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“The only way for us to advance our race is by going into the depths of the unknown.”

FACTION: Autobot

RANK: Science Officer



Curious and filled with knowledge, Perceptor desires to learn more about his people, Cybertron, and beyond. While he can sometimes get caught up in his work, he still values his Autobot friend’s lives greatly, hoping that the war can end peacefully. His love for science can become a conflict with his team members though if he feels something he’s created will help with the greater good. While not a soldier, he still has basic combat skill.



A medium sized Transformer, Perceptor’s paint scheme is mostly red with shades of gray and white. A glass piece can slide over his right eye, allowing him to research objects and give him information, along with being used in battle. His shoulder barrel is not a weapon, instead it gives him the ability to see much better in both modes, scoping out objects and enemy targets.

Alternate Modes and weapons

Currently, Perceptor transforms into a large microscope, but the Autobot is willing to change into something more practical for battle in the future. He carries a single semi-automatic blaster rifle in battle. He has no close range weaponry.



Little is known about what Perceptor did before the Great War, only that science has been apart of his life forever. He has served Sentinel Prime greatly for many cycles, causing the Autobot leader to offer him a spot to be apart of the HOPE’s mission. Ecstatic at being given the opportunity to travel outside of Cybertron, Perceptor gladly accepted, not knowing who would be joining him or where he’d actually end up…

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