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Re: My Art Collection


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well, i don't draw mecha anymore, but i do like to draw lol, so heres a collection of my latest peices of work.


First of all are my dragons,

This one is my 'Mohawk' Dragon, i think you can see why he's called that



This is my Grand Dragon, and is my most prized possession. I ran out my ink pens, and decided to use pure pencil on this guy




Now for my Demons


First of all is my first ever female drawing,

Her name is Shar , i am currently redrawing her, and she's looking alot better



Here is the 4 incarnation of my seigs demon form, (i have a bad habit of continously making him look.... well, more evil )





And this here, is Seigs final and complete form, version 5


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Oh the shading, the shading! *faints for a moment and gets back up* oh my, that pencil work is fantabulous! The grand dragon deserves that name, in fact all of them are excellent, it makes me cry !! I'd love to see what you can produce with your skill on mecha! What do you use to colour, PS?

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to all: thx for the comments, i may work onanothe  mech in time, but at the moment time is thin lol


to asashi: i use Paint shop pro 8, it only costs £20 on amazon, a good buy in my oppinion lol.


to winders:  ya i know my DA Tyrant-g account is down, thats cause i got a new one , it is in my sig,



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