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Getting Started! New Members Come Here!


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First and foremost welcome to Advent Destiny! Please be respectful to all fellow members! 

There are two aspects of our organization, one being this very board, the second being our discord channel. Please take a moment to join us on our discord channel to chat, plot, and say hello! While we use the discord as a tool to socialize we mainly do most of our role playing and writing here on our forum. While this may be a slower pace than trendy discord roleplays we believe in making a literary experience and expand our creative writing through use of the forum. Occasionally we may knock dialogue out on the discord channel as well. 

With that said we’d love to see what you have to say about yourself here on the forum as well! Please make a topic to introduce yourself if you so desire.

Now that you’ve introduced yourself (either via discord or forum) go ahead and talk to our story tellers or other members about what kind of stories you’re hoping to make. You can find a list of all our active roleplays listed here: List of Stories

If you don’t see something you like on the list please feel free to draft up a summary and lead a story yourself! 

Once you have determined what kind of storyline you’ll be participating in please go ahead and create a character here: Character Library

We are fairly lax in our standards but do ask for common sense and believability when drafting your characters. We want to create exciting stories that compel each other and that can only happen with great characters! If you need inspiration or ideas please feel free to ask other members for ideas and we’ll be happy to brainstorm together!

Ok you’ve made your character, what now? Post! Go ahead and join that story’s topic and create your own addition to that storyline. Work with the other players to work any new characters in smoothly and to plot relevant storylines together. Just because you may want your character to be bad ass doesn’t mean everyone else will see them that way. Grow your characters naturally and enjoy the ride that they take you on!

As always if you have any questions just ask! We’re happy to help newcomers!

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