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Battle: Double Team Challenge, looking for takers...


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*Hear ye, hear ye! Come one come all!

*Two duelists looking for oponents! All challengers welcome!


Battle Specifics:

Number of Competitors: 4

Battlefield: Forest

Restrictions on MS: CE 73 non-Nuclear MSs and non-Nuclear Gundams

Battle Mode: Double Team Challenge

Referee: OPA


Team 1:

TMF/A-802W2 Kerberos BuCUE Hound:   evo_Sieg     : to be named combatant

TMF/A-802W2 Kerberos BuCUE Hound:   konigstiger   : to be named combatant


Team 2:

Duel (version to be specified)            : Kyuubi  : to be named combatant

ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior  : Blatt     : to be named combatant



Chellengers, feel free to apply!

Combatants are willing to negotiate rules of engagement, just post.

This also serves as an application for a referee.


We'll be waiting....



EDIT: 11/05/06 - modified restrictions, added refereee, added competitors


waiting finalization and confirmation of ROE

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Rusty: Actually, the restriction said "Non-Nuclear MSs/Gundams". It makes no specific mention that all Gundams cannot be used. The Duel Gundam is non-nuke.


Sieg: By a strict interpretation of your self-imposed restriction, your team is technically illegal, as the BuCUE is a Mobile Armor and not a Suit. Modify accordingly.

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Hmmmm, i just reworded the restrictions again. From what Konigstiger and I have discussed, we will allow Gundams, just non-nuclear Gundams at that.


Kyuubi, you could use the Duel itself if you would like, just indicate if you'll use the Assault Shroud, be the base Duel or become the Blue Duel.


Blatt we accept the GOUF Ignited, but you could still change. (Planning to whip us like the Gaia? hehe...)


Konig, please intervene if I got some details wrong.



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Well, be my guest. Gunner Zaku it is. I'll just wait for everyone to agree then I'll apply for starting the fight and contact OPA to officially get this started.


EDIT: to all combatants, please confirm your MSs and if you all agree with the ROE so we could all get started.

Thank you!

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