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Kalika Ananta


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Full name: Kalika ‘Kali’ Ananta

Faction: Orb Union

Rank: Recruit

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 108 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Skin: Caramel

Handiness: Right-handed



Kali is a humbled individual. She exudes an aura of peace and serenity that adds to her grace and elegance. She is an old soul, she may be alone and introverted but that does not mean she feels isolated or lonely. That is not to say she does not have yearnings to be a part of something that compliments her. She is content, but not complacent to the point that she does not aspire to fulfill her dreams and desires.

Kali is beyond her years, what her peers find fun and exciting are just the opposite for her. A typical night could be spent reading, listening to music, or sleeping. She doesn’t believe in making trivial friendships and only makes friends with those she can relate to and confide in. 

Kali  has no qualms with being alone and often takes advantage of her time by engaging in activities that, although would be more enjoyable with company, are fulfilling to her alone as well. 

It is the little things she finds the most joy in such as the leaves of the trees that change color in autumn, a hummingbird in search of nectar, or the clouds traveling at the behest of the winds that guide them.

Strengths and weaknesses

Kali finds strength in things she is comfortable; computers and books are her strong suit, and she thrives in the academic arena. She is a keen observer and has an eye for detail and patterns.

Kali finds peace within meditation and yoga which she feels provide her clarity and eases her anxiety.

Kali suffers from social anxiety which makes it hard for her to assert herself or engage with groups of people she doesn’t know.

Kali has not realized her full potential and as such does not know that she is capable of great feats if she applied herself and stepped out of her comfort zone.


Kali large circular frames are a mask, hiding a quaint beauty that she is not aware of. In honor of her Indian/Hindu heritage she has a bindi mark which symbolizes ‘concealed wisdom’. Her dark curly hair is always neatly tucked into an up-do and is rarely seen down in the company of others. She wears her hair down when she is alone and resting. Her body is slender but not too skinny. Her muscles are sinewy accentuated with graceful curvatures. Her style of clothing is understated yet appears chic.


Kali’s quiet existence went by seemingly unnoticed as a citizen of Orb Union. What she lacked in social graces was compensated with academic prowess. It was a rumor that she was a Coordinator due to her intelligence, keen insight, and fast learning capabilities. Her lack of physical skill and her susceptibility to getting sick quieted those rumors.

In University, she was considered a prodigy in the field of computers and data analysis. She had taken a quiet career and life as an analyst until the Heliopolis Crisis. She was inadverdently brought aboard the Archangel. It was her quick thinking and observation that helped Captain Hawthorne alert Lieutenant Barondel of the incoming Aegis.

While she hoped to return back to her quiet life, Hawthorne felt she would be an asset and asked her to stay onboard the Archangel. Hesistant and unsure of her future, Kali reluctantly accepted her fate.

Role plays

For the Homeland

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