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[UC 0085] Norman Reid


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Norman Reid



Full name: Norman Jonathan Reid

Faction: Colony 30 Militia (EFF Rogue)

Rank: Impromptu Militia pilot, unofficial and unranked.

Age: 36 years old

Sex: Male

Weight: 72kg

Height: 1,81m

Eyes: Hazel pupils, no contacts.

Hair: Wheat-colored, undyed.

Skin: Fair skin

Handiness: Left-handed


Very mature and fairly reserved, Norman is a person of routines, who likes to have his day planned out, and feels frustrated whenever inconveniences spring up, but always finds a way not to let them have the last laugh. Conflict absent from his nature, he was always cautious not to let opinions, political or otherwise, create rifts between his team, and acted in a highly diplomatic manner, while following orders from his higher-ups, no matter if he had a better idea. His attitude towards life means he simply cannot understand the human cravings for war, but it hasn’t stopped him from helping the Federation make mobile weapons in the past in exchange for a stable salary.

Strengths and weaknesses

As one of the designers of the GM lineage during the One Year War, and a former Mobile Suit test pilot, he knows very well how to pilot his machine, its specifications and what it's capable of. His movement has been very well honed due to his experience with rigurous, constant testing, but he doesn’t fare so well in the combat department, having not been in a real battle before. As such, he can dodge a surprising amount of shots, but so can his enemy, provided the onboard computer (which does most of the aiming) can't read their movements.


A slim and blonde man, Norman used to be seen frequently in a white lab coat, but after his discharge, he prefers to wear a blue suit and tie with a white shirt. He also frequently uses a pair of frameless glasses for reading text up close. Said glasses are usually absent in a Mobile Suit, being as the screens of the machines are far from the pilots and show their text on a big enough font for most eyes.


Born a Colony 30 local in September the 23rd of UC 0049, he was thirty years old when the One Year War hit. Until then, he had been kept busy with study, graduating from high school with top qualifications in the areas pertaining to exact sciences and engineering. He spent seven years becoming a robotics engineer, graduating at age twenty-five and studying the case of Munzo's, then Zeon's mobile inventions, used in Federation territories as construction equipment. These efforts landed him a spot in a Federation mobile research team when the first unofficial battles between Zeon and the Federation took place, in which the former unleashed the wrath of the Zaku I, and later the Zaku II upon Federation Guntanks and Guncannons before the One Year War. His team would go on to design the V Project Mobile Suits for the Federation to build at Side 7 during the war. Upon the apparent success of the first operative prototype to enter battle, the famed Gundam, the remainder of Side Seven's researchers joined up with those of Colony 30 in Side 1. The resulting research team was split on a group that would be following the progress of Gundam and its support units, while the other half, comprised of lesser members such as himself, would go on to optimize the Gundam's design for mass production with the data provided by the tracking group. Reid became a key member of the GM Development Program, participating in field tests of the original model and variants like the GM Command and GM Custom, accompanying the pilot or even piloting the units himself.

When the One Year War reached its end, he kept working with the Federation for some time, and would have become a part of the GM Quel and GM II development projects, had he not been put aside for evaluation when television cameras filmed him in the background of an anti-Titans protest in the main street, where he was walking on a purely coincidental manner. Fearing that the protesters were right after he saw MPs beating them, he submitted his resignation, then an application for a similar job at Anaheim Electronics, but before a reply could come in, Colony 30 rose up in protest against the Titans, and the Earth Federation. To make an example out of them, Commander-in-Chief of the Titans Bask Om decided to use nerve gas on the whole colony to suppress the riots. The information somehow leaked over to the local Federation garrison, the Colony 30 Defense Corps, which decided to sortie in their outdated Mobile Suits to try and save the colony from a small team of Titans that were hoping to infiltrate the colony in a silent manner, and attack by surprise. However, they were found in time by the Corps, which despite the anti-Federation riot inside fought the enemy Mobile Suits as well as they could. All but four of the Corps members were killed in the skirmish, while of the four-man formation of the Titans, only their squadron leader survived, along with his Galbaldy Beta.

The colony had bought themselves some time before the Titans returned in utter seriousness, and finished them, so the administrative authorities of the colony started evacuating their citizens via space launches headed to other colonies. However, without somebody to escort them, they would be easily swatted down not if, but when the Titans came back. Spare units were available, but aside from the three surviving Corps members, only a single pilot survived, whose unit’s destruction was surprisingly non-fatal. Desperate to ready as many units as they could, they ordered their mechanics to prep the spare Mobile Suits, and organized a militia, recruiting Mobile Worker and Mobile Pod pilots, but the closest they could find to a qualified Mobile Suit pilot was one of the minds behind the machines they piloted, whose motives to get in the cockpit and to defend the space launches was the best friend of his lifetime, as she would be getting in one, and to eventually build the courage to speak to her about moving their relationship a step further would be in vain, were she to die in that colony...


Norman owns:

M71A1 Pistol: An old standard issue pistol for the Earth Federation Forces, one of the first ever made of the model, that has survived the passing of time thanks to a local armorer’s careful and skillful maintenance, and has now fallen in the hands of Reid after enlisting himself with the Colony 30 Militia to defend his home. It has been given a wooden grip to counter the weariness of the polymer frame around the magazine.


RGM-79G GM Command: One of the spare Mobile Suits of the Colony 30 Defense Corps, it was given orange details and accents to differentiate it from similar Mobile Suits still answering to the Earth Federation. It answers to the number five, as its pilot was put immediately after the four ex-Federation pilots on the squadron order, being the most experienced among the rest of the recruits of the militia but still unable to compare to them.


- Mobile Suit Gundam: Consequences of the Future [In Progress]

Coliseum battles
- None


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