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Shinang Winte


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Full Name: Shinang Winte

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Species: Mirialan

Height: 1.8 meters

Weight: 60 kilograms

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black

Handiness: Ambidextrous


Personality: Headstrong but sassy, Shinang is the type to crack a joke while she cracks your skull. Years of experience in her field has made her untrusting of others, unless she’s already had a few drinks. However, she still tries to remain professional at her job, unless her bounty is cute. At that point, all deals are off.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Shinang is heavily skilled in acrobatics, being able to hit special pressure points with her staff in order to incapacitate her foes, but she quite hasn’t mastered every species’ weak spots. While she carries two pistols, her longer ranged skills with rifles are weak, opting to spend a majority of her hunting within close combat.

Appearance: Her green skin has been decorated with multiple tattoos, an expectation of her species. Her long black hair has been braided in four places, almost becoming like another weapon on occasion. She realized quickly that showing more skin was a good distraction and decided to take advantage of this with her normal wardrobe.

History: Born on Coruscant in 47 BBY, Shinang Winte was  abandoned by her mother soon after her birth, left on the streets of the mean underbelly of the planet. Learning quickly that life wouldn’t be fair, she became a small time thief in order to survive. As she grew older, she got better at pickpocketing, but still managed to screw up when she stole from a Nautolan Bounty Hunter.

Her sentence was to be taken advantage of by the Nautolan, making her use her skills as a thief on many different jobs. She get as if she was a slave to the bounty hunter, but years of “helping” him taught her many tricks on what it took to do his craft. Once a job went wrong and the Nautolan was killed, Shinang took his ship and his belongings, deciding to join the Guild.

For the next several years, she proved to the Guild that she was a decent Bounty Hunter, bringing in most of her targets in alive. The Clone Wars threw a wrench into her operations in the last few years though. The Galaxy wide war was dangerous and she wished to stay out of it, but the occasional Republic or CIS job posting’s prices were too enticing. Alone or with a group, she managed to get by. This is, until the Empire showed up.

The new Galactic Empire once again changed everything for her, feeling as if limitations were being put in many aspects of her job. Nevertheless, she continued on, looking for when the next big bounty would appear on her Holodeck.



Golden Blaze

A heavily customized Auzituck anti-slaver gunship, Shinang took this from her former captor once he perished, adding more flare to the paint job. Various blasters and other weaponry decorated the inside, waiting for the right job to be used in. The small but speedy ship was her most valuable possession, other than her “charming” personality.

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