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Re: Orb Foundation Week: Dawn Breaks


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[Orb is now officially open for role-plays!]


The tropical morning sun bathed Orb with a warm shade of orange as Rad Rider-Kamakura drove his white and blue convertible along the coastal road. He had just come from Parliament, where the governing aristocracy of the nation had just finished their dawn meeting. Normally, he and the other representatives would have meetings later on in the morning, just after breakfast, but today was not a normal day.


Today marked the birth of the Orb Union, and there would be celebration in the city of Kusanagi.


Like the other representatives, Rad Rider-Kamakura was a diplomat. Unlike them, however, he was also an enlisted soldier. As such, the meeting had concluded with him being tasked with handing out the assignments for the FREE Forces security detail for the city, as well as meeting the delegates from PLANT, who had positively replied to their nation’s invitation. He truly relished both responsibilities, as his ever-widening array of duties had been giving him more and better opportunities to assess Orb’s political and military situation. Thus, he was getting closer and closer to the perfect position to hold his lonely vigil of his homeland.


Rad glanced momentarily at the briefcase laid out in his car’s passenger seat as the sea breeze let his light blonde hair flow freely with the air current. Inside were the file folders containing the assignments of the different soldiers that had been ordered to await his arrival at the Unity Bar, the most popular hangout for the enlisted men and women of the FREE Forces. The bar was located near the center of the upcoming parade route through the city, and was thus the perfect place to gather the soldiers that would be part of the security detail, both regular and plainclothes, for the week’s events.


Finally, he turned his car into the city proper, where he saw both military and police working together to set up the roadblocks and rails that would mark the route of the parade. There were also several civilian trucks carrying equipment around the event locations, and numerous citizens were volunteering to assist in any way they can, with some even providing breakfast and coffee for the workers. Seeing this unparalleled unity between the nation’s people and its defenders made Rad’s heart feel light. This was an excellent example of Orb at it’s finest, one of countless many.


A couple of the military police had spotted him and waved some of the workers aside to let his car through to the center of town. The representative saluted lightly at them as he cruised on by, slowing down so as to avoid any accidents while he continued to drive and wave at the people through the steadily crowding streets of Kusanagi. In an hour or so, he knew, practically every citizen of Orb would be standing at the sidewalks in anticipation of the parade, as it had done for decades, with only exception being the sorrowful times of the Bloody Valentine Wars.


Rad halted the sports car in front of the bar, greeting with a bright and cheery smile each and every one that came and made his acquaintance. Just by peeking through the lightly tinted windows of the bar, he could see that there were already a number of soldiers awaiting their orders. The privates who stood at the door came and opened the driver-side door for him, and another took the briefcase into her care. He stepped off the vehicle, and thanked his two eager assistants, letting them escort him.


As they led him into the bar, Rad Rider-Kamakura took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the city in the early morning, and turned his sea-blue eyes towards the direction of the aerospace-port where he knew the official representatives of the PLANTs would be arriving soon, if they had not arrived already. He would meet them himself, but for now, he needed to address the matter of the city’s security.

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The chefs dressed in their white cooking garbs seemed to blend into the white walls of the kitchen; and as the fires from the gas cook-tops flamed, so too did the tempers of the fourteen chefs that were trapped inside kitchen.  Since four o'clock that morning they had been slaving about the overheated kitchen on the day that they should have had off; unfortunately for the chefs, someone had made a booking at the fine restaurant at the last minute.

Normally the restaurant owner would have outright denied such a late booking, espescially on this day, however whoever had made the booking must be important, because the owner had allowed the booking that forced nearly all the staff of the fine restaurant to come in to work on their supposed day off for the celebration of the Orb Foundation.


In one corner of the kitchen, the head chez berated a younger chef for some small error in the dish he had been preparing; the chez's face turned steadily crimson from the kitchen's heat and from the oxygen he was using up while shouting at the younger man.  When chez had finally done with his ranting, he stormed off across the kitchen in search of his next victim.

The younger chef sighed lightly.  It was not that the chef had done anything seriously wrong; regardless of who it was for, the chez was angry that he had been called in to work on what was to be his day off, he had simply chosen to vent his frustrations on the younger chef.  Fortunately for the chez, the man he had been shouting at knew that this was the reason for his temper, and had simply taken the abuse in stride; to be honest, he too was annoyed that his plans for the day had to be cancelled.


The meals that were to be served for the party that had made the late booking were all extravagant, exotic, and expensive; normally the chefs would come in a few hours before the party was to arrive, and then cook.  However these meals required at least twelve hours of cooking time, this was the reason the chefs were called in.

As the chef opened the oven to put the meat in he could almost swear that there was no difference in temperature between the heat inside the oven and inside the kitchen.  Once he had placed the tray of prepared and seasoned meat in the oven, he stood up brushing a few strands of dark hair that had fallen across his eyes.


Hiro Matsunaga had been working in this restaurant for the past three years, and this was the first year it looked like he might not be able to make the Orb Union Foundation festivities.  He had lived in Orb for the past fifteen years; although he was not originally from Orb, he fondly called the small island nation his home.  Not once in his fifteen years in Orb had he missed the yearly celebrations, so it was dissapointing that this would be the first time he might miss it.


The chez had begun to rant at another chef across the kitchen, so Hiro busied himself with preparing another dish.

Still, Hiro clung to the small hope that he might make some of the celebrations; even though the dishes being prepared required much cooking time, most of it was spent in the ovens.  If the chefs were lucky, very lucky, they might make the tail end of the parade or at least the Princess's speech.  The people who had booked the restaurant were not expected to arrive till after the speeches and main festivities, so there was some hope of seeing some of the celebrations- even if it was just a small part.

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Takashi had risen early that morning, he had taken time to make sure that he had shaved and looked as presentable as possible for today's events.  As his alarm chirped at 5AM Takashi had pushed the stop button and ignored the noise, he'd already been up for an hour and now spent the remaining time of the morning reassembling his firearms that he would carry today.


Pulling back the action on his handgun Takashi smiled as he saw that the weapon moved with such beautiful fluidity.  Most people would have opted for a different handgun with less kick but if his trip last year had taught him anything Takashi knew that it was a waste of amminution to fire three shots where one shot would do.  Sliding the handgun into its hipholster Takashi began to assemble the combat shotgun which lay on a small coffee table in his room.  Meticulously he put together each piece until the weapon was complete.  The shotgun held six rounds in the magazine as well as one in the chamber making for seven deadly way to die.  Aside from these rounds Takashi placed another seven into a special holster on the side of the weapon.  Finally he finished by making sure that his belt held the ammunition he'd need in the event of a firefight; he carried on him six extra clips for his handgun as well as 28 extra rounds for his shotgun, typically he'd carry more shotgun rounds but if there was any fighting today it would be close up.


Sighing as he finished Takashi checked his watch and then hurried into the shower.  Dressing in his formal uniform afterwards Takashi belted on his weapons and hefted his shotgun onto his shoulder last off all, making sure the safety was on.  Heading out of his apartment door Takashi locked up and smiled as he looked out over the base, most people didn't like military housing but it suited him just fine.


As he walked through the gate Takashi checked his weapons with the MPs who cleared him to leave the base on the appointed jeep that waited nearby.


It was a shot drive into the city to the rally point but Takashi took the time to clear his head, today he'd have to be sharp.  Finally the driver stopped in front of the bar and Takashi got out without a word.  The door was opened for him after a minute and he stepped inside, his eyes immediately found his superior and Takashi approached him.  Clearing his throat Takashi addressed the man,


"Lt. Kamakura, I wasn't told where to report on arrival for my security detail but since you're here sir I thought this would be the appropriate place to start."


Standing at attention Takashi patiently waited the commander's response.

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As sunlight managed to bleed through the small window of the relatively well-furnished room in the barracks, Demetrius got up and slowly did stretches.  Afterwards, he took a brief shower to help wake himself up and got dressed in casual civilian clothing.  He looked over at his desk at the 'gear' he prepared for this day after a short briefing.  He strapped a small sheath that held a short, but thick blade to his left leg, down near his ankle.  He then carefully checked his holdout pistol, which was a small semi-auto pistol which held fewer rounds but was a lot easier to conceal, given how he served as part of the plainclothes security detail.  He pocketed the pistol along with two additional clips.  He felt somewhat uncomfortable with carrying weapons, especially in the city proper but he knew this was part of the duty that he was entitled to perform. 


After pocketing his cell phone, he then put on the most important part of his detail, a small earpiece communicator.  He put his glasses in his breast pocket and double-checked to make sure that he had his Citizen and military ID with him.  He then grabbed a grey helmet as he left the room.  He walked out of the barracks and headed to his motor-scooter.  He put on the helmet and then his glasses as he started the engine.  Then he rode out as he made his way to Kusanagi itself after a brief check with the MPs at the entryway.  He watched as the rising sun caused the ocean water to shimmer and sparkle as he continued. 


He slowed down as he reached the city itself, given the numerous checkpoints and roadblocks that were being prepared for the festivities.  He stopped to show his ID and papers to the local police and MPs present, despite his higher rank.  Then he made his way to the bar, where he was supposed to meet up to get finalized information about his security detail.  He zipped in and stopped at an appropriate parking location.  He turned off the engine and kicked out the kickstand as he took off his helmet and placed it inside the storage area under his seat.  He adjusted his glasses as he walked inside.  He immediately noticed a uniformed Private inside talking to 2nd Lieutenant Rider-Kamakura. 


Demetrius walked behind and to the side of the Private while giving the Representative a brief nod to announce his presence.

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Waking up from the bed, she tried to really open her eyes as she sits on the bed, fixating her eyes to the clock on the side while trying hard to really get her eyes to be wider than a normal slit. Stretching her neck left and right, she yawned with a rather big mouth before mustering some small amount of energy to at least get off the rather simple bed.


Looking at a very messy image of herself in the mirror of the bathroom with barely opened eyes, complete with her hair covering most (if not all) of her face, and a white unbuttoned blouse, exposing her underclothing, taking a morning bath would be a good idea. Feeling more fresh after the bath, she combs her hair before something else comes to her mind...that is, what to wear for her duties. Taking out some of the clothes from the closet, she spreads them out on the bed before mixing and matching them before it came out with 3 options.


Option 1. Extremely trendy, that is all the colourful clothes teenage girls her age do wear. That is, a colourful t-shirt with something like miniskirts and zebra socks. Bad idea, as it would attract too much attention from anyone.


Option 2. Conservative formal. Blazers, full-length skirts and all that. Problem is, her movement will be extremely restricted. Especially if she is on the move.


Running out of ideas, she decided to go for the final option, the 'modern office girl look', that is a grey simple collared long-sleeved blouse and a black knee-length A-pattern skirt.


Putting the clothes on, she then reaches for a drawer in the closet before taking out a typical full-size standard-caliber semi-auto handgun. Loading the magazine into the grip of the gun, the slide was pulled back before it slides with perfect precision to the front. Putting it into the holster along with 3 spare magazines, she then sits on the bed. The gun might not be the most powerful around, but it is about how one shoots with the gun, since having a large-caliber gun will be useless if the recoil is too strong. Pulling up the skirt to strap the holster on the thigh. It was not the best idea regarding comfort, but it would do more than enough to conceal the weapon. She also prepared a semi-automatic sniper rifle in the bag. And she suddenly remembered about the earpiece communicator.


Rushing back to the table, she makes sure that she got the communicator with her, but she won't be putting it on soon, since she will be taking a bus to the bar. She carried with herself a blazer after realizing putting the earpiece on means having to take off her blouse and put it on again somewhere, which is not what she is going to do today anywhere. She looked at herself in the miror, and make some adjusments to the hair and adjusting minor details. Despite not putting on any sort of make-up, she was happy with the way she is.


Grabbing her clamshell cellphone, the female MPs in charge of security at the gate then performed a brief check at the entrance to the barracks. Despite Orb being largely a free country, some things, like traditions, are still adhered to. The sun was slowly rizing over the horizon, providing a very bright environment for the occasion.




Getting to a nearby car park, she readies keys for a personal car of hers. There, stood a slightly  large sports sedan from the old days. In fact, it was a Japanese sedan fom the end of the 20th century, modified so it can run on curent power sources. The black car was a largely a subject of curiousity, since no one exactly know how girl like her can be driving a rear-driven 400-500 horsepower sedan. It wasn't that obvious, but having a set of bodykits that literally touches the ground and 18" wheels might be too much.


Getting herself into the largely stock interior save for few additional gadgets, the turbocharged engine is then fired up, providing some loud noise. Shifting a gear up, she slowly move the car out of the car park, before the black sedan speeds up towards the town.


The journey there wasn't fast, but it would be worse much later on, especially the dreaded traffic jams. Guiding the car slowly around the city, the GPS system on the radio's LCD  supplied her with information on the current status of traffic, and locations of roadblocks. Despite having a sticker denoting she is a military personnel, she would be troubled is there is ever a road transport department in Orb, as some of them might come up with a long list of laws the sedan could have broken, car-wise.


Minutes later, the sight of the Unity Bar comes up to her view. Someone sems to be early, as there is a sports convertible parked right outside the bar.


Must be some kind of guy that wants attention. She muttered to herself at the sight of the car. She have slight disdain for these kind of cars, as sometimes drivers would whistle at her with the top down back when she is still in school. Trusting her judgement that the owner wasn't a typical flirt given the special number plate it got, she decided to park the black sedan a car's length from the behind of the convertible.


Closing the door of the car, the timer of the car slowly shuts the car down. Slowly, she carried the bag with the rifle and made her way to the entrance of the Unity Bar. Upon flipping the doors of the bar open, the amount of activity in the bar was high, as she spotted the Representative along with a uniformed personnel, and a plainclothes one. She goes to them, and saluted the Representative to notify him of her presence.


"Sergeant Nakano waiting for your orders, sir."

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As the clock struck 6:00 A.M. it began ringing. "Eh morning already darn "Jase said as he got up to shut off the alarm.He had prepared everything the night before.He took a shower then drying himself off he he walked out.He put on a blue shirt and shorts then put black pants over the shorts finishing off with his favorite blue and white jacket.Slipping in his revolver that had six bullets into the inside pocket .It gave him a less chance to miss but better aim. Putting an ear piece in his pocket along with his cellphone and keys.Placing his wallet with his Id's and cash. Closing the door to his room he walked out of the barracks.


Walking to his civilian disguised military jeep. He drove up to the gate flashing his military ID.Driving until he got to the bar. After parking the care he showed his ID to two of the men at the door.Walking in he shaw a man he had met at the military building ,a unknown uniformed Private and the man in charge 2nd Lieutenant Rider Kamakura walk to there side trying not to interrupt to much he gave slight nods to each of them.

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An alarm clock shaped like a car's headlight started to ring at a bit past 4 in the morning, but Siegfred was already awake. Laying down on his bed he wondered about the festivities that will happen later at the parade, but the constant ringing bugged him out so he decided to start preparing.


Routine. As always Sieg started by taking a bath, then checked the wardrobe for some swanky attire, its gonna be the foundation day parade, so he figured its best to look good. Picking out from his wardrobe he decided to wear one of his snazzy haute couture tee, a fitted blue tee with white accents and a zipper on the right shoulder and paired it with his favorite jeans. Proceeding to the dresser he picked from the drawer a pair of shades, then picked up the military-issue earpiece he brought home from work, setting both on top of the table. He inspected the handgun he was to carry since he will be a plainclothes patrol for the parade, making sure the clip is full and the extra clips were at hand.


After all the checks he made, he dressed up, wore the earpiece, holstered the pistol in the holster he had on his left calf, inserted 3 spare clips in hidden pockets around his jeans' waist area then put the shades into a bodybag he would be carrying. Departing from his appartment at about 5 am he went to his family's house in his scooter. He was to retrieve his car there, since he wasn't able to rent a parking spot in his current apartment. Upon coming home he saw his mom awake, early as usual, There he went for a light breakfast, then asked his brother for the blue, mid-sized sedan's car keys, his favorite car after his brother tuned it for him, before driving off towards the center of town.


Setting off as the sun began to rise he navigated into the center of the city. Seeing that traffic was yet to pick up that early in the morning, he came to the Unity Bar just in time. Though there were a lot of roadblocks and rerouting done in the path of the parade once the police saw the military sticker he had on his windshield he passed through the checkpoints and proceed through town easily, giving the persons in guard a slight nod in appreciation. Seeing the parade route filled with bright colors he remembered his family's decision to migrate here. A good decision, he thought. ORB was full of life, holiday or no holiday.


Turning right onto the road where Unity Bar was, he saw a white and blue convertible parked in front. Someone got there pretty early, so he decided to park his sedan behind the convertible. walking out of the car he saw the special plate on the convertible. It seemed to be from a higher officer, from the Parliament perhaps. Then he remembered, it was Representative Rider-Kamakura! He decided to keep his cool and went into the bar, where he saw a uniformed soldier and presumably 2 plainsclothes ones in front of the Representative. He proceeded to a spot a bit behind the 1st plainclothes soldier and stood in attention, waiting for the Representative to address them.

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The representative had barely stepped into Unity Bar when a rush of apparently latecomers arrived just behind him. The one in full uniform, wearing what Rad considered to be a ridiculous amount of ammunition, had even addressed him before the briefing had begun.


“Where’s my salute, Leading Private?” he joked at the young man, whose tag labeled him as ‘Kitsune’. “I must say, a shotgun-shell belt does not go well with the standard FREE Forces uniform. Someone remind me to write a memo about that.”


Representative Rider-Kamakura began laughing politely, with his perfect teeth showing themselves with his gracious smile. Several of the other Junior Command Division soldiers in the room immediately laughed with him, but the statement, as Rad expected, also had the effect of making all the senior officers in the room turn their collective attention to the uniformed Private, and glare at him. Someone was sure to reprimand the young soldier later.


Rad cut his laughter short and placed his hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” he said, with practiced sincerity hiding his actual insincerity. “But please, Private Kitsune, lose the ammo-belt, then have a seat.” Looking over the soldier’s shoulder, he saw others right behind, though wearing plain clothes, nodding their heads as they waited their turn to be acknowledged. He waved them all inside.


“Please, come in. Get yourselves comfortable, everyone!” he announced, as he reached for his briefcase from the blushing female Private that had lugged it into the bar for him. “May I?” he asked with a semi-seductive tone, and the woman nearly melted as she handed the luggage over. “Thank you,” he said, and the woman nearly blabbered an excuse to get out of the room as quickly as she could. Several of the male soldiers started laughing again, but he shushed them quiet, but playfully instead of sternly. It seemed that the smile that the Representative has known for was something that never left his face.


Rad gracefully hopped onto a stool on the bar, letting his momentum turn him around completely before stopping himself. He began, “As you all know, today marks the beginning of Orb’s Foundation Week…”


“Here, here!” came an interrupting cheer from the back of the bar. “For Orb!” came the rousing reply from others. Rad Rider-Kamakura kept smiling, as the cheers grew louder. Morale was excellent, he realized, even so early in the morning. The cheering went on for about a minute, dying down only when the female soldiers stared the men down.


“I’m glad to see you all in high spirits,” he continued, being completely truthful. “I like that. In any case, I’m happy to announce that we have a 92% on-duty rate this year, and those 8% who decided to take a vacation are actually still helping around with the week’s activities. A round of applause for us, ladies and gentlemen.”


The applause came as requested, following the Representative’s lead. “Now, as you all know, we will be holding the annual parade today, then an airshow over at the Stadium in two days, then the Princess’ speech on the fourth and final day.”


He opened the briefcase and took out all the folders, each one marked with the last name of a soldier. “These folders,” he said, showing the first one, marked ‘Akashi’. “These folders contain your official orders. I will be calling out each of your names, then tell you what part of the security detail you end up with. So, when it’s your turn to get called, please step forward, take your assignment folder, and go sit with the rest of your team.”


Rad turned the folder back to face him, and began to announce names and duties. “Lieutenant Akashi, Murasame float. Sergeant Amherst, Princess’ float… Sergeant Correa, Princess’ float… Captain Mensalien, Astray float. Sergeant Nakano, Princess’ float… Private Truesdale, Princess’ float…”


Once he had given out the folders, one thought came up. “It seems your folder is missing, Private Kitsune…” He returned to the open briefcase, and searched its many folds. Behind his personal files, he found the soldier’s folder. It was in a different color: whereas the other folders where brown, Kitsune’s was in blue.


“Oh, that’s right! Here it is,” the Representative declared. He looked throughout the bar and stretched out his hand, offering the folder from where he sat. Rad didn’t need to open and read it to know what it said.


As he waited for the soldier to get up and take his folder, Rad Rider-Kamakura began to explain. “As some of you have no doubt heard in the rumor mill that is the military, we did receive confirmation that an official delegation from the PLANTs will be attending the festivities…”


“Will there be any ZAFT soldiers there?” came the immediate question, amidst quiet murmuring. Rad answered with a thoughtful nod, “It would be safe to assume that. However, as the gracious hosts that we are, we will be assigning them a uniformed guard for the duration of their stay. Our nations are on good terms, despite our history, but if they expect to be watched – which I’m sure they do – we might as well oblige them, right?”


He looked towards the shotgun-wielding Kitsune. “That’s where you come in, Private. You will escort me later on to meet the delegation, where I will be leaving you to guard them as well as watch them. That will be your sole duty for the entire week.”


“Now, are there any other questions?” he asked, as he sniffed the air and smelled the food that was cooking just nearby. He joked again, saying, “Who wants to go ‘inspect’ the ‘suspicious odor’ from next door with me?”


As the laughter came again, Rad Rider-Kamakura waited for any response.

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Takashi did his best to keep from frowning as a joke was made at his expense, he didn't really mean to look ridiculous but then with a dress uniform on there was nowhere else to keep his ammo.  While the CO gave the opening remarks Takashi went to the back of the room and took off the belt he'd been wearing, sliding off two of the pouches that held his pistol ammunition Takashi passed off the rest to an MP who stood nearby; he'd have to come back for it later.


Slipping the moveable pouches onto his belt Takashi smoothed down his uniform's jacket making sure that he still looked presentable.  Finally with all that in order he lifted his head in time to here his name called and watch the CO produce a blue folder.  Picking up his shotgun Takashi weaved through the chairs until he made his way to the front of the room.  Picking up the folder as it lay on the table Takashi was careful to not block anyone's view of the CO.


As he worked his way back through the chairs Takashi located a seat for himself towards the back corner of the room and sat down in it.  Thumbing the folder nervously he focused the rest of his attention on Lieutenant Kimakura.

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“Please, come in. Get yourselves comfortable, everyone!”


Siegfred reached for the seat on the table nearest the spot where he was standing and started to get comfy. The morale was absolutely up in the Unity Bar. Everyone was hollering while the Representative was talking. Siegfred even joined in the chorus when the crowd shouted "For Orb!", heck the atmosphere and disposition of the men were infectious, to say the least.


Listening attentively to the Representative as he addressed the people in the bar, until the Lieutenant started handing the envelopes and calling them one by one.


… Sergeant Correa, Princess’ float...


Siegfred stood up, made his way into the front, stood at attention in front of the representative, accepted the folder containing his orders with both hands and made his way back to his chair.


The diplomat and soldier who stood in front of them continued to hand-out the folders while Siegfred waited for the next orders from the Representative. Then he heard him say,


“Who wants to go ‘inspect’ the ‘suspicious odor’ from next door with me?”


"Hmmm, the order does smell suspicious, suspiciously good!", Siegfred said to himself.


"Sir! I would like to volunteer to investigate the suspicious activity from the room next door!", Siegfred said after standing up. The heck, this would be a fun day, so he better make the best of it.


Siegfred waited for the representative's response.

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Jase had heard the joke made at the other soldier expanse and thought "ehh this Rider-Kamakura isn't one of those pure serious commanders that look like there robotic".


Private Truesdale, Princess’ float…”

He grabbed his folder and started to skim though it.After closing the folder he had noticed Mr.Kamakura asking for questions he had none at the time.


“Who wants to go ‘inspect’ the ‘suspicious odor’ from next door with me?

Finding the smelled like nothing he had ever eaten before.Seeing the other man stand and offer to go with Mr.Kamakura.Hearing his stomach growling it was like it moved him "I would also like to the investigate the suspicious goings on!

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Demetrius watched as the Representative critqued the heavily-armed uniformed soldier in jest.  Despite the smile, he knew that man would've been reprimanded on any other day.  He slowly followed him in, along with what seemed to be the rest of the security detail.  He listened as the Representative talked about the military turnout and the events of the day.  Ever since he met the Representative, he knew that this man did the job to its fullest extent, even if it required manipulation.  But it was all to protect Orb, so Demetrius had no complaints about that.


When his name was announced as well as his assignment, he walked up, received the folder and gave a brief, courteous salute along with a slight grin.  He looked around and gauged the other members that had the same assignment before skimming briefly through the documents.  They were close to his age and quite enthusiastic if their responses about the 'suspicious odor' reflected that.


After the two men had their say, Demetrius stepped forward and asked in a soft tone, "I have a question about this detail, if you don't mind.  Would it be more appropriate to have us, in essence, move or escort along the float or instead have us set checkpoints with different members of the security detail at the ready?"


He knew his question was a bit too serious, given the overall mood, but it was a legitimate issue that was best addressed at this moment. 

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If there is anything, she sweat-dropped at the actions of the Representative. She know the man was doing his job, but she never knoew that that he is not that serious about things.  Well, it was Orb's big day, so it is important to be in a joyful mood for the occasion. Her eyes were reduced to a small slit with another sweat-drop seeing the loud males talking and laughing all the way.


...Sergeant Nakano, Princess’ float…


She stood to the front upon hearing her name, to the stares from the male soldiers in the room. Some of them might have no idea what in the world a very pretty 'office girl' doing here, especially taking a folder from the Representative. Of course, she then hears some words of gossip going around the males like '...isn't she a lesbian...' and the like going around, but she did not take notice of them. She saluted the Representative when she takes a folder, and the gossip among the males died down when she gives a cold stare at them.


As she spotted several of the males assigned to the same duties as her, she begin making short analysis of everything. Two of them seems to be energetic, especially wiith the 'suspicious odor' thing, while the last one seems to be serious about things, given how he decided to approach the Representative about an issue regarding the floats.


She then stood forward, listening to the reaction. Having them to move along with the float is downright hard, if not impossible, given the distance the float might travel at. Assigning checkpoints seems to be a feasible idea, since they are not a one-man team, but there is a risk of someone slacking off.

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The Representative’s smile widened when he heard the enthusiastic responses to his offer of visiting the obviously busy kitchen right next door. He had meant it as a joke, but perhaps, now that he had just a little more time to think about it, it could probably be of some use. What exactly that use would be, he would formulate later on.


“All right, all right,” he said as he giggled, motioning for the two volunteers to sit back. “It wasn’t a serious offer, but since you two seem to be on the same team…”


Rad looked at the team composition for the Princess’ float. There were three males and a female; headquarters must’ve thought that four plainclothes detail would be more than enough for the Princess’ protection. He would’ve shrugged, but his perfected acting allowed him to control what would have been anyone else’s natural reactions. What was surprising was the composition: there was an older man he vaguely recalled to be Demetrius Amherst, who had been with the military since CE 81, and had been present during Rad’s heavily publicized enlistment. The rest were young, one even looked like a working student, who looked like the most out-of-place, even alonside other female plainclothes soldiers. The other two young men, of similar ages, had been the ones to accept the joked investigation. They were probably fun-loving individuals and Rad appreciated that. It was also a personal belief that the FREE Forces were becoming too rigid for its own good. That was partially the reason he was keeping a light-hearted attitude around the soldiers.


“… we’ll see what we can do about raiding - I mean visiting - the neighbor’s kitchen,” he replied, grinning widely, eliciting more laughter and more offers to join the fun side-trip.


It was then that the older man spoke up. "I have a question about this detail, if you don't mind.  Would it be more appropriate to have us, in essence, move or escort along the float or instead have us set checkpoints with different members of the security detail at the ready?"


“Oh, I don't mind at all, Sergeant, and in fact, that's a very good question,” he asked thoughtfully, making sure the other officers noticed, and hopefully internalized, the man’s example. Rad made a mental note to remember this when promotions time came up. “One with what I hope is an equally good answer. Besides your team, practically everyone will be watching the Princess’ float when it passes by - especially the citizens. As you may have already seen outside, checkpoints have already been set up along the route, manned by MPs and police. Also, you obviously can’t go up on the float, so you’ll have to keep abreast with it on foot. I trust you’ll be able to navigate through the crowd with little difficulty.”


At this point, the bartender came up to the representative and offered a glass of ginger ale. Rad Rider-Kamakura politely refused. “No, thank you. I don’t drink while I’m on duty.”


He turned back to the men, some of whom seemed to have slithered to the back, guilty from drinking on the job. “In any case, you might not have to. If I recall correctly, there will be a group of citizens parading right in front of the Princess’ float, bearing flags and banners. Some of you may choose to blend in with that particular crowd, if you so wish. In any case, I leave the specifics for your detail in your team’s capable hands. Being the senior in your team, Sergeant Amherst, I expect you to take the leadership role in your detail. What I can tell you for sure is what is already in that folder: the parade will start at the western end of the city, and will be heading through town while keeping an generally eastern route, turning only a couple of times, finally ending near the beach."


He paused again to reassess the mood. It seemed that a lot of the soldiers wanted to be detailed for the Princess, but they knew they all had a role to play. Rad placed his smooth right hand on his cheek, and lay back comfortable against the bar, earning him a few low squeaks from his adoring female comrades-in-arms. It was no coincidence that the FREE Forces had gained more female recruits since the time he enlisted almost a year ago.


“Just remember that this bar will be Command HQ for the parade, so take whatever communication equipment you think you need from the quartermaster, over in that corner, and be sure to check-in with the Relay Officer at regular intervals. Are there any other questions?”

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Demetrius listened to the Representative's response and smiled in return.  "Thank you for addressing those issues, sir."


He then slowly stepped back as he leafed through the folder, reading the documents in detail.  Indeed, there was a map that showed the parade floats' route through the city, as well as marked areas to indicate MP-run checkpoints.  He began to shift into his somewhat famous (or infamous, depending on who you asked) mindset as he focused on the task at hand.


"Hmm...I'll definitely need to coordinate the patrol with this team," he thought as he looked it over, "At least one member could be a part of the float crew, that's for sure."  Then he remembered what this particular assignment was for.  "I could try to set it up so we can enjoy the festivities without compromising security, well, I'll wait until I get a chance to discuss this issue with the team."


Though Representative Rider-Kamakura indicated Demetrius' leadership role, he didn't like to address the team as 'his' team, mainly because they all volunteered for this security detail and at least one of them held equivalent rank.  He adjusted his glasses as he waited for the impromptu meeting to conclude.

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Slightly turning her focus away from other matters she listened to the Representative's description of the route of the path, she then able to deduce something out of it.


Usually in parades, there will be the least people at the beginning...then it will most likely slow down at the main town...and then it will be quite packed at the beach although there is more space around there.


She continued listening to the suggestions given by the Representative regarding the particular group of citizens parading near the floats.


Someone can do it, but it is best to leave that to a male...She said to herself...jam-packed places never make any female very uncomfortable, if experience on public transport are anything. She once remembered how a pervert tried to peek under her skirt after school with a hidden camera in a packed bus.


The squeaks of the female personnel attracted her attention, as she turned to see that the Representative 'posed' on the bar. It was heard that he was the reason why more females have since joined the FREE forces of Orb, but that is not the reason for her. Rather, it is to move away from other problems. Unfortunately, until today, she could not shake off her 'a girl that is liked by a girl, and possibly likes girls' tag by personnel from both gender. There is nothing she can do about it, but she hoped that a classmate of hers that started all this is not in the military.


She then decided that the contents of the bag would be useless, so she goes back to placing the bag in the car. Returning to the bar, everyone still seems to be in a jovial mood. Turning to the sergeant that is tasked with leading everyone having the same assignment, she decided to do something important when one is new in a group.


"Sergeant Nakano here, reporting for duty for this mission," she said with a soft but serious voice. "How can I help?"

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(OCC: Am i the first non orby to post here???)




Jumping up Locke instinctively reached out to grab the hand tapping him; it was shameful to let his guard down, even if it was on a private plane. The attendant stepped backed startled by the boy’s tight grip. Realizing where he was Locke released his grip and apologized, “Sorry, you just startled me…”


“Well we’ve arrived in Orb, I hope your flight was enjoyable.”


Jonathan grinned and nodded as he got up and picked up his bag from the seat next to him. “Pretty good flight, its not often I sleep that well.”


Indeed the flight from the Atlantic Federation had gone pretty well. For his leave time from the military he decided to go to Orb to watch the festivities the nation was going to be holding. Secretly he was hoping to get an insight on how the nation operated, but at least he finally had some time to himself. Getting off the plane Locke flinched as he looked around outside. The entire place appeared like a tropical paradise, and the celebration decorations added a happy atmosphere to everything. Although Locke was content, the environment annoyed him with the foreign patriotism.


“It’s so… clean.”


Getting off the plane he lugged his bag over his shoulder and walked to the airport lobby. He couldn’t help but notice the large military activity around him, it could have been just because it was an airport however there were orb soldiers regularly placed throughout the place in full ceremonial attire.


“I guess they want to make a good impression… heh impression didn’t do much good for this country in the previous wars.”  Still Locke held a certain respect for the country; given its size it was certainly a powerful nation in its own rights. “Alright I better try and get a hotel room before it becomes impossible, and I’ll go grab a bite to eat afterwards.” Locke looked around the lobby, all he needed was a city map and a cab and he’d be set.

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As Demetrius looked over the details for their assignment, he saw a young woman approaching him out of the corner of his eye.  She then stated her name and rank as she reported in.  Demetrius decided to move off to the side away from the small crowd that seemed to have gathered around the Representative.  He also waved at the other two members of the team, Sergeant Correa and Private Truesdale, hoping to get their attention as he moved to a vacant table.  


Then he replied, appreciative at her seriousness, "Sergeant Nakano, I could use help in deciding everyone's role in the security detail and would like any input or criticism on some ideas I currently have."


He laid out the regular size map of the city with the marked route.  It wasn't overly complicated from what he saw.  The high risk areas would be the few turns the parade would take as well as the middle section of the route.  He also noted the various MP checkpoints as well as military personnel that were posted on the roofs of buildings near the parade route.  


"Okay, I see three possible roles for our small team.  Role 1: Two of us will follow the float by moving through the crowd on opposite sides of the streets.  Those two will have to keep an eye on the float and on the crowd itself.  Role 2: We could take the Rep's suggestion and get one of us in with the people just in front of the float, those with flags and banners.  Role 3: This person will fill the gap of coverage in between all of these MP checkpoints.  He/she will move through the backroads to move ahead of the float, then surveil the area before repeating the process.  That's my idea for the deployment process.  I would like to hear some input, perhaps possible changes with this since I'm sure this is our very first security detail," he carefully explained.  

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Jase had seen the older man wave him over to table .

"Okay, I see three possible roles for our small team.  Role 1: Two of us will follow the float by moving through the crowd on opposite sides of the streets.  Those two will have to keep an eye on the float and on the crowd itself.  Role 2: We could take the Rep's suggestion and get one of us in with the people just in front of the float, those with flags and banners.  Role 3: This person will fill the gap of coverage in between all of these MP checkpoints.  He/she will move through the backroads to move ahead of the float, then surveil the area before repeating the process.  That's my idea for the deployment process.  I would like to hear some input, perhaps possible changes with this since I'm sure this is our very first security detail," he carefully explained. 


Listening he waited for the man to stop and stated"Private Jase Trusdale at your service I don't mind were you put me".He cleared his thought and said"So sir what would you like me to do?".

Looking at the young lady who was with him he saw that she couldn't be much older then he was.

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As Takashi continued to fume in the back of the bar he noticed a young woman, obviously a plainclothes soldier, leave the bar and return bagless only a moment later.  For the briefest of moments he couldn't help but stare, something about how she moved... Kitsune shook his head and brought himself back to reality, there would be time to daydream later.


Paging through his folder Takashi cycled through the few papers and photos which had been provided to him.  Quickly he made mental notes of the important facts so that he wouldn't have to keep carrying the folder all day.  Everyone in the room moving about to either find something to eat or to go over last minute details Takashi sat quietly in the corner, ticking off random data in his head as he waited.  It was going to be a very long day.

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"All right," the Representative and Second Lieutenant said, standing up. "As there seem to be no more questions, this briefing is adjourned.”


He closed his briefcase, and took it from its resting spot on the bar. Looking around, the scene of light attention he had been given was now replaced by serious discussion. Everyone had been given duties; now it was time to fulfill them. He did notice Sergeant Nakano leave the bar for a moment, toting a large bag with her, returning without it moments later. Rad Rider-Kamakura could only guess at what was inside. Now that he was made aware of it, he could remember rumors about a Nakano with a reputation for being homosexual - not that Rad considered it improper - but that her disdain for the rumor was becoming as legendary as the rumor itself. The only guess he could make at that point, given only her background, was that the bag had contained more feminine-looking clothing. The bag did, however, seem to heavy to be full of clothes; then again, he knew very well how heavy a woman's baggage could be after just an hour or so of shopping.


At that point, the tone of a high-spirited piano solo rang in his vicinity: it came from his ringing phone. The polyphonic recital was a recording of one of his practice sessions, and was just loud enough to make those close to him turn their heads and pay attention. “Apologies,” he said, excusing himself graciously as he reached into his pocket and flipped open his cellular phone. “Hello? All right, thank you, I understand,” was all that he said to whoever was on the other end of the line. To Rad, however, it meant that visiting the restaurant this morning now had a real purpose. Returning his phone to its place among his clothing, he addressed the soldiers, saying, “I’ll be going now, but please remember your duties, and keep Orb, its citizens and its guests, safe.”


One of the Majors called out, “Atten-tion!” bringing all the soldiers up to their feet in an instant. The Major saluted to the Representative, whose example was followed by the other enlisted men and women of the FREE Forces. Rad had also stood at attention, a stance perfected by both his time as an actor in school plays and as a soldier. He saluted back, but unlike most of the soldiers, he had a smile on his face. “Don’t be so serious, at least for now,” he said as he finally dropped his salute. “It’s Orb Foundation Week.” As the soldiers returned to what they were doing, he again turned to the shotgun-bearing Private. “Private Kitsune, come with me.”


He waited for the Private to come up to him, before saying, “We’ll be heading to the spaceport soon to meet the arriving PLANT delegation, but our transportation is still on its way. For now, we’ll be heading next door to check what they’ve been cooking.” Rad grinned at the young man and said, “Lucky you.”


Leading the young man out, the privates at the door offered to escort them back to his car. He waved them off, telling them he was waiting for another vehicle, and would be visiting the neighbor’s restaurant in the meantime. Turning to that place, the Representative peeked politely through the foggy glass of the restaurant. It was empty save for a chef or two, who seemed to be rushing in and out of the kitchen at the back where a whole lot more activity could be observed, even from the front door. He tried turning the doorknob, but found it surprising that it was locked; he thought the restaurant was opening for business that day. Unable to proceed further, Rad Rider-Kamakura knocked on the door, standing gracefully in front of its glass, where none of the chefs could possibly fail to recognize him.

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With all the patience he could muster Kitsune followed after the Lieutenant, placing his formal cover on his head as they stepped outside.  With so much going on today Takashi contiued to tick of the information he knew in his head, making sure that he wouldn't forget a thing.


Standing behind the representative Takashi kept his eyes focused forwards at all times.  It wasn't that he didn't want to eat, but the shop was closed and even if he had the sort of leverage the representative had Takashi couldn't see himself pursuading the people inside to open early on his account.

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Hiro wiped the sweat from his brow, his face, red from the kitchens heat and stove-top flames.  When they had first started the chefs had thought they were making preparations for a small celebratory banquet that was to mark the closing of the Orb Foundation week in a few days time; however, it had quickly become apparent that due to the styles of the meals they were preparing and the amount of it, they were possibly looking at serving a large feast instead.  Much to the frustration of the chefs who still had not been told who it was exactly they were giving up their day-off for.


Hiro's mind wandered briefly while he began the messy task of gutting and scaling a large Salmon.  Although he was not outside to see it, he knew from previous years that the authorities would be setting up their barricades to mark the path of the parade that would take place.

He was startled out of his train of thought by the sounds of pots and pans crashing noisily to the tiled floor.  A kitchen hand who had been taking an arm-full of dishes to the sinks to be cleaned had walked straight into the kitchen door as it swung open to let one of the other chefs in.

Without fail, the chez started yelling at the kitchen hand and the chef for the mess, and when he had done yelling at them he turned his attention to the entire cooking staff, venting his frustrations on them.


Out in the main reception area of the restaurant, the Matre'd who was busy organising details for the reception of their guests shook his head as he heard yet more shouting from the direction of the kitchen as its door swung open.  Thankfully, the noise ceased as the same door closed shut, cutting off the distraction.

From the corner of his grey eyes, he saw two men walk in front of the restaurant, one of whom tried to enter the restaurant only to find the door locked.

We're closed.  He thought silently to himself, and set his attention to the preparations.


The man who had tried to open the door now knocked.

Sighing, the Matre'd walked over to the front door straightening his tuxedo as he went.  Opening the door, he spoke to the blonde-haired man who was so insistent on gaining entry to the restaurant.

"We're closed sir, please come back another time."

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Seeing that the Representative has now relaxed Siegfred decided to do as well. As he started to get comfy with his seat he scanned that bar. His eye then caught his would-be team members for the parade, with one he remembers was called Sergeant Demetrius waving to him, beckoning to come over.


Must be the meeting for the parade. I better get going...


He stood up and proceeded to the table where Sergeant Demetrius was, where a young Private and a lady also were.


"Okay, I see three possible roles for our small team.  Role 1: Two of us will follow the float by moving through the crowd on opposite sides of the streets.  Those two will have to keep an eye on the float and on the crowd itself.  Role 2: We could take the Rep's suggestion and get one of us in with the people just in front of the float, those with flags and banners.  Role 3: This person will fill the gap of coverage in between all of these MP checkpoints.  He/she will move through the backroads to move ahead of the float, then surveil the area before repeating the process.  That's my idea for the deployment process.  I would like to hear some input, perhaps possible changes with this since I'm sure this is our very first security detail."


After hearing his plans, and after letting Private Trusdale finish his question, Siegfred also said his.


Ummm, I suggest that it would be better to reassign Role 3. I would suppose the Princess's personal security forces would already have been responsible for scouting the area in advance and keeping the route ahead clear and safe. I may be wrong, just please correct me on that note, hehe...


Surveying his teammates he noticed that the young lady and Private Trusdale was very much near his age, while Sergeant Demetrius was quite a bit older. Despite his two young teammates he sensed that they were quite a bit uptight and serious about the mission. Though this was a very important task for all of them he couldn't help but to keep his light-hearted and fun disposition in the air.

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        As the sunlight filtered through the curtains, Alex woked up and yawned. What time is it?oh! its late in the morning already!Time for me to get up.... He thought as he got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He decided to wear light brown long trousers, collared polo shirts and a black blazer. He was staying in Liberty Hotel, after his long exhaustive trip from the Kingdom of Scandinavia. He opened his closet and took out a small leather case and carefully took out his pistol which he used to protect himself.he loaded it and holstered it to his belt , underneath the Blazer and started to walk out of his hotel room.He locked the door and started down the hotel stairs.

      He reached the first floor, where all the food and breverages were served and he sat down near the road where the parade would go past.From where he was sitting he could see the beach and the Pacific Ocean. Nice view.....he thought as he a ordered a cup of coffee and looked out towards the sea.A waiter."Here you are, sir...."the Waiter said as he came with the cup of coffee and sat it down on the table right next to Alex."Thank you." Alex replied as he paid for the cup of coffee and a tip for the waiter.He picked up the cup of coffee and sipped it slowly.Now lets wait for the parade....

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