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Transformers Break

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“So those are called donuts? Fascinating…”

Science Officer Perceptor navigated this “internet” Hound talked about in his lab as he stared at a picture of the treat. He wondered what the purpose of the round item truly was.

A few weeks had passed since the Ravages attacked the wreckage of the Hope, no one even finding the ship since. Hound told the group that their ship was stuck at the bottom of Mt. Bison, apart of a rarely traveled forest range in Washington State. Nevertheless, Perceptor wanted to prepare, using the invisibility technology from the ship itself to cover the hole in the cargo hold with a very realistic looking mountainside.

Their first act of business was to take care of the dead. While Skids’ condition hasn’t changed, it was too late for the rest. Since Cybertronian funeral customs were not possible at the time, the group decided to follow Earth’s customs, burying them along a nearby evergreen tree line. Perceptor had learned much about Earth’s customs in fact. The internet and Hound continued to give him a good idea of how the organics, humans, lived their lives.

“What did you think of this Y2K problem when it happened?” 

Perceptor didn’t even look away from the Teletraan Mobile as he asked this. Hound stood across from him, tapping one of the beakers filled with a sloppy gray liquid. “Oh, well a lot of the humans ended up getting scared of it. My owners even got me a little freaked out!”

Hound was thankful he had been taken care of by them over the years, but he knew there wasn’t a way to return to them without causing issues. Besides, being at the Hope was much more important to him.

“I was worried it could affect a bot like me, but nothing really ended up happening, mostly due to preparation by computer wiz’s!” The green Autobot glanced at another beaker, this one filled with soil. “I mean, what if it got into my head from I’d use the internet? My circuits could’ve been scrambled!”

“You might be giving the human’s creations too much credit, Hound.”

The Jeep’s databanks showed him his times when he was in the Earth’s war, doing what humans called “remembering”.

“I don’t think you give them enough credit…”

Hound’s mood quickly shifted once a certain metal bird made a strange noise through the hallways, perching on Hound’s shoulder. “Buzzsaw!” He exclaimed, petting the drone. Perceptor had decided to melt down the drones using a service machine intended for Energon mixing. The dead Rumbles, Frenzies, and Ravages all got dumped in the mixer, but Hound opted to keep the Laserbeak drone, giving it a new black and yellow color scheme along with some rotors to replace the wings. Apparently, one of Perceptor’s parts used to fix the drone’s head looked like a buzzsaw, so Hound give it the perfect name.

“Coast is clear, buddy?” The Sergeant asked him, the bird using the spinning saw embedded from its torso to communicate back. Perceptor finally looked back at the two with an annoyed, but thankful demeanor. “Such a bizarre creature, but it’s proven useful. Would’ve been a waste to melt it.” Unfortunately, most of the scrap from the drones had to be used to keep the ship’s power on, since Overcharge couldn’t be used as a permanent source. However, the red Transformer was able to make a few weapons for him and Hot Shot.

“Well? He said yes, Perceptor. It’s time for you to see this beautiful world in person! Well, in Cybertronian.” Hound’s words made the Science Officer ecstatic. Since all the work on the Hope took up their time, none of the Hope’s original crew had made it far outside of Mt. Bison.

“All Autobots, please report to the Teletraan Mobile!”

Perceptor had managed to get the intercom on the Hope back online a while ago, calling this out all around the ship to wherever Overcharge and Hot Shot might be. He knew they wouldn’t waste time getting to his lab though.

Today was the day they’d become robots in disguise.

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  • 3 weeks later...


Overcharge was excited to establish contact with the local sentience. He had been hanging out with Hound and hearing all his stories about the humans and their way of life. While the circunstances behind the Hope's arrival to Earth were tragic, it was a far more interesting place than Krogo VI, as described by the Sargeant. Particularly, the locals had a more recent civilization than the Cybertronians, but they were advanced enough to start gathering in urbanized settlements not unlike the cities he had fought in, centuries ago.

“Ah! There you are, Overcharge!” Perceptor watched as the Corporal joined him and Hound. The red Autobot was curious to see what type of contraption Overcharge wished to transform into. “Today’s the day you’ll finally pick a disguise.” The display showed an array of vehicles, from small buggy’s to large semis. “You can pick now. I’ve already chosen.”

Hound stared intently while the Science Officer transformed into… a large microscope? “It’s actually similar to my Cybertronian alt mode. Just perfect for me!” The massive microscope stated to the two. The only response from Hound was a sigh. “Something like that may have worked back home, but microscopes aren’t that big here…” Hound stated, pointing at the view screen. “You’re gonna have to pick a vehicle too, cause that’s far from a disguise.”

Changing back into his Robot form, Perceptor surrendered his idea. “I’m not too experienced with driving, but if you think I should… Nevertheless, I’ll still let Overcharge pick something first.”

Hot Shot watched the group. He was excited and couldn't wait to pick. He watched the rest of the group giddy as he looked at each of them. 

“Come on get those gears moving! I'm excited to look at these Human vehicles! And I'm equally excited to see what you bots pick!" You could see hot shots gears turning as the ideas spun around in his head.

Given the opportunity to choose, Overcharge stepped forward and looked for the one. This was not a decision to take lightly, given that appearances were very important to humans. For that purpose, he had made up his mind a while ago. His optics scoured the screen, looking for those special vehicles Hound had told him about. When they landed on a full-size sedan, painted yellow with checkers and bright signs advertising a human-edible item, he knew it had to be that one. Overcharge then made his best effort to adopt it as its alt mode, getting the smallest details right... and overlooking the biggest red flag: he was still teal. Excited, he exclaimed: "This will allow me to get up close and personal with them!" One of his roles being infiltration, the teal Autobot figured taxis served his purpose of gathering information just right.

Hound also felt the taxi was a good choice for him. “I like the design. It’ll fit well in Oaklio.” Perceptor realized then that he hadn’t let the entire team know where exactly they would even be going! “Oh goodness, I haven’t told you two about our destination yet!” Using this opportunity, he brought up pictures on the Mobile. Evergreen trees stood tall around a small town, but the picture quality wasn’t too clear for more details.

“Oaklio is the closest town west of Mt. Bison. Hound says it’s size will be perfect for more analysis of the organics, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll see it soon enough.” Bringing the pictures of vehicles back up, he continued. “Hot Shot. You can pick next.”

“Actually, Perceptor. I think we should just get yours out of the way.” Hound went up to the keyboard to bring up various larger scaled vehicles for the Science Officer. While not a huge Autobot by any means, Perceptor was the biggest of the group. Plus, the shoulder scope would need to be accounted for in this new mode.

Still bummed that the microscope isn’t going to work, Perceptor spent more time trying to pick the perfect mode. “I have an idea!” The red Autobot quickly transformed into a red SUV in the middle of the three. As for the scope, it contracted and folded atop of the roof, looking as if they were human supplies. “That took quite a bit of finessing, but I think I got it.” Transforming back, Perceptor knew he had to get used to his new body, even though stylistically it wasn’t too different. “I apologize, Hot Shot. You can choose now.”

Hot Shot raced forward after everyone picked their vehicles it was finally his turn and he knew what he wanted.... Or he thought after seeing the various cars and body styles he got stuck. He flipped through the images over and over. It took him some time but he finally came to a mode he could be proud of. It was sleek stylish and most importantly fast.

 “Hot Shot scanned the vehicle and quickly transformed to show off his new jet back tuner car with some green accents. He rev'd his engine and yelled out as as his tired spun around. 

“Woohoo! Man have I got the need for speed!" He spun his whole chassis around then transformed back into bot mode which looked for the most part the same as before.

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“I believe everyone is now ready for our adventure.” Switching off the computer, Perceptor began to transform, only for Hound to put his hand out. “Not quite, buddy.” Hound stated as he transformed. The Jeep then suddenly created a human out of thin air in the driver’s seat! 

“Wait! That’s not how the organics create life! Unless…”

Upon further inspection, Perceptor realized the human was nothing but a lifelike hologram. Hound’s was styled like himself, having a standard military crew cut and a camo jacket on. “There’s no way we’ll be able to get away with not having drivers.” The Jeep’s hologram exclaimed, surprising the Science Officer. “I’ve studied holograms for a while, but they’re still very limited. Can’t leave the seat or do much else beside look like they’re driving. I’d be best if humans didn’t get TOO close of a look at them.”

Perceptor was concerned about the holograms, but was still thankful the green Autobot would be able to relay this tactic onto them. “Well then, Autobots. It is time to roll out.”

The invisibility tech to hide the Hope worked like a charm as the four drove out of the mountain. Buzzsaw sat in the passengers seat of Perceptor, his holo staring directly forward. It seemed the red Cybertronian was correct in his assessment that the holo’s design were dependent on their personality, with Hound calling his “nerdy”. Big glasses, a black sweater with a buttoned up shirt underneath, and brown hair with a speck of gray to it were the most obvious standouts to the Science Officer. 

The ride out of the forest was bumpy even for the SUV, making him wonder if Overcharge and Hot Shot had it worse. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long until the four made it to a main road. Perceptor was thankful the smooth trek, even through the road was quite windy, going on the side of smaller mountains and tunnels. The delicacy of the landscape amazed the Science Officer, with Hound even taking in some of the beauty.

About an hour passed as the group finally made it to their destination, Oaklio. Like the blurry picture showed, the town was surrounded by evergreen trees, with a majority of the buildings looking like they were made of wood. “Oaklio. Population: 18,476. Officially established in 1901, the town is getting ready for its 100th anniversary.” Perceptor communicated with the group through each of their radios, something Hound also taught them. 

The SUV listed off many aspects that seemed typical of a smaller town like this. “It’ll be useful to ‘people watch’, as Hound called it.” The four, parked atop a hill that lowered into the town, started to make their way down, only for Hound to speak up. “We should probably split up. I just realized our little convoy driving together might cause a few heads to turn.”

“Good idea, Hound.” Perceptor said as the four officially turned into the city. “We’ll keep in tough with our radios in case anything goes wrong.” Perceptor took a right at a stop sign, with Hound taking a left. 

While he was extremely interested in studying the humans, the Science Officer read about a myth pertaining to the town. While Perceptor believed in , not myths, something about the idea of a white lion piqued his interest…

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Excited to finally speak to a real human, Overcharge eagerly followed Hound, Perceptor and Hot Shot through the forest. While his own experience with his past alt mode helped him traverse the terrain with more ease than his fellow crewmembers, the land yacht he had based his new appearance on was less willing to negotiate with dirt and mud. As they found a paved road, the land yacht in him found itself grateful for the softer ride. Inside, a there was a holo of a well-built man with receding blonde hair, wearing aviator sunglasses and a black jacket with an orange shirt. Having watched a movie about a flying taxi driver and a woman with red hair, this was Overcharge's idea of an average American cabbie.

Wanting to look his best for his first human passenger, the teal Bot had stored some energy within himself, planning to use it to clean his exterior when no eyes were looking his way. He found his chance at the end of a tunnel they were driving on - as he drove out of it, Overcharge purged the drying mud and the dust. However, when his optics adjusted to the light, he was met with a sight far more beautiful than his own clean bonnet: Earth's beautiful landscape. Mesmerized by it, the Autobot said almost nothing during their journey.

When they arrived in Oaklio, he regained his speech. This city was apparently not as advanced as the one in the movie. For one, there were no hovercars, which allowed him and the others to blend in all the better. When Sargeant Hound proposed they split up and keep talking over the radio, Overcharge agreed and headed for the center. The first order of the day was to get a feel for the surroundings and layout of the town. Reconnaisance was his job after all! Oblivious, the Autobot Corporal paraded around the settlement, having forgotten his top light on as he memorized landmarks, observed other vehicles and tried to follow traffic rules. Hmmm. I should've left a little dirt on. 12% dirt seems to be fashionable around here.

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Hot shot was too busy admiring himself to listen to Basically anything else that was said but when he did tune in he got the jist. Make an organic hologram and blend in. He made his hologram look like one of those action heros you see in racing movies, bald with normal clothes but very muscular. 


For the time they drove off road Hot shot had a rough time he wasn't fully built for that and the off road time was getting dirt and mud all over him something he wasn't a fan of. Once they got to the pavement he was more then happy he sped up and raced ahead till he had no idea where they were going so he slowed down and put himself behind the hound. 


After they reached the town it was suggested they look around and observe. Hot Shot liked that idea! He sped off in any direction telling the other bots to eat his dust. 

"Sounds good! Don't blame me if I learn more than you bots do!" At first he was racing around but realized if he got caught by the local authorities it could be an issue. Because of that, Hot Shot slowed his pace. After a while Hot Shot found a car show showing a plethora of muscle cars and tuners. As he looked around he knew this was his kind of place. He found a place and parked his heavily tinted windows to help him not be as noticed as he listened into passing by organics.


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“No one has yet claimed the attack, but the President has announced…”

A somewhat functioning tv sat in the corner of a coffee shop, showing a headline saying “UNIDENTIFIED OBJECT DOWNS THREE US JETS” alongside footage of the wreckage. No one in the shop is really playing attention to the program though, especially two patrons closest to the front door.

“You know, maybe if you took things seriously, you’d finally get a job that didn’t involve garbage every day.” The woman took a sip of her coffee after pushing her shoulder length black hair aside, the light brown latte matching her skin tone. She dressed much more professionally then the person sitting across from her, his ripped jeans and faded leather jacket clashing with her business blouse.

“Hey! Garbage collectors keep this town clean! I think I oughta get some respect!” Suddenly, a black and green sports car sped across the coffee shop, easily noticed by the two. “Isn’t that your dream car, Trent? How are you gonna get one of those on your salary?” The girl stated, finishing her drink. 

“Well, luckily I know this girl named Kate who can help out with the payments.” His frosted tips stood tall as he spoke, confident in his master plan for a sport car. Like the military jets on the news though, this was immediately shot down. “Yeah right, you’re not getting a penny for some loud death trap like that!” The two’s teasing stopped as they both laughed, smiling at each other.

“Heh, where would I be without you?” Trent threw some money on the table, following Kate out of the shop as the tv zoomed in on an extremely grainy photo. The newscasters argued about what the triangular shaped vehicle was, ignoring the faint purple logo on the side of it…

The couple held hands as they walked down the streets of Oaklio, various small shops adorning the land. While the town wasn’t packed, a good amount of people walked and drove around the cities famous landmark, Trent and Kate not even looking at the statue they’ve seen a thousand times. What did catch their attention was the newspaper stand near them. The front page talked about a strange power outage in one of the towns north of Oaklio.

“I swear, something’s been going on these past couple of weeks. Like, something weird…” Kate uttered quietly.

“Who knows, maybe aliens are attacking. OooOooOoo!” Trent wiggled his fingers while they walked past a red SVU in a parking lot, making Kate scoff and chuckle. “You said ALIENS, not ghosts. Aliens aren’t as spooky… are they?”

The SVU pointed itself directly at the statue, it’s driver staring intently at the massive white lion made out of oak. “It’s preposterous, Buzzsaw. Lions are not native to North America.” The metal bird hid itself in the passengers seat as Perceptor’s holo adjusted its glasses. The metal plaque gave more detail about the painted craving, talking about how a white lion protected the natives for many years from threats, only for it to disappear a few hundred years ago. The Science Officer wondered how such a crazy myth could’ve even started.

The couple continued their trek, with Kate noticing an Army Jeep parked in a nearby alley. “Wait a minute, how about you become a military man? We could travel the world that way.” Trent definitely didn’t feel the same way. “You gotta chillax, girl. I don’t like the idea some Army guy being in control of my life… wait, I got it!” 

Kate jumped up at the raised voice. “What? You got a good job idea?” 

“No, not about that. I think we should go to the movies. Get your mind off of this ‘job hunt’ thing. Not a fan of you trashing my work, pun intended.” Trent smiled at his clever choice of words. “You know I’m teasing you, honey. Buuuuut, maybe you could had bright idea before he walked home, the theater is all the way across town now!” 

Out of the corner of his eye, Trent found a solution to their predicament. “TAXI!” He called out to the teal taxi driving down the road, standing in the road waving his hand out, Kate had to pull him back onto the sidewalk. “You’re gonna get yourself killed! Let the taxis do their job.” As the two got inside of the cab, Trent didn’t waste any time. “The movie theater, please.” He exclaimed to the strangely familiar looking taxi driver.

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Called out, Overcharge was forced to a halt by an unlikely pair of a scruffy-looking man and a businesswoman. "Teh! I wasn't ready!", he said over the radio before both of them entered the passenger compartment. Not even giving him time for a "Good morning", the man ordered his cabbie to take both of them to the movie theater. Thinking of how best to manage the situation, he turned off incoming communications, so that the humans would not hear his team, but kept transmitting, so that his team could be aware of his own situation. "Oh, yeah, the movie theater. Haha. I know where that is..." Disoriented, he started driving around the central district and hoped the humans would entertain themselves long enough for him to find the thing on his own.

As the driver made his way down the street, Trent thought about what Kate had said before, although there wasn’t much to think about. Once she made it clear she wasn’t too fond of his job, Trent knew he had to find a compromise. “Is Final Destination out? The trailer for it seemed ok.” Kate asked him, breaking him out of his trance.

“I think so? We’re gonna have to check when we get there.” Trent turned away from the girl and back to the window, ending the discussion quick. “Honey.” She stated once she realized something was wrong. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but I-“

“So how long have you been a driver?” Trent called out to Overcharge’s holo, hoping to steer the conversation away from what Kate was saying. “I haven’t seen a teal taxi here. Kinda catches your attention since it’s different.”

The hologram of Mr. Dallas appeared surprised when the man used him to divert the conversation from his own personal issues. Particularly, he was taken aback by the fact the teal was unusual for a taxi. Hound hadn't said anything about that when he picked his alt mode. "Is that so... no, nevermind, that's what we want. We're new here... a new company. We figured the teal would be great because people will want to try something new. Glad it's working." As per usual, Overcharge was able to come up with an excuse quickly, but perhaps it was too elaborate. As they talked, he kept roaming the streets, looking for the theater.

Leaning forward to hear the driver better, Trent couldn’t help but shake the familiarity of the driver. “Man, he kinda looks like Bruce Willis!” Mr. Frosted Tips thought to himself. Kate, on the other hand, could tell the cab was new. It didn’t smell terrible like most cabs, although Trent bringing the garbage smell with him could’ve attributed to it. What also caught her attention was the fact that the driver didn’t seem to know exactly where the theater actually was.

“We’ve passed the pharmacy already. Are you sure you know where the theater is?” She asked the holo. “You better not be trying to scam us, cause I will-“ Trent put his hand out, once again trying to change a conversation. “Like he said, he’s new. Just give him some time… just take a left up here.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry. Left." The car, heading in a different direction, swerved to change course. Fortunately, no cars were on its way, but it was a rather sudden move for the passengers. However, before they could say anything, the theater was immediately in sight, and the teal taxi had parked right in front. "Well, I truly hope you've enjoyed your trip." the holo said pleasantly, while the rear right door opened on its own for the passengers to exit the vehicle. "Safe travels, friend!"

“Keep the change!” Trent (thankfully) put the money on the middle armrest instead of handing it to the hollow holo. While Kate wasn’t a fan of the drive, they at least made it there in one piece.

Until the robotic Stegosaurus showed up.

The dinosaur, adorned in an ugly puke green and magenta paint scheme, was bigger than the average SOUNDWAVE drone, but still smaller than any of the Autobots. It was only a few seconds between the stego jumping off the theater’s balcony and the hood of Overcharge, slamming down on him with his claws.

Dozens of civilians screamed as they ran from the scene, all except for Trent and Kate, who hid behind the ticket till. “I-I-what the hell is that?!?!” Trent yelled, only for Kate to cover his mouth. “Shhh! You want it to eat us or something?” Kate squinted at the writing on the side. The lettering was clearly not English, Russian, or anything from this planet that she knew of. To Cybertronians though, this said one thing. 


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For a few seconds after Trent and Kate had gotten out of the car, the holo was left staring at the green bills. Ah, my first wad of Statesian currency! What could I buy with this? Perhaps a new spaceship? Who said we have to fix the Hope? It then dawned upon him that he had no way to interact safely with the rectangular pieces of paper. On second thought, maybe I should just hand these and any others over to Perceptor, see what he makes of this raw resource.

While he blocked the street, contemplating what to do with the proceeds of his new job, another Decepticon drone attacked, this one fairly more menacing than the last. Rudely leaving a big recess on his hood and roaring over him, Overcharge quickly fought back. "What's wrong with you really?! I can't even complete a fare?!" he exclaimed before siphoning energy off the nearby energy lamps and transformer boxes. He didn't really have a need for more energy, but instead wanted to stun the stego, which was between him and the energy sources.

In addition, he directed some of his stored energy outwards to help in his attack. Hopefully, this would be enough to at least get the robo-dino off him. As he did this, he called for his friends on the radio. "Sargeant! Private! Scienceofficer! A drone is attacking me next to the theater! We need to get this bogey out of the town so we can kick the scrap out of him somewhere nice and quiet!"

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The energy blast pushed Slugfest off of the hood, sending it onto the asphalt, but far from out of the fight. Hound was the first to respond to the call. “I’m on my way, Overcharge! Try to keep it busy!” The Jeep sped out of the alley to the battle, not knowing what the Taxi Bot was even up against. He knew that Overcharge was correct though. They had to get the drone out of the town and fast before there were any civilian casualties.

”Get back to base, Buzzsaw. We’ll handle this.” Perceptor’s window rolled down, allowing the metal bird to leave as chaos unfolded. Flying high in the sky, the red SUV headed west toward the movie theater. “I’m coming!” The Science Officer knew he had to help, but Hound had other plans.

”Wait a nanocycle, Perceptor. You and Hot Shot head for the trees west of town. I have an idea.” Once Hound made it to the attack site, he was met by a robotic dinosaur, one of the types of animals extinct on Earth. “Come on, you dumb drone!” Hound rammed himself into the Stego, jittering his holo in the process. Trent and Kate continued to watch as the Jeep joined the fight. “Is that guy crazy?” Trent asked his girlfriend, who squinted as the holo sputtered in and out for a second. “I’m not sure it is a guy…”

Slugfest scraped across the pavement, growling as it got back on its feet. “Let’s go, you and me!” Hound was hoping to bait the drone to follow him, only to be met with shock at what he saw.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Perceptor and Hot Shot crouched against a ridge, watching as cars and people left the city limits in a flurry. Tall trees covered the two from anyone finding them, a small area in front being the perfect trap for Hound and Overcharge to bring the Stego to. A problem proceeded to arise though once the Decepticon drone changed next to Hound. “That’s the first time they’ve had the capability to transform.” Perceptor told Overcharge as he watched through his shoulder scope. “It seems rambunctious, I’m not sure the two will be able to get him out of Oaklio.

The Jeep rolled back as Slugfest stood tall, revealing a surprisingly pristine shotgun in its right hand. BAM! The Stego didn’t waste time firing at the Jeep, sending pellets into the asphalt as Hound drove further back. “Crap! We won’t be able to lure him out like this. 60 years of hiding down the drain…” Hound had ended up in this world an outsider, a one of the kind alien who couldn’t show Earth his true form. These drones ruined that.

”Transform!” The Jeep changed before Trent and Kate’s eyes, becoming a robotic humanoid. Hound hoped no one would’ve been left to see this, but it was too late now. The Autobot Sergeant had to do something about this monster, who had all eyes on the dark green Cybertronian, not the Teal Taxi… 

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Overcharge felt frustrated. What had looked to be a nice day of blending in with human society and refining his alter ego turned out to be thrown to the drones. It wasn't that big of a loss for him, after all, it was his first time hiding among humans. Now, Slugfest had transformed, revealing that drones were capable of using alt modes. Giving up on diverting their foe away from Oaklio, Sargeant Hound transformed as well, revealing himself to the shotgun-wielding Decepticon, and any humans foolish enough to stick around. When the green Autobot transformed, after living untold thousands of cycles with the humans, he knew things were serious enough to switch to his true form himself. Taking advantage of the fact Slugfest's optics were on the Sargeant, Overcharge transformed and revealed a new weapon, akin to a big pistol, crafted by Perceptor from the remains of the Hope's attackers.

Here's hoping this Empathic Magnum is the one to put you down. The irony won't be lost on me. Aiming for the back of Slugfest's torso and head, Overcharge fired several times from behind, holding the weapon with both manipulators and firmly standing on the ground, so as to keep the recoil under control. Even with these measures, every shot fired applied considerable force on Overcharge and the pavement he was standing over, so much that by the sixth shot, he had sinked a few feet into it, leaving a detailed imprint of his foot soles on the road.

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The Empathic Magnum proved its power quickly as its shots went through Slugfest’s chassis. The drone dropped to its knees, releasing its grip on the shotgun as it crashed into the asphalt. Hound gawked at the weapon, amazed by its strength. “Wow. Makes mine look pretty weak…”

The Sergeant picked up the corpse, knowing it would be best to not leave the Stegobot with the human population, and transformed back into his Jeep. The size of the corpse make driving uncomfortable, but it wasn’t long before him and Overcharge were peeling out of Oaklio.

News helicopters and police cars eventually made it to the scene, but by this point, the Cybertronians were long gone, along with Trent and Kate. The latter wanted to answer the questions authorities would likely have, but Trent thought otherwise. “I’m telling you, this is some sort of alien military government test or something! You can’t trust anyone.” The man whispered to Kate as they waltzed through a nearby alleyway. The lady scoffed and stared at the moron. “Are you kidding me? Our TAXI just shot a robot stegosaurus. Any theories you got can be thrown out the window. That Jeep did talk though. Does that mean they’re capable of cognitive thinking?”


Perceptor’s shoulder scope zoomed in and out as he dissected Slugfest’s corpse, all laid out on the table in front of him, his three companions also looking. “Smart idea to bring the carcass here, Hound. Who knows what the human population would do with it? You and Overcharge will have to find new alternate modes for your vehicles, though.”

Hound knew the scientist was right. While it was necessary in that moment, he would have to kiss his classic Jeep chassis goodbye. “Yeah… I guess a more modern type of car could help me blend in better anyways.” The green Autobot folded his arms as Hot shot glanced at the Stego’s optics, completely dark.

”How could it transform?” He asked, noticing some of the spikes on the corpse had cracked in half once it fell to the ground. Perceptor’s shoulder scope zoomed out as he put his tools to the side. “These drones are getting more complex. At this speed, it won’t be long before its maker is creating drones equal to us. I don’t know how though…” Unlike Buzzsaw, the damage was too severe to reprogram, but it still perplexed him. The Science Officer knew that these drones didn’t have a spark. It wasn’t as if the dronemaker was creating new life, but the factory that created them had to be somewhere remote with access to resources.

”I still cannot find a way to learn where these drones are produced, but we’re going to have to if we have a chance at surviving. Whatever it’s goal is, its still a Decepticon. It’s function is likely negative.”

”Excuse me, who are you and where am I?”

The voice caught the attention of all four Autobots in Perceptor’s workshop, turning to stare at a pristine blue Cybertronian. He stared back, optics wide like a lost child.

Skids was alive.


End of Part 3: Oaklio

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There was complete silence in the room.

Skids, an Autobot Perceptor thought was likely never going to leave that stasis tube, was standing amongst the four other Autobots. The blue Cybertronian, optics still wide, had no idea of who, what, where, when, or why he was here.

“Well… do you want the short version or the long version?” Hound asked. “Though I honestly don’t know much about you.” The Sergeant rarely went to the medical area of the Hope, but he had seen what he thought was a corpse floating in the stasis tube. Realizing his workshop was far from sterile, Perceptor walked toward Skids. “I am Perceptor, these are Overcharge, Hot Shot, Hound, and Buzzsaw. I think it would be best if we went back to the medical bay…”


“How did I survive getting shot?”

Skids was hooked up to a circular device, wires protruding out of his head and neck as the machine beeped, Perceptor’s optics giving it his full attention, as his voice box answered any questions Skids had. “Pure luck is my best guess, though as a bot of science, I would hope for a better answer than that.” Sure enough, all traces of Skids were gone in his databanks. Any sense of history, training, or any other important aspect of Skid’s life would have to be relearnt. The stasis tube did a good job cleaning him up, save for the scar on the side of his head, but his spark was still without a memory.

“Due to our complex structure, I cannot reprogram you, but I did read up on whatever history you had in the Hope’s service records. You were a Corporal who originally served under Lieutenant Warpath’s squadron.” While Perceptor didn’t know Warpath, the tank bot had a reputation of being messy with his battle plans. “You eventually got reassigned to the Hope due to security qualities, where you worked with Overcharge for a few Earth weeks. As you know now, Overcharge saved your life after you were wounded in the attack on the ship.”

“I should probably thank him for that. Seemed like a chaotic time.” Skids stated as Perceptor shook his head. “Now is not the time, I should perform more tests…”

Hound and Overcharge stood in the front of the Teletraan Mobile, Hot Shot and Buzzsaw performing maintenance across the ship. “Damn Perceptor, the way he uses this computer is so wonky.” Everything about it seemed off to the green Jeep, but he managed to bring up the human’s vehicle’s once again. “60 years down the drain… Don’t even want to read the human news…” He began pulling up various artillery vehicles, but stopped.

“You should go first, Overcharge. This is a big decision for me…”


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Overcharge looked at the Sergeant. Understandably, after spending so many cycles as the green military vehicle, he was very apprehensive about switching to something different for his alternate mode. Trying to help, the Corporal spoke to his fellow Autobot. "If I may say something about it..."

Hound processed what Overcharge had said, unsure what his statement. “Of course Overcharge, what’s on your memory bank?”

With his teammate's approval, the taxi kept going. "I've seen some cities. I was in Praxus before we launched. I participated in some ops in Iacon and Stanix, too. Blending in was a big part of my job as a scout, and I changed alts often... I'm wandering off my lane. What I wanted to say is, I don't know if this would fool the humans, but at least in Cybertron, you'd be surprised how little I really needed to change every time I switched modes to stay invisible. I can demonstrate if you want."

Hound felt Overcharge was a well versed Autobot for a Corporal, even being promoted from Private on the Hope. Being able to change alt modes as often as he could? Hound was surprised he wasn’t already working at Prime’s side. “I’d love to see what you can do.” The green Cybertronian responded.

“Let's see" Overcharge stated as he scoured for images of sedans. "You said taxis were normal vehicles with an edible promotion box on top and ornamental graphics. So I'm thinking... maybe just get rid of those." His optics fixated on what appeared to be the civilian version of his alternate mode, except with a little advertisement on the front doors. "See, this could work. I'm gonna try it." After studying the image for a few seconds, the Bot switched to his alt mode right then and there. The changes were evident: now all the bright lights and checkered stripes were gone, the front doors now sported a similar advertisement to the car in the picture, and the teal was darker, but it was still a teal four-door saloon.


“You see what I mean?"

With Overcharge’s transformation now settled, Hound decided to look through much bigger vehicles. While his smaller size could help in battle, he realized the battle wouldn’t be getting better, and weapons needed to be plentiful. That’s when his optics settled on a HUMMER. “That’ll work.”


The large machine appeared before Overcharge, only to transform into a much different looking Cybertronian. What used to be the shortest Autobot, now became the tallest. Pulling a Gatling gun off a nearby workbench, Hound placed it atop of his shoulder. He felt extremely bulky, but power infused through him. Perhaps a little too much. “Oh man, I need to sit down…” The Green Autobot didn’t bother with a chair, placing his rear directly on the floor. “I should’ve realized such a big change would reroute most of my body’s output.”

After the change was finished, Overcharge transformed again to face Sargeant Hound. It felt weird. He felt tiny, yet cramped in the room with the green bot. However, he did quite like his new alternate mode. "How does it feel? Being that big?" he asked out of genuine curiosity. "I never tried that before."

“Very… tiring…” Hound stated. His whole array of motion was off, but he knew it would be temporary. Cybertronians didn’t change size often, with the exception of soldiers rising into leadership jobs. Also, Cybertronians genetic makeup meant your vehicle had to remain similar. Fliers stayed as fliers and vice versa.

“I’m just gonna go lay down in a more proper place. Thanks for showing me your new trick.” Hound got up to leave the room, only to be replaced by a blue Autobot shortly after. “Overcharge, right?” Skids asked. “I don’t mean to bother you, but I just wanted to say thanks. I wouldn’t be functional if you hadn’t saved my life.

Watching the Sargeant stumble away, Overcharge smirked. *Yeah, that'd be exactly why I haven't tried it.* Predictability was a virtue, especially in regards to your own chassis. He only got a moment of respite before a blue Autobot appeared in front of him. It was Skids, thanking him for not giving up on him during the raid by Decepticons. "Oh, it's nothing. I did what I could for a fellow comrade. How are you feeling? Perceptor says a few cycles more, and we wouldn't have been there on time."

“Ah, I’ve felt better.” He responded, but then processed his statement. “Technically, I haven’t actually.” He chuckled, glancing at Perceptor’s workbench. “I do have an textbook level knowledge of the war on my home planet though. Perceptor was real chatty about that.” His optics looked around. Hey, where did the green one go?”

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“You got what you need, boss?”

Ramjet and Slipstream stood in the lair of SOUNDWAVE’s compound as drones continued to work. The two fliers didn’t look too different in their new Earth modes, only that Ramjet may have gained more height on Slipstream. She tapped her foot in annoyance. SOUNDWAVE was not responding to the two.

“The box is wasting our time.” Slipstream turned away, pushing a drone out of her sight as she headed for the hallways, only for a booming voice to come through the entire complex.



The box glowed, then turned dim again. The voice always made Ramjet jolt, never ready for the jump scare, but Slipstream only scowled. “Operation Sky? I’m assuming that has something to do with us?” Chuckling, Ramjet nodded. “I already blew some lousy organics outta the sky, what more do you want from-“



Once again, the box glowed and dimmed. There wasn’t much the two could do, only that whatever SOUNDWAVE’s plan was, it might get them home. The two blasted out of the hangar deep in the snowy tundra, heading to their destination.


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  • Similar Content

    • By FrostyFoster
      This is a prologue taking place before Part 1 of TF Break
      The streets of Iacon were filled with scrap as a single vehicle drove through the war torn city, stopping at one of the broken buildings to the right of him. Seekers, grunts in the Decepticon army, flew through the skies in an attempt to find the black and white car, but to no avail. Driving into a grooved crack, the Autobot found himself next to a tiny orange terminal. These were Teletraan Mobiles, giving Autobots access to communications and resources all across the planet.
      Once he knew the coast was clear, the Autobot transformed to reveal a sleek humanoid exterior. The gruff machine stuck his finger in one of the Mobile’s slots, revealing a large Yellow Autobot on the screen. “Prowl!” The Autobot responded in shock. “We were worried about you.” Prowl scoffed at this statement. “What? Didn’t trust me to finish the job, Prime? There’s a reason I had to be the messenger bot myself.” 
      Prowl was second in command of the Autobots and someone who wouldn’t normally take a menial task such as this. A weapon shipment transport, shot down many cycles ago, was recently discovered to have most of its armaments intact. Sending this information to Sentinel Prime, these powerful weapons could turn the tides in the war. Sentinel smiled through the screen. “Thank you Prowl. You’ve done a-“ The black and white Autobot cut him off. “A great service to the Autobots, I know, I know… Wait…” 
      Hearing the sound of a Seeker jet blasting away, two more Decepticons pulled army the rubble hiding Prowl. “Scrap! I-“ suddenly, the transmission went blank on Sentinel Prime’s side. “Prowl?! PROWL?!”

      Altihex. A beautiful city only tainted by the fact it was where the Decepticon’s headquarters resided. Right in the middle of the militarized area, a gigantic black pyramid stood tall. What seemed like an endless amount of Decepticons  worked within this complex, rising all the way to the top. However, only two took residence upon the highest floor. Sitting atop an extravagant throne, Lord Megatron spun a glass of pure Energon with his fingers, only for a purple Decepticon to burst through the door. “Lord Megatron.” Shockblast uttered as his yellow eye lit up. “One of our seekers just received this information.” 
      A projection appeared in front of the Decepticon leader, showing him the downed cargo. A smile curled up his face, rising from his chair. “Send the Combaticons immediately. We cannot let this precious cargo go to waste in the Autobot’s hands!” As he yelled this, Shockblast proceeded to show his disapproval. “Lord Megatron. This could very well be a trap. Perhaps we should take caution.” A silence surrounded the two, only for Megatron to finally turn to his lackey. “Send. The. Combaticons.” He almost whispered while taking large steps toward Shockblast. “You will follow this order or be terminated on the spot. These stupid suggestions may have worked with my pathetic predecessor, but not with me. Do you understand?”
      “Yes, Lord Megatron…”
      “This the Lieutenant Bulkhead. I’m coming up on the objective point.” 
      A green 4x4 rolled up next to the broken transport, noticing the wings had rotted of long ago. Commanding a group of 10, Bulkhead transformed along with them. “There’s gonna be a rust storm soon. We better take what we can quick!” As the group proceeded into the transport, one of the Autobots swore he heard a swivel. “What was that?” He called out. Bulkhead sighed and shrugged. “Don’t worry. Place is falling apart. Probably just a-“
      A tank shell slammed into one of the Autobots, killing him instantly. “We got company!” Bulkhead yelled as he returned fire. His heavy machine gun began to heat up from firing, causing the tank to roll back. “Lieutenant, they’ve surrounded the vacinity!” At that moment, Gatlings from a helicopter tore through two more Autobot’s chassis’. “RETREAT! RE-“ Bulkhead’s circuits scrambled once he was punched directly in the face by Onslaught, the squad leader. 
      As he fell onto metal scraps, he heard the cries of his fellow brothers be silenced. A sharp jolt from the back of his head woke the Autobot right back up as he felt his processors jumble. “Found something.” The tan and purple Decepticon called out. Onslaught looked at the data pad he was holding. “Two wins today, boys! Let’s grab the weapons and go!” Without a second thought, the leader shot Bulkhead multiple times, leaving his corpse to rot with the transport.

      Sentinel Prime stood atop the boarding ramp of the Hope. With many high quality fighters spread thin, the volunteers for this mission would be arriving one by one after they were finished with their previous tasks. “Please… please succeed…”
    • By FrostyFoster
      Transformers Break
      War has plagued the planet of Cybertron for many cycles. Two factions, adamant for control of the planet, have caused both parties to lose half of their respective populations. Due to this, the Autobots and Decepticons are currently at a stalemate as they try to regroup.
      Knowing that the Deception’s new leader Megatron is much more bloodthirsty than his predecessor, Sentinel Prime has tasked a small group of volunteer Autobots to find a planet rich with Energon, the Transformer’s energy. Knowing fully well they might not return, they chose to be apart of a last ditch attempt at winning the war.
      Taking a transport ship named HOPE, these Autobots will become apart of something much greater…

      Welcome to Transformers Break, a new universe with familiar and unfamiliar elements. This RP will require committing to posting and to speak with me before you create a character. However, it’ll be a more relaxed RP with leeway for the players to give new ideas and build up this world. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just remember that HOPE will be leaving soon!
      FrostyFoster as Perceptor, Hound, NPCs
      Replicator as Overcharge
      ShirokuHakudo as Hot Shot
    • By FrostyFoster
      “I wasn’t expecting my life to end up this way, but when the time comes for action, I’ll always join up.”
      FACTION: Autobot
      RANK: Sergeant 
      While he’s somewhat intriguing, Hound still tries to be helpful wherever he can. Ever since his life was changed, he’s tried to benefit the world, but hasn’t had much luck. He’s better off being with a group than alone though.
      A smaller sized Transformer, Hound is primary dark green with some streaks of red and yellow. His paint job looks very clean and up to date, unlike his alt mode…

      Alternate Modes and weapons
      Hound transforms into a standard WWII original production Jeep. He carries a large Bazooka, barely fitting on top of the backseat, and a pistol strapped to his right thigh.

    • By FrostyFoster
      This will be an archive of all the characters used in Transformers Break
      Bold text signifies Player Characters


      Sentinel Prime - The wise but firm leader of the Autobots. For many cycles, he has held the title of Prime, more than any before him. Because of this, he has watched many of his comrades die, wearing down on his circuits. However, his pride and willpower have continued to make him a valuable part of the faction, causing many Transformers to look up to him.

      Prowl - A General in the Autobot’s army, his tactics are successful, albeit sometimes harsh. While not evil by any means, he comes across as aggressive and cold to most under him. This causes him to butt heads with Sentinel Prime on multiple occasions.

      Bulkhead (DECEASED) - A Lieutenant in the Autobot’s army, Bulkhead has completed many missions for the cause. A weapons expert, Sentinel Prime chose him specifically for a special assignment, which would be his last. 

      Perceptor - A science officer for the Autobot Army, his goal is for the Cybertronian race to advance as a species. His theories and technology have helped Sentinel Prime’s cause on many occasions.

      Overcharge - Able to redirect his energy in many ways, Overcharge has become quite useful to Autobots, being able to fill multiple roles in a squad. Sentinel Prime wishes there were more soldiers like him.

      Kup (DECEASED) - A war hero, Kup’s successes in life have brought him great respect from his peers. However, his age has started to slow him down, making him much more of a hard-ass as a result. In charge of the Hope’s operation, he hopes this mission will turn the tide for the Autobots.

      Hotlink (DECEASED) - A Decepticon turned Autobot, Hotlink is a pyrotechnics expert. Wild and cocky, he can present himself as a challenge to other Autobots.

      Skids - Little is known about this Autobot Corporal, only that be serves the army as a loyal soldier.

      Megatron - Ruthless and psychotic, Megatron has become the new Lord of the Deceptions only recently due to his place on the hierarchy. His methods are cruel, only fueling the flames of fear both Autobots and Decepticons have for him. 

      Shockblast - Megatron’s second in command, the former scientist is much more level-headed due to working under the Decepticon’s previous leader. Because of this, he is able to convince Megatron not to perform certain tasks that would jeopardize the Decepticon race.

      Combaticons - Made up of Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl, Blast Off, and Vortex, the special ops team of five follow Megatron’s assignments, mostly kept under wraps from the other Decepticons. Enjoying pain and suffering, they are perfect for their leader’s regime.
      Destron (DECEASED) -Former Lord of the Decepticons, Destron strived for complete dominance over Cybertron. Unlike his successor though, Decepticons followed him out of respect, not fear. Killed in a factory explosion, rumors have spread that perhaps Megatron had set off the explosives, finding Destron to be a weak leader.

      Slipstream - A former high ranking operations officer, Slipstream relied on speed and stealth to get her tasks done. Famous for using two sleek blades, her kills were clean and precise. After an accident, her and Ramjet were banished to an abandoned vessel. Little did they know that Megatron still had plans for them. 

      Ramjet - A weapons expert in the Decepticon ranks, Ramjet doesn’t care if the mission gets messy. While successful, he is loud and violent.  After an accident, him and Slipstream were banished to an abandoned vessel. Little did they know that Megatron still had plans for them.
      SOUNDWAVE - A mysterious giant box that’s origin and true purpose in unknown. It seems to be aligned with the Decepticons. It’s primary function seems to be creation, being able to make armies of different drones.
      Frenzies - Red drones serving as the standard bulk of SOUNDWAVE’s army.
      Rumbles - Blue drones capable of serving different functions with its arms, such as battering Rams. 
    • By FrostyFoster

      “The only way for us to advance our race is by going into the depths of the unknown.”
      FACTION: Autobot
      RANK: Science Officer
      Curious and filled with knowledge, Perceptor desires to learn more about his people, Cybertron, and beyond. While he can sometimes get caught up in his work, he still values his Autobot friend’s lives greatly, hoping that the war can end peacefully. His love for science can become a conflict with his team members though if he feels something he’s created will help with the greater good. While not a soldier, he still has basic combat skill.
      A medium sized Transformer, Perceptor’s paint scheme is mostly red with shades of gray and white. A glass piece can slide over his right eye, allowing him to research objects and give him information, along with being used in battle. His shoulder barrel is not a weapon, instead it gives him the ability to see much better in both modes, scoping out objects and enemy targets.

      Alternate Modes and weapons
      Currently, Perceptor transforms into a large microscope, but the Autobot is willing to change into something more practical for battle in the future. He carries a single semi-automatic blaster rifle in battle. He has no close range weaponry.
      Little is known about what Perceptor did before the Great War, only that science has been apart of his life forever. He has served Sentinel Prime greatly for many cycles, causing the Autobot leader to offer him a spot to be apart of the HOPE’s mission. Ecstatic at being given the opportunity to travel outside of Cybertron, Perceptor gladly accepted, not knowing who would be joining him or where he’d actually end up…
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