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Christoph Von Crailsheim


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Player name: Ishian (Christoph von Crailsheim)

Character number: 001

Faction: ZAFT




Full name: Christoph Von Crailsheim

Nickname:  -

Age:  20

Gender:  Male

Race:  Coordinator

Occupation:  ZAFT Flight Lieutenant, Redcoat

Birthplace:  Crailsheim, Germany

Citizenship:  PLANT

Personality: A calm and serious personality dominates ,but sometimes a more playful Christoph can shine trough, giving advice and gladly sharing his life experience to persons in need and sometimes to others he deems in need.  He has a habit of staying behind and making sure that everyone got back in one piece even if it results in risking his own safety.  He has a heavy trigger finger that sometimes puts him in difficult situations, situations that are ideal for close-combat where he prefers using ranged weapons instead of a melee weapon.  Another dilemma is the heavy ammo consumption that forces Christoph to engage in melee combat if he hasn't finished off his foes before his ammo depletes.




Height:  181cm

Weight:  85kg

Hair Colour and Style: Brown, shoulder long, straight striped hair that usually covers diffrent parts of his face.

Eye Colour: Ice Blue

Identifying Marks: Sometimes runs a EA MS Division insignia trough his hands.

Skin Tone:  White, slightly tanned.

Build:  Athletic, Muscular

Clothing:  Uniform or a motorcycle jacket with matching jeans and brightwhite sneakers.

Handiness:  Ambidextrous




Mother:  Hans Von Crailsheim (56, Natural)

Father:  Maud Von Crailsheim (54, Natural)

Siblings:  Fredrich Von Crailsheim, M.I.A (33, Natural)

Wife/Girlfriend: -none-


Personal History:


Born into the Von Crailsheim family as a first generation coordinator, Maud had sustained severe damage to her ovaries as she gave birth to her son Fredrich.  As the years passed, the couple decided to have another child they where forced to use artificial fertilization. After some months of debate within the family they decided that their second son should be a coordinator since they already had to endure artificial fertilization.  They could likewise go through the trouble to make their son a coordinator.


And when the highly anticipated child finally came into this world, the family was delighted that they had given birth so such a well shaped boy with ice blue eyes that attracted the whole medical team at the local hospital.


Fredrich loved his little brother more then the world from the first daylight that hit Christoph.  Hans and Maud was delighted that he had taken in Christoph from day one as Fredrich had a circle of friends that agreed with the ways of Blue Cosmos. Fredrich learned first hand that even a coordinator child needs love and warmth and that Christoph was as human as any Natural.


As time went by Christoph grew into a happy child that spent alot of his playtime with his beloved brother in the hills of Crailsheim.  Running around the hills with his protective brother, Christoph didn't need to worry about anything as he knew that Fredrich would be there to catch him if he fell or got hurt in any way.


Some years passed by along with alot of games and playful days at the Von Crailsheim mansion when one day Fredrich received a letter confirming his assignment to the EA Military in the 41th Eurasian Mobile Division.  With the increasing instability in the world, Fredrich had a hard time explaining to his little brother that he wouldn't be around as often anymore as he used to be. Finally the day came when Fredrich was to be shipped off to the EA MS Academy.  Christoph clung to his brother’s leg and begged him not to go and asked him why he didn't want to play with his brother anymore.


Fredrich tried to explain to his brother that he would return in due time and spend time with Christoph again.  Afterwards, he turned his heel and left Christoph in tears in his mother’s arms.


Some time passed by and Christoph received a delivery almost daily from his big brother with long descriptive letters and sometimes pictures of his brother in uniform or leaning against his Dagger L that he so proudly took pictures of.  He had even named it, a small text insignia on the left leg proudly displayed the name Flying Christoph.


At Christoph´s birthday Fredrich had sent him his Mobile Armor Division’s cloth insignia; this was an item Christoph handled like a treasure from ancient times. Just a few days later the well known battle, Bloody Valentine Two raged in space and Christoph's brother participated in the operation, although he didn't agree with the tactics used by the EA Command.  Fredrich is presumed M.I.A as his MS was found badly damaged near a shuttle with civilian coordinators and was found covering the shuttle with its badly damaged shield.  Its presumed that he was killed by friendly fire as he tried to protect the shuttle from incoming EA fire.


The bad news was delivered to the Von Crailsheim family with an EA Officer that came to the house just the day after the terrible loss for the family.  Maud was devastated for the months to come as Hans built up a facade that he wasn't as devastated as his wife to keep his family together. Christoph cried for several days in row and didn't speak for several weeks until one day a letter from a PLANT landed in their mailbox.


Hans was to first to open the letter.  After a quick glance, he gathered the family around the dining table.  The letter there was a photo taken by a family of coordinators named Yasper with the parents Sarah and Johnny and their two children named Josh and Barkley. The picture was taken out from the window of the shuttle that Fredrich´s MS shield covered, a badly damaged Dagger L could be seen in the picture.  The Dagger´s cockpit was blown open and parts of its torso were missing but you could just make out the charred text "Flying Christoph" on its left leg.


"Forever in debt, we are grateful that you raised such a hero of a son.  We found out your address by searching trough the EA public files for the text "Flying Christoph.”  We mourn the loss of your son.  Fredrich didn't just save our family, he also saved our unborn son and we would like to name him Fredrich Jr. if you would allow us."


The families kept in contact for years to come and still does; they visit each other often and Christoph have been taken in like a son in the Yasper family when he visit them in the PLANTs.  As Fredrich Jr. grew older, Christoph protected him from dangers and made sure to be there for him at all times, just as his own brother protected him.


Christoph made allot of new friends in the PLANTs and finally asked his parents if he could move to the PLANTs.  The family decided that the whole family should move to the PLANTs as their loyalty towards the EA had weakened by the awkward death of their son, Fredrich.


The Von Crailsheim family settled in well in the PLANTs as neighbors to the Yasper family.  Christoph took up the role as guardian for Fredrich Jr., to protect him from the evils of the world, to this day.  He spends allot of time with Fredrich Jr although he seems to loosen his firm grip in order to let Fredrich Jr. get some life experience of his own.


In recent days, Christoph have been working out a lot and started to work up his stamina to make sure he can protect those around him well with both brute force and endurance as well as diplomacy as his first option.  A brewing hatred for the EA Command have slowly emerged since the day Fredrich got killed and been working its way to Christoph´s surface.  Although he didn’t have any personal grudges with naturals he has often clashed with EA military personnel in debates and arguments.

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Approved for the Zaft Forces


PLANT Supreme Council, Nation Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


As of October 26th of CE85, Christoph Von Crailsheim is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council, and the officers appointed over you.


You and many young people your age will be the next generation allowing Coordinators to live free from persecution and discrimination. We hand the future of Plant into your hands, hold your head high, and don’t let that inner light falter.



Commander Delfina Schneider, National Defense Headquarters

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