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Music reviews by Nipa!

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Hello! I’m Nipa, I’m fairly new to the forum and it’s respective discord server! (And I have no knowledge about music but uh ye)

These weekly reviews will have 3 segments, history,  (when it was released, albums it was featured in, official covers, etc.) discussion/overview of the song, (what was so special about the song, instruments, iconic points in it.) and rating/opinion (my personal rating and opinion. NOTE: just because I like the song does not mean you like it, so please do not leave hate comments about that.)

Todays review (which I will call S1E1 for the heck of it) will be about the hit classic “Money for nothing” by Dire straits, so let’s get into it.



This song was the second track in the popular British rock band “Dire straits” on their fifth studio album “brothers in arms”, which was released in 1985 and the single was released in the same year on June 24. Its groundbreaking (for the time) music video was the first to be aired on MTV Europe when the network launched on the 1st of august, 1947. It was the bands most commercially  successful song and had made it to the first spot on the US’s “Billboard hot 100” and “Top rock charts” for 3 weeks each. (It had also reached number 4 for the band’s native UK). In the July 1985, the band performed the song at Live aid. (a MASSIVE musical charity service that aired across the world, it’s purpose was to raise funds to help stop the AIDs crisis that was happening at that time.) 



The lyrics heard in “Money for nothing” are told from the perspective of two working-class men who are referring to the bands on MTV. These lyrics, according to Mark Knopfler, (the lead singer) are told word-to-word from a man he met while visiting a new york hardware store. The songs iconic opening guitar riff is easily recognizable amongst rock fans, but it’s iconic sound was originally made by mistake, the guitar being played was played through a amplifier and was accidentally captured by two nearby microphones that no processing, the guitarist (Mark Knopfler) has made numerous attempts to recreate the sound at a different studio but was unsuccessful.



I love this song, it’s the perfect mix of story telling and relatability combine into one beautiful song and the opening guitar riff really drives home my opinion on this being the most iconic song of its time. As for rating, I shall rate it a 10/10 for the same reasons.

Now I know some people here have more knowledge about this kind of stuff, so I do suggest adding any tidbits/missed information about the songs I review. And please note that I have NOT gone over the songs entire history, just a shortened version of it.

That’s all for this weeks review, and I’ll see you all next sunday!

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