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Ronin 009


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Ronin 009




Full name: Ronin 009

Faction: None

Rank: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 235 lbs

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: Unknown

Skin: Unknown

Handiness: ambidextrous 


Ronin - (noun) a wandering samurai who had no lord or master.  Though he has no master, he remains bound by the concepts of honour, and the philosophy of Bushido.  He fights the good fight, protects the weak, but extinguishes the unrighteous and dishonourable.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strong knowledge of mobile suit mechanics

agility and expert martial arts background

good marksmanship.

Not very good at conversations or relationships

Even though he's a good shot, his skills with firearms are limited, (can't use any big guns like a chain gun or a shotgun.  A rifle is as big as it gets.)

As a ronin, he doesn't automatically follow orders in a military sense.  While not outright insubordinate, his honour and personal quest come first.



He almost always appears in a full body suit, which is both for combat and piloting mobile suits.  It is adorned with various cybernetic components, although these do not provide physical augmentation.  They serve as means of interacting with his computer systems and mobile suit(s), as well as data collection.



[REDACTED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               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  Much of Ronin 009's history remains unknown.   What is known is only by reputation and, in a manner of speaking, legend.  He wanders colonized space seeking to harness the secrets of psycho gundam technology, while at the same time righting wrongs and protecting the innocent along the way.  Why is he interested in psycho gundam technology?  He believes it is the key to truly becoming one with the mobile suit.

  Records of encounters with Ronin 009 are sketchy at best, save for his most recent sighting.  A small splinter cell of Zeon radicals had seized control of a remoter civilian colony that was part of an expansion project in the farthest outer regions of AEUG colonized space.  Zeon proper had long since disavowed any connection to this splinter cell, which referred to themselves as the NZRZ--The Neo Zaku Revolution of Zeon.  The NZRZ believed they represented the true ideals of Zeon Zum Deikun, who they almost seemed to worship as a god.  The colony they rooted themselves in was ill-equiped to defend themselves from any military threat whatsoever, let alone Zeon radicals.

  Not long after the NZRZ had seized control of the colony, a pitch black cargo ship identified in docking logs as the UchuKamiDen was found docked at the colony.  It's precise arrival time is unclear. The ship had few identifying marks, Besides the ships name, the word "Shiki" was also found on its exterior.  Based on this, it is now believed that Ronin 009 has some connection to a very old clan known as The Order of the Shiki.  Very little is known about this clan, they exist in record only as the stuff of legend.  To this day their very existence is a hotly debated subject.

  Approximately 48 hours after the UchuKamiDen first appeared in logs, a loud commotion could be heard coming from the NZRZ base.  The few colonists that nervously investigated the matter arrived at the base to find a pair of NZRZ soldiers lying dead in front of the base's main entrance.  The Zaku mobile suits that stood just outside the base had been left with their severed heads laying at their feet, with sparks flying from the exposed circuitry in their necks.  As the images of the scene were soaked in by the colonists, the NZRZ's leader appeared in the entrance running from somewhere inside whilst screaming in fear.  As he stopped in the entry way, noticing the colonists, there was a brief pause followed by a sword piercing his chest from behind.  In that moment Ronin 009 had appeared behind him.  Ronin retrieved his sword, and the NZRZ leader's dead body fell to the ground.  At first the colonists were afraid of Ronin, but he sheathed his sword and motioned to them with open hands.  Reportedly he told them, "Be at peace, your colony is now free from this tyranny."  By the following morning, the UchuKamiDen was gone from the colony's dock.

  The NZRZ base remained completely untouched by the colonists, for they remained too afraid to enter.  Some time later an investigation by a Federation security team reportedly found security footage from the NZRZ base that captured the entire encounter between Ronin 009 and the NZRZ, but Federation command has sealed nearly all data from this investigation, locking it behind the highest security clearance.  What we know of this incident today comes almost exclusively from the colonists that witnessed it.


Who is Ronin 009? Why are so many records of his past sealed as top secret and/or redacted by the Federation?  Perhaps the next person to cross paths with him will finally learn the answers.....



His trusty sword Ankogiri

metal staff

long range configurable sidearm.

His pitch black cargo ship UchuKamiDen, which serves as his mobile suit hangar/workshop.



Role plays


Coliseum battles


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