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[GBN 1.8] Raymond Hermes


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Full name: Raymond Hermes, “Icarus”

Faction: Rookwood Highschool Gunpla Club/ Fleurs De Noblesse

Rank: Founder

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Height: 5’10

Weight: 188 Lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Skin: White

Handiness: Left


Raymond Hermes has always taken a little bit of secret pride in his taciturn nature and the way that it seems to stymie others, though at the same time there are days he wishes that he could find the energy to emote as strongly as those around him. He is, by no means, emotionless, but merely stoic and often monotone in his manner. One would think this puts him at contrast with his job as a school teacher, and often it can, but Raymond has found that his calmer disposition has often been a boon in the classroom.

While his profession requires a certain degree of put-togetherness, on his own time Raymond is somewhat of a slob—the kind of man to lounge around in his underwear or pyjamas and leave dishes unwashed—and he often deals with a sense of ennui stemming from his past failures. Still, he makes strides to be proactive and kind to others.


Strengths and weaknesses:

Raymond’s key strength is his amenable nature, especially in combination with his analytical skills and the ability to keep cool under pressure. He tries his best to get along with everyone and often finds himself slotted into a position of leadership despite preferring to take a backseat and let others call the shots.

However, while Ray is a logical man who isn’t prone to emotional outbursts, he is only human after all. Raymond often struggles with a perceived lack of ability, and there are times when he finds himself spiraling into a hopelessness and cynicism that he has trouble pulling himself out of. This stems partly from the spectres of past physical injuries; Raymond deals with chronic pain and a limp in his damaged right leg.  


Pale blonde and slightly overweight, Raymond is an otherwise well-kept man though this is by necessity rather than choice. He is often well-dressed, though his suits are in fact lower-quality as a result of his strict budget. Naturally prone to being stoic and taciturn, Raymond can be a hard man to read as he often wears a frown or neutral expression on his face.

In game as Icarus, Raymond’s hair is longer and pulled into a somewhat unkempt ponytail, perhaps reflective of his true personality. He wears a normal suit resembling that of SEED’s first generation Biological CPUs (Orga Sabnak, Clotho Buer, Shani Andras) with yellow highlights.




You may have heard of Raymond Hermes, but chances are his name for you has faded into obscurity as it has for most everyone else.  Rookie of the year, MVP three years running, and first overall draft pick—by all accounts Raymond Hermes was headed for baseball superstardom. However, 27 games into his first major league season, a rogue twist of fate changed all of that. Rounding second off of a hard line drive, something simply…shifted—mostly Ray’s knee. And that was all it took for his life to be altered forever. Laid up for 3 weeks in the hospital, Raymond didn’t need to be told he could never play professionally again, it was obvious from the numbness he felt in his leg that things would never be the same. It wasn’t something he took gracefully, either. For a little more than a year, Ray found himself in the clutches of a depressive episode, spending more and more time sequestered away from society. On the brink of rock-bottom, Raymond’s saving grace was his friend, Amelia, who helped him gradually find his way back.

After returning to university, Raymond found work as a high school English and history teacher. It was here that he was introduced to Gundam and gunpla in general via his students. Remembering such things from his own youth, Ray found it to be a suitable distraction and dove headlong into the hobby to the point that many of his students poke fun of him for it. With the advent of Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, Raymond found a new way to reconnect with his students and the world around him, and acts as the founder, sponsor, and current leader of the Battle Nexus club at his school.




Role plays



Coliseum battles


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