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"What gives you life can put you in the ground. It's all about the dosage."

FACTION: Autobot

RANK: Unassigned



Laid back but sociable and street wise, Overcharge likes to blend in with his surroundings. For this purpose, he's well accustomed to choosing the appropriate alt-mode for every situation. His hobbies include sightseeing in other planets and socializing with its sentients, learning their language and customs. These traits make him a valuable asset in the fields of reconnaisance and snooping. He's at his best tending to the wounded and is always quick on his wheels, but when waste hits the fan, he's reliable backup.



Overcharge is a medium sized Autobot with a teal and yellow body. He is adorned with yellow lights here and there, which he can use in low visibility conditions to guide friendlies, or to lure enemies away from protected targets. His lights also dim or shine more intensely according to his mood, or when he uses his energy related abilities.

Alternate Modes and weapons

While in Cybertron, Overcharge adopted an alt-mode better suited to mix in with the denizens of urban areas and fitting in tight spaces: a non-descript, four-wheeled vehicle usually shaped just like another one which just went by him in the opposite direction. This helps in throwing off followers and pursuers. As for his abilities, Overcharge is capable of siphoning energy from the environment, storing it in his body to redirect it somewhere else. He can apply this energy to inactive apparatus to reactivate it, which includes Cybertronians that are nearing death or, in extreme cases, have been dead for a very short while. On the other hand, he can dose enemies with energy to stun them or even neutralize them.



A new name in the Autobot ranks, it's not known what Overcharge used to do for a living before the Great War or if he was even around, but it is known that he participated in several covert and guerrilla-style operations against the Decepticons in heavily urbanized areas throughout the conflict. Offered the chance to participate in a highly secretive operation off world, Overcharge accepted without hesitation, eager to meet new teammates and adapt to new surroundings.

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    • By FrostyFoster
      This is a prologue taking place before Part 1 of TF Break
      The streets of Iacon were filled with scrap as a single vehicle drove through the war torn city, stopping at one of the broken buildings to the right of him. Seekers, grunts in the Decepticon army, flew through the skies in an attempt to find the black and white car, but to no avail. Driving into a grooved crack, the Autobot found himself next to a tiny orange terminal. These were Teletraan Mobiles, giving Autobots access to communications and resources all across the planet.
      Once he knew the coast was clear, the Autobot transformed to reveal a sleek humanoid exterior. The gruff machine stuck his finger in one of the Mobile’s slots, revealing a large Yellow Autobot on the screen. “Prowl!” The Autobot responded in shock. “We were worried about you.” Prowl scoffed at this statement. “What? Didn’t trust me to finish the job, Prime? There’s a reason I had to be the messenger bot myself.” 
      Prowl was second in command of the Autobots and someone who wouldn’t normally take a menial task such as this. A weapon shipment transport, shot down many cycles ago, was recently discovered to have most of its armaments intact. Sending this information to Sentinel Prime, these powerful weapons could turn the tides in the war. Sentinel smiled through the screen. “Thank you Prowl. You’ve done a-“ The black and white Autobot cut him off. “A great service to the Autobots, I know, I know… Wait…” 
      Hearing the sound of a Seeker jet blasting away, two more Decepticons pulled army the rubble hiding Prowl. “Scrap! I-“ suddenly, the transmission went blank on Sentinel Prime’s side. “Prowl?! PROWL?!”

      Altihex. A beautiful city only tainted by the fact it was where the Decepticon’s headquarters resided. Right in the middle of the militarized area, a gigantic black pyramid stood tall. What seemed like an endless amount of Decepticons  worked within this complex, rising all the way to the top. However, only two took residence upon the highest floor. Sitting atop an extravagant throne, Lord Megatron spun a glass of pure Energon with his fingers, only for a purple Decepticon to burst through the door. “Lord Megatron.” Shockblast uttered as his yellow eye lit up. “One of our seekers just received this information.” 
      A projection appeared in front of the Decepticon leader, showing him the downed cargo. A smile curled up his face, rising from his chair. “Send the Combaticons immediately. We cannot let this precious cargo go to waste in the Autobot’s hands!” As he yelled this, Shockblast proceeded to show his disapproval. “Lord Megatron. This could very well be a trap. Perhaps we should take caution.” A silence surrounded the two, only for Megatron to finally turn to his lackey. “Send. The. Combaticons.” He almost whispered while taking large steps toward Shockblast. “You will follow this order or be terminated on the spot. These stupid suggestions may have worked with my pathetic predecessor, but not with me. Do you understand?”
      “Yes, Lord Megatron…”
      “This the Lieutenant Bulkhead. I’m coming up on the objective point.” 
      A green 4x4 rolled up next to the broken transport, noticing the wings had rotted of long ago. Commanding a group of 10, Bulkhead transformed along with them. “There’s gonna be a rust storm soon. We better take what we can quick!” As the group proceeded into the transport, one of the Autobots swore he heard a swivel. “What was that?” He called out. Bulkhead sighed and shrugged. “Don’t worry. Place is falling apart. Probably just a-“
      A tank shell slammed into one of the Autobots, killing him instantly. “We got company!” Bulkhead yelled as he returned fire. His heavy machine gun began to heat up from firing, causing the tank to roll back. “Lieutenant, they’ve surrounded the vacinity!” At that moment, Gatlings from a helicopter tore through two more Autobot’s chassis’. “RETREAT! RE-“ Bulkhead’s circuits scrambled once he was punched directly in the face by Onslaught, the squad leader. 
      As he fell onto metal scraps, he heard the cries of his fellow brothers be silenced. A sharp jolt from the back of his head woke the Autobot right back up as he felt his processors jumble. “Found something.” The tan and purple Decepticon called out. Onslaught looked at the data pad he was holding. “Two wins today, boys! Let’s grab the weapons and go!” Without a second thought, the leader shot Bulkhead multiple times, leaving his corpse to rot with the transport.

      Sentinel Prime stood atop the boarding ramp of the Hope. With many high quality fighters spread thin, the volunteers for this mission would be arriving one by one after they were finished with their previous tasks. “Please… please succeed…”
    • By FrostyFoster
      Transformers Break
      War has plagued the planet of Cybertron for many cycles. Two factions, adamant for control of the planet, have caused both parties to lose half of their respective populations. Due to this, the Autobots and Decepticons are currently at a stalemate as they try to regroup.
      Knowing that the Deception’s new leader Megatron is much more bloodthirsty than his predecessor, Sentinel Prime has tasked a small group of volunteer Autobots to find a planet rich with Energon, the Transformer’s energy. Knowing fully well they might not return, they chose to be apart of a last ditch attempt at winning the war.
      Taking a transport ship named HOPE, these Autobots will become apart of something much greater…

      Welcome to Transformers Break, a new universe with familiar and unfamiliar elements. This RP will require committing to posting and to speak with me before you create a character. However, it’ll be a more relaxed RP with leeway for the players to give new ideas and build up this world. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just remember that HOPE will be leaving soon!
      FrostyFoster as Perceptor, Hound, NPCs
      Replicator as Overcharge
      ShirokuHakudo as Hot Shot
    • By FrostyFoster
      “I wasn’t expecting my life to end up this way, but when the time comes for action, I’ll always join up.”
      FACTION: Autobot
      RANK: Sergeant 
      While he’s somewhat intriguing, Hound still tries to be helpful wherever he can. Ever since his life was changed, he’s tried to benefit the world, but hasn’t had much luck. He’s better off being with a group than alone though.
      A smaller sized Transformer, Hound is primary dark green with some streaks of red and yellow. His paint job looks very clean and up to date, unlike his alt mode…

      Alternate Modes and weapons
      Hound transforms into a standard WWII original production Jeep. He carries a large Bazooka, barely fitting on top of the backseat, and a pistol strapped to his right thigh.

    • By FrostyFoster
      This will be an archive of all the characters used in Transformers Break
      Bold text signifies Player Characters


      Sentinel Prime - The wise but firm leader of the Autobots. For many cycles, he has held the title of Prime, more than any before him. Because of this, he has watched many of his comrades die, wearing down on his circuits. However, his pride and willpower have continued to make him a valuable part of the faction, causing many Transformers to look up to him.

      Prowl - A General in the Autobot’s army, his tactics are successful, albeit sometimes harsh. While not evil by any means, he comes across as aggressive and cold to most under him. This causes him to butt heads with Sentinel Prime on multiple occasions.

      Bulkhead (DECEASED) - A Lieutenant in the Autobot’s army, Bulkhead has completed many missions for the cause. A weapons expert, Sentinel Prime chose him specifically for a special assignment, which would be his last. 

      Perceptor - A science officer for the Autobot Army, his goal is for the Cybertronian race to advance as a species. His theories and technology have helped Sentinel Prime’s cause on many occasions.

      Overcharge - Able to redirect his energy in many ways, Overcharge has become quite useful to Autobots, being able to fill multiple roles in a squad. Sentinel Prime wishes there were more soldiers like him.

      Kup (DECEASED) - A war hero, Kup’s successes in life have brought him great respect from his peers. However, his age has started to slow him down, making him much more of a hard-ass as a result. In charge of the Hope’s operation, he hopes this mission will turn the tide for the Autobots.

      Hotlink (DECEASED) - A Decepticon turned Autobot, Hotlink is a pyrotechnics expert. Wild and cocky, he can present himself as a challenge to other Autobots.

      Skids - Little is known about this Autobot Corporal, only that be serves the army as a loyal soldier.

      Megatron - Ruthless and psychotic, Megatron has become the new Lord of the Deceptions only recently due to his place on the hierarchy. His methods are cruel, only fueling the flames of fear both Autobots and Decepticons have for him. 

      Shockblast - Megatron’s second in command, the former scientist is much more level-headed due to working under the Decepticon’s previous leader. Because of this, he is able to convince Megatron not to perform certain tasks that would jeopardize the Decepticon race.

      Combaticons - Made up of Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl, Blast Off, and Vortex, the special ops team of five follow Megatron’s assignments, mostly kept under wraps from the other Decepticons. Enjoying pain and suffering, they are perfect for their leader’s regime.
      Destron (DECEASED) -Former Lord of the Decepticons, Destron strived for complete dominance over Cybertron. Unlike his successor though, Decepticons followed him out of respect, not fear. Killed in a factory explosion, rumors have spread that perhaps Megatron had set off the explosives, finding Destron to be a weak leader.

      Slipstream - A former high ranking operations officer, Slipstream relied on speed and stealth to get her tasks done. Famous for using two sleek blades, her kills were clean and precise. After an accident, her and Ramjet were banished to an abandoned vessel. Little did they know that Megatron still had plans for them. 

      Ramjet - A weapons expert in the Decepticon ranks, Ramjet doesn’t care if the mission gets messy. While successful, he is loud and violent.  After an accident, him and Slipstream were banished to an abandoned vessel. Little did they know that Megatron still had plans for them.
      SOUNDWAVE - A mysterious giant box that’s origin and true purpose in unknown. It seems to be aligned with the Decepticons. It’s primary function seems to be creation, being able to make armies of different drones.
      Frenzies - Red drones serving as the standard bulk of SOUNDWAVE’s army.
      Rumbles - Blue drones capable of serving different functions with its arms, such as battering Rams. 
    • By FrostyFoster
      “No, no! Please be careful with that!”
      Two Autobots held a large cabinet tightly after hearing this statement, putting it next to the Teletraan Mobile in the HOPE’s main lobby. While the ship was large, a majority of it’s space was reserved for the cargo they’d be transporting back to Cybertron. A bridge, their single lobby and barracks were all this Autobot crew would have to themselves. 
      “Thank you.” Perceptor helped them scoot the cabinet into position. He could only bring so much equipment with him on their trip, but the Science Officer felt it would be necessary for research. Various beakers and tools surrounded the area, with Perceptor well aware this could annoy the other crew members. “It’s… not perfect…”
      “Well, fix it yourself. We’re done here.” The two Autobot helpers quickly left the lobby before Perceptor could respond. “No, that’s not what I… meant.” Looking defeated, the Science Officer glanced around the area. The ship was clearly run down, with paint scraped off and metal peeling from the corners, but the war effort meant other projects, mostly weapons, had to be prioritized. With everything set up, Perceptor left to go join up with his Leader on the boarding ramp.
      “Sir. I have finished my assignment.” Walking down the ramp toward Sentinel Prime, Perceptor kept a very professional demeanor with the Autobot’s greatest commander. “Do you have any other orders?” Sentinel Prime chuckled to himself. Perceptor was one of the few Autobots he knew who would willingly ask for MORE work. “Not yet. We better wait for the other recruits to arrive first. They should-“
      “I see one now, sir.”
      Perceptor’s shoulder scope zoomed in on a single vehicle speeding toward their location. “Which one is it? My optics aren’t what they used to be.” Sentinel Prime admitted, trying to squint. “I wouldn’t know sir. None of us were given the crew log.” The Leader grunted, turning to look up the ramp. “That Kup, I swear.”
      Getting a very close look, Perceptor wondered who his new companion would be and what position he’d fill. “Interesting…”
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