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Rules of Advent Destiny


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Rules of Advent Destiny



  • Forum Rules
  • Role Play Rules
  • Chat Rules


Forum Rules


Read and understand all the rules before you start posting.

If you break a rule, we will not accept an excuse saying you did not know there was such a rule. The rules will be updated and announcements will be made, upon which it is your onus to update yourself with the rules.


Please help to uphold our rules.

We would appreciate it if you report any breach of our rules by any member. Please help to make the site a pleasant place for everyone to come to.


One account per person please.

If you and a friend or family member are on the same IP address, please PM the admins to inform us about it. Multiple accounts would be deleted. Be considerate. You can have more than one character per account.


Please refrain from going off topic.

We want constructive discussions and if you find yourself going off topic or have something to say about another issue, start a new topic and post a link to the topic.


Cursing and flaming are not tolerated on Advent Destiny.

Be tolerant and respectful of your fellow members and guests of the site. Criticism of ideas and opinions is welcome, but you may not attack other forum members in any way. Everyone is entitled their opinion so please keep your cool if you find a viewpoint offensive. Best advice is, get off the site and go chill if you feel that you cannot take it.


Racism and sexism will not be tolerated.

Anyone found to be accusing members of racism or sexism, promoting racism or sexism, or being racist or sexist themselves will be IP banned and excused from the site. There are no exceptions to this rule. Promote racial harmony and a pleasant community spirit.


We have zero tolerance for spammers.

Most people hate spam mails. Spam posts are like spam mail. Spam posts will be deleted and the poster warned. Repeated offences will be dealt with by the admins. Avoid unnecessary spam in the Chatter Box. It is a place where post restrictions with regards to spamming is less stringent to allow us to unwind and enjoy. Deliberate spam is not tolerated in the Chatter Box.


No explicit material should go unaccompanied with a warning on the topic name.

Please respect the fact that some of us might be offended by such things.

Cursing is allowed, albeit at a restricted level. Excessive usage of undesirable language will be dealt with by the AD Team.


Threads containing spoilers should have [spoilers] as the prefix for the thread title.

Please understand that some people have yet to watch or read the article in question and would rather not have the surprise spoilt. If spoilers are included in parts of a post in a thread that is not a spoiler thread, use the Spoiler tags.


Doing so will show the spoiler as:





Please restrict your signature size to the site's limits.

Keep your signature size to a maximum height of 150 pixels and a maximum width of 500 pixels. Oversized signatures stretch the board and will be deleted.


Strictly no advertising of any other sites except in the "Links" thread.

You don't see me going around posting my site's link on your site so show some respect. Offenders will be warned and further violations would lead to a ban.


Do not beg.

Ask nicely for help and wait patiently. People around here are nice and will help you as soon as they can. Begging tends to make people dislike you.


The words of the Administrators are final.

They run the site and their decisions are final. If you think an admin abused their power or maligned you, open a help ticket in the Help Section. The Advent Destiny Team will decide on the matter and their decision would be final.


The storyline posted on the site is considered as a contribution by members to Advent Destiny. The copyright remains that of the author but the site reserves the right to use the materials submitted.




Role Play Rules


This is a literate role playing game (RPG).

If you are unsure what that means, look it up or go through the How to Role play guide.


You are expected to be familiar with the basics of role play (RP) when you join our RPG.

If you are unfamiliar with RPing please view the How to Role play guide. Even if you have previous RP experience, it is advisable to read the guide to get an idea of the RP standards used on Advent Destiny.


One lined RP posts will be deleted.

Show that you are serious about the role play. Put an effort into planning and describing the story.


Canon characters are not allowed.

This means that characters from the Gundam series are not accepted. We are playing on a timeline that disregards canon characters and we do not wish to bring them or any relation to them into the storyline.


When you come to the role play, you are considered a newbie, regardless of your previous experiences.

Some people might not want to interact with your character because they have something planned. Do not butt in or you're just being ignorant. Slowly build your reputation here at Advent Destiny.


Do not flame newbies.

They might just be new to the concept of post-by-post role play. Be patient and try to guide them. This unpolished stone might just be a gem waiting to be discovered!


You are allowed to have as many characters as you wish as long as you have a character bio for each of them.

However, I would recommend you to start off with one and develop the character before starting another.


Role play in English.

We have players from across the globe and we prefer to standardise the role play and stick to using English. You can easily show that a character is speaking in another language by stating: "I don't speak English", Riva stated curtly in Latin. You may use other languages for names but try to explain the significance. An example would be: The military of the United States of South America is the INVICTUS, which means "unconquered" in Latin.


God-moding is not allowed.

We have our weaknesses, so do our characters. For more information of what is considered god-moding, please read the How to Role play guide.


Characters can die.

However, consent of the owner of the character should be obtained before killing the character. Refer to the Character Death guide for more information.


Any conflicts that cannot be resolved by the parties involved would be ended by the Administrators.

Their decisions are final and appeals would not be entertained.


Respect confidentiality.

Please keep in character knowledge to that particular character. For example, ZAFT secrets that your ZAFT character knows should not be known by your Earth Alliance character. Although your characters are controlled by you, they are not telepathic. Please try to keep things realistic and respect faction confidentiality to maintain a good role playing coordinator.


Inappropriate character interactions are not allowed.

Some things can be glossed over with a simple sentence or two. Respect the fact that some people might not like to read those stuff. If you really have to, add [Mature] in the thread title.


Do not lift!

That means you should not say whatever the person before you has already said just to increase your post length. Be original!




Chat Rules


Please respect other players using the chat room.

The chat room is a place for users to come together and interact. Please do not make the experience unpleasant for a fellow user. You would not like to be treated that way as well.


Please keep the language reasonable.

This is a public chat for all users of Advent Destiny. Please refrain from using vulgar language and explicit materials are a strict no-no.


Please do not spam the chat room.

Even if you are bored or someone in the room is ignoring you, please do not spam. Spammers will be severely dealt with. Do not make the chat experience unpleasant for others. If you are bored, get off the room and do something more interesting. Do not take pleasure at the expense of other users.




Have fun!


[align=center]© 2005-2007 Advent Destiny.

Please refer to here for more copyright information.[/align]

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