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The battle was over.

The Murasaki Archer stood on top a green and gray Gunpla, which had seen much action prior to this.


It was the Geara Hunda, a custom mobile suit piloted by someone who would be seen as quite old compared to other divers, Leon Schulz. In the world of GBN, the 40 year old wrote a dark green Zeon jacket which surprisingly complemented his graying hair. If this was a Universal Century Anime, he'd pass off as a battle worn captain very well. However, it seemed as if his experience did nothing for him, since the purple enemy managed to cut all of his weaponry in two, ending the battle quickly. The two mobile suits disappeared, transporting the two back to the main lobby. The divers stood across from each other, as Leon watched the other players battle record raise by one. She snickered. "Your overconfidence is what made lose." The girl pressed a couple buttons. "I gotta go. Good game." She was gone before he could respond.

Leon growled. "She just caught me off guard. That's all." He thought. "I'm the leader of Die Zeonic Mörder, after all." He began to hear laughter behind him. "HAHAHA!" Easily the biggest Diver in the lobby began to walk toward him, howling with laughter. The massive bald man wore a sleeveless tan Zeon uniform to show off his fictional muscles. "She really destroyed you, huh boss?" Leon was angry, but couldn't get mad at the big oaf, Hans Sauer. "I could've blown that AU trash away with my gattling guns at any moment!" Leon responded. "I just didn't want to hurt the lady's feelings."

"Ssssssure." The "man" to the right of Hans said. "I would've ssssssneaked up to her with my sssssshotguns and ruined that eyesssssore." While Leon and Hans could roleplay as real Zeon Pilots, their third teammate, Sepp, could not. While had did wear his own custom Zeon pilots suit, the scaly, brown individual had the head of a snake. "Ha! No way!" Hans yelled. "You couldn't take out a Ball with your Gelgoog!" Sepp hissed at the large teammates, sticking out his tongue. "Alright, break it up." Leon exclaimed. "I'm in the mood for another team mission!"

"Me too!" Hans said as he put his fist in his hand. "But not that Kobayecho Heyto test. Not being able to win is stupid!" The snakeman sighed. "Kobayassshi Hayato tessst, dummy. Have you even ssseen Gundam?" Han put his hand on top of his head. "Oh yeah, sorry!" Leon looked through the missions, trying to find a new Universal Century mission that would be a challenge for them. In fact, their disdain for non UC stuff caused them to never touch a mission not from it. Eventually he found the perfect one.

MISSION: Feddie Scum


DESCRIPTION: Destroy the Federation's new test Mobile Suit!

"Alright boys!" Leon yelled out. "Let's destroy some Federation garbage! SEIG ZEON!" The members of Die Zeonic Mörder each vanished as the mission began.

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The three mobile suits appeared deep in the tropics. It looked to be somewhere in Southeast Asia, but that couldn’t be confirmed by the pilots. “What’d it say?” Blurted out Hans. “Something about a test mobile suit?” Leon glanced around with his Geara Hunda. “Yeah, but I don’t see any mobile suits around. Seems like we picked a mission with a real large map.” He began to move his Gunpla west, hoping they’d find what they were looking for, as the other two followed suit. “They could be hiding.” Exclaimed Sepp. “Waiting to ssstrike usss.” Leon thought so too, but eventually their questions were answered. 

A large lake, which glistened under the sun, flowed in front of them. Four massive bridges each connected to what looked to be an artificial island, a single elevator creating a hole in the center of it. “That’s where our prize likely is.” Said Leon. “Now be careful, this is obviously a trap.” Hans glanced at Leon’s face through his cockpit picture. “It sure is. Too bad I don’t care!” The heavyset mobile suit hovered over one of the bridges, heading toward the elevator.



Alarms and lights on the bridges blared as the elevator opened up. 10 Guncannon II Mobile Suit blasted into the air, firing at the three Zeon mobile suits. “ Du Lusche!” Yelled out Leon. “We’re a team, you can’t run out on your own.” Hans chuckled. “Sorry boss. At least there’s only one, two, three…” “TEN!” Sepp screamed. “There’sss ten of them. Check your radar.” However, Sepp was also wrong now. The platform for the elevator rose to the top, with 10 Guntank IIs rolling in the direction of Hans. “Take those Guntanks out while I fire at the others.” Leon ordered as he retreated back into the tropics. “Sepp. Do what you do best.” The snakeman smirked. “Yessssssir.”


“Time to create a junkyard!” The Dreistier flew toward the Guntanks as they fired back. Luckily through, their weaponry was ballistic. Anything that got near Hans was blown away by the custom Dreissen’s triple beam cannon. “Hahaha! This is too easy!” The Dreister jumped up into the air, slamming its battle axe down on the head of the nearest unit. The Tank exploded as Han slashed at the other Guntanks. Their programing began to adapt to the situation, with most opting to discharge smoke at the Zeon machine. “I can’t see my prey!” Hans bellowed out.

Meanwhile, The Guncannons were on their way to the others. Pulling out his cannon, Leon aimed, blowing one right out of the sky. The debris fell into the water as the remaining members split up. Four Guncannons surrounded the leader, as Leon turned on his gatling guns. Hundreds of bullets flew at one of the enemy machines cannon, causing it and the head near it to explode. The other two returned fire, hitting the Hunda’s main weapon. This wouldn’t be enough to take him out of the battle though, as Leon ignited his twin beam sword. 

Pink blades slid through one of the Guncannons as the other grabbed on to the back of him. “Let go, Feddie Scum!” Leon said as he jerked around his Gunpla. The Geara Hunda flew forward, knocking itself into the side of the east bridge. Its shoulder almost broke off with the damaged bridge as it flew into the lake. The Neo Zeon machine laid underwater as Leon looked around. “Where did he go?” He thought. Unexpectedly, the Guncannon jumped onto him, similar to how the purple mobile suit beat him. It brought its fists up, ready to destroy its foe. “No, not again!” Blurted out Leon “You forgot to take out my gatling guns!” Bullets utterly decimated the Guncannon, leading it to fall back on the bridge. With his last foe defeated, Leon headed to the smoke.

Meanwhile, five Guncannons walked around, as a serpent waited, ready to strike…

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Deep in the tropical region, five mobile suits marched, looking for their target. Their pilots had no personality, other than the fact that they were classified as “hard”. These NPD’s were programmed to find and kill, but thankfully they had long ranged mobile suits. Long ranged MS in a short ranged battle…


Four of the Guncannons looked over to see their comrade’s mobile suit fall over, knocking down a couple of trees in the process. Its head had been completely blown off, along with a massive hole in its chest. One motioned to the others, telling them to split up and get some distance from the enemy. “Big missstake.” Whispered someone in the shadows. A Guncannon started to kneel down, getting into an aiming position. It decided that the best option would be waiting for the enemy to mess up, blasting it with its cannon. It should’ve watched its back though. Suddenly, the enemy slammed its foot into the back pack of the machine, knocking it down. Another Guncannon came to its aid, but it was too late. This Guncannon also fell prey to the shotguns of the Gelgoog Natter.


The Zeon Gunpla dashed toward its third target as the Guncannon began firing back. “Your rifle is too weak.” Exclaimed Sepp. “You can’t ssstop me!” The diver dodged the two beams, firing its own weapons (shotguns from the Kampfer) directly into the shins of the mobile suit. It began to fall forward, but the Gelgoog dropped its guns, opting to grab the machine by the shoulder. With its fangs, Sepp’s Gunpla “bit” into the head of the machine, pulling the part right out of its socket. The diver looked inside, only to see a still, generic Federation soldier inside. “It’sss alwaysss cooler when I bite a real player.” He declared. Losing his train of the thought about the battle, the other two Guncannons fired, demolishing the Natter’s right arm. “Ssscrew you!” He yelled out. “I wasss enjoying my victim!” He picked up one of the shotguns, deciding to head back to his other teammates for assistance.

“Oh no you don’t!” Shouted Hans. “I’m not losing because of some silly smoke!” Grabbing his Halbred with both hands, he began to spin around, creating a whirlwind attack. The smoke began to fly away, as many of the Guntanks could now be seen. “My Sieg Spin attack always comes in- woah woah WOAH!” Leon landed near the Guntanks, firing everything he had at them while snickering. “Yeah! It only comes in handy if you can control it!” Three Guntanks were sliced apart as the Dreistier spun, eventually falling on its side. A Guntank tried to take advantage of this, rolling up to him to fire point-blank, but Hans rammed his head into the torso of it. “Hahaha! Mess with the stier, and you get the horns!” 

The pink blades of the Hunda sliced through the last Guntank as Sepp arrived. “It’sss time to take thisss elevator.” He stated. The Dreistier stood on top of the platform while the Geara Hunda walked to him. “Did you take out your Guncannons?” Leon asked. Sepp responded by pushing the Hunda back to the platform, with it also getting onboard. The two Guncannon blew through the air, blasting all that they had at Die Zeonic Morder, but the doors had already closed.

Hans began to howl with laughter once again. “You couldn’t take out five Guncannons?!” His mobile suit almost laughed with him. “These are OWY Mobile Suits, but I understand. Your Gelgoog is one too. Can’t keep up with us, huh?!” The scaly snake almost turned beet red. “Ssshut up! They got lucky!” As they bickered back and forth, Leon put his mobile suits foot down. “Enough! Both of you!” He shouted. “We’re a team. We build each other up, not bring them down. The only way we’ll defeat this test mobile suit is if we work together!” Hans and Sepp looked at each other through the cockpit cameras. “Aw, I can’t stay mad at the snake boy! Let’s finish this together!” The side door opened to a city that looked similar to something below Jaburo. The three walked (or in the Dreistier’s case, hovered) to the buildings, looking to see if their target would appear. What they heard next from the intercom was the start of a battle that would change the way they play GBN forever.


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One of the warehouse buildings began to crumble as the white mobile suit rose. “So that’s the test mobile suit.” Said Leon. “Watch yourselves, boys. It looks powerful.” The biggest team member gave a perplexed look. “Powerful? This mobile suit is just a mishmash of others. We could take it out in a second.” The Gundam II had no interest in proving them wrong, so it aimed every machine, gatling, and Vulcan gun it had directly at the three.

“Sssplit up!” Sepp yelled as the other two jumped back. Leon took cover behind one of the taller buildings, but upon looking at the damage its weaponry did, he knew it wouldn’t matter. Hundreds of the bullets managed to obliterate an entire cave wall behind them. “Those aren’t your average Alex gatling guns. Wait a minute…” He thought. Hans watched as the white Gunpla picked up its folding bazooka and shield. He wanted to stop it, but even he was smart enough to know that couldn’t be done with him alone. “What do we do?” He asked. Sepp thought for a moment and realized how he could be of use.

“I’ll bait him into going after me!” He exclaimed. “That’s when you and the boss attack him from behind!” The Gelgoog got up from its hiding place, aiming and firing its shotgun. The blast was blocked by the Gundam’s shield, so Sepp threw the shotgun aside. “Can’t reload it anywaysss.” The Zeon machine used its thrusters to get some distance between the two Gunpla, but Sepp’s enemy had the advantage in speed. Catching up to the weaker mobile suit, it fired two bazooka shots, decimating the lower half of the Natter. “Ah!” Sepp yelled as the Gelgoog smacked into the ground. 

“HEY!” Screamed Hans. “Don’t do that to my friend, Feddie junk!” Hans swung his halberd at the distracted Gundam’s bazooka, slicing it in two. The opposing Gunpla jumped back to avoid the explosion, but it gave Han enough time to strike again. “Hyah!!” He yelled as he swung, but the Gundam II grabbed the handle of the weapon, pulling it and the Dreistier to it. Pressing its chest-mounted guns to the torso of the Neo Zeon mobile suit, it was about to fire when Sepp used his Gelgoog’s remaining arm to grab the back of the Gundam. “Don’t do that to MY friend!” He uttered as he bit down on the back pack of the machine. Fire erupted from the back and an explosion engulfed the Gelgoog and the Gundam.

Hans looked in shock at the explosion as his halberd was knocked far away from him. “It must’ve ignited Sepp’s Gunpla.” He said. “Wait…” From the fiery ashes stood a yellow-eyed devil, with no Gelgoog in sight. “Hhhhhrahh!” Hans shouted. “We were all supposed to finish this mission together! He shouldn’t have died here!” Sepp stood in his darkened cockpit. “He’sss getting into the roleplay way too much.” Hans’ triple beam cannons fired as the Gundam attempted to block. Its shield had taken much damage prior though, and broke away from the arm. The NPD’s only option was to fight back with all that it had. The triple beam cannons eventually stopped, along with every other part of the Dreistier.

All the NPD knew was that there was one more left. It had no idea where the final Zeon member was until it heard the faint sound of two gatling guns. Its programming led to a mining section of the base, but no mobile suit was in sight. It walked closer, toward the only place in the area where a mobile suit could hide. Aiming at a large cavass, the Geara Hunda blasted upward, throwing its comrade’s halberd at the Gundam. The white mobile suit fell to the ground as its bullets kept going, inadvertently hitting the ceiling of the cave.

The roof began to crumble, causing mountains of rocks and dirt to fall on the Gundam. The NPD heard footsteps as the buried mobile suit laid on the ground. The Gundam II’s head peeked out, staring directly above. The last thing it saw was a shotgun blast. The victory screen appeared to each of Die Zeonic Morder, with all getting the “Test has been cancelled” badge. “Nice! 15000 credits!” uttered Han. Leon chuckled. “Actually, you two are getting 30000. I don’t need any of these credits when you two got beaten while I worked on my ‘project’.” Sepp thought he didn’t have to do that, but he did want some new furniture for their base. “Thanksss boss!” Leon was glad he could help his other teammates out. In fact, he had another gift to give…

The three mobile suits stood in the team’s Gallop-Class ship, the Kreatur. Inside the ship was a fully furnished planning room for the team, but its current use was for laughing. Leon and Sepp almost fell out of their seats howling with laughter at their massive friend. Since they all used Zeon mobile suits, Leon got a special Zeon cap from a random draw. He gave it to Hans, but the towering man’s head made it look like a Kippah.“Aw man!“ Said Hans.“It’s not letting me change the size!“

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