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[GBN 1.8] Hikaru Hiyashi


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Hikaru Hiyashi


Full name: Hiyashi Hikaru, user name “Hikaru”

Faction: N/A

Rank: N/A

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 5”/165 cm

Weight: 125 lbs/57kg (130 lbs/59 kg online)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Skin: Pale Japanese tone (slightly more healthy color online)

Handiness: Right-handed



Hikaru is a somewhat withdrawn person outside of his small circle of friends and his step-sisters in real life, but hopes to break free of this through GBN Online. He remembers the sense of friendship and camaraderie he had when playing soccer and making Gunpla in his school's study hall in his youth, and hopes to recapture it. The idea of feeling whole again and ignoring his injuries in a fantasy world borne of Gundam, and perhaps sharing it with others, is a very attractive prospect.

That being said, he's not quite sure how to interact with others anymore and is a bit unsure of how to work in a team, and may at times default to an analytical mindset. This can show in combat as well as in his MS design. He also has a deep technical knowledge of Gundam while also able to explore and mix the lore to make backstories for his models.


Strengths and weaknesses

A builder first, Hikaru is not yet experienced with direct combat or teamwork when first signing onto GBN Online outside of training battles with his step-sisters. Even talking to people can be difficult, though the anonimity of the internet helps to mitigate this. The two gave him some lessons, but he still has to work on trusting strangers and finding his niche in combat. He does not yet know if he even favors long or short range weaponry, opting for a high versatility machine which could serve in either role and be amended over time.

In spite of these weaknesses, he is none the less capable of analyzing a battle, defining priorities, and building or amending his Gunpla to meet various criteria and try to give him the edge needed to survive in combat. He is capable of 3D printing Gunpla parts of his own design by recycling runners, even experimenting with plastic additives and even metal rods in certain cases to improve resiliancy and strength of parts. The Gunpla he builds are high quality to the point where he produces and sells builds to other players to suit their needs, even offering advice on how to improve the builds if desired. Machines built by him tend to be more durable and have tighter joints than basic builds, but he has no idea how this will translate into GBN Online.



Hiyashi is a teenage Japanese male with unruly brown hair and bright blue eyes. He likes the colors blue and white as personal colors and tends to work them into his clothing as much as his designs, but is not opposed to including other accent colors. He has some differences in his physical appearance when comparing his online self to his real life one. His real life self is pale from lack of sun and is a little underweight, being confined to a wheelchair that has a tray which can swing over the arm of the chair for eating from and constructing Gunpla on. The chair is also motorized. Outside of his school uniform, he favors comfortable clothes like white tennis shoes, blue jeans and a white shirt...offending his step-sister Ellen's fashion sensibilities. His GBN Online avatar is a little heavier and with slightly darker skin, being a healthier version of his real self if he wasn't injured, and wears his blue jeans and white shirt with the addition of a belt, black boots, and a dark blue bomber jacket. He also has a white pilot suit with blue accents, and often finds Ellen/Puru Eleven trying to push other outfits on him.



When Hikaru was young, he was a fairly average and happy child with a doting mother and a distant father who was an engineer. When he wasn't playing soccer and tending to school, he played with classmates and enjoyed the Gunpla craze which swept the world. Though he lived in an old house in the woods (which looks suspiciously like a certain home on Side 6), he was fairly sociable at the time if a little awkward. His grades were good, one of the few demands his family made of him outside of helping around the house, and he spent his time alternating between these activities.

This changed, however, when he was twelve. On returning from a soccer game in which Hikaru played, the car he and his mother were in was struck by a truck running a red light. The vehicle was knocked into a nearby storefront, and Hikaru's mother was killed instantly. In addition, Hikaru's own legs were crushed and he awoke in a hospital bed as a double amputee. His father was not an empathic man, the marriage to Hikaru's mother already strained, and did what he could for his son from a financial standpoint. Sadly, he couldn't tend to the child's emotional or daily needs. No longer could the crippled Hikaru be left alone, but the father couldn't stop working lest he be unable to pay for his son's medical care.

While Hikaru's depression mounted and he found himself unable to visit or play soccer with his sympathetic but drifting apart friends, his father finally found aid. Outside of his job a few months later, the nurse of the driver who had accidentally killed his wife was waiting. Prostrating herself onto the ground and apologizing in tears, the woman revealed that the man she was responsible for watching had escaped and fled in the truck that caused the crash during a psychotic break. After learning that the woman had lost everything and was on the verge of homelessness, and hearing that she would be willing to do anything to atone, a decision was unilaterally made. She was hired on as a maid to assist in Hikaru's care, and she and her twin six-year-old daughters would live in the house in the woods with him.

Hikaru was not a fan of this arrangement in the least. He protested, but his complaints fell of deaf ears. His father felt that the woman needed a chance to atone, and they needed the care the licensed nurse would provide. His father felt free to work and fulfill what he felt were his obligations, leaving the child in the care of the stranger. The woman's six-year-old twin daughters, Nana and Ellen, weren't sure what to make of Hikaru and neither could he relate to them. He was envious of Nana's penchant for playing soccer, seeing her kick his old soccer ball around out in the yard and woods from his window, and Ellen's ability to go where she wished for her shopping trips. Being reminded of his handicapped nature and having no one to discuss it with made him yet more irritated, making him retreat into Gunpla and the internet.

Noting Hikaru's depression reaching dangerous levels, but knowing full-well that she was not one he wanted to trust or talk to, their live-in maid asked her daughters to approach him with one of his interests. As part of a last-ditch plan, Nana and Ellen brought three 1/144 HG RB-79 Ball model kits to Hikaru's room and asked him to show them how to make the Gunpla. Hikaru was more than a bit surprised, but aquiesced. His skills had grown immensely since his injury and he was able to convey not only the basic skills, but also more advanced ones as well as the lore behind the RB-79 Ball. Of course, he emphasized that the point was to have fun with it. By the end, they had a pristine looking Ball in stock colors, Nana's Ball painted to look like a blue and white soccer ball, and Ellen's pink Ball perched atop a removable humanoid shape made of runners cobbled together with super glue.

The girls spent more time with Hikaru as time went on, watching the assorted anime and making their own Gunpla with his assistance and tutelage. They also picked up runners and broken models from local shops at his request, as he'd been given an idea by Ellen's design. Obtaining a 3D Printer by asking his father, Hikaru started to learn how to use the system to bring out his ideas. He started out by re-melting the runner plastic into stands and custom parts for on-demand replacements. Eventually, he would make his own 3D Printed Gunpla conversions and scratch-build Gunpla. While these Gunpla were sometimes fragile until he refined the process, he eventually managed a system which would allow equal or even sometimes greater strength compared to original models. Learning how to make structurally sound prints also helped him in general when it came to design and he even started to include metal elements in key places.

By the time he was sixteen and the girls were ten, he had more or less accepted the maid who had since become his new step-mother, happily accepted his new step-sisters, and he was making custom Gunpla and conversion kits on commission. This had spiked with the Gunpla Battle Nexus Online and he elected to join. He did so in part at the behest of the twins, who had been found to have an uncanny similarity in appearance and voice to the assorted Purus and thus played as Puru Seven and Puru Eleven and done some events in real life as well with those identities. Not knowing what to expect, he made a custom Gunpla with hardpoints that he could make new armaments for later as he learned more about the setting. When he first logged in, he was stunned to be able to walk for the first time in four years. From then on, he was hooked.  Eventually, his wheelchair was modified to double as an access interface to the service thanks to his father's connections.



Hikaru has created and uses...


RX-179 Beta Gundam


The Beta Gundam is a Refined Barzam with additional Gundam Mk-II elements and other upgrades. Its story is that it was built from Refined Barzam parts after the Gryps conflict as a modular platform to test assorted hardware and weapon configurations. The machine is built with four hardpoints on its hips and arms, allowing it to carry hip, arm, and shield-mounted weaponry and equipment. It also carries full compatibility with the Gundam Mk-II's G-Defenser. The G-Defenser can mount a spare shield to serve as a fuselage and serves as a crude flight-capable Mobile Armor form, and can also detach and be remotely operated for tandem attacks.



Role plays

GBN 1.8


Coliseum battles



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