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2 Year Advent Destiny Celebration


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Hello everyone!

It was been a little over 2 years since Advent Destiny was revived by Valiant. Since then, a small group of people have created many different posts on the site. Not only is it important for archival purposes, but it should be celebrated that the website didn't die out, however close it came sometimes. As someone who came at the beginning of the revival, I'd like to share a bit of history about the stories and people who have given me such joy.

The website revival, after some planning, began with Zeta Destiny, a AEUG/Neo Zeon OC RP taking place shortly after the events of Zeta Gundam. It had managed to grab attention of a few players, including the veteran Roromi, Replicator, and myself. As a side note, this was my very first RP and I learned a ton from these people. Ryder Sarka taught me a lot on how to write quality posts. (Well, quality posts for my writing skill level)

For the first RP, it didn't last long. The AEUG and Neo Zeon only made it one mission before being abandoned. A few spin off arose. Flashbacks for certain characters, along with another mission completed with Ryder's flashback, happened. Nevertheless, it set a standard for RP here over the few months it commenced. Grimm, Ryder, Nicky, and all the other characters made their impact on players.

There was an IBO RP, Iron Blooded Order, starting near the end of ZD's lifespan. Unfortunately, it lost traction quickly due to its low player count.

In late 2019, Advent Destiny was in a state of disarray, with only the official Discord being used sporadically by former players. However, a savior of the site brought people back and even brought a few more. Replicator, known for his custom creations and a multitude of ideas, came forth with a brand new RP.

Gunpla Battle Nexus 1.8, a Build Divers RP, started in November of that year with 7 players. It had managed to complete 5 missions (2 done at the same time) in little over a year. While it had issues from time to time, I believe its the only reason this website is even still being used to this day. The adventures and Alpha and Beta Team brought a band of quirky characters together to create something magical.

GBN 1.8 received a large amount of spin offs. At first, I created 3 short stories in the world, but more slowly began to pop up. Fleurs De Noblesse, a campaign featuring myself, Roromi, and another returning player, Judge. At the time of writing this, Fleurs is on its 6TH MISSION, a record here and a game I'm proud to be apart of. Currently, it will continue.

As GBN 1.8 goes on hiatus soon, AD continues. I have started a 00 RP, 00 Redefine, one where OC's take over the roles of the Gundam Meisters and change history. An ORB RP by Roromi has also began, revolving around the Astray Mobile suits. I hope those continue onward and create much joy to the players and readers.

With what looks to be a return to our first RP here and possibly even more RPs, Advent Destiny isn't going anywhere. I have played with some of the best people (and a few really bad apples), but they've given me a chance to be apart of a niche I never expected to do. The quality of posts here is truly something to be proud of on the current internet.

I'd like to thank some people for joining me on this journey.

Roromi has always been super nice to me and is likely the reason I'm personally still playing. His love for RP means he'll always be ready to participate and have fun doing it.

Replicator, like I said, has created so many creations and given us tons of ideas because of his love for the franchise. Somethings have been crazy, but the crazy ideas are the best kinds and I wouldn't want Rep any other way.

Judge, who is quite recent for this revival, has proven himself to be a quality writer and a fun person to talk with. I'm glad he's playing on multiple RP's with us.

I'd also like to thank Acidic, Confectrixx, Shiroku, Toshiro, and of course, Valiant. We wouldn't be here without him.

We're a small group, but we've slowly continued to grow. Hopefully there's even more people in another two years.

Thanks for everything,


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