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It was about ten minutes since Deflina left Ray behind at the Surface elevator. A few soldiers float ahead of her holding her suitcases. Delfina had changed from her uniform into a casual woman's business suit. It was comfortable to wear pants again, wearing a skirt was somewhat irritating during meetings. Delfina did like to distract the opposite sex with her body, but only when she was off duty. It seemed that talent found its way to her work without knowing about it. Delfina's suit was black and white, a simple design, but made from high quality fabric. A Zaft and Plant pin is on her right and left lapel of her jacket. Her hair flows beautifully, free of its pony tail in the low gravity space port. Delfina looks around at the civilians waiting at the ticket lines below the catwalk. She lets out a smile, and continues down the corridor. Her hand reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small envelope from the supreme council.


At the end of the corridor, a duo of Zaft soldiers open the doorway leading inside. They both salute, as Delfina floats past them. She turns around floating backwards, and returns the salute. "Take care of the homeland till I return." The guard lowers his salute, and nods. "Don't worry commander, with our lives we'll protect her in your stead." Delfina turns around, and looks at the soldier standing by the shuttle's side hatch. A small catwalk was extended to the doorsized entrance. Delfina floats down toward it and lands on the cold metal catwalk. Her dress shoes make a clicking noise, as they touch the metal underneath. "You seem to have been prepared for such a short notice Defense Secretary Schneider." Delfina lets out a smile, "Thank you, are we ready to leave?" The officer shakes his head, "We will be in a little bit, we're performing final checks, after that its just your escort that we should wait for. Then we'll get to Orb as soon as possible." Delfina nods slightly and steps into the shuttle. She takes a seat near the entrance and sits down in the comfortable chair. Her eyes move around the interior and grabs a nearby magazine. She opens the cover and starts to read the articles.[/align]


OOC: If you're going to Orb, please make an appearance.

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Christoph floated trough the air not moving a muscle, letting the low gravity carefully carry him towards his destination, his brown hair waving behind him like a cape in the wind.


It was the first time Christoph wore his red-uniform outside of the zaft academy, he wasn’t sure if the redcoat was a blessing or a curse, where ever he went he was always meet with respect by fellow pilots and officers but he wasn’t sure if they talked behind his back, it is known that some of the green pilots envy the redcoats and talks trash about them although Christoph didn’t see himself as better then anyone else in ZAFT he though of everyone as equals.


Christoph made one last push with his right hand to gain some momentum with a swoosh he gained speed, as he closed on the shuttle, the uniforms increased length made it dance behind him. The uniforms momentum continued forward as he grabbed the steel rails and stopped in front of the two soldiers that guarded the shuttle making it flip forward as he stopped.


Christoph saluted the solider with a slow, strong and strict military salute as his ice blue eyes sparkled in the ceiling lights as he studied the soldiers from top to toe with a calm and soft expression on his face.


“Christoph von Crailsheim signing on for duty, I am part of the security detail that will escort Delfina Schneider to ORB and to make sure that she is safe in all situations in the ORB festivities.” Christoph pulled out a paper from his inner pocket with some difficult as his brothers MS Squad insignia was carefully kept in the same pocket keeping it close to his heart, Christoph held out the paper in front of the soldier to the left.


The two soldiers responded with a salute, the soldier to the left by the hatch grabbed his paper and studied it for a while suddenly he started to flip trough a paper protocol just to stop on the last page, he ran his finger from top to bottom as he looked up from time to time.

The soldier closed the protocol and smiled as he turned his full attention towards Christoph.


“Very well Crailsheim, it seems like you will accompany Delfina Schneider to ORB, we expect you to be alert and at your best at all times.”


Christoph smiled back towards the friendly soldier and laid his hand in his shoulder.


“It will be an honour and I will make sure that she is safe at all times”


The soldiers waved him in, Christoph tapped the soldiers shoulder as he let go of him, Christoph grabbed both sides of the shuttle hatch and pushed himself into the shuttle cabin.

He started to scan trough the cabin, Seems like I am the first to arrive…. His ice blue eyes that seemed to reflect the soft light in the cabin froze as they wandered upon Delfina.

She looks even better in real life. Christoph adjusted his redcoat and smiled for himself as he walked up towards Delfina, he saluted her with his usual clam, strong and strict salute before he put his right arm on her backrest with his left hand resting above her on a small storage compartment.


“Excuse me Miss Schneider, do you mind if I take the seat beside you? , Ah, how rude of me, I am Christoph, Christoph von Crailsheim and I will accompany you on the shuttle and later in ORB as a part of your security detail.”


Christoph smiled softly and awaited Delfina´s answer.

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"Excuse me Miss Schneider, do you mind if I take the seat beside you? , Ah, how rude of me, I am Christoph, Christoph von Crailsheim and I will accompany you on the shuttle and later in ORB as a part of your security detail.”


Delfina lowers the magazine and looks up at the red uniformed soldier in front of her. She looks around at the other empty seats, and gives him an odd look. "There are plenty of other seats, but if you insist that you do go right ahead." Delfina raises her magazine and continues reading. It was a fashion magazine, Delfina reads the many articles inside and looks at the several outfits the models were wearing. She pauses for a second, "Hurry up and sit down; you can sit by me." Delfina looks out the corner of her eye at Christoph, "But, you forfit the arm rest to me." She gives him a playful smile, as she returns to reading her magazine.


Delfina looks up at the ceiling, wondering who would show up next. Katsuki was to make an appearance, and cause a fuss about seating. She had no idea who else headquarters was going to assign to her. Delfina runs several thoughts in her head. I wonder if its beach season there... Delfina starts to day dream about a perfect day at the beach. Her attention of her surroundings disappear.[/align]

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"Thanks." Ethan said to the taxi driver, paying him with the little money he had left. It was worth it though, ORB Foundation week didn't exactly happen every other month.


Ethan grabbed his bag and quickly made his way into the Space Port, checking his watch - "Crap, crap, crap..." he muttered; he was running late. He scooted through the port, rapidly propelling himself forwards along the rails, with both his hands.


Ethan dropped his bag on the metallic floor, lying it against the wall, and wiped his sleeve across his forehead, the sweat vanishing into the thick sleeve of his uniform. He clenched and unclenched his fists gingerly - his hands were still stinging from the long trip to the shuttle.


Leaning with his arm bent against the wall, breathing heavily, Ethan realised the years he'd spent in prison had taken much more of a toll on his fitness than he'd initally believed - they had been allowed half an hour outdoors a day, but Ethan had spent most of the time lying around, feeling sorry for himself, whereas the other guys had beaten each other up, or worked out or something.


Ethan ran his hand through his long, brown hair, and wiping away the sweat on his pants, picked up his bag, and approached the guards standing before the shuttle, holding a rigid salute.


"Name's Ethan Vandamar, I'm here to take this flight to Kusanagi."


The taller soldier on the left asked for his tickets and ID... which unfortunately left Ethan rummaging through his pockets and bag - and found nothing.


No way... Noooo way...


Panicking, Ethan quickly patted himself down, hoping to feel a stiffness that would give away the locations of his tickets.


Wait... wallet!


Pulling out his wallet, he breathed a sigh of relief as he found the papers hidden next to some hastily scrawled drawings. Retrieving the tickets, several coins fell to the ground, the ringing echoing in the shuttle bay. Ethan dropped onto his knees to pick them up, scooping them into his pockets, and handed his transport and identification papers over to the tall guy.


The guards looked at each other, probably hiding a smirk, Ethan guessed.


Scanning the papers, and flipping the pages, the guard nodded and handed the papers back to Ethan, who rolled them up and stuck them into his pocket, leaving half the paper sticking out. Ethan's solution of course, was to fold the paper roll in half, and crammed it back into his pocket, now positively bulging.


"You're cleared for boarding Vandamar." stated the guard.


Ethan saluted the guard once again, and grabbing his bah, grasped the top of the shuttle hatch and swung himself into the shuttle.


Propelling himself forwards via the seat edges, he noticed that only a redcoat (Calen? Chris or something?) from the recruitment center, and that commander girl were currently boarded. Noticing the girl wearing... pants, Ethan turned away, resisting the urge to shake his head in disappointment.


Looks like I made good time after all! Ethan mused.


Ethan grinned at the pair seated next to each other, and took a seat behind the girl.

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Ray sat on the edge of his double bed, his elbows on his knees as he cradled his mask in his hands stroking his thumbs over the smooth ceramic surface.  He looked at his "face" and saw what people were afraid of, blank emotionless and cold.  


Strangely the fact that people were afraid of him didn't please him the way it used to, and that slip up with delfina was unforgivable.  What was happening to him?


He casually tossed aside the full mask and instead reached to the box that the "powers that be" had provided.  Inside he found a mask which was more or less a carbon copy of the mask Rau had worn except this one was gray and did not have the "antennae" in the centre that raus did.  This mask that exposed the lower half of the face which would enable him to eat at the ORB function, make him as the higher ups had said appear more "human"


Surrounded by his lavishly decorated officers quarters, Pristine white walls were decorated with exquisite originals painting an ornate Violin was placed lovingly in a decorated mahogany stand.


He a fixed the new mask  and walked to a full length silver mirror and saw his reflection, his blond hair free of the gel that usually held it high hung down to near shoulder length, the new mask revealed a handsome jaw line.  His pristine white uniform form fitted his muscular frame, both his orders of the nebula were resplendant on his chest.  He sighed he looked fine, handsome even but he just felt strange without his ever present daisho, full mask and great coat.


With this he grabbed his suitcase and proceeded to head to the space port placing his hand on one of the traction rails as he worked his way there, gaining looks of question while he passed other soldiers.  He started to feel strange in his new mask and somewhat uncomfortable.  Why his superiors thought his usual look was unsuitable for diplomatic missions he was not sure, but his was not to question why.   Besides he had a spare mask and great coat in his suitcase.  This just meant the wolf was in sheep's clothing.


The momentum from the traction rail propelling him towards the ramp for the ship Ray simply boarded the ship as the soldiers parted.  While the mask was different the aura was unmistakable.  They knew better than to ask Ray for authorization.


Upon entering the ship Ray saw delfina sitting reading a magazine, he had to admit tho he wasn't attracted to her she was an attractive woman and looked every inch the bell of the ball.  But until she proved otherwise Ray was classing her as a PR gimmick.


Next to her sat Christoph and standing by them was Ethan, Ray wasn't sure what to make of the young men he didn't put much stock in a Red uniform or a green one.  Hed just like to see if they would fight or flee.  Thats the real test. To see if one has the mettle to face another man knowing only one of you will get out.


"Greetings commander" Ray said his voice its normal gruff self despite the finery of his appearance, he turned to address Christoph, and Ethan  "Christoph, Ethan  I recquire a word with the commander in private" Making sure to use their names as he had fully familiarized himself with the crew for this mission


"perhaps you would best take your seats..." he said gesturing the rear of the craft with a sweeping gesture towards the rear of the craft.

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"Yea-," Ethan caught himself; standing here was that funny looking guy, now wearing just half a mask. Right. Either way, according to the stripes on his uniform, a Squadron Leader stood before him.


Ethan found himself eyeing the "Order of the Nebula" medals on display on the guy's chest, a most prestigious award, and that meant this guy had probably seen some of that good stuff.


"Uh, yessir." muttered Ethan, saluting briefly, lifting up his bag and making his way towards the back of the shuttle.


Ethan seated himself again, in the second last row, and flipping out the footrest with his boot-toe, rested his feet on it. Pulling out a pen and some crumpled paper from his bag, he rested the paper against his leg, and tried to remember the girl's details. Biting off the lid and lifting his pen, he hesitated, and suddenly threw the pen and paper back into his bag and spit the lid back in as well, a disgusted look on his face, and pulled out a music player instead.


Turning it on, he heard nothing but static, and as he fiddled with the tuner, he soon found himself listening the same pop crap he'd hated over 10 years ago.


A song about love, some lonely girl, and her glorified moaning pulsed through his earphones. Ethan frowned, but left the music going.


No 'Shine, no smokes, and some very lousy music. Great. I wonder what Mask is up to. Ethan wondered.


Ethan peered around the side of the seat in front of him, and saw the masked guy looking down at the redcoat.

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  "Keep the change!" Landis threw a dollar bill at the driver and sprinted into the nearby toilet to change into his uniform. Out of the misfortune of having been caught in the rain, he was glad that his bag was at least waterproof. Within three minutes, he was out of the cubicle, leaving the collar button open and rushing towards the terminal for the shuttle.


    Looks like I made it. He breathed an inaudible sigh of relief as quick glances at the overhead clock and the gateway to the shuttle. Landis walked towards the guards and saluted, an action that came to him as though it was his second nature.


    "Landis Exel Zenastan, reporting from Martius 5, Serenovitch squadron of the 3rd Battalion." He grinned as the guards gave him a look. "I believe this was basic protocol, and besides, that old bastard just kicked me into this."


      The guards gave him an amused smile each. "I understand. It's always those higher-ups who call the shots and throw people like us into holes full of crap." Accepting the paper from Landis' outstretched hand, he ran through the list carefully. After several moments, he handed it back to the former with a smile.


      "You're clear for entry, Landis Exel Zenastan. Do ensure that the Defense Secretary is safe."


      "No worries. It's my job, after all." Even though I haven't really taken a good look at her, or have even heard her for that matter. "Good luck with your work." Landis waved as he boarded the shuttle.


      "Sure. Just be sure not to let Him notice your unbuttoned collar."


      Landis stopped and blinked. "Him?" To that, the soldier only chuckled.


      "You'll find out when you get on." With that, Landis headed in to the cabin area, and almost immediately recognize the rank of a man wearing a strange mask, talking to two other soldiers and a woman. Of the former, one was a redcoat, and the other had answered to whatever the masked man had told him and sat some distance back from them.


    "I see what he meant by 'I'll know'..." He grinned. Nevertheless, Landis strolled to one of the window seats two rows away from where the woman was sitting. He hadn't had a good look at her, but then again, he wasn't really interested in what Delfina Schneider really looked like-Or so he had presumed.

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Christoph had just made himself comfortable in the seat beside Delfina and had forfeited his armrest to her with a soft smile when Ray hade made his statement.


“Of course Sir, take a seat” Christoph adjusted his uniform and slowly stood up as he pushed himself out of the chair with the graze of ballet dancer, he turned his head against Delfina and smiled softly.


“It seems like I won’t have the pleasure to be seated beside you, there will be other times I hope?”


Christoph smile disappeared into the vast nothingness, he gave Ray his signature salute, slow, strong and strictly militaristic. He had constant eye contact with Ray looking right into his eyes with his ice blue eyes


“Katsuki” he nodded his head as he strafed by Ray, although there whore allot of free space in the corridor between the seat rows he passed by Ray close enough for their uniforms to touch against each other one inch more and he would had shoulder-tackled him.


Christoph continued down along the corridor in between the seat rows with his hair waving by the speed he had picked up, he could see the other soldiers head with the messy hair do peaking out in the corridor. Christoph nodded towards him and swung himself into the seat beside him with a low thump he slid back into the seat and reached out his right hand for the soldier to shake.


“Christoph, Christoph von Crailsheim, It seems like we aren’t appreciated in the front of the cabin but don’t worry there will be plenty of times to get noticed..” Christoph smiled as his left hand unbuttoned the highest button on the uniform to let some air find its way in and cool down his skin.

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Ethan noticed the redcoat moving down towards him in the corridor, who promptly swung himself into the seat next to him.


“Christoph, Christoph von Crailsheim, It seems like we aren’t appreciated in the front of the cabin but don’t worry there will be plenty of times to get noticed..” greeted the redcoat, holding out his right hand, his left hand busy undoing the top buttons on his uniform.


Ethan shook his hand firmly, meeting the gaze of Christoph's icy blue eyes with his own.


"Hello Christoph, nice to meet you mate, my name's Ethan Vandamar." replied Ethan, grinning.


Noticing the stripes on Christoph's uniform, Ethan was pretty sure this guy was his pilot officer, making himself a subordinate.


"Ah, so you'd be my officer right? - Oh, and who's that fellow with the mask?" asked Ethan, wrapping his earphones around his music player, and stuffing it back into his bag. Ethan turned to face Christoph with a smile, and awaited an answer.

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Christoph put his hands behind his head as he leaned back into the seat a faint leathery sound softly ran trough the air, he relaxed every single muscle in his body.


“I guess I am Vandamar but I doubt ill give the orders during the ORB visit. Well the guy in the mask is a former ace mobilesuit pilot, don’t know how his skills are these days but I do know he is not a man to make your enemy and after all he is a high ranking officer, so you did wise to move.”


Christoph smiled back towards Ethan, Seems like a nice guy.


“Well got any ideas what to do during the journey towards ORB, Vandamar?”


Christophs put his arms on the armrest and leaned his head back into his seat with his eyes closed, he seemed to be enjoying his brief moment of relaxing.

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Brian got off the bus that took him to the central column of the PLANT and caught the next elevator to the spaceport level. Memories tugged at his mind as he recalled that he was now retracing the steps he had taken to come to the PLANTs. He would have viewed this assignment as an act of utmost irony, except that he was sure whoever had assigned him to be a part of the ZAFT entourage had noted the fact that he was from Orb. Therefore, he viewed it more as a bit of a curse from the higher-ups. The thought that he might run into his family in Orb flashed through his mind, but he immediately drove it from his mind, shaking his head somewhat and eliciting unusual looks from the other passengers on the elevator.


Brian was travelling to the spaceport dressed in his green ZAFT uniform. To the outside viewer, he would look exactly by the book (except for his hair, which remained annoyingly rebellious) as far as his uniform was concerned. As a matter of fact, he had spent a full minute in front of a mirror making sure he had that look. It wasn't that he particularly cared what the people back in Orb thought of him, but he would be a part of ZAFT's representation, so he thought it best to look the part. However, despite his outward appearance, the uniform felt very uncomfortable, as Brian had not yet gotten used to it. He still vastly preferred his civvies, but could usually settle with loosening the top button under most circumstances. Given his current assignment, however, that wasn't an option. In his right hand, Brian carried a suitcase which contained two extra uniforms, two changes of civilian clothes, and various other personal effects.


As the elevator approached the central hub of the colony, Brian could feel the gravity decrease. Eventually, the doors opened at the spaceport level and Brian was able to float out in the Zero-G environment. Studying a nearby map for a couple of seconds, Brian got his bearings and moved toward the gate where the shuttle was docked. As he approached, noticed two guards standing in front of the doors to the shuttle.


"I guess that figures, though. This is probably designated a special diplomatic flight, so they can't let just anybody on board.


He approached the guards and waved at them, gaining their attention, and grabbed the railing to stop himself in front of them. He pulled a piece of paper with his identification and orders on it out of his pocket and handed it to the nearest soldier. As he did so, he identified himself verbally as well.


"Pilot Officier Brian Tsukamoto, assigned to escort duty for Commander Delfina Schneider on the trip to Orb. Reporting as ordered."


The guard looked at Brian, looked over the information on the paper, then looked back at Brian again. Satisfied that everything was in order, he handed the paper back.


"All right, then. Welcome aboard and keep that professional attitude. You'll need it."


The guard added a small grin to that last statement that didn't exactly look sinister, but it still rather unnerved him. Putting the paper back in his pocket, Brian shot the guard an odd look as he pushed himself into the shuttle.


"Delfina Schneider, Delfina Schneider..., where have I heard that name before?!!!!"


For about the tenth time since receiving his orders, he delved down into his memories and tried to recall any time had met a ZAFT commander named Delfina Schneider. But in all his memories since he joined ZAFT, he couldn't recall ever seeing someone who had identified themselves by that name. He had finally come to the conclusion that he must have heard the name in a news broadcast or something, but it still didn't seem right.


Brian floated into the seating compartment of the shuttle and looked at those who had arrived before him. Two men sat toward the rear of the shuttle, and one of them was a redcoat. Nevertheless, he didn't recognize either of them. Then he looked toward the front of the shuttle and his eyes widened as he finally remembered where he had heard the commander's name before. He had completely forgotten about their chance encounter in the cafe, but it now rushed back to him all at once. With a flash of apprehension, he realized he recognized the profile of the man sitting next to her as well. Brian still wasn't sure how she could stand to be around Commander Katsuki. From what he had seen the last time Brian saw Katsuki, he probably would have long ago slugged him if he had been in Delfina's shoes.


Resolving to stay away from the man during the trip, if at all possible, he shoved his suitcase under a seat on the other side of the aisle from the two men in the back and sat down there, picking up the conversation they were having. He didn't feel like butting in at the moment, so he simply waved at them and allowed himself to rest. The seat was rather comfortable, and so he took advantage of the opportunity to relax. The last thing he wanted however, was to fall asleep, so he kept his eyes open and aware, thinking over how he'd try to handle himself if and when Commander Katsuki's attention ever fell onto him.

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The morning sun had just breached the horizon as a soft breeze made the grassland wave like an immense ocean of grass.


Fredrich ran like the wind trough the grassy hillside of crailsheim, Christoph tried to catch up with him but as always Fredrich was the faster one of them and disappeared behind a bush, Christophs feet ripped trough the high grass making small drips of water of morning mist splash into the air making them sparkle when the morning sun hit them as he speeded trough the grassland, out of no ware a dark figure jumped out infront of him, Damn you Fredrich you always won.  Christoph felt the feeling of serenity  rush trough his body as he though of his brother. He was brought back to the real world in an instant when a faint sound reveled that either a new person had arrived or at least someone was moving trough the cabin.


He opened his eyes, his ice blue irises adjusted his pupils as they tried to focus his sight, first a blur reveled a green color then a shape, then he could make out the siluette of a man, when the eyes finally had adjust themselves to the light of the cabin he could see a pilot in a green uniform that gave him a wave.


Christoph gave the newly arrived his signature salute a slow, strong and strict salute finishing it of with a fast motion making it a bit more playful then usual.


He pointed at the man with his right hand and made a motion with the hand indicating that he was welcome to sit at the available seat next to him if he wanted to or if he had a change of heart later and decided to join Ethan and Christoph in thier conversation.


Christoph leaned his head back once again awaiting the answer from Ethan.

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Delfina blinks, as she slowly comes back from her day dream. The shuttle still hadn't departed, but a few more soldiers were inside the ship. Sadly all of them were male, Delfina lets out a disappointed sigh, and crosses her leg over the other. Could headquarters made this any more uncomfortable for me? All these guys, and I'm the only girl... She rests her chin on her open palm and looks out the window. "Katsuki, I see that you changed your mask, and left your hair down. I like this look, you look more human than a war machine." Delfina winks at him, as she reaches up and turns on the small fan above her chair.


A soldier walks inside, and closes the hatch sealing the door shut. He turns around and salutes. "Secretary Schneider, we will be disembarking in five minutes. Everyone please take your seats and buckle yourselves." The solider lowers his salute, and walks into the cockpit. The door casually slides shut behind him, and in only a few seconds afterward. The shuttle jerks for a second, as the fuel rods detach from the engine block. The mechanical arms still hold the shuttle firmly, until the final green light is issued.


OOC: Sorry guys, I've been busy with work and Everquest. Shall we get this show on the road?"[/align]

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(OOC Ive fallen into the mmorpg trap myself lol especially COH and everquest)


Ray took his seat by the side of the commander, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the wink and looked down at his appearance and spoke in a slight tone of voice


"This garb is not my choosing, it was decided that this would be appropriate for this ORB foolishness" as he took his seat the ship started to work through the final launch sequence.


"It is a giant leap of faith to go to ORB without mobile weapons, are you sure this is wise?"


Ray asked the question but he had a contingency plan ready, after all what the commander doesn't know wont hurt her.


Rays question hung in the air as the ship prepared to launch...


(OOC cmon guys run!!)

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Turning behind to look at the new arrival, who waved at the other two soldiers seated some distance behind him, Landis grinned. Apparently this escort party would consist a few more people, especially if the report about the entourage not bringing mobile weapons along was true.


As he saw the one in the prestigious crimson uniform motion at the newcomer to join them, he allowed himself another small smile, though its origin was completely different from the previous one. Looks like I'm being ignored again...Not that I haven't got used to it, anyway.


His thoughts turned dark as he remembered the days of his self-declared hell. The times where his mother stopped smiling at him and drowned in despair....The moments of darkness when that ray of hope was shone upon him...and cruelly snatched away by the war, and the lack of remorse shown from the 'thing' he would have called his stepfather...


"Secretary Schneider, we will be disembarking in five minutes. Everyone please take your seats and buckle yourselves.". Another soldier, presumably one of the personnel in charge of the shuttle called out, serving to jerk Landis out of his dark reverie. He did as instructed and tried to observe the two superiors in front as they engage themselves in a conversation. He wasn't particularly interested in the content, but more of how either of them might look like and their reactions as well.


A few more jerks came, signaling that the shuttle was about to launch and finally bring them on their way to ORB...

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“I guess I am Vandamar but I doubt ill give the orders during the ORB visit. Well the guy in the mask is a former ace mobilesuit pilot, don’t know how his skills are these days but I do know he is not a man to make your enemy and after all he is a high ranking officer, so you did wise to move.”


“Well got any ideas what to do during the journey towards ORB, Vandamar?” asked Christoph.


"Hmm, I guess I went to go sightseeing or something, have a look around - I really needed a change of scenery, so here I am, on the merry boat to Kusanagi." replied Ethan, grinning.


"The masked ace guy intrigues me though, I mean, I loved trying to guess people's motives and stuff as a kid; I wonder what it is about war that makes people so damn crazy. You kill a few people, or maybe some guy kills you, you wanna get all down about it? Well fine, that's your choice, but I'd rather do something fun..."


"Oh sorry, I'm ranting again aren't I." apologised Ethan, frowning and scratching the back of his head.


"You on ah.. holiday as well Christoph?" Ethan asked.

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Delfina waves her hand casually, "Act a little more lively, its great to be out of uniform for a week." She crosses her arms, and lets out a big yawn. "I'm sure, we'll be safe at the embassy if something were to happen. When we arrive, security personnel will give us the equipment required." Delfina looks around at her entourage, most of them were as young and socializing with eachother. She felt a weight lift off her shoulders. Much like her associate Katsuki, she didn't want to spend it baby sitting with rookies. Delfina lies her head back, and places her arms on the rests. Her eyes slowly close, as she lets out a relaxed sigh.


"We will now launch, ETA till Orb approximately 6 hours. The pilots voice cuts off, while the guide beacons flash lighting the way out of the busy harbor.


The shuttle jerks, as the clamps slowly detach from the hull. The apogee motors slowly push the shuttle safely from the side dock, and toward the lighted guide beacon. The engines let out a faint glow, propelling the shuttle into the sea of stars leading to the blue orb in the distance. During this time of day, the debris belt was thin enough to allow a breathtaking view of the earth. Delfina's eyes widen, as she tries to hide her excitement. Her hands were clenched and resting on her lap. You could see that something was exciting her. Delfina wouldn't say, but this would be her first time visiting earth.

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“No, I am not on holiday ill take part of the official security detail that will protect Miss Schneider. So you’re going on a holiday Vandamar? Seems like a vise choice to spend it at ORB foundation week, I am sure you will have a good time.”


Christoph was interrupted in his relaxing by the loud metal sound and some vibrations when the shuttle had been released from the mechanical arms firm grip, a soft red light pulsed in trough the shuttles window making shadows dance trough the cabin as the warning lights was lit, warning any personnel in the vicinity that a launch was in progress.


Soft red light swept across Christoph´s face, reflecting in his eyes it looked like his eyes sparkled in red. Christoph scanned trough the cabin endless seat rows and corridors and it become obvious that he has missed another person that sat some distance from him, he could barley see the persons head from this distance. It’s a long trip to be seated all by yourself, I think ill go talk to the person in a while.

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A purposeful stride took Mal straight out of the cockpit and into the seating area of the shuttle, his perfectly clean uniform adorned only with the three squares of yellow, orange and yellow on the left breast of his green coat. As his electric blue hair had been pulled into a ponytail, allowing him to watch the world with both eyes, a barcode tattoo underneath his left eye was visible to the world. Or at least to those that got close enough to the ZAFT soldier to see it, after all he was here as part of a security detail.


Grey eyes searching for and finding Commander Schneider in mere moments, Mal walked straight past her and took a seat closer to the back of the shuttle across the aisle from Christoph. Having paid close attention to the briefing he had received while on the way to the shuttle, little more than a quick conversation in the back of a closed jeep where Mal had changed into his uniform, he knew the names of those people he was going to be working with.


A strange world would have had Christoph saluting Mal, at least that was the proper action when one saw a higher ranking officer, but the environment was more casual than the barracks dining facilities. “Officer Crailsheim, my name is Malcolm Fain. We’re to be working together during the trip to ORB, or so I’ve been told…”



[My appologies for the delay in posting, I've been swamped with college work I'm afraid ]

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Mason sat at the back of the shuttle, beside the window across from Ethan Vandamar and Christoph Von Crailsheim. He was so emersed in his book and the music drumming in his ear that he almost sunk into the background, so much so that even his best friend didnt notice him when he sat down. Though in Malcolm's defence Mason did have his hood up and book infront of his face.

After a few seconds, and after hearing Malcolms voice, Mason noticed the arival of his friend. he looked up at the near-brother and spoke.


"So Dude," he said quietly, lowering his book and plucking the phones from his ears, "Should I use my invisibility and supreme stealth skills to fight crime and the oppressive nature of our enemies, or for evil?" Mason turned away from Malcolm and looked down at his bag, "I'm tempted to go for the crime route but... I dunno, might get messy."


Mason laughed a little as he reached into the bag and drew a small datpad unlike any on sale at any shop. He clipped the pad to his non-military belt, which was slotted in the non-millitary jeans of his non-military outfit. He was on the shuttle for personal reasons. His 'sister' was working in ORB, and she had not been in touch with the rest of the family in around 3 months. Mason shook the thought from his head and pulled his hood down, turning back to his friend.


((Hey, yeah, sorry if Im not actually allowed to post, please delete if Im not allowed... and... erm... blame Malcolm.))

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Christoph was caught a little of guard as a flight officer addressed him from out of the blue at least that was what he though as he had been swept into his relaxing state once again, with his arms crossed over his chest covering parts of his crimson uniform. Christoph saluted the flight officer with his signature salute as he finished it of with a strong movement his brown hair softly fell down in his face, he pulled it away with his right using two fingers, reveling his ice blue eyes for the world.


Christoph straightened his posture to show the commanding officer his outmost respect making his already well built body even larger, almost like a peacock that showing of his feathers for a possible partner, Christoph always showed respect for those higher ranked then himself. Christoph was known to meet superiors with great respect and treat those lower ranked then himself more playful as he entered a role as a guardian to them. This he had inherited from his brother that always had a watching eye over him.


“Fain, honored to meet you, I will surely be of great assistance to you, I am sure of it, please take a seat.”


Christophs adjusted his uniform and made an inviting gesture for Mal Fain to take a seat beside him in the free seat, Christoph could feel his brothers mobilesuits squadron insignia in his inner pocket as he adjusted the uniform, reminding him of why he had moved to the PLANTs.


The shuttled had exited the hangar and was well on its way towards ORB, outside the shuttles window two GuAIZ could be seen escorting the shuttle trough space making sure that the ORB detail was in safe hands, their thrusters lit up the otherwise dark space leaving sparkling trails after them. The closest GuAIZ made quite impressive sight with the sun sparkling in its well polished armour as it manoeuvred closely to the shuttle protecting it with its own life, the PLANTs was getting smaller and smaller as the shuttle increased it speed and distance towards the PLANTs.

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((Blasted all-day Geology trips. You guys move too fast! ))


Brian listened to the conversation between Christoph and Ethan without really listening to it, catching only bits and pieces of what was said. His mind was miles ahead of the shuttle as the docking clamps released and the shuttle began leaving the spaceport. The more he thought about it, the more he was dreading this visit to Orb.


"What am I gonna do if I run into Mom and Dad? What would I say? What would they say?"


Brian's parents were not exactly fans of ZAFT after the events of the wars were all said and done. They would have much rather seen him join Orb's military, and so he had a sneaking suspicion that he would treated as a sort of unrepentant prodigal son if he were to set foot in Orb territory again. A small pit began opening in the bottom of his stomach, and he forced himself to maintain a regular breathing pattern. The last thing he wanted for for someone to start thinking he was sick. The shuttle would probably have to return to the PLANTs, and the officers on board would likely be none too happy. Well, at least he'd leave an impression.


His train of thought was abruptly derailed as the personnel situation changed around him. Someone else had joined them; someone with hair that was a familiar shade of blue. Already reminded of the lunch in the cafe, Brian remembered Mal Fain right away. His recollection was confirmed when he heard the man introduce himself to the man across the aisle. He was now paying close attention to what they said. He stood up, a laughably easy task in null-gravity, and tapped the man on the shoulder.


His mind diverted from the topic of their eventual destination, Brian was able to relax and put a friendly look on his face as he saluted. "Officer Mal Fain, it's a pleasure to see you again. I'm glad we have an opportunity to serve together."


Brian had noticed that, despite Chris's salute, Mal hadn't bothered acting like he required one. Normally, he would have simply forgone it, but a voice in his mind told him to do it anyways. Mal had struck him as decent guy during their run-in at the cafe. Combined with the fact that he didn't ask for the salute, Brian didn't mind going ahead and offering him the courtesy.


"Heavy emphasis on 'him'." Brian resisted the incredible temptation to glare at Commander Katsuki as this thought flashed through his head, instead focusing his gaze on Mal.

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Katsuki turned to Delfini and said simply "I will now go address the troops, if you will excuse me" his voice surprisingly light and cheerfull.  He stood turned and walked to the centre Isle were he stood "at ease" feet shoulder length apart one hand held in the other behind his back.


"First things first you do not speak until spoken too under any circumstance" his voice low, deadly and reminiscent of a ground soldiers drill instructor "And the first and last words I want to hear out of your mouth is Sir or Ma'am at the situation is appropriate, Do you get me!?" he paused slightly yo await the reply.


Everytime Ray address's one of the troops his head turns to look at them directly.


"Now some one to one stuff Von Crailsheim, I do not recall giving you permission to use my surname on its own, I am a squadron leader and you will refer to me as such, understand?"


"Fain, keep a firm hand on whatever you are drinking this time, if needed I will provide you with a straw and a bib.  Cant have you causing a political scandal with your shaky hands can we?"


"Vandamar given your track record you are one of the last people I wanted here, However my miscomprehentions aside this is your one.." Ray emphasized the word one by lifting up his first finger and looking at Ethan "...and only chance to prove your worth the time and effort of being in my military"


"Zenastan, we are here on a diplomatic mission so lets not let any past issues cause any problems, hope Ive made myself clear"


"Tsukamoto, While I appreciate your dislike for the naturals, now is not the time or place.  So do not cause us any proble.." The end of the sentence dies in Katsukis throat, as he noticed someone..


"DENARI!" he shouted, the kind of shout that would make a rabid wolf roll onto its back and play dead "What in the hell are you doing on this shuttle and out of uniform? Did you not think it odd that everyone else is in uniform? You are lucky I do not have the time right at this moment to kick your ass personally!"


"Borrow a uniform of someone who is an appropriate size and get changed if you are here you are on duty" he paused slightly "Congratulations pilot officer you just made my bad books..."


"Gentlemen, I will not lie at this moment to me you are worse than useless, you are untried, untested and more green than a patch of Astroturf" he paused slightly "However you are my problem and as long as you are with me if anyone wants to mess with you they must deal with me first, are we clear!"


Ray paused to await the resounding "Sir, Yes Sir"


"Any questions? Make em count I don't normally do Q and A" 


(OOC:  Guys drop me a pm if ive said or done anything your unhappy with and ill fix it cheers)

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Landis looked out of the window and he had to admit that even though he had been in space for training or recce missions, the view took his breath away. Glancing a little sideways, he saw the blue sphere of life dotted with lime green patches. It probably wasn't the best testimonial to how beautiful or great the planet truly is, as his mother had so often told him, but to him, it was truly picturesque, worthy of a piece of material for the boundless imagination of a master artist.


"First things first... Landis whirled around, irritation showing on his face at having his date with the starlit endless field of darkness, but caught himself almost immediately when he saw who the speaker was. "You do not speak until spoken to under any circumstances." It was the fabled Lunar Wolf, the one rumored to be one of the best pilots who survived the war-and one of the most merciless.


   Not that I don't condone being merciless to an enemy, anyway. Landis thought wryly even as he continued to listen.

  "And the first and last words I want to hear out of your mouth is Sir or Ma'am at the situation is appropriate, Do you get me!?"


Following the other soldiers in the cabin, The flight officer gave a monotonous "Yes Sir". The two words came out more respectfully than he had intended to, however. He had most certainly heard of the exploits of the Lunar Wolf (as he now recognized after getting a better look at him), and the crispness of his actions and how he had simply caught the attention of every soldier in the cabin with a mere statement warranted some respect. Besides, he was a veteran after all.


"...Zenastan, we are here on a diplomatic mission so let's not let any past issues cause any problems, hope I've made myself clear." Landis snapped out of his thoughts just as the squadron leader had addressed him. The crisp salute came to him automatically, with a "Yes sir!" following slightly behind, his eyes narrowing with a mask of seriousness eroding away any other traces of emotion on his facade. If it was one thing he truly disliked in the army, it had to be basic protocol and procedures such as these.


   Guess he didn't notice my collar. Then again, something as trifle as an unbuttoned collar wouldn't warrant much attention, anyway. Why can't he be less stiff with these goddamned protocol?


"Gentlemen, I will not lie at this moment; to me you are worse than useless, you are untried, untested and more green than a patch of Astroturf. However you are my problem and as long as you are with me if anyone wants to mess with you they must deal with me first, are we clear!"


   "Sir, yes Sir!" That has got the be the oldest line in the book he just used. Landis thought amusingly, careful to wipe out all traces of humor on his face save for a smile as faint as the stars one could see when dawn broke. Far from being offended, Landis knew this was just part and parcel of what people with lower ranks had to go through when faced with a harsh superior.


"Any questions? Make em count I don't normally do Q and A."


Had he been acquainted with the Lunar Wolf well, Landis would have been tempted to say something strange, just to lighten the mood. It was nothing short of folly to do so in front on a 'hardman' like him, though. Instead, he decided to settle for something...simpler.


"Sir, what are the details of this diplomatic mission? I don't believe we have been briefed yet...Sir." He caught himself in time with the last word, and simply waited for an answer to his query.


(OOC: Sorry for the long post. All of it just came to me. )   

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Waiting for Christoph’s reply while studying the faces of those around him, all except for the person beside him reading a book, Mal raised his left hand and pushed a strand of his blue hair behind his ear to keep it from his face. It was at that point that a ‘new’ person spoke, someone that Mal knew very, very well.


”Well, look who the dog dragged in!” Grinning as he turned to face Mason, his smile even visible in his grey eyes, Mal tilted his head ever so slightly as he considered what his friend had said. “Don’t go for the crime route, the military tend to really frown on that sort of thing and I wouldn’t want to stand witness at your court-martial.”


Still grinning as he turned back around to face Christoph, Mal couldn’t help but notice the way that he sat a little straighter in his seat. He obviously did well to earn himself the red uniform worn by those ‘elite’ soldiers, the ones that did well in the academy. “Not to me, Officer Crailsheim, to the mission and to ZAFT.” Before he could go any further, though in truth he didn’t know what to say, he was interrupted by another face he remembered.


Snapping Brian a salute from his seat, Mal nodded his head in greeting and gestured at the seat in front of him before speaking. “It’s good to see you again, Officer Tsukamoto, I have a feeling however that we’re going to be anything but glad in a moment…” Gesturing towards Commander Katsuki as he stood, Mal stood silently and saluted his commanding officer without a word.


Keeping his mouth closed throughout Commander Katsuki’s speech, Mal resisted his urge to laugh at the comment about a straw and a bib, not even an upwards tilt of his lips showed his amusement. When the Commander invited questions however… ”Sir, will we be allowed to carry firearms during our time in the ORB territories?”

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