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Gabriel Winter


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Everyone else made being an ex-Titan look like fun so I decided to take my own spin on it! I really tried to make a black sheep that I could abuse with both factions. Any feedback would be awesome!



Full name: Gabriel Choji Winter aka Hunter


Faction: Ex-Titan (working as a mercenary and junk dealer, presumably an outlaw)

Rank: (formally) Ensign

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 167lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Skin: Tanned

Handiness: Ambidextrous


Gabriel is driven to the point of obsession. He wants nothing more than revenge against Zeon. He rarely lets his emotional guard down and is often seen as bitter and recluse. Despite nearly being blinded by his rage he is pragmatic and calculating. Gabriel respects military chain of command as long as it serves his interests.

Strengths and weaknesses:

“Great swordsman”

Gabriel is excellent at close combat. He is a critical thinker and is great at improvising. He excels at applying his martial arts training to mobile suit combat.

“Zeon Tunnel Vision”

He is driven to his goal of exterminating all Zeon forces. This is both an asset and a hindrance. Gabriel will focus exclusively on Zeon type suits to the point of becoming oblivious to other units or objectives. He will go out of his way to attack zeon units and can sometimes become too reckless in certain situations.

“Mechanically Adaptable”

Gabriel took great care to learn every in and out of his assigned unit and got to the point of knowing just enough to “be dangerous” with the workings of his mobile suit. He’s been able to rig field repairs on his unit and knows what he’s able to fix and what he can’t with what he has.

“Spacenoid Fobic”

Gabriel is racist towards all spacenoids and only works with them as he needs to. As time has gone on he has realized that “they aren’t all bad” but it takes awhile for him to trust any spacenoid.

“Social Outcast”

Gabriel has no interest in commanding men or leading others in his cause. To a degree he’s even aware that he’s racist. He has no care for other individuals unless they can aid his cause, and prefers to work alone. That way he doesn’t have to compromise his principles of revenge by appeasing anyone else.



As a Titan pilot Gabriel was well kept with short cropped hair and clean uniform. As a drifter he let his hair get shaggy and donned a black mask to help hide his identity from potentially being called out as a war criminal. He’s interests in martial arts keep him physically fit and he exercises regularly.


Gabriel grew up in Sydney, Australia and lived a relatively peaceful childhood. His mother was Japanese and his father  was Australian. He was encouraged at an early age to take up Kendo and Karate and was on his way to becoming a black belt. Such aspirations were cut short when Zeon dropped a colony on Sydney during the One Year War. He had been out of the country on a school trip when the disaster happened. He vowed to take revenge for his family. Gabriel spent the time after the tragedy to train himself and sneak his way into the Federation military. He impressed the right people and was able to serve as a pilot for a GM,  fighting on earth. He proved to be a gifted pilot and managed to become an ace before the end of the war. He stayed enlisted afterwards, enjoying the family and support that the military offered.

His eager spirit and his hatred for Spacenoids drew him to the newly formed Titans after the events of 0083. He excelled in his career as a mobile suit pilot and proved to be very proficient with the GM Quel. As a habit he would religiously studied every aspect of his machine, and would be seen helping with repairs. When the task came up of gassing colonies or performing other atrocities Gabriel did not flinch in performing the disdainful deeds. He figured that Titan leadership knew best on how to deal with the Spacenoid threat. He was even good at fighting against the terrorist organization known as the Anti-Earth Union Group, getting his share of mobile suit kills from them.

As the conflict with the AEUG escalated towards a stalemate, and the Titans began to court the Zeon Remnants for an alliance; Gabriel felt betrayed by his superiors. How could the Titans ally themselves with the Spacenoids who destroyed his life? To Gabriel the AEUG and Axis Zeon were just different sides of the same coin. One group of Spacenoids may be led by the by the Zabis but the other was certainly being led by the son of Zeon Deikun. As the talks got more serious with Axis Zeon Gabriel didn’t waste any time in formulating his own plans.

During a sortie with Zeon units he took advantage of the natural distrust and murdered the “friendly” units, before deserting from the Titans. He couldn’t trust anyone anymore. At this point in the war he knew that his loyalty as a Titan would paint him as a war Criminal in the Federation, and he didn’t think the AEUG would share his ideals, much less welcome him. Gabriel took it upon himself to try to fight his own private war against the returning Zeon forces. He took on the Alias of “Hunter” and donned a black mask to hide his identity from anyone he had to deal with. Reluctantly he made contacts within a few colonies to trade supplies with. His new job an as junk dealer proved to be sufficient in maintaining his reclusive lifestyle and supplying his Quel with the munitions it needed to remain functional. Prices were particularly high for new Axis Zeon parts and Hunter was quite adept at obtaining pieces from recently destroyed zeon suits. Reports would trickle in of a phantom mobile suit striking out at Zeon patrols. One space monster at a time, Gabriel Winter would have His war with Zeon.



Gabriel still has his GM Quel and does his best to maintain the unit. He painted his Quel red to hide the old Titan colors, and fashioned a tarp to function as a cape over the unit. Gabriel has a reliable history with the Quel and has doubled downed on his experience with it to keep him alive, even as he faces newer and newer enemies.


The only other modification he’s managed to make was obtaining a second beam saber which he’s stored on the left hip of the unit. This position allows him to mimic certain draws from his Kendo style and to surprise enemies with the backup weapon.

(Red GM Quel picture courtesy of Replicator)

Kills: N/A

Role plays: Zeta Destiny 

Coliseum battles: N/A



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