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Re: Updates 08/11/2006


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Get well soon Keri!


I'll be on a semi-leave kinda thing. I have lots of three tests and a paper all coming up next week and it's crunch time for my publication, which needs to be sent to the printers real soon. So I can only manage a visit or so a day instead of being omnipresent.


Be good and enjoy yourself! I have to apologise for the delay of the various elements of the site while I'm gone. I'll work doubly hard when I'm back full time!


Please do keep the votes coming in!


I'll be here for the celebration of our first month as Advent Destiny though! I hope you will be too!

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I wanted to be here on the exact time, but as I need to leave soon:


Congratulations to all on Advent Destiny's first-month milestone!


[me=Rad]awaits Valiant's return for the celebration, hoping there is cake... lots of cake.[/me]

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