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Soldiers of Fire Help Desk


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Hoji leant against the wall and looked at his watch, he had been here for a while now and was starting to get impatient. His hand played with the hilt of his Katana Absent Mindedly, attracting slightly cautious glances from the men and woman around him, he had seen there type before, young and looking for adventure, most of these people had probably never seen combat or experienced a life or death situation like he had time and time again.


A smirk appeared on his face, Children, so foolishly seeking some adventure. Thaught Hoji, his smirk widening. he knew if this was his competition then he would climb ranks quickly, his name was called and he looked up slowly, a pretty woman, a secretary most likely, was looking around the room, he strode forward and entered a simple room , leaving the people looking at him behind a plain metal door. A pot plant, metal desk.


There were four people behind it, looking slightly bored, when they saw Hoji Enter they sat up straighter, interested in the first person that they had seen today that looked like a decent soldier and not some spoiled kid wanting some adventure, he walked confidentally forward and bowed slightly, he looked each person in the eye, evaluating them, judging them even, after a moments silence he finally spoke, "Hoji Nokojima, at your service."


OoC|| put more than one board member so others can RP, others can be NPC's (excuse the rubbishness, havent done this in like 6 months)

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A rather small, light laptop computer sat on Dimitri's legs as he shuffled through data screen by screen. He had read through it all about three times now, meaning it was his fourth read-through, but he wanted to make sure he had his info down right. Xavi Romero, the Soldiers of Fire's commanding officer, had sort of initiated a stand-off between Serpent's Tail mercenaries, resulting in the formation of the mercenary troop. Known for efficiency and effectiveness, the Soldiers were probably the best pilots system-wide. But apparently, they were throwing out information sessions, in an attempt to garner interest in their group. Why? Maybe they needed people to package and deliver their upcoming holiday swag or something.


Regardless, as he closed the window on the Soldier's public information database, he had to wonder why they were so open. He had to figure that they needed some help keeping their numbers up, but he thought they were eliteists. Wouldn't they normally pursuade some strong pilots to come to their side? Maybe they needed liasons and data analyists, desk-jobbers. Or maybe they were becoming soft with who they allowed, becoming more of a publc business service or something with a wide range of skills available. It was too far-fetched to assume they had doen that though. The elite liked company of close to equal skill or potential, but rarely had the patience to deal with just potential.


Shutting the laptop down and setting it in a messenger bag for carrying, he stood up and located the main desk. Potentially, he was going to have a lot of questions for these guys, so he was hoping her could get a personal one-on-one chat insetad of just fliers and websites. And hopefully he looked respectable enough to be taken seriously. Light blue dress shirt, white dress pants, those really uncomfortable black shoes he loathed to wear, and even a black tie all contributed to a rather uncofortable body and an 'interview-esque' appearance. "Uh, excuse me sir..." He asked quietly as he got up to one of the receptionists. "I've got a lot of questions, and they're not exactly covered in the handouts... Could I speak with someone personally? I'd really appreciate it."


((I full-on deleted my last post. I got confused with the application stuff, and I couldn't edit at the time...))

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OOC: This is a helpdesk not a recruitment drive. I'm going to ignore this "Regardless, as he closed the window on the Soldier's public information database, he had to wonder why they were so open. He had to figure that they needed some help keeping their numbers up, but he thought they were eliteists."


The receptionist beamed a smile at the hesitant man that approached her. She wore an ebony skirt that rode above her knees and a matching jet black jacket over a light blue shirt. A name tag on the left breast of the jacket read: "Michelle". She brushed her fringe out of her face with one hand and looked at the person who stood before him. Her hair was as black as her outfit, with streaks of purple highlights that varied in shade, creating a gradient in the purple that seemed to shimmer as her head moved.


Michelle stated absently, "Good morning, sir. You would need to take a number and kindly wait for your number to be called."


She turned back to the document held in her arm and continued to scrutinise the report. Suddenly, her head jerked up and she smiled sheepishly, "I just realised that there isn't any one else in the queue. Please take a seat. Pardon my tardiness but I've got to finish up this."


With that, she turned to the cupboard and started to rummage through the various folders.

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OOC: Didn't mean to make it sound like it was a recruitment drive. But to him, the only logical reason why a mercenary group would be out in the public with a help desk... Is becasue they wanted more people to show an interest in the Soldiers. Then he kind of assumed there was going to be recruitment sometime in the near future. Sorry if that wasn't clear, or if THIS isn't clear. Call it one huge assumption on his part.


Taking a number just before Michelle spoke, he looked down to see "06" on the tag. Not much of a wait, really. That was, until she said that there wasn't anyone in the queue. Her sudden annoucement made him jump a little as he turned around and smiled nervously. Taking the seat, he waited a few seconds before realizing he was probably supposed to be asking his questions while she took care of that stuff. He had to wonder what those papers were. Curiousity was getting to him.


Blinking once, hard, to clear his head, he looked at where her eyes would be, if the purple-haired woman was actually looking at him. "Yeah... My first question really, is why a mercenary group is holding a public information session. I guess I don't know too much about mercenary operations, but normally, these kinds of operations are kept private." It was an odd question, if it could really be called that. Depending on how this one went, he'd probably begin asking all sorts of questions about mercenary life. It was an interest of his, after all. And getting his information from movies would be a stupid idea, since all movies were sensationalism.


While he was asking, he had to wonder just how well these guys were organized. Sure, they had some success in the battlefield, enough to make them top dog in the "gun for hire" world. But, just how organized were they in non-combat situations? Here was Michelle, doing paperwork while she tended to the public. Maybe it was jsut a bad first-impression, but the Soldiers seemed like they could use better organization.

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...Yeah, this RP perspective thing is way too confusing for me so I'm just going to ask my questions like normal.


So, Valiant, I haven't seen any character applications for this faction yet (well, I haven't seen any from the ones I've read in the Library), is it turning out to be a bit of a problem for whatever plot you have in store? 


People will probably create SOF characters later when they're allowed more characters, but I'm wondering why not start off with one.  Perhaps its the mobile suit options?


Anyways, I've been leaning toward starting with an EA character, but I've also considered the SOF.  In both cases I still need a little more info on the organization so my character's background can be more accurate.


1.  Do the SOF operate on Earth? 

2.  When did they take over Serpent Tail as the leading mercenary unit?

3.  If the EA, Orb, and ZAFT have a peace treaty, what kind of missions have the SOF done so that not to start an all out war?


Answering these questions would be a big help, and I'll probably have some more later.

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We actually have a few members. I believe you have overlooked them.


The Soldiers will eventually be come an invite only faction but for now we will be open for applications.


The Soldiers operate wherever they have to for their missions. We take up jobs and get the job done well. Bounty hunting, covert missions etc. We sell our services to those who can afford it.


Do we really need an exact date and time for when the Soldiers surpassed the Serpent Tail? This is a very minor detail and by taking over it would mean that we started getting more job offers than them due to our reputation in doing the job well.


We do not just fight. We can do missions such as spying on military installations, non-politically related assassinations, smuggling for crime organisations etc. Mercenaries can find lots of jobs if the price is right

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Ah, thanks.  Like I said, it was only from whatever character profiles I've read so far (that and there wasn't any activity in the SOF headquarters section).


I guess the date thing doesn't really matter.  It's just that one character I'm planning has a grudge against the SOF and she's maybe 17 (haven't decided on anything final) with the incident that sparked her hatred when she was 13 or 14, something like that.  So, they would've existed back then, right?

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