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Kyu U Biura

Kyu Biura

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Full name: Kyu U Biura

Nickname: Kyu

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Zaft pilot

Birthplace: Aprillus One

Citizenship: Plant

Personality: Open and energetic though will sometimes go totally beserk in combat if provoked. IS a very optimistic kind of guy, usually looking on the bright side of things.




Height: 162 cm

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Brown, Spiky

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Athletic

Clothing: White T-shirt, with a blakc coat and blue jeans.

Handiness: Right handed




Mother: Mia Biura

Father: Naji Biura

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History:


     Kyu was born and raised in plant, with his mother, because his father had appaerently died in the 2nd bloody valentine war, so he doesn't remeber him much, though he still knows he died fighting the Earth Allaince, and always detested them for it. He was raised pretty normally, except that his mother was in the Zaft military, so she might go here or there for a while, for some reason or another.


    He had quite a few friends growing up, and always felt the urge to protect them when they were in trouble, like he had to defend them or else they might dissapear. For example, When he and his friends were in 1st grade, one of his friends had 'accidently' tripped someone in the hall. That person knew someone ahd tripped him on purpose, and would have pummeled Kyu's friend, until Kyu stepped in and said HE had tripped him. A black eye and several bruises later, his friend thanked Kyu, but Kyu just said it wasn't really a problem.


    He ended up getting a dream, where he could fight for the Zaft military, and protect his friends and fellow coordinators, for he was well aware of the racism between naturals and coordinators, and although he didn't believe in it himself, he knew that in order to protect his people, he would knew power only the military had. When he was about 14, he asked his Mother to teach him how to pilot a Mobile Suit, which, reluctantly, she ended up doing.


    In his idle time, Kyui would go off and get a little excersize, by doing a variety of things. He usually jogged at least once every day, for at least an hour. Sometimes he would even go down to the park and play some sport or another. If he wasn't playing sports though, he was studying at his home, for some test or another at school. He was very determined to get good grades in school, so that he might actually get into the military, when he grew up.


   He gradauted from school at 17, the result of startign school a little earlier than other kids, and intended to go to the military then, but had a slight change of plans. Instead of going to the military, he decided to use this year as a chance to to learn a few other things, so he could be better suited for the military. He became an engineer, seeing as that might help him the most, and practiced the profession for all his time off.


   He stopped a year later, still being a novice at it, seeing as one doesn't become a master engineer in a day, but he was moderatly skilled, enough to do minor repairs on things anyway. Content with his skill, and finally ready to join Zaft, Kyu immeadiently quit his job as an engineer, and then went off and joined Zaft, after applying first and all of course. Joining the military isn't just 'snap, snap, your in' after all.



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I doubt your character would be able to start learning how to pilot MS before the age of eight, as children are generally not permitted on Military grounds. There's nothing to link the time from when his father died to current age, if he was eight when his father died then fifteen years later he would be 23 years old, not eighteen.


BTW: There's no war atm.

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Please repost your profile to follow the template provided here.


Aside from that, your father can't have been killed in a battle with the EA four years ago, as there have been no open conflicts for the past decade. As well, your profile is a bit on the short side.


You should also be able to edit your past posts now. That particular problem has been fixed.

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Your character profile still lacks the following:




Identifying Marks:

Skin Tone:




I suggest you use the template provided [url = http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,17.0.html]HERE[/url], so you could get you bio finished.



Also this line:

though he still knows he died fighting the Earth Allaince, and always detested them for it. He was raised pretty normally,


first this: though HE still knows HE died fighting the Earth Allaince,

the second HE is wuite misleading, is it you or your father? better just put "His father"

second: fighting the Earth Allaince, and always detested them for it.

them is also tricky, better put "the Earth Alliance" just to keep it clear, and the spelling of Alliance is incorrect, hehe..



You could further deepen the bio by indicating how he grew up, how he lived through high schol and college, how he enjoys spending idle time, among other things.




I think the boards Bio-picky admins would be able to give you better advise. Just try to write what comes into your mind, most likely creativity will flow from there.


Just some advice.

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Please use the template. Copy the code from the link Sieg has provided into a word processor such as Notepad, then copy and paste your information from this profile into that file. We're trying to standardize the profiles as much as possible.


Also, citizenship is the nation which recognizes you as one of it's own (think of it as the nation that issued your legal passport and driver's license). In this case, that would be PLANT. As well, your birthplace should be a specific PLANT (ex. Januarius 3, Februarius 10, etc.).


I have a challenge for you that may help expand on your character's history: aside from his father's death during the war, what other significant event/s in his life convinced him that the best decision he could make in his life was to join the military?

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Your birthplace and citizenship are incorrect. Your citizenship should be PLANT, but your birthplace should be one of the PLANT colonies (ie. Januarius 4, Februaris 9, etc.)


Then, proof-read your work for any spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. errors. All you have to do after that is to wait for any other suggestions and for Valiant to come by and approve your profile.

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I can't believe I missed that, but although he can have dyed his hair silver, the rule here is that all characters must at least have an original, natural color. So, please state your character's original hair color.


Also, check for spelling errors. The on-site spell-checker does a satisfactory job.

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A few spelling errors still sorry to highlight earlier...


When using ZAFT, I'm not sure but maybe you're supposed to put all in capitals?  Smae with any others.  Unless one of the Mods or Admin comes in an says that I'm wrong (and I usually am )


he didn't believe in it himself, he knew that in order to protect his people, he would knew power only the military had


The above was kinda confusing...did ya mean he needed to power of the military?  Sorry, it's just a bit confusing and all...


And you said that he didn't believe in himself even though he's open and energetic.  Usually, those kinda people are fairly confident, no?  If you want to keep it that way, I don't mind, it's just...yeah.


I won't put anything else in, sorry for the uber post earlier ' It was stupid!  I know...

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Sorry for being gone so long, I have been having a rough time at school at not getting to much time to myself lately. Anyhow, about Valiant's comment, well, I will clear this in bio, seeing as I wasn't very specific, that happened in about.......... 1st grade., cause back then they were children, so it was childish. Sorry about not making that clear in the bio, will clear that up.

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