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Re: Orb Foundation Week: The Parade


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Alvielle held out the white vest while she sat in front of the mirror with her aide standing behind. She turned the vest inside out, upside down and examined it from all angles possible, as if to find any fault with it. A small frown formed between her brows, as she did not seem to find any.


“Adrian, do I really have to wear this bulky thing to the parade again?” she asked her aide as she put the vest down on the dressing table and went to the coffee table to take a small cake. Adrian, with a file on his right hand, hung the vest over his spare arm and followed after Alvielle.


“Yes Ma’am, you do know that during the parade, there’ll be too many chances for a trained sniper to shoot at you. This is only for safety precautions in the case that he does not aim at your head, but at your body instead,” Adrian said as a matter of factly as he held out the vest to Alvielle. “This was the slimmest vest we could make without compromising safety.”


Alvielle, in the process of swallowing the cake almost choked while chuckling. “You would think, Adrian, that a forty eight year old would care about her size?” She took the vest a little reluctantly from Adrian and slipped it over her body. “It’s just going to be hot later, in the afternoon and having three layers of clothing does not help.”


Adrian was a forty year old man who became the Chief Representative’s aide when she got elected. He went through a series of interviews and tests before he got selected to be Alvielle’s assistant. So he just smiled at nodded his head, “well ma’am, you would just have to bear with it for a few hours.” Though if Alvielle really did get shot at, many level of officers would have to be questioned as to how a sniper could have obtained a guy.


The time passed slowly as Alvielle picked another pastry to eat and looked through a couple of documents that were on her desk. Adrian stood patiently while occasionally glancing at his watch.


“Ma’am? It’s time to leave for the parade.”


Alvielle closed the folder that she was looking at and stacked it neatly on top of another pile. She put on the blazer over the bulletproof vest and stepped out of the office. Once outside of the mansion, her personal guards immediately flanked her, with Adrian following closely behind. The limo that would be taking her to the parade was waiting right at the porch. One of the guards rushed his steps a little to open the door for the Chief Representative. Alvielle smiled at him before getting inside the car. Adrian meanwhile got to the other side of the limo and climbed in.


The limo would be taking them to Sennett Circle, right in the town centre, where the parade would mostly go through.

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There was always a parade.  Sure, there was a party, and everyone enjoyed themselves.


Even Xover did, on the rare occasions that he got out of the hospital.  And this was a great excuse: to honour those who died in the War, and yakkety-yak.  Really; Xover didn't care.  He just wanted to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.


Already the crowds were building in anticipation of the gigantic floats that tumbled down the streets.  Xover moved in the hope of finding a better spot to watch the procession.


(OOC: Very short...I'm just setting mood.  Action from other people )

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Kitsune hadn't been at the spaceport very long but he was beginning to wonder where the ZAFT representatives were.  He still wasn't sure what to make of ZAFT's desire to be present at today's ceremonies, from many points this would seem to be a new page in the history between Orb and ZAFT.  He knew that not long ago, after the first Bloody Valentine War, that the two countries had quickly become close and even then Orb had just as quickly turned away from ZAFT and joined with the Earth Alliance.


With so many reporters in the crowd Kitsune hoped that security had done its job and made sure that none of these people had a gun, with so many here the person would be impossible to stop.  Even with his shotgun Takashi still felt naked surrounded by so many people, he wished that the representative would have allowed him to bring the ammo belt; sure it looked ridiculous, but then again he was willing to trade looks for effectiveness.


The weight of a few extra shells pressed against his stomach and Takashi was glad for the inner pocket that had been stiched into his dress uniform.  Though it wasn't very big the pocket held a few extra shells, just enough to perhaps make a difference.


But all that didn't matter now, Kitsune focused his mind and remained at attention, waiting for the ZAFT delegates to appear.

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(OOC:From Dawn Breaks me and Sergeant Correa are here now.)

"Hmm, I think taking pictures wouldn't hurt, the parade would most probably start in at least an hour. By the way, how have you been doing lately Trusdale?"


"Well lately not much just daily duties this is my first major task"said as he looked at the sergeant with his camera.


"With this sunlight pictures should come out great"He paused the continued"by the way call me Jase I find it easier".

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Amy’s Corner at Sennett Circle was famous for it’s muffins, which are cute and tasty. Many girls, women, and sometimes, boys hoping to impress their girlfriend, wife or future mother-in-law would come here to get it. Needless to say, business was very, very good.


Thus, Amy’s Corner is the place picked by Sandrilene to observe the parade later. Actually, Heidi had suggested going to a restaurant opposite, but after some consideration by Sandrilene, who don’t see why they can’t have some good food while observing the parade comfortably, insisted on Amy’s Corner. Hence, Sandrilene, Heidi and Haylie ended up having tea at the second storey of Amy’s Corner while waiting for the parade to start.


It was a lovely day, and the three of them was having tea at the balcony.  Actually, Sandrilene was the only one who ate anything. Heidi and Haylie barely touched the muffins on their plates and were instead, observing their surroundings over and over again, perhaps to identify any threat to Sandrilene.


Sandrilene sighed, and said, “Heidi, Haylie, can you please just pause for a moment to enjoy this lovely day and eat the muffins? Otherwise, such tasty muffins would go to waste.”


“But Ms. Apfel-, I mean, Lene, you are in a dangerous position here. You would make a wonderful target for an assassin,” Haylie replied, blushing a little as she almost the mistake of calling the Chairwoman by her name.


Sandrilene was here at Orb for the Orb Foundation Week celebrations. She had refused to come as part of the ZAFT’s entourage, mainly for two reasons. One, she had yet to be officially sworn in as PLANTs Supreme Council Chairperson, and two, she wanted to observe how Orb is carrying out the celebrations without soldiers of the FREE forces observing her every move.


Hence, Sandrilene is here at Orb with her 2 bodyguards, Heidi and Haylie. They were “gifts” from her parents upon hearing that their daughter had been elected as the Chairperson. All of their expenses were being paid by her parents, who was perhaps proud that their daughter had made some good in life despite them not being around much, and so that no one would be on Sandrilene’s case about wasting taxpayers money when she could just pick any ZAFT soldiers she want as her bodyguards.


Heidi and Haylie were part of a family trained to be bodyguards. All of their family members had worked or is working for politicians, celebrities, businessmen and many more. Heidi and Haylie were twins, and had just finished training. They were about Sandrilene’s age, so they can easily pass off as a group of friends meeting up when needed. It proved to be extremely useful for Orb Foundation Week.


“Heidi, Haylie, everything will be fine. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Eat something!” Sandrilene poured some more hot tea into their cups, placed a muffin on each of their plate and swept the crumbs to a corner of the table. She smoothed a crease on her white sundress and took a sip of her own tea. Sandrilene smiled when she saw the two of them eating the muffins, and looked at the busy street below, waiting for the parade to start.

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"Well lately not much just daily duties this is my first major task"said as he looked at the sergeant with his camera.


"With this sunlight pictures should come out great"He paused the continued"by the way call me Jase I find it easier".


"Alright Jase, if you insist."


Seeing that he Private with him seemed to have a light attitude like him, Siegfred began warming up to this guy. He works best with people like him, as the saying says, 'Birds of the same feather flock together'.


"Heck if we will be in guard duty, I better get the most of it" Siegfred told himself.


As they were walking towards the coffee shop Siegfred started looking around for good shots, perhaps to add to the mental snapshots he makes of everything he passes everyday.

He takes a shot of the sun that just risen from the ORB sea, then another shot of the metropolis. he then takes a shot of himself, smiling gladly at the camera. He then aims the shot at Private Trusdale.


"We're getting near the coffee shop so I might as well get a shot of my companion. Say cheese Jase!"


Although he had the apprehension that Jase maybe camera-shy, Siegfred kept aiming at Jase, trigger finger eager to push the shutter.

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"Alright Jase, if you insist.""Ah sounds better never very much like formality's"said as he saw Mr.Correa pulling out his camera.He never minded being photographed.


"We're getting near the coffee shop so I might as well get a shot of my companion. Say cheese Jase!"


"Cheese!!"Said smiling as he looked into the lens of the camera.

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Delfina steps out of a limousine dressed in her standard uniform, instead of her usual coat, she was wearing her formal uniform. She casually looks around for the members of her entourage, but none of them could be seen. Most of them were most likely held up at the Embassy going over rules with the staff stationed there. Delfina rubs her hand against her temple, and lets out a sigh.


“Where are these guys, did they not know to meet me here?”


Delfina checks her watch, and looks up at the sky above. It was getting late, and the float still hasn’t arrived from Carpentaria. The limousine engine shuts off, while the driver steps out. He was dressed in a green uniform, and was one of the temporary bodyguards assigned to Delfina in her entourage’s absence.


“Commander Schneider!”


Delfina looks over her shoulder for a second, with a different look on her face. A serious and threatening expression covered it. She returns a scowl to the driver, and tugs on her hat casting a shadow over her eyes.


“What is it now?” 


Her voice was filled with tension, mainly due to the Float being delivered at the last moment, and with most of her entourage missing. The driver stands up straight, shocked by her immediate change in temperament, and salutes.


“We just received a call from Carpentaria and the float won’t be making the parade.”


He lowers his salute and walks over to her. The driver leans into her ear, and whispers. Carpentaria just told us that the float was destroyed during a misfiring from one of their mobile suits. It was completely vaporized on contact with the Babi’s weapon systems.” Delfina clenches her teeth and balls her fist. Her hand shakes furiously, and throws it forward. She slowly pulls her arm back and growls.


“Those idiots at Carpentaria never know how to handle anything; I guess we’ll have to make due and use this vehicle to go along with the parade. Turn on the engine; we’re going to join the parade. I guess I’ll just wave like a good dignitary from the window.”[/align]

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Spotting the Commander's limousine, Ethan proceeded around the corner, walking quickly towards her, only to see her getting back into the vehicle. Ethan raised his hand in salute, but at the last moment, ran his hand through his thick, unruly hair instead, continuing towards the limousine.


The Commander was without her entourage, so Ethan figured he may as well go over and greet her, see if he could earn brownie points. In the military sense of course, Ethan hadn't quite developed a taste for spacegirls just yet.


Ethan was beginning to feel rather uncomfortable - it was a warm day, and he was feeling rather sweaty under the thick bulletproof vest, and now, it seemed he was going to be the first to meet the less-than-happy looking Commander.


Ethan always hated doing to be the first or last in anything, being one of the nobodies in the middle meant you weren't going to get singled out for some hurt.


Though, it meant you wouldn't be getting singled out for any shinies either, but Ethan couldn't give a stuff about medals; He knew he'd done this and that, and maybe he maybe he'd reflect on it once in a while, but he couldn't understand why people were so damned impressed by the number of enemies Captain So-And-So had set on fire.

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[align=center]Delfina lets out a sigh, and looks over her shoulder to see the silhouette of a young man fade away. She didn't get a good look at the young man, she just assumed it was just a school boy trying to gawk at an older woman. Delfina was furious that the float was destroyed, it may have in fact ruined Plant's participation in the event. Luckily, Deflina didn't tell anyone about the event, or she'd be a laughing stock when she returned to the capitol. She lets out a sigh of relief and looks at the civilian packed stores along the side of the street. Her eyes move left to right looking at the latest fashion trend the Orb girls were going through.


Delfina rests her chin on her open palms starting out the window like a daydreaming school girl. She shakes her head and regains her train of thought. "I should call the embassy, and have them meet me at a local store or eatery." Delfina pulls out her mobile and looks at it. With a quick flip with her thumb it opens. She dials a number and holds it to her ear. She hums "Silent Night" while tapping her foot.


"Hello Zaft Embassy Lobby this is Commander Ishima, may i ask who is calling?" Delfina turns to the window, and cracks it open letting some of the fresh air into the cabin. "This is Commander Schneider, can you relay a message to my men?" Ishima pulls out a pad of paper and grabs a pen. "Sure, what is it?" Delfina looks around and smiles. "Meet me outside..." she holds up her hand and points to a nearby coffee shop. "Tell them to all meet me at Kusanagi Sunshine Coffee Shop, there we will figure out what to do next. Thank you Commander, you've been helpful to me." Delfina hangs up her phone and pushes the intercom. "Can you please pull over in front of Kusanagi Sunshine, I'm setting this place up for a meeting."


Kusanagi Sunshine a prestigious coffee house that started out small and became a big hit in the past years. Across the Street, in the Sennet Circle Plaza was a muffin shop. Delfina thought it was too girly for her all male escorts. She afterall wanted them to feel the most comfortable. The Limousine comes to a stop and pulls into the parking spot on the curbline. A few people stop to take a few pictures wondering who was inside the luxury vehicle. Delfina pulls off her hat, and sighs. "Great..." She opens the door, and steps out slowly. Delfina tugs on her skirt pulling it a little over her knees. Her heeled shoe touches the sidewalk, causing a few men to pause to see the rest of the women who was disembarking her carriage. Delfina climbs out of the limousine, holding her small purse over her shoulder. A few people continue on with their business, while a few snap shots of Delfina.[/align]

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The weather was perfect for dining at the outdoors. The sun was not scorching hot, and though there is wind, it was just a light breeze, not enough to mess up one’s hair, which Sandrilene would absolutely hate.


After finally making sure that Haylie and Heidi had ate and drank something, Sandrilene was contended to sip her tea and enjoy the wonderful weather. She looked around at the busy street below, filled with people waiting to watch the parade.


At the opposite street, Sandrilene observed two friends walking together, one armed with a camera and taking various snapshots, including one of his companion as they walked near the coffee shop opposite. Sandrilene’s mind drifted off, thinking of the times back in school when Jason and her went back to Zodiac making their way around the town. Jason would always have a camera handy, and never failed to take many photos of her whenever they are out. Sandrilene sighed. Those were the times she missed.


Suddenly, a limousine pulling to a stop in front of the coffee shop distracted Sandrilene. Curious, she continued looking, wondering who’s the important person in it. She soon got her answer, as high heels appeared first, followed by a tanned woman in standard ZAFT’s uniform with long purplish black hair. Sandrilene identified her as Commander Delfina Schneider, one of the youngest commanders ever at the age 18, and a female too. Sandrilene made a mental note to ask her round for tea when she got back to PLANTs, it would serve her well to have a commander on her side. Well, Delfina had caused quite a commotion. Sandrilene giggled. She supposed it’s not everyday that one living on Orb get to see a ZAFT commander.


Sandrilene was now kind of excited, she had heard that Delfina had picked quite a few cute ZAFT soldiers for this trip, and she was curious to see for herself who they are. “You are not supposed to be looking at cute guys, you are supposed to be observed the on-goings of Orb!” she chided herself. Oh well, it’s not like she’s officially on duty, she kind of comforted herself, and waited to see what kind of ZAFT soldiers will arrive.

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Having a perfect weather means nothing for Sayaka, who have been keeping watch of things around the parade from her car. The radio have been giving her plenty of entertainment in the form of sometimes random conversation between all the different personnel. True to what the others think, Orb might have a more organized structure of non-civil services like defense and everything, but that does not mean that they can have no fun at all, even during duty. It was sometimes more important for the spirits of everyone to be high, especially during an event like this.


The car attractred numerous stares from passers-by walking round the backstreet, probably finding a way to get a nice spot to observe the parade, probably asking why such an ancient-looking sedan was around. She presses the gas pedal, intentionally sends the needle of the tachometer several thousand revs below the redline, before a blow-off valve inside the engine bay send a mechanical whistle loud enough to scare some of the ever-annoying passers-by off.


It was no easy task taking care of things at the backstreet, since the human traffic at the other side is more than jam-packed, akin to that of sardine can. Not that everyone mind though, as they want to at least catch a glimpse of everything for today.


Not for her though.


The radio continued crackling as she turned the dials around, looking for more information from the public service departments. From her initial observation, everyone was only waiting for the parade to start now.


"Might as well get some stuff before the pareade starts," she talked to herself, but seeing the amount of people passing by, she changed her mind. "Maybe not."


A sight of a woman coming out of a limousine passing at the main street caused quite a commotion, but it was not her duty to be worried about it. She leans on the sport seat of the sedan, while waiting for the parade to really start.

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Clear skies, bright sun, and the air fresher than ever. Most would expect The Parade to be a fun, peace-promoting event, mostly held by the PLANTS and Orb Representatives and royalty. Also, would be held in contempt by anyone filled with enough strife and hate to ruin the entire parade, and instead, use it as an opportunity to cause fear, chaos and paranoia.


Even such a simple event could turn into a third Bloody Valentine war. Some people call it, the "Butterfly Effect", originated from a belief of when a Butterfly flaps its wings in Asia, a hurricane might be happening somewhere else...


Still, even if it was highly unlikely, it was better to not take things for granted. He knew that well enough, both as a human being, and as a soldier, not withstanding his former alliances with the Earth Alliance or ZAFT (due to his mercenary work in Serpent Tail), but just with his former experiences. There had been one too many times where soldiers had been celebrating a short victory, only to see them all die the day after.


He shook his thoughts aside, as he adjusted the scarf covering half of his face. He was one of the few covert patrol officers put on duty by the FREE forces, moving freely in the crowd, and looking out for suspicious or deviant visitors to the event. He had to admit, he seemed devious himself, but he didn't pay too much attention to it. He's been that way for more than a decade here on the small city-island. Most of them know him by name and by looks, but not personally.


he shrugged again, as he brought down his scarf to sip on his can of cold coffee, while he walked on the pavement. He stopped, as he noticed a Limousine stopping by the Coffeeshop. Then again, being the caffeine fanatic he was, it would be nice to actually have some WARM coffee. Yes, it would be nice indeed...


He made his way into the coffee shop, as he casually threw the now-empty can into a trash bin a meter away, not really sure if anyone was in the way of the can... Hopefully not. It wouldn't be nice to throw a can at some random person, wouldn't it? Especially some high-ranked personnel...

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"Oh boy! Hot dog! Yeah! I am leading private!" said JM as he read the letter from a 2nd Lt. Rad Rider.


"I gotta show this to mom and dad."  he said dashing from his room toward the dining room where his parents where taking their breakfast.  After some... Okay... After plenty of congratulations from his family he went to his room to get a graphic artwork for a client.


"This will be my last artwork for a while... At least it looks perfect." he said to himself


JM then grabbed the glossy print-out of his work and the memory stick where he stored the softcopy of his work. Then he went out to meet with his client at this Kusanagi sunshine coffee shop. JM then drove to the coffee shop on his sport sedan.As he was nearing his destination he saw a limousine parked near the coffee shop.


"Hmmm... I wonder what's going on in there." he said


He then parked his car a few parking spots away from the limousine. He then saw a female wearing a ZAFT uniform standing beside the limousine while some people where taking some snapshots of her.


"Oh jeez! What's a ZAFT officer doing here?" recognizing the uniform of the female "Hmm... Whatever... " He then ignored the female Zaft officer and went on his way inside the coffee shop to meet with his client.

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Ethan's pocket rumbled abruptly, and pulling out his cellphone, flipped it open and checked the message - "Meet me at Kusanagi Sunshine Coffee Shop", from the pretty Commander.


Looking around, Ethan hailed a passing taxi, which slowly pulled up besides him in the narrow road. Ethan put his cellphone away as he climbed into the taxi, asking to be driven to the Kusanagi Sunshine Coffee Shop.


As the taxi began driving away, Ethan looked outside and began taking note of distinct differences in atmosphere between Kusanagi and the PLANTs. It felt sloppier, less organised, and of course, his gaze would fall upon the ever-present hoons causing trouble.


Ethan couldn't help but think of the Naturals as a somewhat inferior people, but then, he guessed they would consider him to be a monster of sorts, an abomination. He was "engineered" to be superior in certain ways, and so he was, but it didn't mean he was worth any more than any Natural life.


An abrupt jerk awoke Ethan from his reverie, as the taxi pulled up next to the cafe, behind a parked limousine, Commander Schneider standing amidst a small pack of camera-toting muppets.


Thanking the driver and paying the fare, Ethan exited the vehicle, and stood besides the Cafe walkway, waiting for the Commander to make her Oh-So-Grande entrance, when he was struck in the side by a can thrown from another man, entering the cafe. Picking up the can, he threw it back into the bin, and in a fit of irritation, went after Can-Thrower, entering the Cafe.


Ethan casually slung his arm over the guy's shoulder, and looked him straight in the eyes.


"Keeping Kusanagi Beautiful are we mate?" said Ethan, grinning.

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The traffic was rather smooth, given that most people would have already made their way to Sennett Circle for the pre-parade festivities. Shops around that area always reported a higher sales during the Foundation Week and of course, Orb benefits from the higher revenue through taxes. Alvielle, in her younger days, had enjoyed walking around the splendidly decorated streets with her friends and hanging out at a rather small, yet famous, muffin shop.


No one treated her like she was going to be assassinated any moment back then. It was strange how the circumstances could just change so suddenly.


"Ma'am," Alvielle turned her attention from the passing buildings to Adrian, "I just received note from the parade organisers that the PLANT representative's float was destroyed in an accident." When Alvielle did not seem to want to comment, he continued, "the organisers asked if they could arrange for Ms Schneider to share your float with you."


Alvielle smiled,"that was most unfortunate, to have the float destroyed, but having the Defense Secretary with me would be a good change to the parade, that is, if she wants to."


Adrian nodded, "I'll tell the parade director to contact her then."


Alvielle turned back to the windows, silently rehearsing the speech in her mind.

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'Now, who the heck is this ZAFT sonofa...'


His thoughts trailed off. Guess his can did hit someone afterall. Still, he wasn't exactly warming up to this unknown ZAFT soldier. All of a sudden, getting so comfortable as if they'd been friends for a while. Although he did appreciate company, he did prefer it to be somewhat sincere or subtle. And this was more of an intrusion, than an introduction. Still, he wouldn't want to spoil the vaunted neutrality over his personal preferences.


Though he could swear the voice the soldier talked with was laced with sarcasm...


Still, he looked back into his eyes, and gave him a mischevious grin of sorts, shrugging off his hand as he did so.


"I believe so. Sadly, I'm as human as anyone else, natural or otherwise."

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Siegfred took a shot of his companion, with a quaint little restaurant that served as his background. Siegfred waited for the picture to register in his camera, then he turned around to see the Kusanagi Sunshine coffee shop across the street.


"We're here already. But wait a minute, what do we have here..."


A lot of activity suddenly happened in front of the Kusanagi Sunshine Cafe. Just as he turned around after taking Private Trusdale's pic a black limousine parked in front of the said establishment. A female Zaft Commander alighted from the vehicle, who seemed to be quite young to be in such a position. She created a little commotion where she stood, some guys just stared at her while some took photos. A little while after a man with a scarf covering half of his face entered the cafe, which looked all to him like a covert FREE Forces soldier. It wasn't the clothing, Siegfred just had something about sensing people. Then a blue sports sedan pulled up and a man alighted and hurriedly entered the cafe as well, toting some files, looking like he's late for a meeting. Why would anyone be holding a meeting during the ORB parade he did not know, but the guy looked familiar to Sieg.


"Hey Jase, a lot of people seem to be lining up inside, we might not get to the parade in time. Let's go!"


As Sieg and Jase crossed the street a taxi parked behind the limo, then a man alighted, perhaps he had a meeting like the man who just parked the blue car behind them.


"We better go inside Jase, before it gets crazy outside."


Just as they started to enter the Cafe Siegfred heard a light metallic sound, like a can of some sort. He looked back and saw what seemed like two friends seeing each other, with one guy having his arm over the other guy's shoulder.


"All seems to be good here, we better get inside and have some coffee.", Siegfred told himself as Jase and him began entering the coffee shop.

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As Demetrius zipped through gaps in the traffic, he couldn't but help but smile.  Though the mass of people was an inconvenience, at least they were all here to celebrate.  He remembered when he was younger where lines of vehicles and people would jam up major intersections because everyone was attempting to reach the nearest shelter during the first war.  People were less fortunate during the second war no thanks to the incompetent 'leadership.'  He shook off his musings  as he made a turn and approached the starting area for the parade. 


The starting area was a fairly sizable park which was now laden with massive tents that were laid out in a rather disorganized manner.  He parked his scooter at a nearby street and walked into the park.  It took him several minutes to actually find the correct location for the paraders who'd be holding flags and banners as they led the Princess' float.  He found an mid-aged greying man who seemed to be the supervisor and politely asked him, "Uh, hello.  I'm here as a last-minute replacement."


"Ah, yes!  Just in time!  Danny called in sick so we needed another flag bearer...though he probably just wanted to watch the parade from the sidelines, that little slacker..." the supervisor said, mumbling at the last bit. 


Demetrius smiled as he replied, "I'll be glad to help out then.  What exactly do you need me to do?"


"You just need to 'march' with everyone else and hold up one of several flags of our nation.  They aren't heavy so a thin guy like you can hold one up all day if you needed to," the supervisor answered with a laugh as he continued, "We're lined up in a rather simple grid, A1 to A8 for the first row and all that.  You'll be at D2, at the rear left of the group.  You'll be right in front of the float, so don't slow down or trip."


"I understand, thanks," Demetrius acknowledged as he thought, "Well, that'll give me good coverage of the float."


He walked over to a corner and pressed his earpiece as he softly spoke, "Everyone, sitrep."


[OOC: Just want a quick response from the 'team.' 

And if you didn't know, sitrep = Situation Report.]

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As JM entered the coffee shop he thought to himself "Oh man look at all these people... First time I saw the coffee shop packed with people like this..."


Jm then looked around, trying to find his client. He went around the coffee shop looking more and more annoyed with every passing moment...


"Okay... Just chill... You don't want to lose control here... Man! Where is he? Darn it!" He thought about his condition. JM then found his client near the back of the coffee shop drinking an espresso and eating a pastry he didn't quite recognize.


"Hey! There you are. Want some coffee? How about a scone?" his client offered the strange pastry to JM. JM then sat down took one of the "scones" thanked his client and started to nibble on it. After finishing the pastry he showed his client the printout of his work...


"Whoa! This is nice... Man you really are good! Wow!" said the client admiring JM's work.


"Glad you like it. Oh! By the way. Here's the soft copy." said JM while plugging his memory stick in his client's Laptop.


After some more pleasantries the client paid JM a considerable amount of money and then bid him goodbye. JM then decided to stay in the coffee shop because he hadn't had his breakfast yet. He ordered for a cappuccino and a plate of scones."


"Man... Who knew scones tasted so good. Maybe that's why those Brits love this things." He thought to himself while nibbling on one of the scones.


"Oh! I forgot to take my medicine!" He took out a small pill case and drank the contents of one of the chambers.


As he was drinking his coffee he noticed the female ZAFT officer was still there by her limousine as if waiting for somebody. He then saw two guys taking pictures while heading for the coffee shop. He thought they looked kinda "queer/ Gay".


((OOC: I don't have anything against homosexuals by the way))


"Queer guys and ZAFT officers... Hope they don't start any trouble here..." Jm said to himself still drinking his coffee.

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"I believe so. Sadly, I'm as human as anyone else, natural or otherwise." replied Mr.Canthrower, in response to Ethan's own sarcastic "greeting".


"Yeah that's cool mate, good job." said Ethan, smirking. Ethan gave the man a decent slap to the back, and grabbing and turning a nearby chair, seated himself.


God, why did I choose today of all days, to be a jerk? thought Ethan, starting to feel a bit regretful of his behaviour.


Okay, gotta be nice, gotta be nice, no need to incite any hate just yet...


Scanning the restaurant, he saw a cafe that looked just as nice inside, as outside, and the place was positively buzzing with activity, a few FREE Forces? men entering the cafe, right then.


Ethan flipped his head backwards, looking out the window for the Commander, waiting for the girl to make her entrance.


Damn, what I'd give for a smoke right now...

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    "What? Meet the Commander herself outside some cafe?" Landis looked at the man in front of him incredulously. Having been almost literally dumped into the embassy with the other ZAFT personnel in charge of Delfina Schneider's protection, the feeling of excitement had long faded since. It was starting to feel like one of those missions where screw-ups were as common as the amount of canopy trees in a jungle. He had, of course, no idea why the Commander needed them to be there with her.


     Weren't some of us suppose to be going along with the damned float? What the hell's happening now?


     Despite being completely perlexed and somewhat uneasy, Landis decided that nothing was going as far to dampen his mood to take a look at what Orb, or more specifically, what Earth was truly like. With that, he turned to the Commander in charge of them currently.


      "Sir, since we've received such an...order from Commander Schneider, may we head there now? After all, moving together in a large group might cause quite a bit of a ruckus, and doing so certainly wouldn't warrant us any credibility on this...diplomatic mission, sir." He almost cracked a smile for good measure, but doing so in front of the Lunar Wolf could be considered signing a death warrant altogether.



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As Luke was walking towards the parade ground, he looked at his watch and mentioned that he was late for the opening of the parade.As he walked in, he saw a huge number of people and mumbled, "Wow, all these people come just to see the Orb Military's Parade?This is magnificint."


As he looked around his stomach started to growl, he found a nearby food centre and went in.As he went in he was greeted by a waiter who brought him to his seat."What would you like for lunch, sir?" asked the waiter.Luke started to look at the menu and said, "What's your main course for today?".


"We are serving a plate of rice with a chicken drumstick for main course."replied the waiter."Very well then, i'll take the main course with a cappucino please.".He took his seat and he remembered that the commender told him to supervise the parade ground for any sneak attacks that are going to be done at Orb's foundation week parade."Oh well, after this time to go to check on the parade grounds to remove any trouble makers" he said and sighed.

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His earpieces softly hummed, as they recieved communications from the security frequencies. They seemed inconspicuous, more like the earphones to an MP3, rather than a radio. Then again, that was partially the reason he wore a scarf around the lower half of his face. The reciever would easily be hidden, and his voice wouldn't be audible if he was talking through it. Of course, he was ordered only to listen, and only help when needed. He afterall, still carried his identification as a FREE forces officer. Even on covert patrols.


Still, everything seemed fine, except he suspected something about the destruction of the float that the PLANT royalties and represensitives would be on. A few possible scenarios ran through his mind, but he dissmissed them soon after, noting that it would be extremely difficult to figure out in a short prieod of time.


The Coffeeshop started to get a little crowded for his liking however, and after finishing his small cup of expresso, he returned the cup, went out of the coffeeshop, and took out a small box of Cigarettes. He had sworn to quit them, but at least he had only smoked once a week nowadays. Good enough to burn off some stress or boredom, at least.


He took his time to casually savour the cigarette, being closer to the road than the coffeeshop so that the cigarette smoke doesn't float in. Even then, his mind was scanning the communications, and his eyes were peeled for any possible signs of an attack.

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Takashi ground his teeth together as he shifted the car he'd been issued into first gear finally making it come to a stop outside of the ZAFT embassy.  Grabbing his cover as he slipped out of the car Kitsune approached the guard who stood outside of the gate at the security checkpoint.  Handing the guard one of the papers he'd been issued earlier that morning.


"I'm Leading Private Kitsune who had been detailed to be the intermediary between the FREE and ZAFT forces during this parade; please alert the senior officer that I have arrived."  Takashi patiently waited as the guard went into the gate to make the call into the embassy.  This was one of those times when he wished that he had a higher rank, if only to give him some ground on which he could level with the foreign soldiers.

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