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Jonathan M. Locke


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Jonathan M. Locke




Full name: Jonathan McDowell Locke

Faction: ZAFT

Rank: Adjunct

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Pale

Handiness: Ambidextrous


Locke has a fairly easy going attitude in life. Because of his upbringing he doesn’t get too flustered by many problems. He’s confident in his abilities but not cocky. He can be shy around people he doesn’t know, though will open up once he starts to trust people. At times he has a bit of a romantic vision on the war, seeing the ideals as being necessary to adhere to.

Strengths and weaknesses

  • Small sized – Locke still hasn’t fully grown so his stature is still lanky if not short. He still deals with the awkwardness of puberty.
  • Coordinator – Locke is a top tier coordinator. He was educated privately and so he didn’t have to hold back on any progress while learning. In public he was told not to show off and so would often “hide” his abilities to not arouse suspicion.
  • Wealthy upbringing – Locke’s father is an Admiral in the Alliance hailing from Eurasia. As such he had a classical background in extra curriculum activities; being versed in fencing, skeet shooting, and equestrian familiarity. He knows his manners and can clean up nice having been around many noble families.
  • Socially awkward – because of his traditional upbringing he can be naïve or unfamiliar with many modern social constructs. At times he can be very old fashioned to peers. He also had limited exposure to peers growing up which can have him struggling to find the appropriate behavior.


Lanky and short, Jonathan looks like a typical teenager. He will dress more formally than his peers which will cause him to stand out when he’s not in uniform. Otherwise, he does have traditionally handsome European features.


Despite the controversy of the time Jonathan was chosen to be conceived as a coordinator. Being wealthy his parents figured they would make the circumstances work in their favor. Indeed, the Locke family had deep roots in European aristocracy, so bending the rules wasn’t something they weren’t unfamiliar with.

Jonathan was raised privately in his family estate by servants and tutors. His interactions with his parents were limited while growing up.  As he excelled in his studies it became obvious that his talent was more than his parents bargained for, and they kept Jonathan secluded in their estate for fear of his lineage coming to light.

Jonathan was fascinated with military study given his father’s background, so he is well versed in military history. He also enjoyed applying himself to the hobbies afforded to him, proving to be a crack shot and capable fencer.

As he got older it became evident to himself what was going on with his existence and his parents. He decided to run away from home to alleviate their burden with having to hide him. He knew that by sticking around he would jeopardize his father’s position and reputation.



Role plays

Heavenly Homeland

Coliseum battles


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