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Geneva Halston


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Full Name: Geneva Amie Halston
Faction: Orb Union
Rank: Ensign
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black
Skin: Light-Skinned
Handiness: Right-Handed


Shy and nervous, Geneva is never the one to start a conversation. Colleagues find her sweet whenever she responds to them, but she mostly keeps to herself. Inside though, she’s lonely and wishes to branch out and meet new people, but doesn’t truly know how. In battle, while she’s not confident in her abilities, she's shown she understands mobile suits based on what she's learned from ZAFT. It is currently unknown how well she would do in mobile suit combat.

Strengths and weaknesses

Yes Sir- Geneva WILL follow orders, not only to get the job done, but she wishes not do make her superiors angry but straying from the plan. 

Wait, I can’t do that!- There are two sides to this coin. When a plan does go awry, Geneva is poor at improvising due to her unfound sureness in her abilities.

Here to help- When someone does come and talk to her, it makes her day, even if she doesn’t show it on the outside. She’ll listen to others problems and give them comfort, wanting people to never be treated the way she was growing up.

Sorry…- In most situations though, she’s distant. This causes her to feel defeated whenever a problem arises that she can’t help. This applies to every part of her life, including combat.


Geneva has short black hair and uses a minor amount of makeup to look presentable. She normally wears collared shirts along with jackets, which are normally also black. Jeans and skirts that go well with her shoes are normally worn as well. She wishes to keep her body in good condition specifically to withstand the hardships of piloting.


Born October 12th CE 48 to Natural parents, Geneva Amie Halston was a first-generation Coordinator intended to bring her somewhat wealthy family even more riches. However, problems arose do to this process. Geneva couldn’t smell and had low body heat, along with some other minor defects. Because she wasn’t the perfect child, her parents treated her poorly compared to her siblings.

Growing up, it was hard for her to make friends in the small island nation, causing her to become extremely reserved. Year after year, her parents expected her to be something that she just wasn’t, which led her grades to slip more and more. Geneva felt she had no future, until the military came knocking on her door. She had done quite well on test specifically made to see who could be combat ready. This gave her an opportunity and once she graduated, she disowned her family, moving away to begin a new life to study ZAFT units for Orb's military.

For the next few years, she worked within the ranks, meeting new people who didn’t treat her poorly. Eventually, her time to shine came once she was assigned under Nathaniel Barondel’s command for a special mission. Would she prove to everyone that she could be something greater, or will her issues inside of her prevent success?


For the Homeland

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