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Nikka Edvardine

Nipa the woundwort

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So uh, this is my first template on this so expect it to be basic as hell. but uh here is my character:


name: Nikka Edvardine (“Nipa” for short)

age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet 2 inches tall

personality: Nipa is the type of girl who is full of confidence in both herself and friends. She always tries to help out her companions/friends whenever she can, she’s also knowledgeable when it comes to gunpla and heavy weapons usage.

Traits (this is basically a simplified version of the strengths/weaknesses tab) 

Trait 1: special/heavy weapons expert. Nipa excels at using cannons and large caliber weapons, accurately targeting and firing them as well as using them as tools (like firing a cannon round at the ground for a makeshift smokescreen or a large beam weapon to make a path through a dense forest/city)

trait 2:  professional energy management. (this trait was supposed to go in the first traits description but I decided against it so it can be fleshed out better) Thanks to her knowledge/skill from studying, testing, and training. Nipa can effectively move as quick as other lighter mobile suits but can and will eventually  charge into the enemy lines and get wiped out if she gets overconfident in her capabilities.

Trait 3: I don’t have a good name for this but Nipa can easily get confused/overloaded in space combat, decreasing her combat effectiveness and becoming an overall drag to her team.

Appearance: image! (I can’t describe stuff so yeah..)

notes: I apologize if I messed this up but i’m really new to this sort of roleplay, and i will gladly take feedback and such and i will try my best to adjust this to the expectations set. 
(Oh right, i’ll use this character in the GBN rp when it becomes available and if Nipa gets accepted)

Edit: forgot to mention her history so here we go again!

history: Nipa is the daughter of a family who runs a local Gunpla store, which is where she got her love and interest in gunpla and the Gundam franchise as a whole. 

And that’s it! I’ll keep her personal MS/Gunpla a secret for extra suspense. (Some of the peeps on the discord server might’ve already saw it but i’ll give a hint regardless. It is five words words: “Grand assault, built in reality”)


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