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Re: what are you listening to?


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Well my current playliist in PDA consists of mainly OSTs-Pirates of Caribbean,LotR,Time Machine,Gundam Seed/SD,Prince of Tennis...then I have some slovak singers (I guess no one here knows any of them) and then some rock like AC/DC and some other stuff.


Atm I am listening to Peter Cmorik-Verse o laske (one of those singers you don't know...most likely )

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Super Robot Wars midis mostly, lol


Flapper Girl - The theme of Lune Zoldark

Fate - Main Character's theme song for Super Robot Wars J

Steel Beowulf- Kyosuke Nanbu's theme

Trombe- Elzam V Branstein's theme

The Sword that Cleaves Evil- Sanger Zonvolts Theme


There are others, but these are my favorites, though I'm still looking for the theme of Masaki Andoh, the Elemental Lord of the Wind.

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