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Literature: The March of Technology (GSEED)


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I've always liked fic writing but I realized I haven't written one for the Gundam universe.  So I decided to work on a series of one-shot fics detailing changes in technology in the GSEED universe.  This'll be the first one.  Admittedly, even with some research, the general timeline and details may not be 100% accurate.


Thanks to Rad for giving me some inspiration with his kickass Amemasu fiction.





GSEED: The March of Technology


Phase 1:

Descent of the Phantoms


“Get your asses moving or else you’ll be fighting the damn spacemen with nothing but your bare hands!”


“Sir, yes, sir!”


Sergeant Stefan Valquez watched in hidden satisfaction as his platoon quickly mobilized.  He watched as the mechanics made last-minute checks on their sand-brown colored Linear tanks.  Then he noticed a Corporal, ‘Little Jimmy’ Lancaster due to his short stature, looking around aimlessly.  Stephan walked over and slapped his right hand on the young man’s shoulder, hard.


“You awake there, soldier?!” he inquired harshly.


The shaken young man stiffened and turned toward the Sergeant.  “Um, yes sir…it’s just that…I heard that my home city is in chaos…my parents…” he replied, his voice trembling.


The Sergeant grimaced as he looked straight into the corporal’s eyes.

“Listen, we are on high alert right now.  I heard from the Captain that the damn spacemen dropped some devices that seem to cut off all nuclear based power sources, which has incited mass panic in major urban centers.  But that’s not your immediate concern.  Get in your tank and go do your job!”


“Yes, sir!” the corporal replied in a startled manner as he saluted.  Stefan returned the salute and let the corporal go to his tank.  He watched as preparations were nearly set.  He then walked over to his own tank where the mechanic was waiting.  As he approached, the mechanic saluted and handed the Sergeant’s helmet over.  It was a standard issue helmet, but some joker three months ago painted two big eyeballs on the back, given the Sarge’s reputation for having ‘eyes on the back of his head.’  Instead of being annoyed, he found it amusing and kept the ‘decoration’ if nothing more than to continue the reputation. 


He climbed up to the top of the tank via footholds and carefully made his way in.  Private First Class Jean Kearney nodded as Stefan sat down and activated his consoles.  The Linear Tank could hold up to two occupants.  The driver on the right side handled the tank itself as well as the guns.  The commander on the left had the sensor board and cameras but fire control can also be used on that side.


Stefan saw to his satisfaction that all tanks in his platoon were ready to go.  He opened up a comm channel and spoke, “Okay, 2nd Platoon, roll out!”  The fifteen tanks moved out of the hangar simultaneously, like a pack of metallic beasts eager for the kill. 


As the tanks moved, they past by a checkpoint which read “Victoria Spaceport.”  Sergeant Valquez nodded as he observed the formation of his platoon inside the cramped confines of the tank.  Then the console blipped and he hit the flashing button.  The face of his immediate superior, Lieutenant Halen, appeared.


“On time as usual, Sarge.  Have 2nd Platoon move to Sector B-3, north-north-west of your current position,” the older pale-faced man instructed.


“Yes, sir!” Stefan replied as he immediately relayed the orders to his platoon.  After rumbling past what seemed to be endless rocky desert, the platoon reached their designated position.  He opened up the hatch and took a look around.  The 1st Company of OMNI’s 32nd Desert Armor Battalion was arranged in a concentrated defensive position; 1st Platoon was at his right flank while 3rd Platoon held the rear, not to surprising since 3rd Platoon consisted of linear artillery and support vehicles.  2nd Company was situated on the southwest end of the Victoria base while 3rd Company was set at the northeast.  The 112th Combined Arms Battalion was situated in a similar manner on the opposite side of the spaceport.  They were all half a kilometer beyond the inner line of defenses, which consisted of heavy bunkered cannons, anti-aircraft guns, and missile launchers.  The 82nd Marines handed the defense of the spaceport itself along with its valuable Mass Driver. 


Stefan nodded at the defensive preparations but he had no idea what it was all for.  The only time they actually bothered to mobilize in this manner was during a full battalion drill.  The spaceport itself was a standard civilian facility until about 6 weeks ago after some supposed debacle at the Yggdrasil station.  There was a mass mobilization of ground forces and a portion were sent to all major spaceports, since such facilities were essentially prime ‘real estate.’ 


Though he never questioned orders, he was rather curious about the current situation.  Before he could activate his communicator though, he received what appeared to be a full battalion broadcast originating from Major Aaron Pelth, commanding officer of the 32nd Desert Armor. 


“Alright, listen up 32nd Desert Armor.  No doubt many of you heard, but ZAFT forces dropped numerous of what our eggheads are now calling Neutron Jammers.  These devices basically negate nuclear reactions, thus, shutting down the world’s reactors and cutting off power for most countries.  Central Command has already dispatched troops to major urban areas to maintain order and to bring aid if necessary.  However, Command also believes these devices are just a precursor to a full invasion.  Every base from here all the way up to JOSH-A are on full alert as of 1500 hours today,” Pelth explained.  Stefan could almost hear the cold, dead silence that followed as everyone tried to make sense of their commanding officer’s words.


“Whatever happens, trust in your fellow comrades and your officers.  Remember your training…and we’ll be able to throw back whatever those bastard spacemen tries to toss at us!” Pelth exclaimed as the channel closed.


“Jean, start up the main cannon’s capacitors, double-check all systems,” Stefan said as he ran his own diagnostics on the sensor system.  He grinned as he heard the familiar buzz-whine sound as the linear cannon powered up.  He recalled reading about 20th century tanks that used various types of shells with gunpowder-loaded cannons.  Well, those tanks were nothing compared to the standard issue Linear tank in which the coils in the cannon produced enough energy to focus electromagnetic bursts in order to propel shells at hypersonic speeds. 


“Everything’s green, Sarge,” Jean replied calmly.  Stefan nodded as he personally set up the initial load out.  First shell would be the HE (High-Explosive) round, the second Fragmentation, an APIS (Armor Piercing Incendiary Shells) round for the third and the standard Armor Piercing round for the fourth.  He didn’t have any idea how exactly those unnatural Coordinators would ‘invade’ from all the way up there in space but he’d be sure that his boys would be ready.  He noticed five more vehicles approaching his armored platoon.  As they got closer, he was able to identify the Missile trucks, which served as anti-air support for the ground forces.  They immediately moved into optimal positions around his platoon.  He supposed that similar reinforcements would be supporting the rest of the battalion as well.


Then the waiting game began.  With the disarray of the EA fleets up in space as they shifted locations, there was no way any viable location on Earth would receive preemptive warnings.  Two hours passed by as the sun made its approach to begin setting down into the horizon.  Stefan heard Jean hold back a yawn, but he didn’t blame him.  It wouldn’t be the first time that Command cried out that ‘the sky is falling’ though this would be the first time ever since the start of hostilities. 


Then his radio blared.  He checked the origin: It was from Victoria Spaceport Control.

“Attention all defense forces!  Numerous unknown objects approaching from above!  I repeat, numerous unknown objects approaching from above!  Prepare anti-air defenses!”


He opened up the hatch and crawled halfway out before looking up.  Indeed, the sky above us seemed to be littered with flaming dots.  At first, he thought the freaks were somehow able to divert meteoroids to utilize them as natural missiles, but at a closer glance, he could make out a slight metallic sheen.  Then there were numerous whining noises.  He turned to look, just in time to see the large SAM batteries rotating to aim at the targets.  Then missiles flared as they took flight, shooting up with such speed as if to strike down the Heavens. 


Stefan quickly got back inside and closed the hatch as he looked over his displays.  The tank’s sensors were able to track the falling…whatever they were.  Most of them were dropping around the base perimeter, but several were heading straight into the middle.  Then the display showed something odd.  Most of the objects began to break apart.  He quickly activated the camera mounted at the top of the tank and swiveled it up.  Indeed, the objects broke up systematically but he also noted that the central parts of each object began to deploy four oddly shaped objects each.  As he tried to zoom in with the camera, the other anti-air weaponry began to fire as the air raid siren blared.


“ZAFT forces inbound in unknown craft!  All forces, prepare to repel!” Major Pelth shouted over the comm. line. 


“Unknown craft?” Stefan thought as he was able to zoom in close enough.  What he saw could’ve been from the depths of a nightmare.  Huge grey metallic avatars appeared on his screen that had a tall ‘mohawk’-like crest on its head, oddly-shaped wings, and aforeboding eye, like the Cyclops in mythology.   


Suddenly the comm. line was flooded with queries; it seemed that everyone was bewildered at the sight of these humanoid machines.  The Major tried to maintain order, but many were already intimidated at the mere sight of them.  Stefan heard the Linear artillery vehicles fire away, serving as an augmented anti-air defense as the humanoid machines made their final approach.


“Hey!  2nd Platoon! Keep it together and concentrate your fields of fire!  Start popping the freaks down once they're in our elevated gun range!” Stefan yelled, in the hope that his troops would snap out of their state of fear.  He was actually quite scared as well.  He heard the rumors, something about humanoid combat weapons used during the Battle of Yggdrasil Station…but this was the first time any of the ground-pounders witnessed them firsthand.  Explosions ripped across the sky as shells and missiles exploded, taking down some of these monstrosities in the process.  But the majority was able to make their approach. 


“Main gun to maximum elevation!  Successive fire with set rounds, Private!” Stefan said.


“Yes, sir!” Jean replied as he managed to elevate the main gun competently.  The Private was able to keep in the fear, Stefan noted.  He kept an eye on the targeting reticule and just as one of the mechanical monsters approached, he shouted, “Fire!”


A ‘Zzzzt-VOOM!’ sound erupted as the linear cannon sparked and propelled the HE round up and at the enemy machine.  The High-Explosive round impacted the machine’s chest and the explosion covered the entire machine.  It hit the ground, hard.  Stefan heard some of his platoon cheer at the first kill until they heard a mechanical whine.  The machine that was hit slowly got up.  All it had to show for the round was a deep dent and burn mark.


“What in hell…concentrate your fire!  Take the bastard down!” Stefan shouted.  Three of his tanks fired standard AP rounds at the machine.  After the smoke cleared, the machine had a gaping hole in the mid-torso.  It seems to groan as it fell back to the ground permanently.  Before they could celebrate further, two of his tanks suddenly exploded.  More and more of the machines landed and fired what seem to be very large automatic ‘rifles’ except the barrels was just as big, if not bigger, than his tank’s own cannon.  He heard the turrets behind him fire away, lobbing huge shells into the machines.  Several went down, but the others managed to quickly move out of the way.


“This isn’t good…” Stefan muttered before realizing he was set up as the phalanx of their Company.  In this case, it would be a problem given the strength of these damned machines.


“2nd Platoon, listen up!  Keep up the fire, but pull back!  Use smokes as well!  Remember to weave as you pull back, don’t be sitting ducks!” he shouted as another 2 tanks erupted.  He ignored the main comm. line, which was riddled with confusing statements, counter-orders, and cries for help.


His platoon began to pull back as Stefan hit the switch to shoot up and forward a series of smoke grenades.  His tank also continued to fire until he was back to standard AP shells.  He quickly brought a display up to check the composition of the battalion.  He watched in horror as the battalion was slowly, but surely whittled down.  Then he heard a scream over the comm.  He looked over and saw one of the machines standing over one of his platoon’s tanks, which was ruined, and held what seemed to be a huge sword.  It was covered with oil and a red-brown substance…blood.


“Goddamned freaks!” Stefan shouted angrily as he used the FCS to switch from an AP shell to an APIS.


“Private, drive this right up that bastard’s feet!” Stefan shouted as he activated targeting controls.  The tank rolled forward for a moment before it swerved to the left to avoid a barrage of enemy shells.  Then it got close enough so the sergeant fired.  The incendiary round shot up and into the machine’s ‘crotch’ and burned through armor and hydraulics.  The machine shuddered as it slowly collapsed on itself.  The tank pulled back just in time to avoid the multi-ton machine’s fall.


“This is Lieutenant Halen!  All troops pull back to the defense line, I repeat, all troops pull back to the defense line!”


“2nd Platoon, you heard the boss.  Throw the last of your smokes and make haste to the defense line!” Stefan shouted over the comm.  When he received confirmed replies, he realized that he received far fewer voices than he should have heard.  He growled as his own tank went in reverse as it fired the last of its smoke grenades.  He fired a few fragmentation shells as well, more for suppression fire than any actual intent to hit.


“Lieutenant, this is Sergeant Valquez!  What’s our current situation?  Where’s the Captain?” Stefan asked.


“Not good.  All of our forces are being pressed back by this…things.  The Major was trying to regroup his forces from the command vehicle when one of the freaks landed right on top of him.  I think that…wait, hold one…” the Lieutenant explained as he disconnected for a moment. 


Then the comm. blared again, “This is the 82nd Marines!  We got oversized freak machines inside the base!  We’re being overrun!  I repeat, we’re being *bzzzt*-Yaaaaaaaaaah!”  And the transmission was abruptly cut off.


“This is Captain Martin of the 112th Combined Arms.  We’re sending our 3rd Company back to the base to assist the 82nd.  Our forces are holding the defense line so far.”


“Understood.  Concentrate your efforts at the mass driver.”


Stefan breathed a sigh of relief as their forces made it safely to the defense line.  They parked their tanks in special trenches that gave them maximum coverage while keeping a relatively open field of fire.  Cannon and artillery fire continued to rain down on the oncoming invaders but it seemed to slow them down a bit.


“2nd Platoon, status,” Stefan asked.


“D12-2, I’m good.  Couldn’t bag any of the bastards, though I dented a few.”

“D12-4, one of our treads is running slow, possibly a fragment from a shell, but otherwise okay.”

“D12-5, all good.”

“D12-8, banged up but still able to kill spacemen.”

“D12-13, told you our number was lucky, Sarge!”

“D12-15, we’re good.”


“Good work.  Keep your eyes peeled and fire at any targets of opportunity,” Stefan replied.  Though he was glad at this temporary reprieve in the battle, the losses weighed heavily on him.  A platoon of fifteen tanks was down to seven within a span of five minutes.  A quick check of his display revealed that the rest of the battalion were hit just as bad, if not worse. 


“What are they...INCOMING!” someone shouted.  The machines, which held back as they struggled against the fortified defenses, suddenly shot up into the air until they were ABOVE the defense line.


“Oh shit!  I can’t elevate high enough!”

“We’re out of missiles…!”


Then as they descended, they fired.  Cannon fire from their rifle-like weaponry ripped through the defense like.  Stefan tried to fire but his main gun was unable to aim that high.  He watched helplessly as one of the machines, which held a bazooka-like weapon, landed on a bunkered cannon and fired straight into it and then moved away before the bunker blew apart. 


“Private, pull us out of here!” Stefan shouted amidst the cacophony of screams and throes.  As the tank pulled back, the Sergeant utilized the fire control system and began to fire at the enemy.  The bazooka-touting machine fired at them, but Private Kearney managed to pull out of the way at the last second.  The explosion shook the tank violently.  When they recovered, Stefan saw a red light indicating that their treads were jammed.  They were immobilized. 


As the machines approached, Stefan hollered a mix of incoherent shouts and profane language as he fired the main gun again and again.  He managed to bring one down with a direct hit to its cyclopean eye but he didn’t celebrate as he continued to fire and wear down the capacitors.  The machines were extremely well-armored and more mobile, as they noticed firsthand during the onset of the battle.  Then one of the machines landed directly to the left of their tank.  Stefan yelled as he tried to rotate the turret.  But it was too late.  The last thing he saw on his display was the black maw of the machine’s rifle and the glowing Cyclopean eye.


“Goddamned freaks…” he muttered acidly as it fired.

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Yeah, that's what I was going for.  I realized after watching SEED and GSD that there weren't many in-depth scenes with anything BUT mobile suits.  (It's all about the mechs and the franchse )  But I put this off for a while, nearly forgot about it until I watched the first episode of Stargazer.


I'm in the middle of the next one, it'll still be on the EA perspective.  (sorry, pro-ZAFT people. )

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(Here's Phase 2.  I'm already more than halfway done on Phase 3 as well.)


Phase 2:

Power of the Sun


I was rudely awakened by loud knocking at the door.  I grumbled as I slowly got up and walked to the doorway.  As soon as I opened the door, I met the too-cheerful face of my buddy, Jason Shernen.


“Good morning!” he said, as he practically beamed.


“What is it…do you have any idea what time it is?” I asked harshly, though it was a moot point since the Moon had a different time cycle. 


“Heh, sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  The rest of the squadron’s already up over the recent news,” Jason said, grinning.


“What news…”I mumbled as I stretched.  It seemed I wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep.


“I don’t know the details yet, but I heard it has something to do with nukes and our squadron!” he replied excitedly.  That got my attention. 


The Earth Alliance military couldn’t use nukes after the Bloody Valentine incident after ZAFT deployed Neutron Jammers.  Admittedly, I didn’t feel comfortable when the attack occurred, even though I hated those space freaks just like everyone else.  The sheer power of a single nuke over a single population center seemed excessive.   


Within a few minutes, I got dressed before I dashed with Jason over to the some large hangar that was previously sealed.  When we got there, I was immediately shocked by the sight.  Rack upon rack of large flat-tipped missiles towered throughout the hangar.  The triple-bladed radiation hazard symbols emblazoned each and every one of the large missiles.  I noticed a large number of technicians; they seem to be installing some devices on all of the warheads. 


“Whoa, look at ‘em break out the nukes!  It’s probably something special they’re strapping in!” Jason yelled.  I turned and noticed that a large number of other military personnel were also on the catwalk overlooking the large storage site, looking and pointing at the nukes.  I realized that these nuclear missiles were the same types that the Moebius mobile armors had the option of equipping. 


“What in the name of Hades are you doing here?!”


Jason and I cringed as we turned toward the source.  Lieutenant Terrance Aerl, our commanding officer, glared at everyone who wasn’t part of the technical staff.


“Those in my squadron, get your asses to the briefing room ASAP!  That applies to the rest of you as well!  Report to your individual command briefing rooms!” he shouted.


“Sir, yes, sir!” we shouted in return, saluting as we immediately vacated the premises.  When we got to our briefing room, it was already half-filled with anxious personnel.  I listened to the various conversations but it seemed everyone here only heard vague information, so we didn’t have much choice but to sit down and wait. 


At 0600 hours, Sergeant Gowen stood up and said, “Officer on deck!”  Even though we were in a military installation rather than a traditional ship or spacecraft, old traditions died hard.  We all stood to attention as Captain Aerl walked in.  He stood up to the podium and replied sternly, “At ease, Lancers” as he called us by our unit’s nickname.  Technically, we were the 43rd Mobile Armor squadron of the 5th Earth Alliance Lunar Fleet. 


Anyways, he signaled his orderly to switch off the lights.  We were engulfed by darkness for a brief moment before the screen behind the Lieutenant switched on.  Everyone began to murmur as it was clear what this briefing would entail.  Numerous fleet movements all vectored in on the ZAFT space fortress, Boaz. 


“Shut it!  This briefing will commence.  As all of you can see, we’ll be going on the offensive against ZAFT, right where it matters.  A recent development allowed OMNI Command to push ‘Operation Peacemaker’ today,” the Lieutenant explained. 


I first thought the Lieutenant was referring to the recent deployment of mobile suits but they were already integrated into the main forces a while ago.  I didn’t see how those suits would suddenly prompt this full assault.  Then I remembered seeing the retrofitting of those Moebius nukes.


The display suddenly changed and switched to a detailed diagram of some machinery that I wasn’t familiar with.  But it was the title of the schematic that caused everyone to hold their breath.




“This recent development was the acquisition of technology that allows us to circumvent ZAFT’s N-Jammers.  This will allow our Moebius mobile armors to be able to use our nuclear arsenal once again.  Our squadron will be integrated with several others to form divisions of a nuclear strike force under the same name as the Operation,” he explained as the display switched to an in-depth diagram of the sectors around Boaz, which was set up like a compass.


“Sector N and E will be the main focal points for our main fleets, which will deploy our mobile suit forces.  Once ZAFT’s rear-line forces are diverted, the Peacemaker Division will be deployed from this special small fleet and launch our nukes at the central command and control region of the fortress.  This attack should be sufficient to completely suppress the Boaz defenses,” he continued.  Then he looked at each and every one of us, as if his stare could relay all of this information alternatively.


“Any questions?”


“Sir, will we have any support if their defenses are stronger than anticipated?”


“No.  All main mobile armor and mobile suit units will be required for the main assault.  The 2nd Fleet is held in reserve, ready to attack Sector S to further dilute any forces in Sector W but other than that, we only have fire support from the carrier fleet.”


“What about the nukes themselves?  Is there a chance that they may prematurely detonate or other dangers such as leakage?”


“I have assurances that each missile has been carefully looked over.  The arming mechanisms are also set under strict guidelines.  They may only be armed by each individual prior to launch, so don’t get all paranoid that all of you are nothing more than pilots for flying bombs,” he replied, knowing that some of us were probably thinking along the lines of those suicide pilots during some war back in the 20th century. 


“Any more questions?  No?  Very well.  Remember, this attack will accelerate the Coordinators’ downfall and end this war a lot sooner than anyone could ever predict.  We will be departing with the special Peacemaker task force at around 0800 hours.  Report to the hangar at 0730 hours, geared to go.  For a Blue and Natural world!”  Everyone in the briefing room stood up ramrod straight and saluted.  The prospect of swiftly ending the war was very appealing and I was glad that such a chance came up.  I was also relieved that our target would be a military installation, not a civilian population center.  We had a clear objective and a means to complete that said objective. 


Jason slapped me on the left shoulder a bit too hard, laughing as he dragged me out of the room.


“You heard him; we should get some solid food and such before we head out.  Don’t forget that we have to deal with rehydrated rations once we’re moving with the fleet proper,” he said, grinning like an idiot.  I didn’t mind his enthusiasm, especially since what he said was true.  Though the rations the regular army has to deal with were probably worse than our hydrated rations, they weren’t that far down. 


When we reached the cafeteria, Jason immediately stacked his plate high with eggs and various meats.  I nearly forgot that he was a rather big person; some of our squad mates wondered how he was able to fit inside a Moebius’ cockpit.  I went a little ‘lighter’ with two eggs, sunny-side up, some bacon and toast.  The additional gravity from the Moon made the food go down a lot easier.  Eating here at the Ptolemaeus base was practically a luxury for a bunch of pilots that normally ate and slept in zero-gravity. 


After breakfast, we returned to our quarters.  I changed out of my day uniform and put on my pilot suit.  I then sat down to type up an e-mail to my parents.  I suppose my parents were fortunate.  My family lived off in the countryside in the Atlantic Federation; someplace previously called Pennsylvania or something like that. 


When ZAFT first deployed their N-Jammers all over the Earth, we weren’t as affected by the power loss.  However, I still remember the brief video clips and photos that showed the chaos that occurred immediately afterwards in many major cities.  One of these photos showed OMNI personnel bringing food, water, and other essentials to those who needed them in New York City.  I suppose that was when I decided to join the military.  I saw OMNI not only as a way to protect our nations, but to also directly aid our people. 


Anyways, I typed up my e-mail, knowing that it won’t be sent until the scheduled burst transmission, which will take place AFTER the operation.  Obviously this would make sense since this measure was necessary to avoid compromising fleet security. 


I am doing well.  We haven’t seen much combat in the past few weeks, mostly CAP duty.  I don’t know if you heard yet, but our military have finally made use of those humanoid weapons, mobile suits.  It’s high time that we hit the Coordinators back with a taste of their own medicine. 


I’m just letting you know that we will be part of a large attack force for a special operation.  By the time you receive this, I hope you will also heard of our latest victory as a result of all of our efforts.  I can’t mention details, but let’s just say that there’s more purpose for us MA pilots. 


Anyways, I hope the both of you are doing well.  I’m just glad that the spacemen haven’t been able to touch the AF.  Once this war ends, I’ll be coming home.  Being on Earth beats any duty on the Moon or in space.


After I sent my message, I got a message on the comlink.  Sergeant Gowen wanted us in the briefing room at 0720, prior to our preparation for departure.  I grabbed my helmet and dashed over to the briefing room.  I saw the Sergeant talking with First Flight about flight formations and fields of fire.  Then he dismissed them and called Second Flight over. 


I quickly walked over and listened as the Sergeant explained the full formation layout of this task force.  It seemed that we would come in a wide formation, but our fire would be focused inwards, maximizing damage over a relatively small area.  He also mentioned that we wouldn’t have any specified volleys; we would fire when we reached the appropriate range.  Technically, we would simply do a ‘snoop and shoot’ assuming we don’t encounter any ZAFT mobile suits.  But the Sergeant emphasized the importance of the operation by reiterating the Lieutenant’s points.


As he finished with a similar explanation to Third Flight, it was already 0728.  The entire squadron rushed to the hangar and began our pre-flight checks.  Even though the mechanics do a good job of maintaining our Moebius mobile armors, the Lieutenant constantly push us to do our own personal ‘lookover’ of our own craft.  I carefully looked over each engine, pylons, the two built-in Gatlings, and the external sensor array.  I felt that something was missing.  It took a moment to figure out that our crafts had their large Linear cannons removed.  They had to be removed in order to be able to attach the nukes to the twin hardpoints below our craft.  But the nukes were still not in place.  I decided to hold the question until after we launched. 


I went over to the top of the craft and opened up the cockpit.  After getting it, the hatched closed above me before I started my main pre-flight checklist.  I watched as my three main HUDs lit up, giving me a 120 degree view in front of me.  There was no display to indicate anything up or down, however.  There was also a small screen to show anything behind me but I rarely use that except for pinpoint maneuvering situations. 


My comlink switched on and blared out the following message, which I realized was relayed squadron-wide by the Lieutenant, “I know some of you are going to ask, so I might as well answer now.  The techies are working with some last minor issues regarding the missiles.  They will be loaded just before we depart from the hangar.  Aerl out.”


Everyone reported in upon completion of the pre-flight checklist at around 0747.  We then departed the hangar by flight group.  As we approached the intermediate section, which was essentially a large airlock, I saw numerous armatures winding in and out.  Each pair of arms held a massive nuclear missile.  I toggled the throttle on my left and carefully inched to the designated zone.  I made a quick adjustment with the control stick and aligned my craft perfectly.  Then the mechanical arms moved as they loaded up our entire squadron with the weapons of mass destruction. 


“I can almost feel the power!” I heard Jason cry out excitedly over the comm.


“Can it, Private,” Sergeant Gowen replied.  I couldn’t help but grin at my friend’s remark.  Immediately after all of our craft were loaded up, we departed the base in formation.  We didn’t have to go far; the rendezvous point with the designated fleet was only 15 kilometers out from Ptolemaeus. 


I carefully docked onto a Nelson-class warship and let the mechanics in space suits carefully attach tethers around my craft, securing it to the ship.  Then a thin tube attached to my craft, providing power and air until it was time for us to deploy.  I saw another squadron navigate their way into the Agamemnon-class carrier before the fleet began to move. 


I looked ahead and saw a multitude of flicking lights in the distance.  According to the sensor data, it was the full force of the fleets assembled to attack the ‘front’ of the Boaz fortress.  They were about half an hour ahead of us and would commence the attack at about 1000 hours Lunar time.  I sat back and sighed as we slowly made our way to our destination.  I opened the visor to my helmet and reached back to my personal storage compartment.  I pulled out a sealed-foil juice bag and began sipping the contents.  Time seems to go by slowly when we got nothing to do. 


I seemed to have dozed off because around 955 hours, my comlink sounded a message to our fleet, waking me up in the process, “…and our main fleets have already engaged the enemy.  Enemy numbers approximately equal.  All members of the Peacemaker Task Force prepare to launch as we change course in order to make our approach.”


I felt the centripetal forces pull me to the side as the ships in our fleet changed direction.  I looked over and saw a seemingly splendid light show in the direction of the fortress.  I couldn’t see any details but it was apparent that the fighting was intense.  Another twenty minutes passed when another message was announced.


“Their defense forces have been diverted!  The back door is opened, I repeat, the back door has been opened!”


“Aerl here, I just received orders to deploy.  Carefully detach from your assigned ship and form up.  We will move in by squads before forming up to a conical formation.  Sending formation data now…”


I looked down at my display as it quickly received a batch of data.  I then opened up the batch and carefully looked at it.  All squadrons would spread out and arrange themselves into a cone-like formation, with the tip pointing straight at the designated region of the fortress.  This formation would allow everyone to have a clear line of fire while maximizing concentrated damage potential.  I fed the data for my specific location in the formation into the navigation computer as a chime sounded. 


The cables holding my mobile armor in were detached.  I looked around and saw that everyone else was detached as well.  I quickly powered up my engines and carefully eased ahead of the ship in order to join up with the squad.  I looked over and watched as more Moebius MAs were being launched from the Agamemnon-class warship. 


Within a few minutes, all squadrons were sweeping toward the fortress.  We then broke off individual squadron formations and carefully formed up into the new formation.  I watched as the distance between my craft and the target closed rapidly. 


“All craft, arm your nukes.”


I gulped nervously as I typed the ten character code and confirmed it.  A small whine shrilled as my mobile armor armed the large nuclear weapon strapped below.


“If any of you have problems with the arming procedure, break off and return to the fleet.”


I checked my sensors and didn’t notice any abnormal movement.  Everyone seemed to be prepared.  By now ZAFT’s radiological alarms should have gone off; nukes weren’t exactly stealthy.  Suddenly, an alarm sounded, indicating contacts on sensors.


“Sir, I detect ZAFT mobile suits, numbers…many!”


“Calm down.  ETA?”


“About five minutes!”


“Stay on target; we’ll be done way before they reach us.”


As we approached, our sensors blipped again, this time indicating that three friendlies were moving in to protect us from the ZAFT mobile suits.  I quickly looked over their designations:  GAT-X252, GAT-X131, and GAT-X370.  I thought I knew all of the Alliance’s mobile suit model numbers, but these I had no idea as to what these particular machines were.  It didn’t matter as they seemed to handle the ZAFT suits quite well on their own.  I turned back just in time to realize that we were nearly in range.


“I have a targeting solution.  All craft, prepare to fire in ten…”


I wiggled my thumb as it barely grazed that big red trigger on my controller as sweat began to precipitate inside my suit. 


“Five, four, three, two, one…LAUNCH!”


In succession, missiles started to fly from the front to the back of our formation, straight at the former rocky, resource satellite turned fortress.  As our missiles left out grasps, shouts ran out over the channel.


“And it’s away!”

“Die, Coordinators!”

“For a Blue and Natural World!”


Everyone immediately pulled up and away.  Our HUDs immediately darkened as a result of the pre-programmed response.  I looked back through the dimmed rear-display as numerous trails of fire shrank in the distance.  Then, with a flash, a serious of incredibly intense white light spewed out from the fortress as the nukes detonated.  The light was far too intense as I was nearly overwhelmed, even with the dimmed displays. 


As the explosion subsided, the aftermath of the blast shocked me.  I stared out through my display at the mass of debris that littered the area.  What was once a large, powerful fortress remained nothing more than fragments.  My sensors showed that the ZAFT mobile suits broke off, most likely due to feeling similarly shocked at the sight. 


As we made our approach to the fleet, the comlink switched on again.


“Attention all OMNI forces, pull all forces back to regroup.  Operation Peacemaker is a success.  Congratulations, everyone.”


Peacemaker…it’s such an ironic name for this particular operation…”  I thought.  As I docked, I realized I was trembling and that my hands were shaking violently.  I tried to let go of the joystick but my right hand wouldn’t budge.  I forced my left hand over and slowly pried the other hand off.  That hand was the one that sent such an engine of destruction at our enemy. 



It was still shaking.

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(Here's Phase 3.  I think this'll be the last one, unless I get more ideas.)




Phase 3:

Peace made of Smoke and Mirrors


Adukav Mechano-Industries’ Weapons Development Installation No.7

Somewhere in the Eurasian Federation (Location Classified)

February 14, CE73


“…as the 2nd Anniversary Ceremony of the Bloody Valentine Incident winds down, future talks will be anticipated as leaders of the Earth Alliance and PLANT continue to discuss and expand upon the terms in the treaty.  One of the key issues is related to the continued limitations on armaments, including mobile suits…”


The small TV continued to deliver the news but it is, for the most part, drowned out by a cacophony of noise.  Sounds of hammers, drills, welds, and other tools echoed throughout the cavernous building.  A huge black, humanoid leg could be seen with what looked like ants crawling around it.  A closer look would indicate that the ‘ants’ were actually a number of mechanics and engineers. 


“…re-calibrate those settings on sub-hydraulic seven!”


“…those armor plates need to be removed so we can check the…”


Two men watched from the distance as the construction continued.


“So…that’s Djibril’s new pet project…”


“Indeed.  With the completion and limited distribution of the Zamza-Zah and the Gells-Ghe along its way, we began work on this particular project several months ago.”


“The progress has been quite impressive.”


“You’re looking at the weapon’s right leg.  We already finished the basic sections of the torso and internal structure of the left leg.  This first full machine should be completed in a few months.”


“First one?!  You mean that more are slated for production?!”


“We should be able to streamline the production process after the completion of the first.  It is hoped that at least five more will be completed close to the end of this year.”


“Amazing…but if you don’t mind my saying, is there something in the near future that would warrant the use of such a juggernaut?”


“No idea.  I’m just doing my job.”


“I see…then again, having something that could decimate cities more thoroughly than nukes see the light of day isn’t exactly a cheerful prospect.”


The first man laughed for a moment and nodded as he replied, “I suppose.  Then again, the name of this monstrosity seems apt.”


The second man turned quizzically as the first man handed him an electronic clipboard.  He looked at it for a moment and grinned slightly.


“Indeed, it is quite appropriate.”  He placed the clipboard down, which revealed in ominous glowing red letters, “GFAS-X1 DESTROY.”



Debris Field near Armory One, outer region of PLANT

March 27, CE73


“This is C-1, I am approaching the test zone.”


“Roger, C-1, the test will commence once you’re in position.”


Amid the debris field, a single figure could be seen.  A dark-green mobile suit carefully navigated its way deep inside the field.  Small, cylindrical camera units kept the suit in sight as it approached.  Then the suit kicked its legs forward, activating its thrusters, and slowing the suit down to a complete stop. 


“Control, C-1 is in position.”


“Understood.  Begin the live-fire test.  Send out the GINN drones.  Arm their weapons.”


“Test commencing.”


The green suit boosted vertically ‘upward’ as eight GINNs boosted out of their hiding places and began to swarm around the green mobile suit.  The camera units continued following the suit as it dashed around.


A blue, sleek Nazca-class vessel was in the distance.  Inside, a uniformed officer looked over a group of men who were huddled over several monitors.  Several of them had the HUD view of a standard GINN. 


“Flight One, pull back slightly.  Flight Two, prepare to engage.  Initiate standard armaments test.”


Four of the GINNs eased back while the other four drew their weapons. 


“This is C-1, I’m arming my beam rifle, CIWS, and shield-mounted machine guns.”


The four closer GINNs zipped in and began firing their rifles.  Tracer lines dotted the surrounding space, as if they were hoping to touch the green suit.  The suit spun and dashed around, avoiding the fusillade of shells.  Its right arm lifted as it aimed the beam rifle at the nearest GINN.  A lance of brilliant green light shot forth and punctured straight through the GINN’s mid-section.  The GINN exploded spectacularly as the remaining three dispersed.


“Beam rifle energy output, power consumption, and heat levels are nominal.”


Two of the three GINNs paired up and criss-crossed their way toward the green suit, laying down a spiral of shells along the way.  The green suit dodged their fire but several shells managed to hit.  However, the shells were quickly dispersed by the suit’s armor. 


“Phase Shift armor’s defense and power consumption, nominal.”


As the two GINNs closed in, the green suit opened up with its head-mounted and shield-mounted cannons.  The shells blistered in and tore another GINN apart. 


“CIWS and shield-mounted machine guns are in top condition.”


The third GINN dashed out of the way as it switched weapons, drawing out its massive recoilless cannon.  But before it could even lift the weapon, the green suit closed in.  It drew its beam saber from a holster on its left hip armor, ignited the blade, and cleaved the GINN cleanly in two.


“Beam saber output and power consumption optimal.”


“This is C-1.  Deploying mobile weapon pods.”


Two cylindrical pods mounted on the back of the green suit detached and then began flying toward the remaining GINN.  The front of the pods opened up, revealing a camera/targeting sensor bundle and a cannon on each.  The first pod opened fire and another green lance of light shot at the GINN.  The GINN boosted laterally as it dodged the beam.  But it left itself opened as the second pod fired, shooting a beam straight into the GINN’s Cyclopean eye.  The GINN flew around randomly until it crashed into a large scrap of metal, most likely from the remains of a capital ship. 


“Mobile weapon pods’ MR-81R beam assault cannon power consumption, output, accuracy are all in top form.”


“The quantum communication system’s signal that links those pods and the main body is fluctuating slightly but still within norms.”


“Phase One complete.  Prepare Flight One for combat.  C-1, begin conversion to mobile armor mode.  Phase Two will begin upon full conversion.”


“Roger, Control.”


The green suit boosted upwards as it tucked its arms in.  Its legs folded out and forward as armatures folded out from its ‘shins.’  The back of the suit folded forward, along with the upper torso, covering the head in the process.  Then the two pods returned to position, except under the new mode, they were on top and already ready to fire. 


“Estimates give a 17% loss in maneuverability and an 11% increase in speed, as well as a 31% increase in firepower.”


“Understood, those are within the parameters established.  Send Flight One in to attack.”


The four GINNs boosted in at the green mobile armor.  Two held back slightly as the other two moved in, firing as they did so.  The mobile armor twisted and performed a barrel-roll as it turned toward the oncoming GINNs. 


A hatch on each of the pods opened up, revealing racks of missiles.  The mobile armor then fired a barrage of missiles, along with beam rifle and machine gun fire as well.  The two approaching GINNs made attempts to dodge the oncoming fire, but it was far too much.  Both suits exploded under the massive display of firepower.  The remaining two GINNs were far enough back to be able to avoid the onslaught.   


One of them fired a long burst with its rifle, covering the second as it holstered its rifle and drew its sword.  The GINN closed in on the mobile armor from below, its sword glittering despite the limited light.  Just as it was close enough to impale the mobile armor, the four leg extensions ignited, shooting out four pinkish blades.  The GINN couldn’t move away and ended up impaling itself on the mobile armor’s blades.


The mobile armor thrust forward and deactivated its blades.  The punctured GINN continued to fly forward, straight at the other GINN.  The mobile armor’s large, triangular ‘head’ opened up in the middle, revealing a seemingly innocuous port.  A red light quickly glowed brighter until it seemed to be unable to contain itself.  A large, bright crimson beam blasted straight out.  The beam quickly traveled in and destroyed the two remaining GINNs instantaneously. 


“MGX-2235B multi-phase beam cannon…everything’s good except for power consumption.  It is 4% higher than expected.”


“That’s fine.  Just be sure to send all of the data to the development team for them to mull over.  This is Control.  Test is complete.  Retrieve all camera pods.  C-1, return to the ship.”


“Understood, Control.  Bringing her in…”  The mobile armor transformed back to mobile suit form and slowly made its approach.


The commander looked out the main viewport as the suit prepared to land.


So that’s the power of the ZGMF-X24S Chaos Gundam.  While I’m all for preparation, having Chairman Dullindal authorize the creation of no less than five of these types of suits…it’s almost like Heliopolis.  History repeating itself…huh.” the commander thought as the Gundam completed landing procedures. 



Debris Field (Location unknown)

July 8, CE72


Deep inside a relatively small debris field, several asteroids littered the area.  To be exact, these ‘asteroids’ were formally resource satellites used to conveniently extract precious metals from deep within them in order to ease up Earth-based resources.  However, a particularly large asteroid had been mined out years ago and a different sort of activity took place.


A closer look at the asteroid in question would reveal a small bit of pink metal jutting out slightly.  Deep inside, a cacophony of manmade sounds could be heard reverberating throughout the cavernous facility.  At one particular location, a hulking mass of metal and hydraulics in a humanoid shape could be seen.  Further down the line, a trio of three, black and purple, hulking mobile suits could be seen.  Each had a unique cross-shaped ‘face,’ skirted low torso armor and skirted leg armor.  Several mechanics could be seen ‘hovering’ in the zero gravity as they monitored the installation of certain devices on each of the suit’s arms. 


“Careful, take it easy with those.  If we do this incorrectly, those shields won’t do they were supposed to do!”


“Yeah, yeah, I know!  Frag…why did they have to suddenly shove this onto us now…?”


As the installation continued, two personnel back at the skeletal mobile suit could be seen conversing.  Both of them wore the standard green uniform affiliated with ZAFT, but upon closer inspection, one would notice that the typical, sharp ZAFT insignia were removed. 


“…and the reactor will be added soon?”


“Yes.  But this suit is far from completed.  You-know-who is still working on the armor plating and they only finished the basic weaponry, not to mention how much of a pain it was to…um…’acquire’ the various innovations from ZAFT.”


“Ha!  You got that right.  Still…kinda makes you wonder why we’re creating a new ‘steed’.”


“Good point.  I heard some rumors that the original was already rebuilt and stashed somewhere on Earth.”


“I don’t think we need to question the honorable Lacus-sama’s wisdom.  She probably just wants us to be prepared.”


“Yeah, part of the reason why we defected, I suppose.  Speaking of defectors, how are those three doing?”


“You mean Lieutenant Harkan and the others?  They’re burning the crap out of the simulators as usual.  They’re Reds for good reason.”


“Do they have the data for the new suits to try out?”


“Yeah, they just got it yesterday.  Live trials will begin later this month after the grease-monkeys finalize everything.”


“Mind if I look in?”


“Sure, I don’t think they locked out the Observer Mode for the sims.”  The two men then walked into the main facility.  It was sparse but decently supplied and accommodated well for the diverse personnel.  They continued down the hall until they had to take an elevator up.  The simulator room was one of several large rooms that overlooked the hangar area.  A total of about ten simulators lined the room side by side.  However, only three were currently occupied. 


The two personnel walked over to a nearby series of screens and watched as the simulation played out in real-time.  One of them turned the sound up, just in time to hear "-t Stream Attack!”


On the monitor, the three suits, identical to the very three purple suits that were located out in the hangar, formed up single-file as they charged the enemy head on.  The enemy consisted of a series of Daggers and Windams with various packs.  The suit on ‘point’ charged up its beam shields and then ignited a circular port on its left chest.  A shower of small, scattered, red-hued beams shot out in a haphazard manner.


The enemy suits tried to fire but their accuracy was reduced, most likely from the beam weapon and any shots that got through was quickly blocked by the first suit’s beam shields.  As they advanced, the other two suits used the forward suit as a shield as they picked off targets with huge bazooka-like weapons with brutal efficiency.  The thinner Earth Alliance suits were no match against such a concentrated magnitude of firepower.  Many suits exploded spectacularly as they were taken down in quick succession. 


Any enemy suits that managed to survive the onslaught were immediately cleaved in half as the forward suit drew and ignited an extended beam saber.  The two ex-ZAFT personnel continued to watch with awe.


“No offense to those pilots, but the world would be better off without another war.”


“I think they already know that.  But if there ever comes a time another war occurs, we’ll be ready.”

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