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Any other pilot would be dead at this moment. In fact, even Graham knew he’d be a pile of guts had he been controlling a regular Union Flag. The customization of his new machine allowed him to blast upward at just the right time, barely dodging the dark blue Gundam. “I don’t think you understand who you’re dealing with, Gundam!” The American knew it wouldn’t be long until the jet turned back to him, causing him to act quickly.

The X shaped wings stayed stiff as the engines from the Flag went into full throttle. Graham’s head slammed into the back of his seat, easily being able to snap a human’s neck, but the extra padding around the pilot seat made the whiplash almost feel comfy. “Not so fast, winged one!” The gray machine started making the gap between the two shorter, a strange look for a mobile suit against the transformed Gundam. “Looks like I was right!” He yelled while grabbing the nose of the Kyrios with the Flag’s open hand.

Tossing his rifle aside, the confident pilot’s sonic blade shoot out of the left forearm. “Too easy…” Spinning the handle downward, the blue plasma ignited in front of the Gundam flier. The Flag let go with its right hand, causing the machine to go backward, hopefully cutting the Kyrios in two.

Christina emptied her entire clip upon the shooter, all while holding on to the bleeding Celestial Being member. “Multi… you…” She was shocked at what she saw, attempting to cover up the wounds with her hands. “We gotta get you out of here, come on.” The hacker pulled up her companion, only for him to scream in agony. “Stop, stop, stop!” He yelled out. “Just… put me down please. Chris complied, helping the crewmember back onto the ground.

Tears began to swell down her face, watching someone she called her friend in pain. “Please… I can’t leave you here.” Multi responded by coughing up blood. “I couldn’t… I couldn’t let him live…” She noticed the wounded man try to look up at her, but even that was too much energy. “I pictured millions dying… not… not again…” His head fell to the side, eyes still wide open. Staring at all the blood on her hands, she had just witnessed Celestial Being’s first casualty.  

Running out one of the back entryways, Chris found herself inside a dank sewer below the district. Suddenly, what felt like an earthquake rattled the hacker, causing her to hit the brick wall violently. The physical pain didn’t matter to her at all though. Everything about her demeanor was motionless and cold. With the help of her datapad, she quickly found a way back up to the surface, just far enough so the police wouldn’t notice her.

Pulling her hood above her head, Christina watched the authorities from afar. Their vehicles had been scorched from the fiery mess of whatever was left, the destroyed building incased in smoke. A few survivors looked to be questioned, but the hacker knew it wouldn’t matter. Multi’s body was gone and nothing done here could be traced back to the organization. She could care less though, noticing the white convertible was missing. Grabbing her datapad by both hand, she snapped the device in two, tossing it aside. For all Sumeragi and the other would know, Christina Sierra died in that explosion as well.

Kinue watched as her neighbor left the apartment quickly, not having much time to react. “Oh… Ok, thanks again.” The reporter uttered while the door closed. All alone once again, she picked up the remote, turning the TV onto JNN. The main segments of the news block was currently about the inevitable collapse of the Republic of Moralia, an AEU country. While she wasn’t the one assigned to Moralia, he knew from her colleagues that the militaristic country was likely not being helped by its world power for a multitude of reasons.

The bad press the Union was receiving for their similar situation along with the obvious threat of Celestial Being made an impact on the AEU, causing Kinue to wonder what would become of the small nation. Her body continued to ache as she rubbed the side of her arm, laying atop the couch in the process. Her father, Saji, and now Jack raced through her head as she eventually came to a rest after a violent day.

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EPISODE 1: October 6th, 2307 AD AEU ORBITAL ELEVATOR Automated machine guns blared inside a military testing ground, sending an array of bullets against a sleek green mobile suit. This

EPISODE 6: “Free Taribia!” “Down with the Union!” “Celestial Terrorists!” It seemed as if every news station on the planet was covering either the Union of Solar Energy and Free Na

The Enact’s feet skidded across the concrete as it stopped in its tracks. Patrick now received a response from his mysterious opponent, but not the one he was looking for. “Eh? Wha-Who are you?” Conti

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“Too close!” Edmund scolded as he barely missed the bizarre Flag. His surprise was tenfold when the custom unit grabbed onto the nose of Kyrios. “Bastard!” He yelled as he tried to react. If the flag was fast enough to keep up with him then his advantage of speed was no more. It was his quick thinking that saved him from catastrophic damage. 

Kyrios transformed just as the Flag attempted to slice into him. The move reduced his speed but it wasn’t enough to stop the sonic blade from eating into his right arm. Warnings blared in his cockpit as the limb was liberated from the Gundam. The alarms seemingly jumped out at Edmund as one of the monitors exploded sending debris to clatter against his body and helmet. 

Graham smiled as the arm crashed into the fields. The custom Flag had proved itself to be a challenging adversary to the Celestial Being mobile suit, but the pilot’s self-praise caused him to almost miss the shield claw coming close to him.

Growling, Edmund jerked the Gundam to reverse its momentum and immediately dive in towards Graham, shield claw opened with the blade extended. “I’ve had enough of you!”

“Damn!” Pointing his beam saber to the side, the weapon caught the tip of the shield’s blade, but the weapon was never built for a situation like this. The handle cracked as the plasma sword diminished, the blade digging deep into the left shoulder of the Flag. “Get off me!” Graham yelled while watching the blade burn hotter into the mobile suit. He responded by planting its legs on the waist of the Kyrios, hoping it’d be enough to push and slid off of the blade.

Specter coughed up something warm inside his helmet as his shield claw ate into the enemy. With his free hand he reached up to feel a piece of shrapnel digging into his body. The Flag tried to kick into Kyrios’ belly, but Edmund wasn’t about to let the machine get away. He brought Kyrios’ right winged knee up, hoping the aerodynamic blades would help hamper the Flag’s escape attempt. 

Opening up a comm channel he hailed the enemy pilot; in a gurgling and heavily filtered voice he condemned, “I won’t suffer such cowardice…” Wincing as he talked he flared his engines, hoping to dive the pair of them into the rapidly approaching ground. “I won’t be the play thing of that damned woman again…” he coughed out loud, if only to strengthen his own resolve in his chosen attack.

The Flag pilot could barely make out the words from the garbled mess producing though his comms. However, Graham could clearly tell the Gundam pilot was injured based on his inflections. Nevertheless, the injury didn't prevent the pilot from still fighting. The "wing" slit the crotch of the Flag, stopping the American in his tracks. Once the Kyrios took the Flag downward with him, the shield blade slid back into the shoulder, locking Graham into the crazed divebomb. "Gundam? You're crazy!... I love it..." 

The Flag custom braced for impact in the best position it could, slamming deep into the farmland. Corn flew into the air as the backpack dug into the dirt, rocks hitting the top of both machines. Something underground caught the X shaped backpack, snapping the part clean off. "Da-ah!" Airbags hit the pilot roughly, with the Kyrios getting sent in a different direction. There, the Flag laid on its now bare back, shoulder torn completely open by the blade. Not like he'd be using the mobile suit anytime soon...

The two mobile suits hit the field rather unceremoniously, with dirt and plants flying around. Edmund recalled diving down and hitting the dirt, what he didn’t recall was how he ended on his back. His vision slowly faded back into focus from blackness. Something caught in his throat and and coughed out more warm liquid into his mask. For a few moments all he could do was cough, his whole body shuddering with each painful wheeze for air. 

Finally he collected himself and studied the controls, seeing what he could do. Edmund doubted he could attack the base any longer, but Kyrios should be able to limp away thanks to its’ GN drive. Edmund studied the carnage of mobile suit debris. Briefly, he pondered trying to retrieve any Gundam parts but decided that the solar reactor was the bigger factor to consider. He didn’t even try to transform as he simply flew away, retreating.

Sunlight pushed through the blinds of the hotel room, catching Sumeragi. As it woke up the Forecaster, her head began to pound, receiving the after effects of her fun night prior. Looking to the side, her phone had multiple missed calls from many different members of their organization, puzzling her. “They’re always hounding me… Can’t I get one night off?” Sumeragi whispered as she called back Wang Liu Mei. What she would soon realize was that Celestial Being wasn’t going to be the same…



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“Heheheh… HEHEHEHEH! I can’t believe it! Celestial Being seriously just… lost the Virute? I mean, they just let that cheese loving weirdo disappear?” Deep within an undisclosed jungle, Feresthe operated within a secret base, recently receiving news about the main organization. Fon Spaak continued his fit of laughter, amazed by the thought of the group crumbling. 

“Knock it off, Fon! This is a serious situation. One of the Gundams is GONE.” Chall Acustica, Feresthe’s leader walked toward a wall of screens, showing data from all areas of the globe. “It doesn’t make sense. Was Rai a spy? Did someone else kill him and steal it?” A Haro with cat ears bounced up in the air. 

“Thief! Thief!”

The entire staff of Feresthe, including Eco Calore and Sherilyn Hyde, contemplated what this would mean for their own organization, only to be met with two figures waltzing inside as if nothing was wrong. Chall adjusted her clothing to look more presentable. “Wang! I wasn’t expecting you to come here.” The girl only smiled, but her emotion seemed facetious. “You should have. This is a serious situation, one that now involves you.” She turned to the crazed Gundam Meister, began to chuckle once again.

“Are you kidding me? You think we had something to do with this. A Feresthe uprising perhaps? Listen here, trust fund. That mobile suit is gone because you didn’t screen your Meisters better. I’m sure Rai has alrea-“



Fon’s body dropped to the floor, slamming the surface violently as blood burst out of his neck. There was what sounded like choking for a few seconds, only for the room to be completely silent. “You…” Chall watched the body twitch in horror, only for Hong Long to point a pistol at the group.

“Shame. He was a decent pilot, if not a moron.” Wang shook off the death like it was someone being let go for their office job. “But Celestial Being has no room for people who even have the SLIGHTEST chance of being traitors. Is that understood?” It wasn’t like the members of the organization had a choice, but none of them had a betrayal even cross their minds to begin with. “Good. Sherilyn, prep the 0 Gundam. Feresthe is to be disbanded immediately.”


Moralia had collapsed after the AEU’s decision to not intervene. Without help, the country turned into a battlefield of chaos. A majority of civilians, immigrants to begin with, left for their own countries. Whoever was left either lived in agony or attempted to take control with whatever mercenary group that were apart of. It was a conflict promoting war. Celestial Being continued to not intervene.

Sumeragi spent most of her days in sorrow, drinking herself to sleep as she looked through her large database in her quarters. Both of the previous missions ended in failure, albeit Edmund did get information on the Union’s new mobile suit. However, the masked Meister get been injured in the altercation, still recovering in the Ptolemaios’ medical quarters. Albus arrived in space shortly after on the Forecaster’s orders, bringing all the remaining members back for standby.

The captain shed a few tears as she thought about Christina and Multi. While the colony drop was prevented (although Sumeragi wondered how exactly they would have actually been able to perform this task), it came with a heavy unexpected price. She had received no contact from the two crewmembers since the paramilitary organization’s building exploded, killing dozens. The Forecaster had to assume the worst, having a small service for the two.

As much as this hurt Sumeragi, nothing was more important than the Virtue being stolen. Most of the work during the past few weeks had been on attempting to find the Celestial Being mobile suit, but to no avail. In fact, there was even a single clue that could lead them in a path to retrieve it. Sumeragi herself hadn’t picked the Virtue’s pilot as a Meister, but she and the other crewmembers did trust Rai over the years. A lot of questions weren’t being answered. Only more were being piled up upon them… 

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The Ptolemaios was wrapped in the silent shroud of mourning. No one wanted to talk about it, but the three they had lost occupied the minds of everyone on board, of that Albus was sure. It had been a while since he had said anything at all, in fact. For the last hour or two, he had been content simply to float in front of one of the ship’s windows and look out at the vast, empty field of stars beyond it. A single thought had set up camp in his mind, a stubborn guest unwilling to leave.

If only he had been there.

If Albus had been with Rai, Christina, and Multi on their operation, then they might still be around. Maybe he could’ve saved them—maybe he could’ve stopped Rai from going to…wherever he and the Virtue went. If not with words, then at least using the power of the Exia. But his actions in the missions before had seen him benched. He had been told to stay put in Tokyo and standby because he was becoming a liability. Albus’s thoughts drifted to that night with Kinue. What would have happened to her if he wasn’t there? Would she have died? Was her life worth the three that he wasn’t there to save?

“Agh!” Albus slammed his metal hand against the wall of the ship, the impact pushing him away and into the centre of the room. He clutched at his white hair and clenched his teeth, unable to escape the vicious cycle of his thoughts.

Before he could talk sense into himself, he found himself standing in the doorway of the medical bay. Just beyond, he could see Edmund laying in one of the cots.

“We need to talk,” he said in his usual brusque manner.

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(Thanks to Judge for the awesome dialogue!) 

Everything was a hazy flutter. He could recall piloting Kyrios to safety. He could even recall staggering along as he made it back into space.  There were just parts that were blacked out from his head, as if coming in and out if consciousness. He did recall debating about even returning back to the ship in his current state but ultimately decided that the ship would be his safest course. 

Yes, Edmund could recall the shocked looks and stares as he floated into the medical bay, blood orbs trailing behind him as he clutched his side. He remembered Dr. Moreno asking him to remove his helmet only for the Miester to point a pistol at the doctor. And so the doctor worked as best he could on the injured man with no face. 

Laying in the medical bay Edmund breathed slowly and deeply as he continued to fade in and out of consciousness. His pain hovered between numb and bearable as he insisted on not being dosed with too many pain killers. He had enough on his mind already he didn’t want any drug induced lucidity. 

Despite himself, Edmund kept thinking about her, about his fight with the strange flag. His mind wondered from his history of injuries to why he was there, why was he in Celestial Being at all? Worse of all his mind drifted to her, to Sumeragi, or was it Leesa Kujo? Why did she matter? Why did it make him so angry to know her real name? To see her like she is now? 

Edmund groaned as he mulled over his thoughts. He was laying down, asleep really, when Albus approached him saying, “We need to talk.” The masked Miester shuddered awake and with no warning sat up and leveled his pistol at Albus yelling out, “Leesa!” It took Edmund a moment to realize what was going on and the steely glare from Albus for him to sheepishly put the gun down. Edmund coughed, an act that reminded him how much his chest hurt. Shrugging he pulled himself to fully sit up, albeit it slouched over some. Putting the gun on the cot next to him he reached up to feel the cracks on his helmet, he pulled off a piece of the white plating, the mask was just about broken it seemed. Muttering incoherently he looked up and asked, “What is it you want? Here to gloat?” His tone was bitter as he kept feeling around the edges of the mask. 


- Albus didn’t flinch as the gun was pulled on him, but he did deepen his frown. He stood stark still in the doorway until his fellow Meister lowered his firearm. From what Albus had heard, Edmund had underwent a rather rigorous battle against a Flag. The white haired pilot had wondered if it was the same ace he had encountered but didn’t press for information. 

 “Gloat? I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but I’m the biggest screw-up here. Rai stole a gundam and took off and everyone else still likes him more than me.” Albus shifted uncomfortably, stepped forward, and closed the door behind him. He looked at the crumbling mask and fought through a wave of discomfort. “I came here to…shit, this is stupid. Look, I came here because I’m tired of being on everyone’s bad side,”

Albus put a hand on his hip and looked away from Edmund. “I get that I’m not a nice person, that I’m hard to get along with. I’ve had my fair share of trauma that’s led me down that road. I’m not making excuses, that’s just the truth. It’s hard to let people in after everything—you especially. Looking at you—at that mask of yours—I hate it. It terrifies me for reasons I don’t even fully get. But I don’t hate you.” 

Albus considered turning and bolting from the room then and there. Being so earnest and open made him want to cringe at himself, made him panic. But he forced himself to remain. “I want to get along with you. And everyone else. But I don’t know how…”


-Edmund stiffened at Albus’ revelation. He didn’t scoff or reply beyond lightly nodding his head. He wanted to ask what had happened to Rai but suspected that there was more going on as the other Miester spilled his guts out. For a long while Edmund said nothing, and just played with the broken piece of his mask. Slowly he spoke up at last, “we’re all broken… you know that?” He looked up and nodded, more to agree with his own words, “I wonder what kind of game Veda is playing at when it picked all of us? Surely there’s better people out there.” 

The masked man slipped down the cot and tested his feet on the floor. He was barefoot, with a simple hospital gown covering his body. He grimaced in pain and took a moment to slowly stretch his limbs. “When I was with the AEU… I worked hard to be liked by everyone around me, to build a team….” He paused as he considered his words carefully. He dropped the white shard of his mask to the floor then without warning dipped his head down and reached up to jerk at the mask. The movement seemed unnatural, almost like he was trying to hurt himself. He grunted loudly and after a moment the helmet crashed onto the floor, chartered into pieces. 

The raven haired man grimaced and let out a deep breath as he felt the cold air against his face. Edmund had fair features, with only a few scars crowning around his face and dipping into his slightly graying hairline. His brown eyes looked up at the ceiling, reacting like he had just stepped under running water as he breathed deeply. Finally with an unfiltered voice he looked down at Albus, “it takes a lot to be honest. Especially with ourselves. I think you’ve made a good step in the right direction.” He flashed the other pilot a friendly smile. “If you’ll trust me then I’ll trust you.” He walked over and offered his hand out for a truce.  


- Behind the screen of his orange glasses, Albus’s eyes narrowed as he watched Edmund wrestle with his mask. His heart raced as it became clear what the Meister was trying to do and fear filled Albus’s heart in that time. But when the mask finally came off, that fear was replaced with resentment and sadness. 

Edmund looked, well, normal. A little rough around the edges, perhaps, but remarkably unscathed by the accident that had presumably warranted the mask. Reflexively, Albus’s hands curled into fists as he tried to fight back the wave of self-loathing that churned deep inside him. Part of him had wanted the Meister to look horrific, like he had after his accident and yet that was what he feared most. 

 Edmund’s words, now free of the mechanical tinkering of his helm, made Albus look up and see an outstretched hand awaiting him. The Exia’s pilot clenched his teeth. 

 It’s time to let go of him. You’ll be okay.

 Albus removed his sunglasses with one hand and met Edmund’s handshake with the other, meeting his gaze with his bloodshot eyes. 

“I guess we’re in this together, after all. Let’s show that computer that we aren’t completely lost causes,”


-Edmund gripped the other man’s hand hard and held it for a moment along with the mutual gaze. “I can agree with that sentiment.” He offered before letting the man go. He fumbled back to the table and picked up a washcloth to clean his face, blood had dried around his mouth. “Care to fill me in on what’s been going on exactly? Last couple of days have been a bit hazy for me…” he went about cleaning his face and listening asking the occasional question. 

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“Docking with the Euclides.”

Lichty and Lasse maneuvered the Ptolemaios towards the bright orange factory ship. To the majority of the crew, it was unknown who and what they would even be taking from it, only that Celestial Being was going to be reorganized. Ian Vashti floated through the hangar bay, the mobile suits around him in awkward positions. While the Exia had remained unchanged, the Dynames’ torso was gutted open, wires and scrap surrounding it. Meanwhile, the Kyrios had been temporarily remodeled after its encounter with the Flag.


With its arms too damaged for repair (One likely in the hands of the Union), the head engineer had to improvise with whatever parts they had in stock. Now unable to transform, the Kyrios Repair used a rifle intended for the Virtue’s inner frame mobile suit. Ian sighed, contemplating the entire situation. The organization’s plan wasn’t completely known yet, only that he was told to remove parts of the Dynames’ cockpit in advance. “What is their deal? I need to know this stuff more than anyone… else.” Haros and Karels floated toward a bulky white and green mobile suit, its cockpit also torn open.


“Oh my gosh! It’s soooooo good to see you!” Sherilyn Hyde didn’t wait a second as she grabbed the engineer, pulling Ian in for a hug. “I can’t believe we’re gonna work together! All of these mobile suits are gonna become soooooo much better with our combined skills.” Ian grunted at the tight grip, signaling the apprentice to let the poor old man go. “Heh. It’s good to see you too, Sherilyn.” He stated, looking up as the Full Armor 0 Gundam was put next to the others. “So, why exactly are we taking apart these two’s cockpit.” Sherilyn glanced around in concern, as if she was being spied on. Leaning in to whisper, Ian let out a gasp.


“Why though? Why were you kept a secret from us? From me?” Sumeragi had continued to pelt Chall with questions about the now disbanded secret organization, with the white haired woman attempting to respond adequately to each one. By this point, the Forecaster had gone through multiple drinks, only for the other Forecaster to prevent her from continuing. “I think it’s time to stop drinking those. They get in the way of our missions.”

Sumeragi scoffed at the idea. “So what? Just because we’re ‘Co-Forecasters’ now doesn’t mean you can boss me around. I don’t care how many years of experience you have with Celestial Being.” Chall felt concerned about the Captain, realizing it had been a rough time for both of them. “I’m sorry, Sumeragi. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything. We’ll figure out the leadership plan once the meeting is concluded.

Celestial Being’s entire crew had been called to the conference room shortly after. As Lasse and Lichty mingled, the three Gundam pilots kept quiet with the doctor, likely having their own thoughts on the predicament. Ian came in soon after with a younger woman, braking the ice between the two organizations. “Everyone. This is Sherilyn Hyde. She trained under me as my apprentice. She’ll be helping us with our mobile suits from now on.” The quirky engineer waved at the new group. “Hello! Can’t wait to meet you all!” Her small talk would have to wait though. Three more members came through the sliding door, the man wearing an AEU replica uniform moving to the corner of the room.

Sumeragi stood tall with the white haired woman, almost as if she was proving to the crew that she could still be an effective leader. “Quiet down. I need to announce a couple of changes to the organization.” Stepping forward, the Forecaster continued. “It’s clear that Celestial Being currently needs some help, so the higher ups decided to merge two groups. The new faces in here are from Feresthe, which was a secret force that has been working in tandem with Celestial Being’s missions from the start. We-”

Interrupting Sumeragi, Chall spoke up. “My name is Chall Acustica. I will be commanding this vessel and organization along with your current Forecaster. However, I will also be taking Christina Sierra’s place until a suitable replacement can be found. Eco Calore will be taking over Multi’s.”

Sumeragi’s facial expression were beginning to let the crew know how much she loved this new chain of command, her face slightly red from the alcohol. “Sherilyn Hyde will be working with Ian Vashti, but that leaves one more new member…” Once again, the door slid open. “We have brought over a Gundam, along with your new Meister. A human didn’t appear through the door, only a yellow Haro with cat ears.

“Hello! Hello!”

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    • By Spectre
      The small engine apexed at a new octave just before Edmund hit the clutch, shifting the gear and lowering the hum of the engine once more. The motorcycle curled along the cliffside highways, dying light reached along the ocean waves below and cast long shadows along the road from the safety rails. The sun itself seemed caught between the ocean and the dark overcast of storm clouds stretched along the sky overhead.  Edmund clung onto the crotch rocket tightly as he felt the exhilarating G’s from his turn push into his stomach. 
      He was back home, or rather what used to be considered home. The stunning visage of the setting sun and the ocean waves felt nostalgic, although Edmund himself couldn’t safely say he could rightly recall the sensation. He eased up on the throttle and let the bike coast into the cliffside town that he had been heading into. Rain began to pelt the road and his person as he coasted down the highway. Again, though it all felt familiar, it had little comfort beyond that of a fuzzy dream. 
      Edmund had taken off from his little island base earlier that day, but the distance needed to be cover was rather large, so it was already late by the time he got to Spain. “Probably for the best…” he murmured as he pulled into the vacant streets towards a storage facility. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late that he couldn’t go inside to do his business.
      As he parked his bike, he walked over to the doors. He wore a black trench coat that fluttered behind him in the ocean wind and hazy rain. He ran a gloved hand through his brown hair, he kept his motorcycle helmet on the seat of the bike, hardly caring if it got wet. The facility was one of those civilian rent to store buildings with individual storage sheds inside. The array of fluorescent light added to the commercial feeling of the facility. His boots echoing loudly in the vacant hallways. 
      He paused as he came up to a particular unit. Slowly he brought out some keys from his pocket and fumbled with them until he had the right one for the padlock. With a click, he had the lock free and was raising the metallic garage doors open for his own unit. 
      The room itself was fairly vacant. To one side there was a shelfing unit with dozens of banker boxes. In the middle of the little unit was a desk with a seat and table light. For a moment, Edmund considered closing the door behind him but shook the thought from his head. Instead, he pocketed the keys with lock, and went to the rows of boxes, peaking in each one. Finally, he settled on one box in particular and brought it over to the desk and switched on the light. 
      It was hard to imagine to a normal person, but to Edmund this was everything that used to be him. Each box housed some section of his life that he had categorized. For months after his accident he had gone through the material in hopes of sparking that recognition of who he was supposed to be. 
      Settling himself down in his seat he pulled out a file from the box and began to look at it. The folder contained his military records, back when he served in the AEU. Perhaps it was being behind the controls of a mobile suit again, but he felt like there was something about Celestial Being that was reminding him more and more of his past. 
      After a few minutes of looking at the text records he found himself grunting and returning the folder in frustration. There had to be something else he was missing, but what? Reaching down he pulled out another folder and opened it up, pictures practically flew out of the archaic file to splash onto the concrete floor. Edmund hissed a curse under his breath as he tried to scoop up the old photographs. Before he could pick them up however a woman’s voice called out to him from the hallway. “Say I know you!” 
      At first Edmund felt a bit of dread, he looked up to see a middle-aged woman with blonde hair. She appeared to be clutching a bag of some sort. The  woman managed to wag a free hand in the air and point it accusingly at Edmund. “That name on the uniform. I recognize it!” Her finger pointed at his old uniform which was hanging in the edge of the shelf. Her finger accented the name tag, “and your face… you’re not Victoria and Alfonse’s boy are you?”
      Edmund offered a weak smile as he stood up with his pictures in hand. He walked over and politely offered his free hand for a handshake. “Indeed I am!” He replied cheerily though deep down he was already dreading the conversation. “Forgive me, but I don’t recall who you are…” he led on with his tone and the woman’s face lit up, “Oh! I’m Lorraine Halevy!” Recognition fluttered in her eyes as she studied Edmund. “Yes i do remember you! Last I saw of you was before you went to the military, don’t you remember?” Her voice trailed off as she found it difficult to believe he could forget her. 
      Edmund let out a helpless laugh as he reached up to scratch the scars on his face, “well as a matter of fact I don’t…” He looked around nervously feeling suddenly self conscious, “you see I lost my memories in an accident…” he shook his head. 
      Thankfully she interjected, “Oh my lord! I-I didn’t-“
      “It’s fine. Really!” Edmund protested as he raised his hands up assuringly. A smile grew on his lips,  “In any case I go by Edmund now…“ 
      She smiled back at him, “well I’m glad you’re alive! I’m sure your parents are thankful of that too. What brings you here?” She asked curiously.
      “I just happened to be in the area and thought I’d come by to look at my old stuff…” he trailed off as he turned to look at the box. “Once in awhile it helps me remember things…” he added wishfully. 
      “Oh you poor thing!” Mrs. Halevy added woefully. Wishing to change the subject Edmund turned back to look at her. “What brings you to the storage units Mrs. Halevy?” 
      The woman blushed some as she stammered for a second, “Oh, just getting something that I wanted to give my niece for her wedding coming up.” She clutched the bag in her arms to accent her claim. Finding the conversation getting awkward now Edmund offered, “Well I hope it’s a wonderful wedding. Thanks for saying hello to me Mrs. Halevy I appreciate it.” He smiled and nodded as a means of telling her to leave. To her credit she paused as if to say something but smiled as she turned to walk away. Just as he was about to leave she stopped to turn and add, “Take care Edmund, and if you ever need someone to talk to please look up our family. Maybe we could help refresh your memories over some tea?” 
      He regarded her and could tell that her offer was genuine. “Thank you very much Mrs. Halevy. I may take you up on that next time I’m in town.” He smiled back at her as she left finally. 
      He felt odd as she left, it was always uncomfortable running into people who knew the old him. He reached down to look at a picture of him back when he was in the military. The kid staring back at him had a dumb grin on his face, careless even. He was surrounded by similarly dressed guys, they appeared to be in some barracks. Shaking his head he flipped the picture over. He’d seen the photo a dozen times already to no affect but this time something caught his attention.  On the back of the picture was a hand written message, “Maybe next time we can take a picture together?”
      The elegant curves on the message, the precise lettering, it was clearly a woman’s touch. How come he had never noticed the message before? He looked over the message repeatedly for many moments. The crackle of lightning broke his concentration and he looked up in bewilderment. Sighing he tucked the picture in his jacket. Without a word he put everything else away and sealed the storage unit once more. 
    • By FrostyFoster
      During the course of this RP, I will assume new variations will be created. This will be the home of them and will likely be updated many times.
      Hellion Pantera

      One of the earliest models of the AEU Mobile Suit Hellion, this Hellion Initium was used by the Mendoza Cartel's enforcers to establish their hegemony over the Taribian drug trade. It was most likely acquired as surplus as part of an illegal trade between officers of the Taribian military and cartel representatives. While the Mendoza Cartel gave way to rumors that the Pantera's performance even surpassed that of the Hellion Perpetuum, it's far more likely that its only upgrade is the bold livery it uses to intimidate enemies.
      (First Appearance in Episode 3)
    • By FrostyFoster
      The year is 2307 AD. With the depletion of fossil fuels, the world now relies on solar power systems ran by three world powers: the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, the Advanced European Union, and the Human Reform League. Minor countries have fallen into chaos, resulting in a world of war and suffering. A paramilitary group, called Celestial Being, has appeared in response to this new reality. They intend to end all wars by fighting themselves.
      However, this is where the world of Gundam 00 changes. Veda has selected different candidates to be their four Gundam Meisters, sending this world into a completely different direction. The decisions these new characters will make may give Celestial Being the world they envisioned, or they make create a nightmare that sends humanity down a path of no return…
      This is Gundam 00 Redefine
      Judge as Albus, pilot of GN-001 Gundam Exia
      FrostyFoster as Feldt Grace, pilot of GN-002 Gundam Dynames
      Roromi as Edmund Spectre, pilot of GN-003 Gundam Kyrios
      Replicator as Rai Nemerič, pilot of GN-005 Gundam Virtue
    • By FrostyFoster
      “Is now really the time?” An older man floated through a bright hallway, holding onto a silver briefcase with one hand, while grasping the lever pulling him forward with the other. “I don’t want you making a scene while I show off my creation.” As the crewman with the most amount of experience, he understood how important the Gundam Meisters would be, hoping that the captain of their ship would give a good impression of herself. Also, this new piece of equipment for their new pilot would give him more control over himself and his mobile suit. He knew it wouldn't be wise for the forecaster to piss him off.
      “Relax Ian. It calms my nerves.” Behind him was Sumeragi Lee Noriega, drinking out of a tiny Sake can as she rode with the Ptolemaios’ engineer toward their destination. What she didn't let the engineer know was that it wasn't her first as she drank more, thinking about their new Meister. “Plus, I’ve already met him before.” It had been a few months since she’d first talked in person with the man previously known as Alistair Judge. Currently, the finishing touches were being made on the Meister’s new appearance in the medical bay.
      “I can’t believe he’ll be the easy one…”
      The tactical forecaster had little information on the remaining two Meisters chosen for their grand operation, both of which would be arriving soon. One had most of their biography redacted, while the other had little data to begin with. Sumeragi hadn’t expected Veda to go this route, especially when she learned who the Dynames’ pilot was going to be. She wondered if two years would even be enough for the group to connect well, considering the people chosen.
      Nevertheless, she continued with Ian through the corridors of likely the most sophisticated ship ever created, eventually stopping to the medical bay, or rather their makeshift salon. With their crew as small as they were, the forecaster worked with what she had. As the door slid open, Sumeragi was shocked at what she say. Their resident doctor, Joyce, shrugged to the forecaster, watching as the queen of fashion made her finishing touches on the white hair in front of her.
      “Annnnnd done!” Christina, Celestial Being’s new programmer, grinned as she clasped her hands together. The chair was spun around toward the two new guests, with Chris handing the Meister a small mirror. The Ptolemaios’ captain was prepared for a change, but was still caught off-guard, especially by the pure white hair. “What do you think?.. uh…” At that moment, she realized he still hadn’t told her his codename, taking another swig of her sake. “That's right, I forgot. So what’s your new name going to be?” Ian cringed slightly, placing the palm of his hand on his face.
      “Off to a good start…” He muttered.
    • By Judge
      Full name: Alistair Judge
      Codename: Albus
      Faction: Celestial Being
      Rank: Gundam Meister
      Age: 25
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5’9”
      Weight: 180
      Eyes: Brown
      Hair: White
      Skin: Tanned
      Handiness: Right
      Albus can be a tough person to get along with for many, owing mainly to his brazen arrogance and a tendency to self-aggrandize. Respect, to Albus, is not something one is obligated to but rather a thing that must be earned through merit. This is especially true on the battlefield. While Albus is typically dismissive or neutral to civilians, opting not to associate wherever possible, he can be an absolute pest in the heat of battle, openly mocking his opponents should they fail to stack up to his exacting standards. This often puts him at odds with his fellow Meisters. While he recognizes their skills as fellow Gundam pilots, he is quick to judge their performance and offer advice when it isn’t called for. Nevertheless, his loyalty to his squad runs deep and Albus is more than willing to put his life on the line for his comrades.
      While he holds his prowess with a mobile suit in high regard, he recognizes it solely as a means to an end. In truth, Albus loathes combat and takes part in it only to further Celestial Being’s mandate of peace through intervention. Regardless of his distaste for war, he takes great pride in his abilities and as a result, tends to fight with needless flair that often lands him in hot water.
      Strengths and weaknesses
      Union Ace– Albus, a former Union pilot, has considerable experience with mobile suits, particularly those used by the Union such as the Realdo and the Flag, to a lesser extend. He has sortied many times, earning himself a reputation as an ace pilot as a reflection of his skills.
      Phantom Pain –As a consequence of the accident that led to him going missing, Albus lost his right hand up to the middle of his forearm. It has been replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic that allows him to interface with his Gundam directly to aid in its piloting. But while his new hand may aid him in combat, the phantom pain still lingers…
      Hot-Head –Albus’s arrogant and his tendency to disrespect and taunt his enemies often lands him in difficult situations. This has a habit of bleeding over to social situations as well.  
      Striving for Peace- In his heart of hearts, Albus fights purely to achieve the promise of a better, peaceful future. While he is intensely loyal to his comrades and co-pilots and is proud of his abilities as a Meister, he truly detests having to use them. He believes ardently in Celestial Being’s mandate but knows that, should their goals waver from the achievement of world peace, he would gladly leave them behind.  
      Initially a rather average looking man, Albus’s accident and subsequent initiation into Celestial Being forced the man once known as Alistair Judge to adopt a completely new identity, even down to his physical appearance. Albus has a white hair and lightly tanned skin and trends towards the stylish, chic, and primarily black with regards to his civilian clothing. He keeps his body in excellent shape in case the fight must be taken outside of the cockpit. His right hand has been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic capable of interfacing with the Exia, granting him a minor increase in control over his mobile suit
      Alistair Judge was a dog of the Union. Growing up on fringes of the northern Canadian territories, Judge joined the Union as a means to escape the fate met so often by those born in small towns. Enlisting allowed him to see much of the world, but also made him witness to strife and bloodshed. Most of Alistairs active duty in the Union forces saw him fighting insurgents and terrorists in smaller nations. During his time in the Anti-Terror unit, Alistair discovered his knack for piloting and quickly earned a reputation as a pilot ace on multiple different sorties, earning him the nickname “Arbitrator”.
      In 2303, during a minor conflict over disputed territory in the Pacific Islands gone awry, Alistair and several of his squad mates were shot down by Human Reform League forces. Though he was declared missing in action, Alistair was very much alive, recovered from his crashed mobile suit by island locals. During his recovery, Judge experienced first-hand the squalor and poverty those caught between the Union and its enemies had to suffer. With his eyes opened to the true status-quo of the world, Judge made his way across the Pacific, winding up first in Taiwan, then China, before finally landing in Japan.  With an intent to try and change the world from inside the Union, Alistair tried to alert his superiors to his survival, only to find that he had been erased from Union records. Without any identity to call his own, Judge wandered for some time before he was contacted by someone claiming to be associated with an organization intent on bringing peace to the world. Initially skeptical but having nothing to lose, Judge agreed to meet with this shadowy organization that called themselves Celestial Being.  

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