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Nathaniel Barondel


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Full name: Nathaniel Barondel 

Faction: Orb

Rank: Lieutenant

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 180

Eyes: brown

Hair: long black hair

Skin: fair

Handiness: right handed


Nathaniel can be aloof at times but his carefree nature often hides his meticulous demeanor.

Strengths and weaknesses

Coordinator – this makes him exceptionally quick to learn and adapt to situations. Often before a unique situation he still spend time researching a problem to try and master it. Being a coordinator also makes him more physically resilient. 

Subterfuge – Nathaniel is skilled in the art of deception and subtlety. He can sense people’s mood and is quick to use his care free nature to capitalize on his interactions with others. 

Fear of heights – he has an irrational fear of heights, oddly he doesn’t feel this anxiety as much when in a mobile suit (probably due to scale). But a cliff edge will make him nervous. 

Terrible love life – despite being approachable, Nathaniel doesn’t have a good track record with women. At times this makes him lonely although he’ll hide this fact to keep his comrades in high spirits. 

Military minded – The military provides a regiment that Nathaniel recognizes as important to countering his relaxed nature. This means that despite his attitude he will default to what is deemed “correct.” This can at times come at odds with what is happening or even limit how he interacts with his teammates. 


Nathaniel is quite handsome, with long black hair and brown eyes. He has a muscular body, and is usually sharply dressed with clean clothes and a military bearing. 


Nathaniel was born a first generation coordinator. His family was fairly influential and moved to Orb shortly after his birth. Growing up his parents didn’t tell him that he was a coordinator for many years, wanting him to develop at his own pace and discover his own potential. Given the open nature of the country this proved to work out just fine, with Nathaniel excelling at sports and other physical activities. 

As he got older he soon enlisted in the Orb self defense forces and proved to be an excellent asset, quickly being selected for a special unit (which seemed to gravitate other coordinators as well). After his military service term was up, he was scouted for an Orb intelligence unit. Finding the prospect intriguing, Nathaniel signed up to receive his official “spook” training.  While he worked for intelligence he received various promotions until he was a lieutenant. As the Earth/Zaft war picked up in intensity he was tasked with assembling a team of commandos to goto Heliopolis for a special assignment. 

Nathaniel is fiercely loyal to his homeland and is willing to do what is necessary to protect Orb lives. 

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