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Well, since we have quite a number of Singaporean and some discussions regarding Singapore and the whole AD Team are from Singapore, I thought we'll start something like this and try to compete with the Aussies for the hottest topic honours.

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I think there's little need to worry so much about waistlines for some people. Apparently Singaporeans are taking more to sports-Mostly as a casual hobby-or hitting the gym once or twice for the treadmills or the barbells.


I still don't recall lots of friends eating veggies, though...

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The hokkien mee is the best and most popular stall there! Haha...


The Freedom is in the Toys R us. hehe...


Many shops are open. You can spend the whole day walking there even when not all the shops are open! It's that big. Haha. Or maybe it's because I was there with my gf. She's an... avid shopper.


FAITH, try picking up a few girls in clubs or on the street. It'll help build your confidence

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Most girls like shopping. It's good for guys to start going shopping with mothers + sisters at a young age. It makes good training.


Haven't been to Vivo City yet, envy you all who have the time!


As for food, I have friends who dun eat veggies at all and most of the time I end up eating them. Liyin would know who I am talking about.


FOOD! Maybe the gathering we should go to Tiong Bahru Market. Nice food and not over priced.


My dad said a store at Newton Food Centre charged few hundred dollars for Satay to a group of unsuspecting Japanese tourists. People like them spoil our good name!

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dun remind me about a levels. BLEAH. they squeeze in four papers in 3 days next week then drag 4 papers over 2 weeks to prolong our agony. And my kor is in Brunei thanks to NS so one less person to listen to me complain XP


The market is near the MRT station, it's like 1-2 stops away. We could walk.


Plus I think my aunt mentioned there is bus 16 from Marina. We'll have to take 16 too if Keri wants to make specs.

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seems like I got a nicer time table they hate bio-chem-maths students? most of my torment will be over on the 15th... just the lit papers left on the 17th and 23rd


hm.. we'll see about it then?


looking forward to going bangkok now, heard from my friend the things there are quite cheap. shopping time!


valiant: how come you have tests before exams? no study break?

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@ valiant: Let's just say I'm a little...Shy. 


I get the feeling MOE loves them that much too. Although we end pretty early, it's still demoralising to see them leave ahead of us in the morning while we have one more history paper to take. Someone ought to change the scheduling of exams...

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