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Zaft Ranking System


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Ranking system provided to me by Hannah. As we get our initial stock of Characters into the faction, ranks will be assigned based on how good the profile is and the initial RP is with the Chairwoman, Supreme Commander and Commander.


Here are the ranks, from top to bottom:

General: (Purple)*

Lieutenant General: (Purple/Black)*

Major General: (Black)*

Group Captain: (White/Black)*

Wing Commander: (White)*

Squadron Leader: (Red/White)

Flight Lieutenant: (Red/Green)

Flight Officer: (Red/Green)

Pilot Officer: (Green)

Pilot: (Green)


Ranks with * means they can only be attained through promotions. The rest are starting ranks which we will assign based on the marks given to your roleplay and profile. Colours in brackets refer to the uniform colours. For ranks that have red or green uniform, the colour of the uniform is determined by how good your profile is. For more info, look at the ZAFT board.


Note: FAITH counts as a rank and you can only rp as a FAITH member if we appointed you as one.


When ranks have been decided, they will be updated here

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Based upon the explanation of uniforms given here I've amended the colors assigned to each player a little bit.  This change does not affect anyone's uniform colors or their rank but in the future, when we have enough people to consider more promotions, it will.


Enjoy the new uniforms boys and girls!


Wait... do we even have any female pilots in ZAFT... there must be at least one or two. *Wonders off to think.*

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