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Sylia Rose

Sylia Rose

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Sylia Rose (Keri)

Player name: Sylia Rose

Character number: 1

Faction: EA




Full name: Sylia Rose

Nickname: N/A

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Student, currently attending Captain's school

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation

Personality: Sylia is a very dedicated and focused person. She gives herself 110% to any given task be it professional or personal, and does what is needed to complete her goal. Although this does not make her uncaring and unfeeling towards other people in fact she values all human life including the enemy. In general she is approachable and reasonable but carries herself with an air of independence that some people find off putting. She views everyone as equal and treats them as such.





width=351 height=600http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b290/window-licker/SeigandSylia.jpg[/img]


Im the one on the Right!


Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: Never you mind!!

Hair Colour and Style: Long brown hair down to the base of her spine, with a heavy fringe 

Eye Colour: Green

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Build: Slim and athletic (through a strict diet and regular excercise)

Clothing: Casual wear when not on duty

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Louisa Rose

Father: Rear Admiral Norman Rose

Siblings: Tyr and Marla Rose (younger sisters to Sylia, twins to each other)

Wife/Girlfriend: not at the moment


Personal History:


Sylia was born into an military familly, as her father was very much an officer on his way up, taking promotions were he could get them never usual at the same station. Unfortunatly this lead to Sylia being moved around constantly, never getting a chance to make friends or establish any sort of roots. Her mother helped this by being a constant source of encouragement and reassurance. But even though she was supported there was a lonliness that wouldnt fade.


While her father was a loving man and although dedicated to his career he always took his daughter wherever he could, she loved every aspect of her fathers work and became the darling of many space crews. Through this she learned one phrase from her father that has stuck with her "Loyalty is your greatest asset, but is it not freely given and must be earned".


It was with this thought that as soon as she was old enough Sylia enrolled in officers school, which was located on the same campus as the test centre in New Edwards, New York.  At this time Sylia's looks had fully developed but she found the constant attention from her male colleges annoying and was even worse were the wolf whistles from the "Pilot jocks" attached to the test centre.


However there was one pilot who through shear persistance got through to her, no matter how many times she told him to leave her alone, the more persitant he became. His name was Gabriel Faust and after a whirlwind romance they were married shortly before her final year at school; though things were far from idylic. He was constantly accused of going on breaks just to see his wife, while she was laughed at by her fellow officers for consorting with a lowly MA pilot. the problems continued out of work Gabriel was completly unorganised and random while she was methodical and organised argument after argument insued. Although they loved each other dearly on the most basic level the strain was just too much. They divorced later that year and havent seen each other since.


With Gaberiel gone and the prejudice of a captain/pilot romance taken with it, Sylia was able to concentrate on her studies once more, and a significant rise in her scores were noticed by her professors; so much so that they began to suspect that she had been cheating somehow.  Once any thoughts of cheating were quelshed, Sylia ended up scoring in the top 20 of her class, and rumors spread that she would be assigned to a ship the moment her graduation was official; and the fact that the rumors have yet to be proven true or false only adds to their mystique.

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Lol @ Weight. :X


As Wilhelm said, a good profile.


Paragraph 3: Colleges --> Colleagues  (Spell Check wouldn't have caught that.)


The only issue I see is the lack of detail regarding your character's father's involvement in the war.  (Sylia would be 9 during the first war and 11 during the second.)  I mentioned this to see if there was some, if any, effect the war had on her father, and thus, herself.  (Or that Sylia's father was one of those rear-line officers, iono.)  But it's not THAT significant of an issue, just a little thing that bothered me.

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No offense taken.  I did note that it's probably not a significant issue.  It was a hit or miss, and I missed apparently.


@lack of color:

I quote from Valiant's recent Update announcement.

2) Your character's profile will be reviewed by the staff and all other members are allowed to provide feedback which you can use to help improve on the character.

(From http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,326.new.html)

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No need to quote, sorry I shouldnt have been snippy ive been waiting for food which is now here


Im not bothered really honestly its cool. But im just not sure on opening up characters to being judged by the general populace.  It would kind of like having your homework handed round before its handed in.


Sure youll get points and itll be better but its somewhat embarassing.


Anyway I will eat now and keep snippy lady at bay.  Sorry

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Captain Sylia Rose, fresh from Officer's school in New Edwards, Accepted!  Welcome to the EA, you'll get your shiny ship in the mail in 2-3 weeks time  .  Also, all EA members will be able to see the EA forums sometime today (once I get through with mid-terms).

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You'll have to update the profile before I can move it Keri (rules are rules  ).  Its just a matter of adding a top section to the post to denote which character this is (in the case that you end up getting multiple characters), and to reiterate which faction you want to join (Just take a look at the new template, its not a big change  ).

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