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Rad Rider


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As Rad Rider watches the workers paint his mobile suit cyan (on the Princess' orders), he reads up on the life of the man once known as Radon Antila, Orb's forgotten test pilot. He turns off the console as seemingly familiar faces approach him, saluting them gracefully even as he flashes them a winning smile.


"Rad Rider, reporting for duty! How can I help you?" he says, as his impossibly perfect white teeth glisten with the rays of the tropical sun.


He only hopes they're not the Royal Tax Collectors, as he still hadn't remitted his last check payment.


[Don't worry if you don't get some of the above; it's an IRC thing.]

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Sayaka is then reading up about a so-called prototype MVF-006C1 Murasame Assault C1, a heavy assault transformable mobile suit developed by Orb. What happens to the mobile suit remains to be known, as several tax collectors come.



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