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"What gives you life can put you in the ground. It's all about the dosage."

FACTION: Autobot

RANK: Unassigned



Laid back but sociable and street wise, Overcharge likes to blend in with his surroundings. For this purpose, he's well accustomed to choosing the appropriate alt-mode for every situation. His hobbies include sightseeing in other planets and socializing with its sentients, learning their language and customs. These traits make him a valuable asset in the fields of reconnaisance and snooping. He's at his best tending to the wounded and is always quick on his wheels, but when waste hits the fan, he's reliable backup.



Overcharge is a medium sized Autobot with a teal and yellow body. He is adorned with yellow lights here and there, which he can use in low visibility conditions to guide friendlies, or to lure enemies away from protected targets. His lights also dim or shine more intensely according to his mood, or when he uses his energy related abilities.

Alternate Modes and weapons

While in Cybertron, Overcharge adopted an alt-mode better suited to mix in with the denizens of urban areas and fitting in tight spaces: a non-descript, four-wheeled vehicle usually shaped just like another one which just went by him in the opposite direction. This helps in throwing off followers and pursuers. As for his abilities, Overcharge is capable of siphoning energy from the environment, storing it in his body to redirect it somewhere else. He can apply this energy to inactive apparatus to reactivate it, which includes Cybertronians that are nearing death or, in extreme cases, have been dead for a very short while. On the other hand, he can dose enemies with energy to stun them or even neutralize them.



A new name in the Autobot ranks, it's not known what Overcharge used to do for a living before the Great War or if he was even around, but it is known that he participated in several covert and guerrilla-style operations against the Decepticons in heavily urbanized areas throughout the conflict. Offered the chance to participate in a highly secretive operation off world, Overcharge accepted without hesitation, eager to meet new teammates and adapt to new surroundings.

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