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For the Homeland


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Keiran sat back in the cockpit quietly, there was no preamble to prepare himself this time, he was ready for whatever he had to do, his mobile suit stayed the same from the last mission, he wanted to stay as a general purpose unit until his allies settled in to their roles.. right, his team.. He opened his eyes and wondered if they'd be ready, he would understand some hesitation here, though.. he himself wouldn't hesitate at all when it came to this, never the less... he waited, and when it was his time to launch, he was alarmingly animated

"Keiran Larris, Launching!" He called out, gripping the controls tight as the mobile suit flew forward with his team, he was quiet, focused.. like a laser, as soon as he got boots on the ground with his team, he sprung into action, activating his thrusters to move forward and swing his mobile suits Beam spear at an enemy, cleaving it in two, he turned to cover Roane as well, noticing one of the enemy's fallen onto a building, he bit his lip "Don't let it get to you, evacuations have taken place" He said to reassure him, continuing in his stride to help cover his teammates where needed, only stopping when Kali made her call out.

"Nice call, guards up!" He said to his team, staying on his toes with his shield up, and with the beam spear now in rifle form as he scanned the area,.. he wasn't going to let them get ambushed again, not this time.

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Mai stayed in the corner of the building as the sounds of weapon fire and explosions were heard outside. Looking as a glass of water was gave to her, she nodded her thanks and drank it as she looked at people here. Besides the soldiers and herself, there were both civilians and other non-combatants here. She listened to the talk of the soldiers and stood as she approached Sergeant Gibbs, "Excuse me," she said to him. "I have a plane in the hangar," she stated as she looks and the ground shakes from a nearby explosion.

Sergeant Gibbs looked and nodded, "Sir," he said to the soldier who turns. "Mai here says she has a plane in the hangar we can use to get people out of here," and the soldier looks. "What kind of plane? A transport?" he asked her. "Yes sir, I call her Flerken Heavy," she responded back to him. "It is a modified transport that I use for heavy lifting with the Junk Guild, she said. "No weapons on her," Mai added as she looked at them.  The soldier looked at her and the other non-combatants and thought for a moment. "Sergeant, take Mai here and a few men and get the civilians to her plane," he orders. "Radio command and advise of transport leaving with civilians, call sign Flerken Heavy. Advise the Archangel of the transport location and cargo," and he looked back at Mai as he walked over to a map, "Which hangar ma'am?"

Mai informed him of the hangar and the word went out. "Find me a few safe locations to land the plane," he added. "Sergeant, when you arrive get the transport ready, grab any wounded and civilians you can and get them out of here. Here are some locations to land, find one that will get away from here and go there. when you arrive radio in." and Sergeant Gibbs salutes and Helps in getting people ready.

Mai looked at a few scared people, "Don't worry, we are getting out of here," she says to them as she turned and makes the sign of the cross with her hand, "Oh Lord, be with us," she said silently to herself. She walked to the door, still shaken but trying to hold it as a she is handed a gun and looked at it. "I have never fired a gun." and she looks at those here. The Soldier nods and handed her a bag, "Here is some first aid kits. Grab what you can as you make your way to he hangar," and he looks at those leaving, "Do what Sergeant Gibbs here tells you to do. These soldier will be your guards stay with them," and he nods. "Sergeant, head out. Radio when you arrive at the hangar," and Gibbs salutes and the party headed out. Twenty minutes late, as the group of people, about fifteen total, went to the hangar.

The group arrived, about 30 minutes later where Mai's transport is located, it took some time, due to stopping for cover. Gibbs radioed in their position. Mai looked at her plane and sees no damage and runs to it, "Oh it is good to see ye lass," she said as she gave it a hug. Gibbs looks, "Does it fly?" he asked? Mai punches him in the arm, "Aye she will fly," she said. "Me lass may not look good, but she can get us out of here," she added she runs onboard and to the cockpit. Thinking, she turns on everything and activates the APU. Mai checked all the gauges and sees everything is in good shape. Getting up, she runs out of the plane and checks the plane in a walk around than disconnects the gpu. A few soldiers help with the caulks and go to the doors to open them. Mai boarded her plane as the soldiers return and she turned to those here. "Strap into the seats in the back. That container is built to survive a drop with a chute. Me plane is not going to land in many areas, so I will do my best to get you to a safe place," and she puts on a headset as Gibbs and others drop into the seats around her. "Lets go big mamma," and Mai looked at him and smiles as she turns up the radio. 

She pushes the throttle forward as the transport moves and she drives strait, once the wings have cleared, she activates the tiltrotors and they powered to life. "Flerken Heavy, loaded with civilians and injured, taking off." she states over the radio as she stops and sees the suit in the way. Cursing in Scottish, Mai pulls a lever as the rotors rotate and she sets the breaks as she throttled the motors up. The Flerken starts to lift off like a helicopter and once clear of the hangars by about 100 feet, moves the level forward and retracts the landing gear. "Now lad, were do we need to go?" she asks Gibbs as gunshots are heard hitting the hull and she throttles forward, and increases speed with the jet engines at the back of the transport. Mai listens to the chatter as she moves the transport to avoid he shots being fired into the sky. As the fighting continues, shells are hitting the hull and she sees a few alarms as she kills the engines, allowing the rotors to work. As she does this, she says a silent prayer and heads for a safe zone. as she looks at the radar and blinks as she flips on her transponder and talked again over the radio.

"Oy, I have non-combatants and injured on here, quit yer shooting at me you dolts...." she said as some unintelligent language in Scottish is followed over the radio. "Everything ok?" Gibbs asked her. "Aye, we are ok," she responded to him, "If they don't stop shooting at us," she muttered to herself as the Flerken is rocked hard by a hit and alarms started to go off. "No.. nonononononono," she states as she looked out the window "I'll kill the person who did that," she said to no one.


On the ground, the Flerken lifts off and lumbered off the ground as it flew away from the hangar. As it lifted off, the firefighting continued and it turned away from the hangars and the fighting and towards the ocean. The plan was to have the Flerken fly out and bank back to a cleared area a few miles away from the base, However, that was cut short, as a few shots, wild or not, flew and shot past the transport, before one hit the pilot side, engine 1 side, of the plane, damaging the rudder and caused the engine back there to explode.


Mai looked at Gibbs, "Take over," is her only comment as she flips the autopilot on and gets up and goes to the rear door and looks through the window and sees the missing engine on the pilot's side of the plane. Returning to the cockpit, she sits and looked at everyone as she says simply "Out." The people in the cockpit look at her. "Get to the container, I'm going to eject ye." and they all look at her. "Oy, do I need to whallop yer arses? Get into the container with the others," she said to them. "This plane is not going to stay up much longer. At least in there, you are safe. That container has chutes on it and will get you to safety, although no where near the area we need to be, but better than back there." and she grabs the yolk and stables the plane. "Get yer arses moving," and they all leave.

Gibbs manages to get the people loaded up, "Mai," Gibbs said to her. "Lets go," he added. "I'll be fine," she responds back. "I do not want anyone to get hurt, so I am going to fly her and I'll bail afterwards. Might see about taking out a few of those dolts as well," she added as Gibbs gets on the container and Mai seals it and releases it. The container drops away and 6 parachutes deploy as it drops to the ground. She went white as she saw the damage.

Returning to the cockpit, Mai turns the Flerken and sighs as she keys up her radio and transmitted "Non-combatants and injured dropped at ...." and she leaves coordinates. "Mayday...mayday, Flerken Heavy going down. Mayday, Mayday, Flerken Heavy going down." Afterwards, she gets her own parachute on and heads for the cargo door. Mai looked at the Flerken and sighs as she goes and grabs what she has that is hers, which is not much. As she went to grab a bag, that has her cloths, the Flerken is rocked and shifts hard, throwing her to the floor and she hits her head on something. Slowly she gets up and stands, only to be thrown towards the floor again.


The transport was going down, but not at a fast rate, controlled would eb the word and the big greenish-yellow craft with a Junk Guild logo/crest on the side dropped a container that, once cleared deployed six parachutes and landed about 2 miles from the fighting. a few more explosions occurred as a rotor stopped and smoked as another few shots hit the craft. The plan began to nose down more and exploded a few moments after what appeared to be a loan parachute appears and drifts down, towards the Archangel....


She stumbled back towards the cargo door and looks as she grabbed the handle and opens the door, where she stumbled out of the plane. As she fell, she looked and saw her plane explode, while hit by a few of the smaller debris and deploys her chute. she rubs her head as she she blinked. Mai looked at where she was heading towards what looks like a ship, but her vision is foggy after hitting her head and getting hit with some pieces of her Flerken. She struggles to reach for the cords to help her change direction as she saw the weapons firing. She just froze as she heads for the ship and manages to land on something where there are rails and she rolls up against them and hangs on the best that she can.

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Nathaniel almost didn’t hear the warning about additional bogeys as another volley slammed into his raised shield. He hissed a curse under his breath as he tried to assess the situation. Being able to fly so far had given him a tremendous advantage but it also made him more liable for these type of situations. 

Chromatic team had hit into the enemy ranks pretty hard. What little experience and training advantage they had was proving to be a great asset. “I’ve got no choice then…” Nathaniel muttered as he dived Gold Frame in towards the scattering M1’s. At this point the enemy was confused whether to focus on him or the bulk of the forces from Chromatic team. His sudden dive caused greater confusion as he easily dodged the carefully aimed ranged shots that were meant for him. 

Gold frame swept in close to the traitorous enemies, beam saber extending from the beam rifle to scythe into one M1 after another. The speed of his own attack startled Nathaniel who wasn’t expecting to be so aggressive, but didn’t object as he cut down three units to varying degrees of success. As he finished his strafe he veered back behind his team. 

“Geneva! Lead the assault! I’m on the unknown forces! Keiran I need you to back me up if these bogeys get over land! ” He hardly waited for a response as he pushed his throttle to dive back towards the approaching Archangel. Maybe this will impress her this time around? 


Hawthorne grimaced as she saw a brilliant explosion just ahead of the ship as some sort of airplane was shot down. It didn’t matter at that moment as it wasn’t her ship that fired on them. Lucky for any survivors they were still on sovereign ground so any search and rescue would be conducted domestically. She also happened to have bigger problems to worry about as she focused on the unknown pings on the radar behind them all. 

“Helmsman veer around! Bring us about 180!” She looked around as her crew did as she ordered and began steering the ship sharply, the tilt making everyone shift in their seats to fight gravity. “Weapons!” She barked, to which another crewman responded. Hawthorne continued, “Ready all weapons to repel possible unknown enemy forces. We cannot let our mobile suits to get surrounded!” 

She nodded grimly at the viewport and squinted, thinking she could make out the enemies in the dying light. By this point the orange haze in the sky had completely died away and night was beginning to take firm hold of the land. 

Delphine nearly jumped out of her seat as Gold Frame flew past the bridge towards their new bearing. “Just what the hell does he think he’s doing?” Delphine asked out loud despite herself. As if reading her mind, Nathaniel’s voice boomed over the radio speakers. “I’m providing support Archangel! I’ll get out ahead and determine the nature of the potential threat! Barondel Out!” 

The Captain looked around nervously as she considered Nathaniel’s safety. She almost felt like he was getting increasingly bold ever since the Heliopolis mission. Why was he trying to play the hero so badly? Did becoming a mobile suit pilot get to his head that much?

Growling she ordered, “Full speed ahead! Remember to keep all hatches sealed since we may be heading over water!”

Yuna kept looking around nervously as the countryside yielded to the well groom estate of the Sieran family. He couldn’t help himself as he glanced from bodyguard to bodyguard sitting next to himself and his father. 

Sensing his son’s discomfort Lord Sieran stiffened up, “Yuna calm down. Do you honestly think I wasn’t prepared for something like this?” 

Yuna blushed some as he felt foolish suddenly, “Of course father! You’re right.” He slumped down in his seat more and let out a sigh. As soon as he began to relax he of course shot straight back up in his seat. “Are those mobile suits?!” 

The elder Sieran chuckled as he gazed out the car window to the two towering mobile suits in question. “Those aren’t just mobile suits my boy. Those are Earth Alliance suits. I think they’re called Daggers…” 

Yuna was awestruck, “Wha-? How did you get the Alliance to deploy those here? They must be brand new?” 

Lord Sieran maintained his look of superiority as he considered how to answer his progeny. After a moment he calmly replied, “I of course struck a deal with the Alliance. No matter what happened today I would be elected ruler of Orb. And in return I supplied the latest operating system to our dear friends in the Alliance. They wouldn’t-“ his words trailed away as he gawked out his window along with his son. “What in the blazes!” 

“The fools! What shameless arrogance! To think that they could possibly dare to be me, or my brother’s superior!” Rondo Mina Sahaku mused as she gripped the controls of her new toy. She came in fast, quicker than the clumsy natural pilot of the Dagger could have predicted. A large sword drove into the spine and cockpit of the Alliance mobile suit, instantly paralyzing and deactivating the machine.  The other Dagger caught on to the danger and fired its’ beam rifle at the strange enemy. 


“Such a fool!” Mina laughed as she rushed the Dagger. Up came her sword and she cleanly cleaved the rifle in two, making the weapon explode and the Dagger stumble back. “Go ahead draw your sword!” she hissed with glee as she leveled the tip of her own sword to the Dagger’s neck. 

The Alliance pilot could sense the impending doom and hesitated, but eventually reached back for the beam saber on it’s back. The right arm of the dagger went flying out free of the body. The left hand came to defend with its’ shield but Mina knocked the defense aside easily and thrust her weapon into the belly of the Dagger, killing that pilot as well. 

Laughing she turned on her PA system, “Where are you Sieran? Afraid to meet you end?” 


“Those have to be the bastards that murdered Miguel! I just know it!” 

Everyone frowned at Yzak’s remark, even the video image of Rau seemed dour at the white haired pilot’s remarks. “I see…” The commander commented as he rubbed his chin. Rau was still in space, having matters to attend to, but he was still giving orders to the team. “And does everyone else feel the same way?” 

Dearka, and even Athrun, and Nicol nodded their heads to various tempos of agreement. Jonathan sat in the corner with his arms cross, taking in the mood, and seeing what the redcoats decided. 

“Very well, In that case I will give you all permission to sortie out and provide backup for Wolf Squadron. However…” he paused as if just remembering something important, “You will need a commander for the mission… I will appoint Athrun to be your leader while stationed on Earth.” 

Again everyone nodded, with Athrun looking almost stunned by the impromptu promotion. 

“Good Hunting Everyone! I expect you all to return safely from this operation! La Cruset out!” The video call terminated on the monitor they had set up in a briefing room. Everyone rumbled for a moment with Yzak cutting through the noise, “so we’re the Zala team now is that it?” 

Athrun snapped back, “Cut it out Yzak! You heard our orders.” The black haired coordinator paused to studied everyone, including Jonathan then nodded. “We don’t have any time to loose. Everyone get to your machines and lets head out after Wolf Squadron!”

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Once again, the battle started to get overwhelming for the poor Orbie, but thankfully her superior had managed to get out of his predicament... only to end up right inside another. Nathaniel proceeded to create a plan of attack for the group, letting the XO lead the charge against the M1 reinforcements. "O-On it, sir!" She responded while the Gold Frame left the area. With Kieran likely following suit, that left her with the Red and Purple Frames, along with plenty more of the mass production types.

Geneva didn't even have much time to think about what to do as beams pelted around them from the enemy. "EEK! We got to go in closer!" The Blue Frame bolted directly at one of the M1s firing upon her, only for it to toss its rifle aside and pull out a beam saber. "Roane!" She yelled, seeing an M1 close to him fall into a large building. " Come here! We're gonna slice these suits up." The SMG's apart of her loadout had two dagger stuck to the bottom of them, allowing her to slice the Astray's hand clean off, sending the other knife directly into its cockpit.

Fortunately, the teambuilding between the group taught the XO how well Kali was at being on the lookout and strategy. "Kali. Keep a lookout for any stragglers further from us or coming towards you. I probably- AH!" A burst of pain rang through Geneva's head, sending a shock down her nervous system. Hoping to take advantage of the Blue Frame's sudden immobility, two M1's got closer, only for their torsos to be pelted with bullets. "Heh... heh... heh..." Gevena breathed in and out slowly, her body feeling very weak and cold. Not willing to repeat her last mission though, the Blue Frame stood back up.

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 Keiran’s voice came in over the radio as Roane tried to pry his eyes away from the collapsed building beneath the M1, remind the Red Frame’s pilot of the evacuations that had already taken place.

“R-right! Thanks, Keiran,” Roane said, taking a deep breath before redoubling his focus. Geneva was calling for him now, in need of his assistance. The Red Frame adjusted its grip on the spear and scanned the surroundings for the enemy just as a flurry of beam fire fell upon them. “Tch!” the Red Frame was buffeted back by some the beams as they connected with its shield. Roane wrenched the controls to the side and his mobile suit slid along the ground until he was safely in cover behind a skyscraper. It didn’t take a scientist or mechanic to tell him that his shield was toast. Just looking down at it told Roane all he needed to know. Large swathes of the shield’s front side had been melted or punctured.

“Well, damn,” Roane muttered to himself, letting the shield fall to the ground and grabbing the spear with his now-free hand. “I’m coming Geneva!”


The 6 GINNs, all equipped with Guuls, had reached the edge of the battlefield, led by their commander’s distinctive silver-and-black mobile suit. It wasn’t the full squadron—6 pilots were left on standby at Carpentaria, but it would do for what was supposed to be a recon mission. Lowell, being the tip of the spear, scanned the battlefield ahead of him. The Wolf Squad’s leader had never seen the Astrays before, but it was easy enough to tell which ones were the Chromatic team in question.

Nice and colour-coded for us

What was a bit more confusing were the mobile suits that looked just like them, rendered in an orange-black-and-white colour scheme. They had been told that Orb was undergoing some kind of coup, but no one had mentioned that the Union was mass-producing its own mobile suits.

“What would a supposedly neutral nation need with mass-produced suits?” based on their intel, the chromatic suits were being developed alongside the G-Weapons…but he figured they were also for the Earth Alliance, not for Orb’s personal use. Lowell had a bad feeling about all of this but he knew now wasn’t the time to get distracted.

Cody’s voice came over his comms. “Sir, I’ve got eyes on what looks to be a supply ship—it doesn’t have Orb designation, but it does seem to be carrying a full load,”

“Good eyes, Cody. Pursue that ship and disable it. If you can recover the cargo, all the better. Who knows what kind of secrets they might be—ah!”

Lowell felt a sudden twinge in his head and found his attention pulled towards something—someone—he couldn’t see with his eyes, but could…feel.


“Sorry,” Lowell shook his head. “Pursue the ship, Cody,”

“Roger that,” Cody’s GINN broke off from the rest of the squad, taking off after the supply ship trying to leave the battlefield.

Renato spoke next. “Sir, we’ve got two bogeys inbound. It looks like the Gold unit and the Green unit,”

“Right,” Lowell’s heart began to beat faster. “Renato, Faulkner, engage the Green unit. I’ll take the Gold one. Simmons and Araki, push deeper and pester the others where you can,”

A chorus of affirmatives came over the radio as the GINNs peeled off from the group, but Lowell’s attention was already focused on the incoming Gold unit.

It couldn’t be you, could it?


Roane rolled out of his cover and charged forward, full burst. As it approached the Blue Frame and its assailants, the Red Frame pulled back the spear and let it fly like a javelin. Roane cried with elation as the spear collided with one of the M1’s heads, ripping it off the body of the mobile suit.

“Come on!” the test pilot cried as his hands danced across the controls. The Red Frame leapt up into the air, tucked its leg and delivered a half-turn roundhouse kick to the beheaded M1, causing the torso to his the ground with a massive thud that kicked up a cloud of smoke. The Red Frame reached backwards and drew one of its beam sabers from the backpack unit, the pink blade glowing violently in the haze of concrete dust. Roane was about to bring the blade down on the disabled Astray when his sensors blared. The Red Frame wheeled around just in time to spot two missiles headed directly for it. Thinking fast, Roane kicked the CIWS guns into gear, the trail of bullets arcing upwards and connecting with the incoming rockets, exploding them prematurely.

“Where the hell did those came from?” Roane said, bewildered. His question was quickly answered as two ZAFT mobile suits atop of flight units came into view. “What are ZAFT units doing here? Geneva, Kali! Watch out!”


Lowell’s face hardened into a frown as the flying Gold unit came into view. He didn’t love fighting while constrained to the Guul, but the GINN couldn’t fly in atmosphere.

“I guess I should’ve requisitioned a DINN,” he said, but looking at the Astray and its flight pack, he knew it would’ve been able to dance circles around ZAFT’s flight-capable suits.  “Right, I don’t know if it’s you in there, but if it is, I guess we both knew this was coming, didn’t we?”

Sword in one hand, machine gun in the other, Lowell took a deep breath before pulling the trigger, letting fly a hail of bullets towards the Gold Frame. “Let’s see what this machine of yours can do, Barondel!”

Cody’s GINN fired persistently on the Flerken Heavy, which did little in the way of retaliation.

“I don’t know what secrets you’re trying to hide, but you’re not getting away from me,”

Cody smirked to himself, despite the suspicion growing in his stomach that something was off here. It was like shooting fish in a barrel when the damn thing couldn’t even shoot back. What was Orb thinking? That it’d just go unnoticed? But its lack of defenses raised questions as well. What if it was a civilian ship?

At that moment, the Flerken Heavy started to go down, jettisoning its cargo as it descended.

Oh well, I guess…

The GINN approached the cargo pod and took it in its hands.

“You’re coming with me,” Cody said, still smirking. He was fairly new to the squad, but if this pod contained Orb secrets, he might be seeing a promotion in the near future. “Sir, I’ve secured the supply ship’s cargo pod. I’ll drop it off at the rendezvous point and double back to re-engage,”

It was Renato, the second in command, that responded. “That’s a negative Wolf-12. Take the cargo and return to Carpentaria. This isn’t supposed to be a drawn-out thing,”

Cody frowned and groaned to himself. “Yes sir, returning to base,”



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Brown eyes were seemingly vacant as Kali watched the viewing screen with intent. She monitored the incoming bogeys as well as looking for stragglers as Ensign Halston suggested, "Roger." She said almost robotically. Her deft digits danced across her keyboard like second nature. She was simultaneously collecting battle data while monitoring.

"We have 6 units intercepting!" Kali called out to the team watching the blips on her screen move this way and that, "Lieutenant and Larris, two of the bogeys are entering your vicinity."


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Keiran let out a breath as he heard the squad leaders command "Affirmative!" He said, getting his mobile suit ready for a fight once again by priming the thrusters for a sudden push towards his location, In the mean time he joined Roane and Geneva in the main assault, firing his beam rifle towards the enemies and quickly taking cover upon being fired at, he clicked his tongue after narrowly dodging another barrage of fire.. this was starting to get exhausting, He peeked out to fire a few more shots before glancing at his teammate, now missing a shield. 

Keiran rushed forward at the same time as him, clearing out a good amount of the astray's that were harassing their superior officer, Keiran suddenly turned his head and then jumped back after the missles shot forward, He raised his beam rifle to shoot back at whatever it was, but that was when Kali spoke up "Understood!" He said, gripping his controls tightly and then thinking of something "Roane! Take this" He gave the shield to his ally as he decided to dual wield his weapons.. his 3-in-1 Beam rifle in one hand, and a bazooka in the other

"I'm backing up the boss!" He called out, flaring his thrusters and flying forward, he turned back mid flight and provided some covering fire for the blue and red frames.. before spinning and refocusing his efforts on the approaching enemy mobile suits that Kali called out for them

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Mai tried to pull away from the rails she was being held against, but the chute was not letting her, as the wind form the movement of the Archangel she was on, was causing her to be trapped.  Slowly she reached for the harness and tried to unbuckle it as it was pressed just right in her chest from the railing. With a simple click, she was able to unbuckle part of it as she felt it loosen off of her lower chest and pulled on her up chest and arms.

Slowly she reached for her sgian dubh, as she withdrew it, the ship moved and she held on tight, she was not going to lose anything else. As she was now able to move, she took the small single-edge knife and began to cut the cords on the chute. As the cords were cut, the pull she felt on her body was lightened and as the last cord was released from the harness' grasp, she fell backwards and took some deep breaths as she was having a hard time breathing.

Slowly she looked up, seeing all the firing and the GINN's that were there, the suits that she saw on the island and now two others that she had never seen fighting the GINNs. She moves to a point to hold on and thought better of that and crawed to find a door to enter this ship. Finding one, she pressed the button on the door and nothing happened. Blinking, she looked and turned, sliding down the door and sitting on her bottom.

For those that that are able to see her, her face has a few bandages and the side of her shirt/tanktop is dark red, and those with good eyes will see no weapons on her and she is in a tech outfit.

She looks around and wonders if maybe jumping into the water would be a good idea, but would probably be shot from one of the weapons on either the Astray's, GINNs or the Archangel. For now she puts the sgian dubh in her boot where it is kept and removes the harness for the parachute and sees if she can use that to tie herself to the railing and to hold on, as she is not going to get into the ship and to safety anytime soon.

Crawling, she goes to one of the rails and using the harness, she wraps it around the rail and than buckels it onto her again. Thinking, she gets the arms of her tech jumpsuit and pulling the sgian dubh out again, cuts off the arms and ties them into a knot and wraps that around herself and the rail as well.

Hopefully, the pilot of this ship will not turn this into a rollercoaster and she holds on for life right now, after placing her sgian dubh in her boot again.

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Nathaniel’s frown grew considerably as he got closer to what appeared to be GINNs. Then like a bolt of lightning he felt a familiar sensation. “No! Could it really be him?” He was so engrossed in the alien sensation that he didn’t realize that 76mm rounds were flying towards him until they splattered against his raised shield, eating chunks off the shield and creating a cloud of smoke.

Even the attacks felt different, as if they were muddled with a fierce emotion. Despite that, the bullets still hit hard. The impact was sudden and harsh, sending gold frame reeling backwards in a dive towards the ocean, the shield exploded and trailing around the machine with smoke. Nathaniel cried out in real terror as he fought with the controls, trying to recover. “Lowell! Lowell Baskerville is that really you!?” he cried out in frustration. If he couldn’t get control of the machine before he hit the water then he would be out of the fight, his engines would flood, and he would have a devil of a time getting out of the drink.

One thing was abundantly clear to the ailing coordinator, if Lowell was here, then it wasn’t a good thing.


Hawthorne gasped as she saw Nathaniel’s Gold Frame take a fierce hit and fall backwards. “No!” she cried out loud. Growling she barked out with emotion tracing her words, “Lohengrin target that GINN and fire!” Even as the weapons slowly positioned to take fire her mind was racing, what if Nathaniel was hurt? What if he got killed?  

“Kali!” she called out rather suddenly, “I need you to suit up! These odds are too great for us to keep all our machines in the hangar.” She stole her gaze from the viewport to look at the timid girl. Her gaze softened, “I know you can do it Private.” She added calmly as she tried to encourage the girl to do her best. A flash from the window stole her attention as the Lohengrin fired twin blasts at the single GINN belonging to Lowell Baskerville.


Jonathan flew point as his GINN rode its’ Guul like a hoverboard. The G weapons trailed behind the young coordinator in a formation. “Sir!” he called out on the comm channel to Athrun, “I see shots being fired up a head, it looks like Wolf Squadron could be engaged in a fight!”

Locke gripped the controls of his unit all the tighter in anticipation of what was to come. “A real fight… not some tussle with pirates…” he murmured to himself. Athrun’s voice cut back through the radio, “All units prepare to engage and support Wolf Squadron!” The chorus of affirmatives responded back with Jonathan echoing his agreement.

Pushing his throttle to full Locke suddenly announced, “I’ll move ahead and engage the enemy, you guys will probably work better not worrying about my machine getting in the way.” There was a pause from Athrun before he finally agreed, “Alright Jonathan but don’t get cocky out there. We don’t need any heroics.”

Jonathan grinned, “You don’t have to tell me. Locke heading ahead!” Taking advantage of his lead he soon caught up to the battle, he saw Wolf squadron engaging with the massive ship the Archangel and one unit taking out one of the prototype Astrays. His eyes darted around when he spotted new units that weren’t part of the briefing, “Those must be mass produced models… lets see how they do against me?”

He flew in fast past the Archangel and spotted a tussle between Astrays, “What a mess!” He spat out as he jumped off his Guul to dive in towards a few of the mass-produced models. With his sword in his right hand and his rifle in his left he came in hard, landing and impaling an unlucky M1 right from the start.

“What a bunch of amateurs!” he called out menacingly as he raised his rifle to shoot at another M1. Indeed, the mass-produced models seemed completely startled by this turn of events and it was Locke’s intervention that seemed to deteriorate any sense of formation the insurrectionist has left. Flame and smoke whirled around his GINN, illuminating it in the growing darkness. His single red eye shot around before locking in on the two uniquely colored prototypes. “And I suppose you think you’re special because you’re different?” As he asked, he raised his rifle to shoot at the blue colored Astray.


Crewmen ran down the corridors of the Archangel like well oiled machine. It was easy for the greenhorn crew to get curious about seeing the battle outside, naturally one such crewman snuck to one of the hatches with a window and tried to peek out the small window to see the action. To his absolute horror he spied a redhaired girl clinging on to the railing outside the ship.

Lunging for a communication station he picked up the receiver and cried out, “I need a security team here at hatch 7! There’s a girl on the hull!” A few agonizing moments later the Crewman along with a pair of burly guards opened the hatch. Wind buffeted the men immediately, but the crewman yelled out, “Hey! Over here! Hurry get inside!” He looked around frantically past the girl, as if fearing a GINN would pop up and shoot them all.


The world went weightless, and for a few heartbeats everything seemed to float in timeless void. Then Yuna’s heart sank as he felt the violent sting of glass embedding into his face. He cried out in terror and reached up to grasp at his features. He could feel his hear thumping in a panic, but after a moment he realized that it wasn’t his heart but the melodic laughter from the Mobile Suit that had been pursing him and his father.

“Fools! You and your idiot son Sieran!” Each syllable was highlighted with maniacal laughter from that wicked woman pilot. The car then erupted as a wall of metal cut through the limo and as the wall retracted Yuna could see the stoic face of the Strike peering down at himself. It was in that moment Yuna realize that he was out of luck, that there would be no escaping this divine judgement.

“You thought you could fool an entire country with your sweet lies? Your absolute denial of what was really happening around you didn’t you? This is the judgment that truly belongs to you Sieran!” To accent her point the Strike raised up its’ gargantuan sword and hoisted it ready. “Now die!”

Sieran’s terror was complete as the weapon came crashing down to clash with his insignificant body of flesh and blood.

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(Collab with Roromi)

With plenty of strength still left in her, Geneva continued her destruction upon the poor mass production units, only to see a barrage of smoke erupt from some close to her.

“What?” She called out after hearing Roane, but it was too late. The Ginn who only revealed its red eye fired directly at the Blue Frame, utterly decimating the two submachine guns she carried. Tossing them aside to save her hands, Geneva only had two backup beam sabers on standby.

“I’m not gonna be beaten by some stupid GINN.” It was almost a complete change in personality for the Ensign, but it was now necessary in order to survive. “I-I won’t let out win!” Pulling out both sabers, she slashed in X shape into the smoke.

Smoke billowed from the wounds Jonathan inflicted upon the Blur Frame. He allowed a crooked grin to grow on his mouth at the notion that maybe these enemy units didn’t have phase shift after all? Any smile fell from his face as the smoke veil in front of him instantly eroded away with twin fuchsia streaks slicing away the smoke. His worries were compounded when the vivid pink lighting sliced away at his outstretched rifle.

Instinctively he let go of the exploding weapon and hopped back. “Beam weapons!” He cursed as he realized just what he was up against. He narrowed his eyes as he brought his sword up in front of him. “Is that the best you can do?” He taunted though he had little substance behind the taunt beyond his own wavering confidence. 

His eyes darted around the battlefield seeing if he could find an answer to this particular threat. He thought he spied a solution in one of the wrecks nearby. His GINN cautiously approached the wreck of an M1 and he carefully kneeled besides it, hoping the smoke from the mess would provide him some cover. “Show me what an Orb soldier can do!” He called out.

Geneva normally didn’t have much of an issue with smoke and whatnot getting in the way of her battles, but there seemed to be an abnormal case of it during the battle in their homeland. “Ah! Come on already!” She fired her vulcans all around her, hoping to remove some of the darkness surrounding her that not even the beam sabers could remove. Unfortunately, this meant she had completely missed the GINN hiding itself behind some more wreckage.

Jonathan Grimaced as the Astray let off a volley of Vulcan bullets. “They didn’t actually loose me did they?” He mused as he reached down blindly with his free hand. The particular wreckage soon yielded what he was looking for and he grabbed the weapon he as hoping for. “Over here!” He cried out as he sprang into action. 

His GINN leapt out at the Astray, sword in one hand, beam saber in the other. He lashed out with his left hand and the borrowed beam saber. He hoped that the surprise would give him the advantage he needed. He also knew he had to act quickly before the power dried up in the alien weapon.

This time, the Orb pilot knew to be prepared for anything, easily blocking the swing from the GINN’s stolen weapon. “What is this guy? An ace?” She stated as the two sabers connected. Using the power of the Blue Frame’s heightened range in motion, the right hand spun upside down, attempting to jam the remaining beam into the head of the monoeye.

Jonathan’s eyes grew wide as the second beam saber came in close for the monitor. A lesser pilot would have lost their nerve right there and then, but not Jonathan. He  knew this wasn’t an ordinary opponent off the bat so he was expecting an up hill battle. The cost of one GINN would be a pittance for the head of an elusive Astray. 

“I bet this will hurt!” He cried out as he lunged forward with his physical sword, swiping it hard for the torso of the Astray just as his monitor washed out from the beam saber piercing into the GINN’s head. He held his breath waiting for his backup cameras to flicker on, that or for the beam saber to slice through his mobile suit completely. With any luck his swipe would take the blue suit out of commission.

It did.

The attack was a success as she watched the pink blade dig deep into the GINN’s head, but this didn’t stop its pilot in the slightest. Geneva stared at the physical sword, almost as if it was in slow motion coming toward her cockpit.

”Wait. How did you-“

The slice was clean, not even scratching the paint as it swept through the torso of the Blue Frame. The backpack proceeded to ignite quickly, then burst into smoke. The bottom half dropped to the ground, cracking the concrete below while the beam sabers turned off. 

Falling atop of the GINN, its arms laid across its shoulders, no pilot to move them away.

His cockpit rattled and groaned in protest but Jonathan didn’t question his luck as his monitors slowly flickered on one by one. His vision was still somewhat obscured but he could tell that he had defeated the Blue Frame. Working quickly the young coordinator punched in the commands to recall his Guul. A tense moment later and he was jumping up to catch his ride out of there. Safety latched onto his platform he called out on his radio. “This is Jonathan, I’ve sustained significant damage, I’m retreating.”

As he caught his breath he realized he was still clinging onto a portion of the enemy suit, “looks like I got a souvenir for my trouble at least. Happy hunting Zala team!” 

As much as Locke wanted to keep fighting he knew better than to push his luck with a headless suit. Besides, part of an Orb Astray for the eggheads back home to study would be worth the trouble. “At this rate maybe I can change our fate Lacus…” He mused to himself.

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Roane accepted the shield from the Green Frame just in the nick of time, bringing it up to deflect a flurry of gunfire from one of the newly arrived GINNs.

“What are you even doing here?” Roane cried, sending another blast of his CIWS at the ZAFT suits, just enough to get them to dodge into cover and buy him some time. The Red Frame stepped back, shield still up, in search of a better position, when a third GINN arrived on the scene. Keiran and the Green Frame had already disengaged to assist the Lieutenant, leaving only him and Geneva alone with the three GINNS and whatever M1s that still remained on the scene. Roane moved to intercept the third GINN, only for him to be waylaid by the first two ZAFT suits popping out of their cover and raining bullets on him.

Roane locked up, the Red Frame unable to get itself out of the way of the suppressing fire the GINNs were laying down. He tried to make the mobile suit as small a target as possible, bringing it into a crouch behind the increasingly damaged shield. He was forced to sit there and watch as the unthinkable happened. The Blue Frame and the GINN engaged in combat and…and…

“No…” Roane’s voice quavered as he watched the lower half of the Blue Frame crash to the ground and the backpack erupt in a plume of flames. His eyes widened and he felt sick to his stomach.

Terror and anguish crashed together in the primal roar that rang out from Roane’s throat. His own fear of death melted away under the scouring heat of his anger and the pilot’s hands began to move on instinct alone. One of the GINNs harrying him popped out from behind a building to fire on him again, but the Red Frame’s hand twisted, changing its grip on the spear and hurling it like a javelin towards the ZAFT grunt. The pointed metal rod tore punched through the GINN’s armor like it was wet paper, causing the mono-eyed unit to stumble back before exploding. The Red Frame kept moving though, its free hand reaching for its beam saber. A fuschia whip of energy arced out from the handle as he swung it at the retreating headless GINN, but he was intercepted by the other remaining ZAFT suit which charged at him with sword drawn. Seeing it from the corner of his eye, Roane swung the shield up, deflecting the GINNs sword upwards and leaving the olive-coloured mobile suit wide-open.

With a full-bodied swing, the Red Frame brought the beam saber across the waist of the GINN, its pink beam searing through the grunt suit and causing it to explode as well. But when the Astray emerged from the billowing smoke, the headless unit—and the half of the Blue Frame still clinging to it—were gone.


Renato Masters observed the situation going on before him and scowled. Reinforcements had arrived it seemed. Lowell wouldn’t like that, but his attention was elsewhere, and so was Renato’s. The Green unit had begun to move, apparently on a trajectory to intercept Lowell and assist the Gold unit. It was Renato’s job to make sure that didn’t happen.

“Just as the chief expected,” Renato smirked to himself. “Faulkner, on me. Let’s make sure that the Jolly Green Giant interrupts Lowell’s little duel,”

Angling their Guuls towards the Green Frame, Renato and Faulkner began to fire upon the Green Frame. “Hey, hey, eyes on me, Big Green! What do you say that the three of us have a little tango of our own!”


Lowell grit his teeth as he watched the Gold Frame begin to plummet toward the ocean. Something about the whole situation seemed…wrong.

“Not like this,” he muttered to himself. He adjusted the heading of his Guul and launched it toward the Gold Frame. Maxing out his GINN’s thrusters, Lowell disengaged his mobile suit from its carrier and launched it as high into the sky as its wings would take it before cutting the thrusters. As he soared towards land, Lowell did his best to keep an eye on the Gold Frame as the Guul collided with it. If his plan had worked, the Astray would be pushed by the flight platform back towards Terra Firma.

Lowell flared his thrusters again as the GINN began its descent, slowing his fall just enough to prevent any serious damage to the legs. The ZAFT pilot sheathed the GINNs sword and rolled the mobile suit into cover behind a taller building.

What the hell am I doing? He’s the enemy…

His inexplicable act of mercy aside, without the Guul, he would have to get creative with his exfiltration. That was assuming that he hadn’t consigned himself to defeat by saving the Gold Frame from the ocean depths.

As he sat in wait for Barondel to recover, Lowell received a communication that made him raise a brow.

“Baskerville, this is Dunn at Carpentaria,”

“What is it Dunn?”

“HQ wants to let you know that Zala team is inbound to your location. One of their advanced guard should be there now—a Johnathan Locke, piloting a GINN unit,”

Zala Team? What the hell are you talking about?”

“HQ has decided to mobilize the G-Weapons to assis-“

Lowell cut his radios and scowled.

What the hell are they thinking?

He clenched his teeth even harder. Things were about to get a whole lot more chaotic.

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Kali's attention was ripped from her terminal as the Captain called out to her. Her eyes widened in astonishment as she was ordered to suit up. She nodded at the Captain's reassurance and left her terminal immediately.

Her feet had a life of their own as they guided her quickly through the corridors and into the hangar. She felt herself climb into pilot's seat of the Purple Frame. Her hands instinctively reached out operating the OS activating the machine. She felt herself say:

"Purple Frame. LAUNCHING."

The large violet hued machine was guided by her steady yet nervous hands as she entered the battlefield. As she approached she equipped her beam rifle. Her gaze fell upon the dissipating smoke seeing the Red Frame, "Private MacMaster." She called out as approached, she noticed a piece of broken scorched blue shrapnel, "Private...what happened? Where's Ensign Halston?" She asked in a seemingly hopeful voice even though the reality of situation sunk in like her heavy heart. Kali closed her eyes tight to hold back tears but she immediately blamed herself for not being ready...

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Blasted by the non-stop wind as the Archangel moved, added to what she has received so far today, and gave her some wind burns as the sound of the guns firing and explosions, deafening as she heard ringing and feeling the vibrations through the hull; the bruises and cuts on her body from what she has been through this morning. Mai was holding on as best as she could. Maybe she should have stayed on the ground and used her plane as cover? Maybe she'd have been better to just drop into the water and swim to the shore? Maybe she should have just found a piece of debris at the base to hide under? Anything would have been better than this, would anyone see her here or would she stay till the battle is over.

Mai thought she heard something or someone, but the ringing in her ears made it hard to hear much right now. Looking up and around, as she held her ears she blinked and saw someone talking, waving at her and the hatch open. She blinked at this and looked again as she saw the motions and figured it out as best as she could. She began to unbutton the harness and was not able to.  She looked up at the crewman, then fought again for the harness and was not able to unbuckle it. Looking she tried to pull on it to get some slack and to try to slide out of it, but that was not happening, just giving her some more bruises and causing pain to the injuries she has received.

Mai Reached for her ankle, pulling her sgian dubh and began to cut the straps. The first one, at the top, near her breasts, is cut. Then she tries to cut the second one as the Archangel fires the Lohengrin again and as she is slicing the last connector, she cuts her hand and cries in pain as she managed to get out of the harness and moves towards the door, as fast as she can.  She tried to run but is knocked to the ground and then attempted to crawl and falls again, hitting her nose on the deck.

She laid there, a few moments, seeing spots from the pain she is in. Pushing with her feet and arms, she attempted to dive to the crewman and the guards standing at the hatchway. Mai reached for the party and is grabbed by the outstretched hands, pulled in, landing on the crewman, knocking the wind out of her as the hatch is closed. Blood is coming from her hand where she cut herself and her nose as she lays there. “Tha….” She started to say, “Thank you…” she said finally and winches, “Oww……. I hurt,” Mai added as she rolled off the crewman and onto the floor. Instinctively, she reached to put her sgian dubh back and sighs as she lays there, starting to cry, from both the pain and the losses she had today.

“Get her to Medical,” the crewman stated as the guards help pick her up. A 5’6” girl with red air and covered in cuts, bruises and parts of her tech jumpsuit stained with both her own blood and others blood, who was crying on the floor. Her head pounding from a headache from the number of times she has hit her head to her ears ringing from the loud sounds.

Arriving at Medical, she is placed on a bed and the doctor and nurse work on treating her, removing her clothes and getting a hospital gown on her. The doctor and nurse than work on her injuries. As she lays there, she looked at the doctor and tried to smile, but winces from the pain. “Hold still, no movement please,” she says as he places a hand on her shoulder. “You’re going to be ok,” he said. “What’s your name?” he asked her.

“Mairéad Sandilands,” and she blinks as she said her real name. "My name is Mai, Mai Ingram," she states as she tries to back away but can’t and she looks looked at her body, in a hospital gown and covers up. “Whe…Where am I?” she asked in her Scottish accent. “It’s ok Mairéad or Mai, whichever you prefer," he says to her. "Your safe, you’re on the Archangel, in the Medical Bay he added. The Doctor talked with Mai as the nurse took notes and the doctor setup for some fluids via IV and pain medicine, in addition to x-rays and to check for a concussion, which turned out to be a Grade 2 or moderate concussion. He talked with her on who she was and what happened.

Afterwards, once Mairéad was resting, due to the medication, the doctor documented the situation and sent it to Hawthorne to be reviewed after the battle. The report stated the information on Mairéad, she is a pilot with the Junk Guild, goes by the name Mai Ingram but not explained as to the different name, and how she ended up on the Archangel, her at the base and how she was trying to get people out before her plane was shot down and exploded, that explosion outside of the Archangel and her landing on the hull. He explained the medical condition of her, the moderate concussion, the various cuts, bruises and injuries she has received, and how she is resting in Medical. Additionally, the doctor added that she needs to be kept an eye on for at least a few days in Medical; a guard was summoned and stationed nearby due Mai not being a part of the crew and due to the current battle.

OOC: skip Me on next few turns, as she is in medical on Archangel.

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Keiran sped forward, he had a mission and it was one that he had to do.. after all, it would be bad to lose someone already.. right? The green frame cut through the sky at high speed which- while not recommended for most pilots, was something Keiran himself had never felt before, he was once again falling into the habit of treating his mobile suit as a fighter, but this time it would serve him well. 

"Dammit!" He let out, performing a barrel roll to dodge the fire, getting past the enemies, he slowed down and did a quick 180 to return fire with his bazooka!

And that's where he saw it happen, Geneva's mobile suit shorn in half and then carried off like a backpack, he gripped his controlls tight as his heart beat quickened, adrenaline was coursing through him now more than ever- and.. so was his anger "You bastards!" He called out, grabbing a bazooka in each hand and then emptying both of their magazines at the enemies that had just shot at him, he coupled it with firing his CIWS Vulcans to detonate them early, as long as they were close to his target.. He dropped both weapons when they were empty.. and drew his beam rifle, Rising in altitude and firing down at them while doing so 

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“Ma’am! Blue Frame! Her signal is gone!” 

Hawthorne’s scowl of frustration froze into an expression of shock. “S-say that again!” She stammered, but shook as she asked. The comm officer looked back to lock eyes with the captain and grimly shook her head and repeated, “Ma’am Blue Frame’s signal dropped off the map. I can’t raise Halston!” 

Slamming her fist into the chair, Delphine held back any tears, she couldn’t appear weak to her own crew. “Noted…” She stated rather coldly, a contrast to the outrage she was keeping in check. “We have to repeal the enemy before we can do anything…” she added somberly. “We need to  take out the enemy.” She corrected. “I want all the weapons to focus on one GINN at a time, we won’t accomplish anything by keeping our weapons spread wide. Let’s make these bastards pay! Focus fire on the nearest unit and concentrate fire!” 


Nathaniel gasped as he felt the G’s accelerate opposite of what he was about to do. He was startled to have Gold Frame lurch backwards towards land, his descent cushioned by a couple of buildings. Rubble and dust exploded from his less than graceful landing. It took him a moment to collect himself and stand up, the flight back automatically popping off his machine from catastrophic damage. He scrambled around and was relieved to see his beam rifle not far, and he picked the weapon back up. 

“What is this? Pity?” Nathaniel huffed as he brought Gold Frame around to regard his “savior”. For a long moment he glared at the GINN as it triumphantly regarded himself. Smoke swirled around from the various fires and destruction. He leveled his rifle at Lowell and breathed heavily, deciding if it was time for round two. 

A beeping stole his concentration and a voice from the Archangel hailed him, “Gold Leader! Nathaniel!” There was a pause which caused Nathaniel to frown, “message from the Captain… signal lost from Blue Frame.”

He couldn’t breath. Quick gasps of air shook the senses back to him. Reaching up Nathaniel peeled off his helmet and violently threw it across his small cockpit. “No….” he muttered before gasping, “Genie… she can’t be….” 

Reaching back down he gripped the controls of Gold Frame more tightly. “What’s one more?” He asked stoically, the cross hairs on his screen lining up with the GINN. “What’s one more…” he crowed as the system told him he had a lock. “What’s one more body Lowell?!” He cried out as he fired a shot at the ZAFT Officer. Immediately after taking his shot he sprinted towards the building the GINN was standing on top of, Nathaniel was determined to end the fight with blood. 


By now there was only a handful of M1s left and they were spread thin. The survivors were so rattled by the appearance of ZAFT GINNS that they began to withdraw back to the factory, tightening their formation of defense. The notion of rebellion seemed meek when compare to the potential might of ZAFT and the M1s began to limit their targets to the foreigners instead of their countrymen. 

They didn’t stand a chance. 

“Easy targets!” Dearka laughed out loud as he aimed his sniper rifle at one of the huddled M1s by the factory gate. His shot lanced out to pierce the torso of one of the mass production models and cause the fellow M1s to scatter like scared ants. 

“Now it’s my turn!” Yzak cried out as he brought his own rifle up to bare against one of the M1s, repeating his teammates success with a different enemy. “Locke won’t be the only one finding glory!” The brash coordinator howled as he jumped off his Guul to slice at one of the startled M1s. The two redcoats made quick work of the novice rebel pilots. 

“Nicol are you on target?” Athrun asked cautiously as he flew past the two bloodthirsty teammates towards the legged ship. As if to answer his question a line of flames spouted out from one of the Archangel’s engines, with no apparent cause. Mirage Calloid, mused Athrun as he flew closer to the ship. His attention was divided as he spotted a green and white mobile suit take down more of the Wolves. “Can’t have that…” 

The Aegis leapt off its’ Guul and transformed into its claw like mobile armor mode to fire a shot from its’ main cannon towards Green Frame. As he fired the shot he hailed Lowell, “Baskerville! This is the Zala Team!  We are in theater and ready to assist! My team is already engaging the enemy!” 

On a distant hill Mina stood on the open hatch of her Strike Gundam and watched the exchange of lights between her forces and their enemies. She cradled her helmet in one hand and glared at the scene while occasionally checking the monitor in the cockpit. She had her unit parked at a power substation and was recharging her batteries. There was still plenty to do and she didn’t want to recklessly charge in with minimal power. 

“Soon they’ll all know what my war machine is capable of doing!” She cackled as she surveyed the battle. 

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Lowell brought his GINN up and on top of the building he was hiding behind, intending to fake out his opponent and possibly get the drop on him. It was a foolish move though—Barondel had been ready for him, whether it was through his cunning as a soldier or because of their strange connection Lowell couldn’t decide. Nate’s voice came in over his radio and the Wolf Leader grit his teeth in a scowl. The sudden appearance of Zala team, especially its outrider, had disrupted the entire mission. But it was kill or be killed out here—Lowell knew that going in. He had advised his unit not to try being heroes, but they had entered the battlefield intending to do damage.

“Open your eyes, Nathaniel—this is a battlefield! People are going to die!” As the volley of gun fire came towards him, Lowell propelled his GINN off the top of the building and angled himself towards the fast approaching Gold Frame. “People are going to die…but it’s up the survivors to make their deaths mean something!”

Lowell pointed his rifle towards the Astray and let loose a volley of his own as he neared the ground. Did he believe such a thing, something so nihilistic? Truly? Lowell did his best to take care of Wolf Unit, but he had lost people in the past—he had lost people here and now, in fact—but he didn’t realize until now just how stoic he had become.


 Renato raised his eyebrows as the Green Frame turned towards them, revealing not one but two bazookas aimed directly at him and Faulkner. The two GINNS managed to dispatch the missiles before they landed true, making use of their machine guns to do so, but it required taking the brunt of the CIWS fire.

“Pssh, this guy is nothing!” Faulkner crooned as he repositioned, his attention focused destroying the missiles. “I could dance circles around this guy in my sle—”


A beam of fuchsia light tore through Faulkner’s GINN, the machine exploding from the inside out and taking the Guul with it. Faulkner’s dying screams roared across Renato Masters’ comms before cutting out abruptly.

“God damnit!” Renato growled, kicking his Guul into high gear, sword held back in preparation for a deadly lunge when another, larger beam cut appeared alongside him, arcing towards the Green Frame. “Wh-what?” Masters turned his head to see the red G-weapon flying nearby, its clawlike cannon aimed directly at the Astray.

Masters’ eyes widened in awe at the machine. He hadn’t seen it in person before…but it was magnificent.


“She’s…gone…” Roane said as he watched the Purple Frame land nearby. “She’s gone! They killed her, Kali!”

Roane’s fist slammed into the control panel before him. “They killed her and I couldn’t stop it! I couldn’t even keep him from running away!” The Red Frame fell to one knee and its pilot leaned forward, clutching his head. “I don’t know what to do, Kali!”

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Kali instinctively reached out to Roane, her Purple Frame seemingly matching her own movements resting its mechanical hand on her comrade's shoulder. Steadying her voice as best she could, her lip trembled, "There...was nothing we could have done." She whispered in the comm as if she were sitting next to Roane himself, "I don't know what to do either." She continued, "Roane..." it felt different saying his first name, "We can't let her death be in vain..." She said as she stood and looked off into the distance, "She would want us to fight and honor her." She said looking back to her kneeling partner, "That's what we can do." She said gripping her rifle, "I can't do this without you...will you help me?" She asked.

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"Is that it?! You run up on me with one more man and you let me take him out like that?!" He taunted loudly, the adrenaline and rage had overcome him, he was a totally different beast, he flared his thrusters and went to dash towards the lone machine.. holding the beam rifle like an axe and preparing to swing down hard, only to suddenly screech backwards, the G's forcing him forward in his cockpit, but he was used to it- He lurched back just in time to dodge a beam rifle shot that came at him, he grit his teeth as he looked the red machine up and down "The hell is that?.." he asked, he transmitted the image he saw to his teammates "We got trouble!" He called out "A mobile suit, and its looking a lot like ours.." 

He gripped his weapon, switching from holding it like an axe to holding it back like a rifle "Two on one again.. huh?" He asked, squeezing his controls tight and then slowly relaxing them as he went into as deep a focus he can "Fine, I already took one of you down, and I'm gonna kill every single one of you for what you did" he said, as they stared each other down, he suddenly activated his thrusters, he moved in a circle, putting the GINN in between himself and the G-Weapon as it approached, firing relentlessly at his opponents as he took evasive action 

"Engaging enemy GINN and G-Weapon!" He called out to his team 

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Bullets ate greedily into the minimal armor that Gold Frame had to offer. Nathaniel roared out in defiance and raised his left hand up to try and vainly block some of the bullets with just the mobile suit’s hand. Even as he absorbed the damage he was firing his rifle recklessly trying to approach Lowell. Pink bolts lanced out from Nathaniel’s rifle to only shoot out wide from the GINN. Closer! He willed desperately as he flared his thrusters to get closer to his ZAFT counterpart, closer!

Even as he fought with Lowell Nathaniel could still hear the radio chatter from his teammates. He could hear Kieran about to engage dangerous foes without him. They were all in trouble without him to help, with Lowell out there to stoke the flames, Nathaniel thought coldly.

The left arm began to shatter from the bullets colliding with the limb and it was the outstretched hand which ultimately diverted bullets from directly hitting his cockpit. Still Gold Frame buckled from the assault and sparks began to fizzle out of the wounds. Closer! Nathaniel prayed hopefully as he barely got within striking distance of his foe. Another shot from his rifle reached out to try and glance the GINN and appeared to miss wide, only this time the pink bolt stayed attuned to the tip of the rifle as it turned into a beam blade. “Mean this!” Nathaniel cried out as he swung the rifle to hit Lowell, its’ beam saber reaching for a swipe. Before he could see what happened a loud thud reverberated through his cockpit and shattered one of his screens sending shrapnel and glass into his exposed face. Nathaniel cried out in sheer pain, both physical and emotional. 


“We’re loosing thrust! Engine’s been hit!” 

Even as the words were announced the bridge of the ship began to tilt causing everyone to grasp their seats tightly. “Take us to the ocean, emergency water landing!” Hawthorne cried out as she gripped her chair. Despite the situation her gaze didn’t leave the viewport, her thoughts and hopes were all out there with the Astray team. Nathaniel… Don’t kill yourself over that girl! She prayed silently. She had never been particularly close to Geneva, maybe it was because she always considered the younger girl a threat. That’s not it say she didn’t deserve to die out there like she had. Hawthorne certainly didn’t want to see Nathaniel throw away his life by being reckless for another girl. 


“This will be easy!” Dearka scoffed as him and Yzak finished off the remaining M1s. Their attention naturally turned to the legged ship and he leveled his reticle to hover over the ship. He gripped his controls delicately as he lined up the shot, his rifles configured in their extended sniper mode. Squeezing the trigger the barrel lit up in a brilliant muzzle flash, however the result was not what the red coat was hoping for. The tip of his barrel was sliced off from the giant butcher sword the Strike possessed. “What the -!” Dearka cried out as he leapt backwards to avoid another sword stroke. 

“Is that the Strike?” Yzak rhetorically asked as he came in closer to challenge the newcomer. The Duel pulled out one of its beam sabers to cautiously guard the Buster. The Duel flinched to move in for a swipe but as if reading Yzak’s intention the PA system from the Strike activated loudly, “If you value your lives thieves you’ll retreat at once…. I’m no push over…” The Strike brought its’ sword to bare and aimed the tip at the Duel. “You trespass on Orb Sovereignty, you will leave at once. The only reason I didn’t outright kill you already is because you killed those traitors for me…” 

The woman’s tone was confident if not calm. It was enough to cause Yzak to hesitate, something the brash pilot wasn’t known for. “Why you…” Yzak grumbled, “Just who the hell do you think you are!” He roared as he dashed in to attack the Strike Gundam. 


Athrun winced as the green enemy dodged his attack and moved to put the GINN between the two of them. He didn’t know who the pilot of the GINN was and doubted that he could coordinate any counter effectively with the stranger. The Aegis shifted back to its’ humanoid form and landed back on its’ Guul. He leveled his rifle at the enemy and took a few pot shots as he hailed Wolf leader blindly, “Baskerville! If you’re reading me, what’s the plan? This seems to be more than just a recon mission!” His tone was accusatory and although he was more than ready for the fight he wasn’t ready to wage war on an entire nation. Athrun knew better than to try and argue with the fellow leader in the middle of a fight but he had to know what was propelling this fight.


Could he actually do it? Nicol breathed heavily in anticipation and stress as he moved the Blitz away from the damage he did to the legged ship. As he landed in perfect camouflage he spied a pair of experimental machines seeming to be struggling with something. “If one of them is immobilized…” he reasoned to himself, the Blitz cautiously began to approach the duo. “Maybe I could stop them before they hurt any more wolves…” 

The green haired pilot reached up to pull his targeting computer down and took shaky breathes as he tried to lock on to the two machines. The red one seemed to be more immobile so he shifted his aim to the purple machine. “Just like the simulations…” Nicol reasoned as he slowly tighten his grip on the controls. Despite himself something about the situation didn’t feel right, could he murder these two pilots in cold blood like this? “If I don’t… they’ll kill more ZAFT pilots…” he stated out loud to reassure himself. His fingers began to tighten as he aimed his beam rifle, smoke and flames still riddled the battlefield and wafted accords obscuring his aim, the heat shifting the target he was trying to hit. 

A loud explosion from the Archangel boomed nearby and the jolt startled him to pulling the trigger before he was ready. The pink beam lanced out dangerously towards Kali in the Purple frame, the initial shot aimed for the head of the Astray, though likely skewed by Nicol’s startled shot. The Mirage Colloid shimmered around his suit as he fired, momentarily making him visible for just a moment.    

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Lowell continued to pull the trigger as the Gold Frame advanced, his teeth clenching at the seeming implacability of his opponent. This was a man on the edge he was facing—a man who was willing to give it all up just to stop him here and now.

Damn it, Nate…you could just turn around and tell your squad to get out of here and save us all the trouble.

Meanwhile, he could see the signals of his own squad begin to blink out of existence as the Astrays fended them off.

But you’re not going to, are you? The two of us are going to keep pushing and pulling until something gives.

The Wolf Leader watched as the Gold Frame drew nearer. “I can’t just back down, Nate, there’s too much riding on this war!”

The GINN tossed it’s gun aside and was about to bring its sword up to slash at the Gold Frame, but the Astray had tried to pull a fast one on him. A shot from the beam rifle fired from the gun’s barrel but rather than  speed past him, it hung in the air.

A beam bayonet!?

As the sword came down, the bayonet came up, slashing cleanly through the GINN’s arm and driving a long, diagonal scratch across the mobile suit’s torso. Pink light and an intense heat filled the cockpit and Lowell recoiled as his cameras failed and his systems began to spark.



“Kali, you…” Roane’s own voice sounded distant to the pilot of the Red Frame, but the high-pitched whine in the background of his mind was beginning to dissipate. “You’re right! We have to keep pushing forward. For Geneva, for the Union—for everyone!”

Roane brought the Red Frame back up to its feet, it’s mechanisms groaning under the stress. The pilot reaffirmed his grip on the controls and took a deep breath. Something deep within him still trembled, quivered with fear, but for the time being he found he was able to push it down, to pretend that that part of him didn’t exist or at the very least didn’t bother him. Confidence surged in him, a thin assurance but assurance nonetheless.

“Alright, let’s form up and keep eyes on each other’s blind—huh?” Something shimmered in his periphery and then, for a moment, a figure appeared—and by then it was too late. Before he could even alert Kali to the invisible threat, the Red Frame was moving as fast as Roane could make it—and he knew how to make this machine fly. The Gundam had shot something—a beam--at the unsuspecting Purple Frame and Roane had forced himself into action. He realized too late the irony of it. For a man so afraid of death, for a man who had just seen his comrade eliminated on the battlefield, he sure had been quick to throw himself between Kali and the enemy attack.

The shot tore through the Red Frame’s cockpit with ease, tunneling through the space just above and to the left of the pilot’s seat and triggering a series of critical malfunctions leading then to a series of explosions. Roane was buffeted in his chair, his head swinging violently to the right and colliding with the controls with a sickening smack before everything went dark.




Renato would not be ashamed to admit that he breathed a sigh of relief when the red Gundam had appeared to assist him. The Green Frame recovered quickly though and began to maneuver again, shooting at the GINN as he forced it into the centre of the conflict. Renato clenched his teeth as he hailed his commander mid-evasion.

“Lowell it’s getting too hot here. I think it’s time to pull out!”

He aimed his gun at the Green Frame and fired, hailing the red unit. “This is Renato Masters of Wolf Squad. I’m outclassed here and need to retreat. Put that fancy mobile suit of yours to good use and cover me,”

With that, Renato brought his GUUL around and maxed out its thrust, heading back in the direction of the ocean.



Lowell gasped as he came to seconds after his lights had gone out. The GINN was still standing, working on auxiliary power and cameras, though he could only see out of the two side monitors. In front of him, where his main monitor used to be, was a rend—a gash through which the light of day filtered in from the world outside.

Garbled voices came in over the radio. Lowell didn’t know what they were saying but knew what he had to say. This mission was a failure—his failure. It was time to end it before things got worse. He flipped his radios on. “Wolf Squadron…this is Wolf Leader…we’re pulling out. Regroup at rendezvous alpha and leave this to the Gundams,”

He turned his attention to Gold Unit before him and tried to force the words to come out—but they didn’t. Lowell didn’t know what to say to Nathaniel Barondel in this moment that wouldn’t come across as hateful or petty, so he kept his trap shut.

The GINN, minus an arm, darted its way over to the crashed GUUL and remounted it, hoping against all hope that it was still functional. When it lifted into the air, Lowell whispered a small thanks to a God he didn’t fully believe in, and took off as fast as he could towards Carpentaria.

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It all happened so fast the shot and Roane moving to protect her. Kali didn't here herself cry out and instinctively reach out to the Red Frame only for them to be separated by the explosions. Kali's body jolted violently from impact as she did her best to maintain control! She fell into a massive heap. Kali's winced, her breath rapid as she tried to regroup. She recalled the shimmer before the attack and the shot that followed. 

The purple frame as if sensing her urgency recollected itself at her command.  Kali felt blood trickle down her forehead, her head hurt but her hands reached out the operating system of the astray. The shimmer, the shot, the two factors in her equation. While they were seemingly minute, they were not. She could trace the trajectory of the shot for her target. 

The aiming receptacle of her astray began scanning the screen as the purple frame took aim. Kali's eyes focused as her hands input the data she needed. The receptacle locked onto the location she sought and she let out a volley of shots in that direction. While there was a chance of error, Kali was confident in her calculation even if her head was killing her at the moment. 

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Keiran's breath slowed down to a calm rhythm, he was calm.. focused, this was a dangerous fight to take and he knew that, he knew he should probably turn tail and run but.. he couldn't not after what had just happened, he gripped onto the controls and then watched as his first opponent started to turn tail and run, he decided to move quickly, flaring his thrusters and following their path, orbiting the opponent slightly and then firing with his beam rifle.. though, he wasn't really targeting the escaping GINN, he only made it seem that way, he fired! aiming past the GINN and making the beam go straight into the red G-Weapon, he presented them with a simple choice.. who would take the hit?

His eyes darted around, the hud, the radar, his suits systems, but most of all the teams vitals, he grit his teeth hard and then got prepared to pull some quick, possibly dangerous maneuvers.. he can't die here, not after losing a friend

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Nicol’s eyes went wide as his shot hit the Red Frame rather decisively, “I got him!” He hooted out triumphantly. As he erroneously looked around to see if anyone noticed his shot as an emerald flashed traded with his own and it was too late. 

Purple Frame’s shot was accurate enough as it pierced into the cockpit of the Blitz. The resulting explosion was somehow more brilliant as the Mirage Colloid shimmered out of existence and the eruption of debris appeared out of seemingly no where. Scraps of the machine thudded around the battlefield in a chaotic pattern. 


Athrun was confused by a number of things happening at once. First was the GINN in front of him suddenly decided to retreat, he wasn’t expecting his suggestion to be acted on so suddenly. Part of him thought that this Wolf commander was too blood thirsty to oblige his observation. The second thing to steal his attention was the sudden disappearance of not one but two friendly IFF readings on his radar. “Son of a-“ his complaint was short lived as a third surprise came in the form of the deadly attack coming from Green Frame.

With the Wolf member so callously retreating he wasn’t ready for the inbound threat. Despite whatever talent Athrun held, it wasn’t enough to repel the beam and his screens soon blacked out as his cockpit shook violently. Acrid smoke filled the compartment and Athrun was only spared by his enclosed helmet. He did feel a lurching motion as his machine fell, and a violent jerk against his restraints as the Aegis crashed into the waters below. 


“Ma’am, the enemy forces are retreating!” The radar officer offered to Captain Hawthorne. Despite herself she let out a shaky breath in relief and looked around frantically before calling out, “I need someone to go down there and verify the status of Nath- of Gold frame and Red frame!” Luckily for her, her crew knew what she wanted and began the process to deploy their rescues and recovery teams. 

Delphine gripped the edge of her chair tightly hoping against odds that her team didn’t just get wiped out in this crucial battle. Her thoughts were interrupted when one of her officers called out, “Ma’am I have the Strike requesting landing permissions. It… its’ carrying the remains of another G weapon, the Duel I think!” 

This news snapped Delphine from her reverie and she nodded, “um. Yes sure… give them access to the hangar bay.” She looked around quizzically then, “What do you mean it has the Duel?” 


Rondo Mina didn’t disembark from the Strike as she unceremoniously dumped the largely intact body of the Duel Gundam into the hangar bay of the Archangel. Besides a large burn hole through the cockpit area the suit appeared unscathed. She merely offered the advice, “Do with it what you will.” Before leaving the ship. She scoffed as she studied the battlefield. Things certainly seemed bad, but they could also be a lot worse.  “At least the legged ship is still afloat, and we didn’t outright loose all the Astrays. Maybe we can put this insurrection to bed to focus on the bigger problems at hand”


The hatch on Gold Frame shot off as the explosive bolts popped in quick succession. Groaning, Nathaniel stumbled to the exit of his severely damaged mobile suit. He paused by the exit to look at the retreating lights from various enemy engines. Blood flowed freely down the left side of his face from a shrapnel wound. The warm sensation hardly stung him as tears flowed from his good eye, “Genie…” he muttered as he broke down and slumped in the hatchway.

One by one the flare of the enemy Guuls faded away and he could only shake his head in disgust. If he had been a better leader she wouldn’t have died, if he had been a better pilot. No, instead his own recklessness got the blue frame pilot killed, and for what? Nathaniel reached over with his right hand to grip his aching left elbow and gripped his limb hard in frustration, “All for what? Lowell!” He clenched his face tight as he let his emotions get the better of him. 

It was well into the night by the time his mobile suit was recovered. Nathaniel was nearly overwhelmed when he saw the mangled mess of Red Frame in the hangar awaiting his arrival. Despite his own injuries he went running over to the machine, frustrated to see it vacant. His concern was short lived as he was informed that Roane was taken to the infirmary.

He was so disoriented from the happenings that Nathaniel simply wandered into the hallways of the Archangel. His original intention was to go see Roane and see if the pilot was even alive, but something had him gravitating towards the bridge. Blood was starting to soak the left side of his flight suit but he didn’t care, the pain merely reminding him of his existence in that terrible moment. He was nearly to the bridge when he saw her, looking nearly as disheveled as himself, standing in the opposite end of the hallway. 

Delphine had tears in her eyes and her shock was complete when she saw Nathaniel looking almost like an apportion at the opposite end of the hallway. She began to shake her head apologetically as he limped towards her, words seeming to fail her beyond, “I’m sorry.” 

Still Nathaniel didn’t say anything as he went up to her, then without warning he took her with his free arm and brought her in for a kiss, desperate for any sensation beyond pain in that moment, desperate for a chance to feel something in contrast to their pitiful reality. She didn’t object as he held her and both remained embraced for a long moment. 

His warm blood alarmed her forcing them to break their moment and she gasped, “you need to-“ the look he gave her silenced her and she looked around nervously, “C’mon, let me at least clean you up.” She offered as she took his hand and lead them both to her cabin. 

He didn’t object, wanting nothing more than her tenderness in that moment. Still, there was something churning away in the back of his head. A reckless thought that grew to consume his mind even as he lay back staring at the ceiling of her cabin later that morning. What will it take to get revenge? What do I need to do, to kill Lowell…

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During the commotion of the battle, Mai was resting due to the medications that was given to her by the doctor. As she was sleeping, she had no idea of the chaos that had occurred, nor the lost of life from the fight. Therefore, as she came out of the medical induced sleep, she groggily opened her eyes and looked around as she was shocked at where she was before she remembered and relaxed. Mai looked around, and pushed herself up onto her elbows as she saw the medical staff treating the injured. She knew that things were bad, as she was shot down and she was not even part of the military and had no weapons on her plane and not sure who shot her, ZAFT, Earth Alliance or the ship she was on.

Slowly, she looked at where she was at and began to move to get out of bed when she was stopped by one of the nurses, "You cannot get up miss," she said. "Like bloody hell I can," she responded back. "I am in the way and my injuries are not bad enough as the people coming in." she responded back. the nurse looked and got the doctor over, "Doctor, she wants to leave," and the Doctor looks, "Mrs. Ingram, I think that is not a good idea," he said. "I know I am hurt, but you have more injured coming in and I am in the way. I can go to a place and wait, but I am not really that bad," Mai said. "I just need me cloths or some cloths and I can be out of your way," and she looks. "Not like I can leave anyway," Mai added.

The Doctor thought and nodded as he spoke to the nurse, "Get Mrs. Ingram some cloths and lets move her to the Mess Hall. Also let security know to escort her and let the bridge know as well." the nurse nodded and did as he was told and she looked at the Doctor, "Thank you," she said to him as she smiled, and thought as she looked at the injured coming in, Poor lads and lassies, this stupid war is just going to get everyone killed, even those who are not fighting, dad why were you so into fighting people who did nothing to ye she thought as some clean closes where brought and she was taken to the bathroom to change and then she got her first chance to see what she looked like and sighed, "I look like I went a few rounds in the loch with me brothers," and she slowly got dressed in the simple cloths, mainly a pair of pants and a tee-shirt. Her actual cloths were covered or stained with blood, cut, burnt and had to be cut off to be removed. She put on some shoes and sighed as she exited the bathroom. "I would love to give the dolt who shot me down a piece of me mind," she said to the nurse and the security guard.

Walking to the Doctor she sighed as she saw the injured and closed her eyes as she said a pray for them. Opening, she nodded her head, "Thank you Doctor," she says simply as she walks with the guard to the mess hall. She is quiet as she walks with a few bandages, cuts and bruises on her and she nods a thank you to the guard as they arrive and she slowly walks and gets a cup of coffee and looks to see if they have any Scotch, and not seeing any takes her drink and sits down. She looks at the coffee and says nothing as she listens to the noise and sounds around her.

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