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[GBN1.8] Risu


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Full name: Risu

Age: Indeterminate, probably a teenager.

Sex: Female

Height: 5’3”

Weight: Not heavy at all

Eyes: Black, simple shapes

Hair: Same colour as her fur, usually tied up into a ponytail at the back of her head.

Skin: Light brown fur, darker brown stripe along her back.

Handiness: left-handed



Risu is new to GBN, and as such is rather naïve to the nuances of the game. Still, she’s rather curious and often wishes to learn about the way things work. She comes off as rather bubbly, and sometimes somewhat annoying, though she always tries to stay on peoples’ good side.

Strengths and weaknesses

Risu appears to be a passionate and skilled builder, owing to her previous hobby of building and painting intricate dioramas, and the quality of her gunpla is testament to her skill. However, what she possesses in her ability to create intricate models, she lacks in actually playing GBN. It’s painfully clear that she’s a novice, often fumbling with the controls or flat out not knowing what to do.




Risu uses a kemono-like avatar, appearing as an anthropomorphic squirrel. The diversity of character customization in GBN1.8 allows her to appear more like a character out of Animal Crossing than out of any Gundam series. She’s often seen wearing trendy clothes, and possesses a youthful, excited bounce to her step. 

Recently, she has given her avatar a makeover, giving it less chibi proportions, pink coloured eyes and hair, and a pilot suit similar to those from Reconguista in G.



While most of her real-life history is unknown, owing to her electing not to tell anyone, Risu claims to have started off building models purely for display, often submitting her intricate dioramas to various modeling contests around the globe. While she never directly reveals exactly what she’s submitted, she often boasts that she’s ‘top 10 in the world’.

As a GBN newbie, as well as a newbie to the hobby of Gunpla, Risu is eager to explore what both have to offer.



Risu uses a customized Gunpla based on the Premium Bandai HG Gundam TR-6 Woundwort, which she calls ‘Higanbana’, based on the Japanese name of the red spider lily, which she based the gunpla’s custom colour scheme upon. Risu’s TR-6 Higanbana is exceptionally well-constructed, possessing next to no seam lines, as well as incredibly precise detailing, owing to her experience in modeling. It’s equipped with the standard loadout of the TR-6 Woundwort, primarily its Long Claw Beam Rifle.



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