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Roane MacMaster


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Full name: Roane MacMaster

Faction: Orb

Rank: Leading Private

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Height:  5’8’’

Weight: 175

Eyes:  Amber

Hair: Brown

Skin: Fair

Handiness: Ambidextrous



Friendly and easy-going, Roane is popular with his comrades in research and development. He knows his place within the Orb military structure and does little to rock the boat, taking his job as a test pilot seriously but never seeking promotion, lest he no longer be allowed behind the wheel. While Roane considers himself a gear head, he knows more about piloting a suit than he does about how they work.


Strengths and weaknesses

Morgenroete Test Pilot: As the test pilot for the Astray units, Roane has an in-depth understanding of Morgenroete mobile suits and a working knowledge of mobile suits in general.

Non-combatant: Roane, as an R&D Test pilot, has no combat experience outside of simulations.

Fear of space: As an earthborn natural, Roane has deep reservations about being in the endless expanse of outer space.

Go with the flow: Roane is a pretty laid-back guy and an excellent improvisor. When things go pear-shaped, he’s able to adapt and overcome.


While perhaps not as attractive as his coordinator comrades, Roane is a handsome young man in his twenties who is required by his job description to remain in excellent physical shape. When not in his red and black testing suit, he is either wearing a pair of mechanic’s coveralls and his trusty ballcap, or when expected to clean up, some decent clothes and a lab coat.



Roane MacMaster, a natural born to Scottish immigrants, has been a citizen of the Orb Union his entire life, living in the capital of Olofat. A consummate slacker growing up, Roane’s parents often feared their son’s directionless nature throughout his adolescence, a fear that would only be partially alleviated when he announced upon graduation that he would be joining the military.  After talking him out of enlisting immediately, Roane spent the next few years in a decent university before dropping out and joining the military anyway. With a start as a mechanic, Roane found that his inclinations leaned more towards piloting the hardware rather than working on it and he soon made it his goal to become a test pilot. His easygoing demeanour, connections, and dedication—along with his experience as a mechanic—made the journey to that goal much shorter. The slacker in him long gone, Roane had become ambitions, eager, and hardworking if only to chase this new thrill.

Soon enough, Roane was placed on a top-secret assignment—the testing of the new Astray units currently being built on Heliopolis. While the idea of being in a space colony was less than thrilling to him, MacMaster knew it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.


Role plays

For the Homeland

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