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(This takes place during the events of Build Divers Re:RISE #24)

Plenty of other teams had arrived to the planned meeting spot, but only the leader of UNIVERZ was here, standing alone in a sea of fellow divers. “Lotus Challenge ver. Eldora…” The leader thought to himself while checking the battle plans of the mission. “From what I’ve heard, this should be-“ His thoughts were interrupted by one of his teammates. “Chris?! Oh! There you are!” A tall man with long brown hair strolled over to him, along with his wife.

“Looks like you changed your outfit.” Kyle exclaimed as he looked down at Chris’ new blue jacket. “Change your Gunpla too?” Chris smirked, pushing away his menu screen. “No, I’ll never stop using my Tallgeese. It’s been with me for so long, I don’t know what I’d do without it!” At that moment, another player teleported near the group, moving his shaggy maroon hair out of his eyes. “Sorry I was late.” He said, looking around for the other members of their team. “Guess I’m not the only one.”

“I thought I made it clear that this was a big deal, Xavier.” Their disappointed leader also glanced around. “Oh no…” The remaining two team members now stood out along the other teams. Wade, the team’s tiny SD user was running around to many of the more famous divers, trying to get an autograph from each of them. “Of course he’d want to take advantage of this.” Muttered the Lockon fan. “He’s probably gonna end up on some ban lists annoying them like this.” Amy scowled at her husband. “Come on. He’s just excited to see his idols.” 

Meanwhile, one of the largest divers in the room was picking a fight with a nearby player who ruined one of his killstreaks in a previous mission. Hammerhead, who looked like his namesake, held up the poor diver, showing them rows upon rows of pointy teeth. “20 KILLS!” The shark man yelled out. “That’s all I needed to get that Mars Zeon outfit!” Chris knew his team was making quite a scene, so he ran behind his massive ally, pulling him away. “Stop embarrassing us!” He exclaimed while holding Hammerhead back. “Fighting alongside all of these teams is an honor. Don’t. Ruin. It.” The couple had managed to pull Wade away from the other divers, Xavier baffled by the whole experience.

Eventually, every team had made it, allowing the explanation of the rehearsal mission to begin. It was simple enough for UNIVERZ’s players. They’d be in the second area of the altered Lotus Challenger as members of Beta Team. “Alpha team? Beta team?” Kyle thought the teams were put in place. “Lame names…” Many of the team were confused by the whole situation. “Heh. No way four players can make it past everyone here.” Whispered Xavier under his breath. Hammerhead was even more confident. “The Bygogg could take them out in seconds. It won’t even be close.” 

Many different teams got into position, with UNIVERZ being near the back of the second area. The team of six awaited their time to shine, but Chris noticed the brown SD almost shaking in fear. “Now before we start.” The leader exclaimed over the team’s comms. “Does anyone want to leave?” Immediately, the shaking stopped. Wade wouldn’t allow their enemy to scare him that badly. “But those G-Tube clips make them look really good…” He thought as the shaking returned. “N-no Captain! I’ll be ready!”

He’d have much time to get ready for BUILD DiVERS too. It wasn’t until their 6th attempt that they’d even be close to getting near their group. The four varied units blasted toward the six, just barely getting past the last part of Beta Team. “HAAA!” Hammerhead screamed out of his yellow Hygogg. “The Wodom is mine! TRANS-AM.” The aqua mobile suit sped forward, glowing a beautiful red light for only a few seconds. The Virtue backpacking almost immediately exploded, with whatever that was left of the Gunpla getting decimated by the black mobile armor’s missile pods. 

“Should’ve spent your time improving your build quality instead of picking fights…” Xavier shrugged. “Gundam Xecute! It’s time to fight! The gray mobile suit carried a Master Grade GN Sword, slashing the weapon down at the white Gundam. The enemy retaliated by launching bits, creating beam shields to absorb the blow. “Oh no you don’t!” the UNIVERZ team member roared as he maneuvered through his armament section. “Your puny shields won’t survive this!” Two cannons clipped onto the shoulders of the unit.

The two SD Gundams clashed away from the others, with the Command Gundam throwing out two grenades, opting to keep a distance from the transforming dragon. With the fantasy machine distracted, Wade’s aimed its launcher. “Bye Bye!” All four warheads engaged the opponent, causing a part of the area to be engulfed with smoke. “Oh.” Wade leaned forward in the cockpit. “Did I get him?” Suddenly, caution signs blared all around the North American Type SD’s screens as beams penetrated the entire Gunpla…

Chris was holding his own well against DiVERS’ Seed unit, having destroyed its shield and left arm. The Tallgeese Avenger held the Dober and Gatling weapons, hoping to end the entire mission with a barrage of blasts. “I can do this all day.” He bellowed to the Aegis pilot, but then became distracted by his colleagues cries for help. Kyle and Amy engaged the Wodom, but they were much worse for wear. The Hyaku Stratos’ rifle did practically nothing against the mobile armors defenses, causing Amy to fight the unit close-quarters. One by one, daggers would pierce the armor of the head, but its long legs kept back away from striking any vital parts.

“I just need to get a little closer!” Amy yelled out, dodging the legs’ attacks. The purple mobile suit wasn’t quick enough though. The other female player crammed its large beam cannon directly into the chest of the Murasaki Archer, giving UNIVERZ its third loss. Kyle worried as he watched the SD and Wodom go past him, but even they stopped to see the Twin Satellite Cannon engulf the white Gundam. “Finally! It’s all over.” Kyle uttered. Or was it? A tiny Gundam had made it behind the Xecute, sticking two saber into the back of the Gunpla. “What?! Are you kidding me?!” Xavier screamed, his cockpit dimmed. The four units all flew away from UNIVERZ, albeit damaged from the battle.

“They won’t make it through the third area.” Chris told his remaining companion. Kyle smirked as he heard this. “They won’t make it TO the third area! NERAI UTSU ZE!” Diverting all power to the rifle, he fired at the tiny Gundam, now inside what looked to be a flyer. The beam went directly through the back of the unit, blasting the little Gunpla into the depths of space. “Now Chris!” The Tallgeese threw its shield, their opponent not having much time to react. The machine was sliced right through the torso, causing two separate explosions to be produced.


The next couple of attempted went a little better for UNIVERZ, a highlight for them being Hammerhead using his flawed Trans-Am as a suicide attack on the Aegis. Ultimately, BUILD DiVERS learned and got closer and closer to finishing the mission, eventually completing it. Chris pondered this experience. Some attempts were better than others, but he felt that both teams ended up learning a lot about how to be successful as Divers.

“This is a massive island!” Said Wade as he walked with some of his teammates across the beaches of BUILD DIVERS’ Force Nest. “We need something like this!” Hammerhead howled with laughter, picking up the tiny diver. “Then you better save up, buddy! Hahaha!” With the two preoccupied, Xavier knew he needed to ask Chris some questions. “That mission… it was important, like REALLY important, huh?” The leader stopped, wind blowing on the two. “…Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that I’m glad to be apart of such a wonderful team. We weren’t perfect, but I hope UNIVERZ will last a long time.

The two lovebirds of the group laid down on the sand as the ocean water rose and fell in the distance. “I hope that Eldora mission goes well for them.” Kyle exclaimed, relaxing near his wife. “There are some crazy campaigns out there!” Amy smiled as she pulled up her menu. “You did good out there, some attempts better than others.” She slid her finger to the right. “Look in your giftbox. It cost a chunk of change because of how rare it is, but I think you’ll like it.” Kyle wondered as he navigated to the gift section, but once he saw it, a wide-eyed grin appeared on his face.





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