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Ray Katsuki

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Heya guys


First of all I would like to apologise for my post on the plant help desk I kinda got a tad over exited (Haven't rpg'd for so long), I was waiting for the results of a blood test which is why I over reacted when I was corrected.  People do silly things when they are stressed.


But they came back negative which is one thing to be grateful for as it turns out the heart condition my dad had was hereditary.


Also on a much lighter and happier note as of 22:00 GMT in a pub somewhere in the UK I proposed to Keri (Sylia Rose on here) and she said yes!  So we are officially engaged! Not quite sure why she said yes but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, lord knows Ive had the ring long enough.




So wind official Keri's off the market so 


Were not gonna actually tie the knot for a long while but any of you guys that want to make an appearance when it happens as long as you can get here we can sort accommodation 


Cheers Guys

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The person holding that ring needed to clip their nails...


((Way to take the luster out of a great moment, Dimitri...))






Gratz you two! Have fun and make sure to lock the door! Because those maids don't know the meaning of Do Not Disturb...

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