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Well, after hearing some funny slogans and crazy ideas (see Funny/Random chat), I decided to toss together using my (crappy) Paint skills some of these ideas. 

Mods/Admins: If you feel this would belong in Pointless, feel free to move it.






I don't mind if any of you wish to contribute as well.  This is just for the sheer fun factor.


EDIT: Bah, didn't realize the font color didn't work for the 2nd pic.  I'll redo it tomorrow. 

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Errmmm....altough i like these posters - as someone, who can't joke at all (well, "no joke" is better, than "bad joke", I suppose))...well, Rau isn't Coordinator...just to point it out....

Oh,remembered - kct, this is your Akatsuki model? I just wonder, what paint it was? (sorry, if here's too many grammar mistakes)

PS: "Spell Check" think that Akatsuki must become either Yakutsk or Irkutsk...Strange...

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Nope, that wasn't mine.


I would try to do so if I got a spare MG Strike (something I do not even have at all that time, and I have yet to get a Strike-based MG kit) and a lot of cash and time to spare. And patience to wait for the resin casts (the conversion kit is from Vicious Project) to arrive.

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I know that Rau technically isn't a Coordinator but he's girly enough, so I added him in. 


But seriously, we have a 'Models Discussion' thread somewhere where you can carry this convo on.


@fuku: xD


EDIT: Here's the thread: http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,529.0.html

(Which was started by kct, btw.)

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