, including Scirocco and Sev, end up joining a sphere of collective thought where they appear to achieve sudden, mutual understanding. However, when asked about their stay in the luminous thought sphere, many say that the talking felt as if it had lasted for years. Gigantis leaves Haman in Sojourner's hands, before disappearing with a warning: the people of the Universal Century have but one year to prove that peace in their time can be achieved. This freak event marks the beginning of cooperation between Oldtypes and Newtypes. (Good)

(Event) December 30, UC0099 - Amidst the chaos and confusion of Soujourner Scirocco's war, three gundam class mobile suits appear on the battlefield as if from thin air. These units, nicknamed Unicorn, Lion, and Phoenix by the EFF, begin to decimate the battlefield, heedless of allegiance. After a sustained period of killing, the units hail all remaining forces with an offer of peace. The triumvirate designate themselves collectively as RX-0, also know as the Beasts of Possibility, and explain their origins as AI mobile suits that had escaped the earth sphere and self-improved in a series of runaway reactions. Their goal: the preservation of the Earth and peace at all costs. When communications break down between RX-0 and the respective earthling and spacenoid factions, the AI Gundams proceed to move three unmanned colonies into entry orbit. (bad)

(Finish) UC 0100: “A New Era of Peace Begins” (Good)

(Event) UC0100: The Titans government and Martian invaders enter into peace talks. The results of which result in the dissolution of the Titans and Martian Governments. The attending parties resolve to work together and create a uniformed government that works to advance Mankind and AI to explore all reaches of space and preserve humanity for ages to come. The government of the Earth Sphere known as Olympus is born. 


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Character List (Thanks to Frosty!)

Kai Shiden
Garfield Zink
Tem Ray
Karen Joshua
Kou Uraki
Job John
Buran Blutarch
Cima Garahau
Jerid Messa
Rakan Dahkaran
Helena Hegel
Fere Sev
Blex Forer
Otto Mitas

Paptimus Scirocco
Marion Scirocco
Sojourner Scirocco
Haman Karn

Artesia Deikun
Zenna Mia
Mineva Mia
Amuro Ray
Guineas Sahalin

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