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Sayla Creed


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Full name: Sayla Creed

Aliases: Artesia

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 100

Eyes: green

Hair: brown 

Skin: fair 

Handiness: right 


Generally Artesia is a kind hearted girl. She can be mischievous and even a bit of a flirt, although she tries not to act as such around her family. She’s obsessive over cosmetic items in the game and has a vast collection of such things that she’s fond of. She takes her role of “big sister” very seriously. 

Strengths and weaknesses

Pedigree – Much like her brother she grew up in Marco’s shadow. She has access to many of her father’s personal resources. 

Gifted – Sayla is a natural at GBN she can control Gunpla with ease and just has a knack for it all. 

Uninterested – Sayla only spends time on GBN because of her family. To her it’s much more of a hobby and she rarely gets fired up over things. At times it’s even hard to motivate her to do anything beyond working for cosmetics. 

Family ties- Sayla only cares about her family in GBN and if they are threatened she will recklessly go out of her way to protect them. 



Beautiful and lean. She takes great care of her body and her appearance. 


Char’s older sister. Much like her brother she spent quite a lot of time around Gundam and being indoctrinated by her parents. Gunpla was the one thing she could use to truly connect with her father and so she’s always maintained a passing interest in the hobby if for no better reason than for family. 

Despite her attitude she’s quite skilled and gifted at GBN and is even able to use funnel like systems in the game, a feat that most normal divers have a hard time doing entirely on their own. As her brother got older she took it upon herself to show him the ropes while their father was busy doing work. Occasionally she’ll convince him to join along as spend time with them both, something she’s always grateful to do with her dad. 

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