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[Star Wars] Shadows of the Force


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Shadows of the Force

Shadows of the Force will be a Star Wars RP set in the aftermath of Order 66, during the Rise of the Empire. Lieutenant Voide and the members of Zeta Squad will be pursing Jedi relics for the Emperor, specifically for an item simply known as the Templar’s Scepter. In their pursuit they will be sure to run into many other individuals, some may choose to help, other’s may choose to oppose them, they may even get completely side tracked by unexpected events! 

I invite anyone interested to let me know! You will need a character that matches the era. I plan on running things quickly, so I’ll maintain a 3 day posting rule (if you don’t post within 3 days then the next person will go). Please use 3rd person and be considerate of the environment and other peoples characters. 

What secrets will Zeta Team uncover? What purpose does the Emperor have in choosing Voide to pursue this artifact? What actions will our characters take during this critical time of the galaxy? What will you discover in the Shadows of the Force?


Cast of Imperials

Zeta Team – Clone Commando Unit

CT-0079 “Munnin” – Leader of Zeta Squad. He can be ruthlessly defensive of his brothers and is stubbornly loyal to his superiors, Imperials or not. 

CT-8282 “Knives” – The dedicated slicer for Zeta team. He has an affiliation for using vibroblades as well as close combat. He boasts at being the best at melee combat out of the entire team. 

CT-0195 “Dorlin” – An explosives enthusiast, he usually handles most demolition jobs that the team has to face. He’s more stoic and serious than the rest of his brothers. 

CT-1516 “Sennar” – The self appointed sniper of Zeta team. He’s a blaster enthusiast and often collects and uses alien firearms from missions. He is often seen as the most laid back of his teammates. 

Imperials Officers

Quintin Voide – An Echani ISB office tasked with republic clean up operations. Voide is the definition of a ruthless Imperial agent. He served diligently during the clone wars as a Republic Officer and was drafted into the fledging Imperial Security Bureau to help solidify the Empire’s expanding power. As such, his first mission is to process some of the miscellaneous leads from the Jedi Order. He took a keen interest in Jedi artifacts and was given special leadership of Zeta Squad to track down any loose ends, Jedi or otherwise. His current assignment has him following up with rumors of an ancient artifact called the “Templar’s Scepter”. The information regarding a lead for the Scepter now points Zeta team to the dark underbelly of the Imperial Center: 1313. 

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