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@ Winders:  Hasn't your character ever heard of bittorrent or e-mule?


@Chailsheim:  You forgot to mention the guns 


My character is just a fun loving person who could care less about the natural order of things, and just wants to have a bit of fun with whatever she does. That, and she's got one messed up family 

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Koenig is a very cold and cunning killer, who has no sympathy or much compassion to his enemies. He would go extreme lenghts just to accoplish his mission even though he would have to kill civilians, women and children too. Also, enforces discpline among his subordinates. Disobedience, would only lead to their deaths at his hands. This are his scary traits.


Although a very terrifying man, but at times a very approachable guy. Woud lend his time to help others. And also gives wise advices and techniques he had learned in the past. He would sometimes lay his life for the lives of others whom he so much trust and care.

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