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I think you should change the - to : when mentioning the point system...



machinegun against non-critical: 100


instead of machinegun against non-critical -100


Just so we don't have a repeat of what happened the other day

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You don't need borders for that table. Would you like me to table them for you?


EDIT: Just went ahead and did it.











  Melee weapon hit against shield




  Melee weapon hit against non-critical component




  Punch against non-shield part




  Kick against non-shield part




  Shield ram








  Machine Gun against non-shield

  # of bullet-hits x 100



  Beam Gun against non-shield




  Plasma Gun against non-shield




  Rail Gun against non-shield




  Vulcan cannons against non-shield




  Missiles against non-shield

  # of missile-hits x 25



  Grenade/Grenade Launcher against shield




  Grenade/Grenade Launcher against non-shield








  Taking off a limb




  Taking off a head




  Disarming an opponent




  Destroying a weapon*




  Using terrain as a weapon




  Running out of energy (10% or less, once)








  Base combo formula

  # of hits x 75 + Value of each hit**

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Well i think its fine giving people a chance to NOT slack off but on the same hand there should be some respect for the opponent. *coughlikemecough* :p Perhaps i'm venting off from waiting for James to hopefully reply but on the same hand it is insightful. I just can't help theres a certain point where you got to draw the line and that is obviously up to perception. I think 5 days is plenty of days for people to reply and get back to business. Other than that it seems a bit overkill to keep it at 7 days :p That or maybe you should have it where the players can agree on the time allowed for replies.

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Perhaps these would be of help.


Template for Rules of Engagement:


[b]Number of Competitors:[/b]
[b]Restrictions on MWs:[/b]
[b]Battle Mode:[/b]


'Restrictions on MWs', Explained


"Restrictions on MWs" refers to which mobile weapons will be allowed in the match. Unless this states "Any" (meaning that there are no restrictions) this must state the technology date and allowed technologies as specifically as possible.


In essence, if the mobile weapon a participant has in mind does not violate any of the stated restrictions, then it is allowed.




1. Restrictions on MWs: CE 71, No Gundams.


This means that only mobile weapons from CE 71 or earlier are allowed. Furthermore, Gundams are not allowed, but everything else is allowed.


2. Restrictions on MWs: CE 73, No Gundams.


This means that only mobile weapons from CE 73 or earlier are allowed. Furthermore, Gundams are not allowed, but everything else is allowed.


3. Restrictions on MWs: CE 73, Non-nuclear MWs/Gundams only.


This means that mobile weapons from CE 73 or earlier are allowed. Furthermore, mobile weapons using nuclear technology are not allowed, Gundam or otherwise (ex. Freedom, Nuclear Dagger, etc.), but any battery-powered and non-nuclear-wielding MW is allowed, Gundam or otherwise (ex. Blast Impulse, Kerberos BuCUE Hound, etc.)


4. Restrictions on MWs: CE 73, Non-nuclear MWs only.


This actually means the same as (3), above. There is no actual need to specify "Gundam", as any non-nuclear Gundam from CE 73 or earlier does not violate either restriction.


5. Restrictions on MWs: CE 73, Non-nuclear Gundams only.


This means that mobile weapons from CE 73 or earlier are allowed. Furthermore, only non-nuclear Gundams are allowed. Everything else is not.


6. Restrictions on MWs: CE 73 only, Non-nuclear MS only.


This means that only mobile weapons from CE 73 are allowed. Furthermore, note that the restriction specifically states "MS" instead of "MW", meaning only non-nuclear mobile suits are allowed. This disallows all mobile armors (ex. Ghells-Ghe, Exus, etc.), but allows mobile suits that have a mobile armor mode (ex. Gaia Gundam, Murasame, etc.).

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You're right, and perhaps the explanatory paragraph should read:


"Restrictions on MWs" refers to which mobile weapons will be allowed in the match. Unless this states "Any" (meaning that there are no restrictions), or unless this states specific mobile weapons, this line should state the technology date and/or allowed technologies as specifically as possible. Beyond these, the participants may provide any additional retrictions they feel is necessary.


... to make that perfectly clear.


The examples are provided both to avoid future confusion, and to illustrate what is expected of that line.


To address your initial concern, however:


7. Restrictions on MWs: M1 Astray, Duel Dagger


This means that the only mobile weapons allowed are the M1 Astray and Duel Dagger, and nothing else.


8. Restrictions on MWs: Any flight-capable MS.


This means that only MS with flight capability are allowed. Note that this also allows mobile suits that require flight packs to fly (ex. Aile Strike, Jet Windam, M1 Astray w/ Shrike pack).

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A Gladiator's Guide to Getting Started in the Coliseum


1. Before making or accepting any challenges, a prospective gladiator must be qualified to participate in the Coliseum. A prospective gladiator is qualified if they either a) have an approved character profile for the actual RPG, or b) have made at least 50 posts.


Note that if you qualify under (a), then you do not need to use your approved character in the Coliseum. Should you still choose to do so, remember that the role-plays in the Coliseum do not affect the main storyline in any way.


2. If you are looking for a challenge to accept, check the Coliseum's main section for threads with the label "Battle:" in front of the thread's title, and post your interest. If you are looking to open a challenge of your own, begin a thread with the label "Battle:" before your thread's title. In either case, the thread's originator is called the Battle Starter.


The first post usually indicates the Rules of Engagement (RoE). This is the set of restrictions that the Battle Starter wishes to adopt for the match. Some restrictions include the type of match, number of total gladiators, team placement, types of mobile weapons allowable, etc. Refer to the first post of these Coliseum Rules for other information that the RoE should provide.


3. If you accepted someone's challenge, wait until the Battle Starter acknowledges and/or accepts you. If you are the Battle Starter, wait until other gladiators post their interest, then acknowledge and/or accept them.


When there are at least two gladiators in opposing sides in the match (the Battle Starter and one opponent), any gladiator may then discuss and negotiate the terms stated in the RoE. If the terms of the match change at any point, one of the gladiators (preferably the Battle Starter), must post an updated version of the RoE.


Before moving on to the next step, all gladiators involved in the match must post their acceptance of the RoE.


4. One gladiator (preferably the Battle Starter) must post a request for a referee at the Request a Referee section, and provide a link to their Battle thread. A referee (who must not be included in the battle) will eventually post on the Battle thread, stating their acceptance of the position. The referee will then either: state that the Battle is approved to begin, or state that there are certain issues about the Battle that need to be resolved. Issues, if any, must be resolved, before the referee may again be asked for approval.


5. Once approved, the Battle Starter (or an appointeee) must begin a thread in the Battle Arena section with the same title as the Battle thread, but without the 'Battle:' label. In this first post, only the gladiator's entry into the arena will be permitted. Afterwards, all other gladiators in the match must also post their respective entry into the arena.


Once all gladiators have been accounted for, the referee will post to officially begin the match with the first Battle Round.


6. During each Battle Round, each gladiator makes a role-play post to declare their combat actions. In the case of team-based matches, no two members of the same team may post directly after one other; an opponent of the team must first be allowed to post before another member of the team may do so.


After all gladiators have posted, the referee will make a post with rulings and/or a tally of points scored for the Battle Round.


Whatever the referee rules must be followed, but if you think that a ruling was not fair or was incorrect, you may appeal to the Lead Referee: winders. In such appeals, the Lead Referee's ruling is final.


7. If no victory conditions have been met, the match continues to the next Battle Round, and Step 6 is repeated. Note that, for succeeding Battle Rounds, the order of postings by the gladiators in the first Battle Round should be strictly observed.


8. Once a victory condition has been met, the referee immediately posts that the battle is over, voiding any posts done after the victory condition was met. The referee will then tally the scores, if any, then post the results of the match in the Battle Records section.

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I'm sorry but I didn't know where I could file a protest for a referee decision.


Me and evo_sieg were penalized apparently for teaming up while competing in a battle royale style match. What was not clear to me was the rule stating that no such strategic maneuver was allowed in the said battle. I know that in the coliseum rules it states that the referee's say is final but I feel that we might have been unfairly penalized given that what we did was just a tactical maneuver. I'm sorry if I'm being a jack-ass but in a battle royale or royal rumble it says that


Royal Rumble:In this crazy match, multiple contestants battle in the arena. The last man standing is declared the winner.


If that is the case then aren't the combatants allowed to fight as they see fit, given they follow the restrictions of the match. I'm sorry for being an ass about it but I just felt that we received an unjust penalty.

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I do second that motion by NeoG. Although we teamed-up to fight someone else I think it is still fair to do so. We may be teammates in the coliseum (but outside this current battle) but if 2 other people team-up on another one of us in the current battle then I think it still is the same case as us.


I would just like to clarify the current situation as well. Thanks.

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5. A referee’s say is final


A battle royale is different from a free for all, which this battle was stated as. A battle royale is a free for all with unlocked teams, meaning you can cooperate and such; a free for all is simply that, locked teams (as in 1v1v1 etc)


There is a subtle difference in teaming up that I will allow and I don't mind telling you this: cooperating in RP using comms I take as openly teaming up, but going after the same target or covering your team mate thru actions I do not mind as long as you don't communicate in any way with your team mate other than fighting.

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