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Re: Gundam: Target in Sight


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Looking at this just makes me want to get a PS 3!


The graphics are absolutely stunning! All you need to make it even more realistic is to have an actual pilot's view of the battlefield and a joystick complete with throttle to enhance the experience.



Be sure to check out the trailers and screenshots here.

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Actually, given that the game is set the One Year War, panoramic view shouldn't exist beyond the Alex. Third person is technically cheating, lol.


Yeah, I wish they made a cockpit-view, but then they wouldn't be able to show off the in-game graphics as much.


English dialogue? Aw, man, I wanted to know how it feels to hear "Shiroi Mobiru Sutsu da!" (It's the White Mobile Suit!) when you're out liesurely walking with your fellow Zeon while piloting nothing better than Zakus.

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